Leftfield / Leftism 22 reissue

British electronic group Leftfield will reissue their 1995 debut album Leftism in May this year as Leftism 22.

The reissue comes in the form of a double deluxe CD edition which will feature the remastered album (Neil Barnes and Paul Daley have taken care of remastering duties) on the first CD and a bonus disc of the 11 album tracks remixed by a host of “top house/electronica/techno artists”.

A triple vinyl version (with a gatefold sleeve) will replicate the very original limited vinyl edition of Leftism and comes with a download code of not just the remastered album but also the bonus remixes from the CD (the band have not confirmed who has remixed what track, as yet).

Leftism 22 is out on 5 May 2017. The band will also be touring the UK in the same month and playing the album in its entirety.

Leftism 22 / 2CD deluxe

CD 1

1. Release The Pressure (Album Version)
2. Afro Left
3. Melt
4. Song Of Life (Album Version)
5. Original (Album Version)
6. Black Flute
7. Space Shanty (Album Version)
8. Inspection (Check One) (Album Version)
9. Storm 3000
10. Open Up (Album Version)
11. 21 st Century Poem (Album Version)

CD 2

Details to follow.

Leftism 22 / 3LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Release the Pressure
2. Afro Left

Side 2
1. Cut for Life
2. Melt

Side 3
1. Black Flute
2. Original

Side 4
1. Inspection (Check One)
2. Space Shanty

Side 5
1. Storm 3000
2. Half Past Dub

Side 6
1. Open Up
2. 21st Century Poem

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The triple vinyl comes with a download card. It says MP3 versions, but when you actually download it, its 24-44 hi-rez. Cool!


I am hearing reports that the CD/Wav downloads are brick walled with a DR of 5 on some tracks. Anybody confirm this? Also want to know how the vinyl sounds too please.


Disc: 2:
1. Release The Pressure (Adrian Sherwood Mix)
2. Afro Left (Hodge & Peverelist Mix)
3. Melt (Quiet Village Mix)
4. Song Of Life (BodyJack Mix)
5. Original (Adesse Versions Mix)
6. Black Flute (Ben Sims Mix)
7. Space Shanty (Voiski Mix)
8. Inspection (Check One) (Maafi Mix)
9. Storm 3000 (Dungeon Meat Mix)
10. Open Up (Skream Mix)
11. 21st Century Poem (Zomby Mix)


So, it sounds like the 2nd CD will be a remix album, with different people remixing each track from the album. That makes it sounds slightly more interesting.

But certainly not as interesting as Wolfs suggested tracklisting.



I do agree with you that the 12″ mixes should have been included alongside new remixes. Most of their early singles were released on vinyl and not available on cd.

Add to your list:
Cut for Life (from 3LP version of Leftism)
Release the Dubs (versions 1, 2, 3, 4) – this was a white label with 4 different mixes, the version they released on cd was an edit of Dub 2.
Song of Life (edit)- hand002cd
Afro Ride (edit) – UK promo cd
Original (edit) – hand18cd
Does that make it left field 62 or 63? :)

Yes the remixes were also great – inner city, youths yindi, sunscreen, Bowie. Timeless indeed.


Why not do it in this way and call the project Leftfield 55 ?

Disc 1: Leftism – Remastered 2017

Disc 2: 11 new Mixes (who nearly nobody nedds :-)

Disc 3:

01 – Release The Pressure (The Vocal Mix) [HAND 001T] – VINYL
02 – Release The Pressure (Rough Dub)[HAND 001T] – VINYL
03 – Release The Pressure (The Desert Mix) [HAND 001T] – VINYL
04 – Song Of Life (Steppin Razor Mix) [HAND 002R] – VINYL
05 – Release The Horns [HAND 002R] – VINYL
06 – Song Of Life (The Lemon Interrupt Mix) [HAND 002R] – VINYL
07 – Song Of Life (12 Inch Mix) [HAND 002T] – VINYL
08 – Dub of Life [HAND 002T] – VINYL
09 – Song Of Life (Extended Version) [HAND002CD]
10 – Fanfare Of Life [HAND002CD]
11 – Release The Dub [HAND002CD]

Disc 4:

01 – Open Up (Radio Edit) [LOC 127]
02 – Open Up (I Hate Pink Floyd Mix) [LOC 127]
03 – Open Up (The Dust Brothers Remix)
04 – Open Up (Open Dub) [LOC 127]
05 – Open Up (Full Vocal Mix) [HAND009CD]
06 – Open Up (Dervish Overdrive) [HAND009CD]
08 – Open Up (Dervish Overdrive Edit) [LOC 118]
09 – Original (Live Dub) [HAND18CD]
10 – Original (Jam)[HAND18CD]
11 – Filter Fish [HAND18CD]

Disc 5:

01 – Original (Drift) [HAND18T]- VINYL
02 – Afro Ride [HAND23CD]
03 – Afro Sol [HAND23CD]
04 – Afro Central [HAND23CD]
05 – Release the Pressure (Single Edit) [HAND29CD]
06 – Release One [HAND29CD]
07 – Release Two [HAND29CD]
08 – Release Three [HAND29CD]
09 – Release Four [HAND29CD]
10 – Black Flute (Extended Version) [Leftism Double Promo 12 Inch] [LEFT EP1] – VINYL
11 – Half Past Dub (Leftism Triple LP] [HANDLP2T] – VINYL


Apparently the remixes come from Skream, Adrian Sherwood, Bodyjack and Voiski. Let’s hope the remixes will be good.

I agree that this deserves a super deluxe release with a bonus disc or two (or three) of the original remixes (many of which were excluded from the original reissue).

There’s the original “progressive house” version of song of life, the superb remixes by Underworld (under their Steppin Razor guise), the original 1992 mixes of release the pressure, the Chemical Brothers and Andrew Weatherall mixes of Open Up. Oh, and then all the tracks that were compiled on the Backlog compilation from 1991 (all the mixes of Not Forgotten and More Than I know).

And then maybe a selection of their remixes – David Bowie, sunscreem, if, react 2 rhythm, inner city, stereo mcs, yothu yindi).


This is stupid. Should have been a super deluxe gathering all the period remixes from the singles (including the original Song Of Life)… similar to Underworld’s reissues.


I think I will be in for this. Kind of missed it first time round because of the Britpop I was into at the time and then in 97 (like what is must have been to hear Revolver for the first time in the 60’s), Spiritualized released Ladies & Gentlemen we are Floating in Space which turned it all upside down again for me.


A classic album, but a real shame that they’ve decided to go with new remixes on the 2nd CD, rather than any of the timeless originals.


Timeless indeed.


Why? Those were already released so just buy them…


On the band’s website, you can get signed copies of both the 3xLP set and the 2xCD set.


Have these gone, or am I being stupid – couldn’t find a link to signed ones? Cheers.


I never saw any signed copies on their website either when i looked earlier this morning.


The first 500 copies of the 3 x vinyl version will be signed according to the bands webshite, available now for pre order, for 26 quid you can’t do better than that, I think I paid 40 for the original 3x vinyl about 3 years ago.

Billy Dojcak

Another excuse to buy John Lydon and one of his best tracks ever.

Gary Shaw

So this the third release of this album. As I already have a 2CD from 2000 with a second disc of different mixes. Hopefully this will differ from that?


As expected the CD is overpriced on Amazon at £16.80.


One of the great electronic(a) albums of all time. You couldn’t control the dancefloor when Open Up blasted.


I wonder whether the download code will open up access to the tracks from the triple vinyl or the CD version of the album.

Peter Yarrow

Only £26 on Amazon now


the album was originally a 2 LP… I ‘d have prefered they kept a 2LP for the album and then add a 3rd LP with some mixes…

I hope there will be at least 3 versions of Open up in it ! (Dervish Overdrive, Full Vocal and Dust Bros remix) .
There was also some Eps prior to the albums… welll that could be a 2 remixes CD in the end ! ;-)

Pete C T

The album originally came out as 2 x lp and 3 x lp versions at the same time in 1995. This reissue duplicates the 3 x lp version.


The 3xLP features exclusively:
– Half Past Dub.
– Cut For Life in place of Song Of Life
– A longer/unique version of Open Up.

I will happily get a fresh copy of this. My 1995 copy isn’t mint anymore…

Pete C T

Also, there was also a nice 2 x 12″ promotional sampler issued a few weeks prior to the full release, which is the only way of getting the full length version (6:38) of Black Flute as a physical copy as far as I am aware. Worth tracking down a copy if you can.


If you look at the cover you will see it says 11 brand new remixes so those mixes of Open Up won’t appear by the looks of things. I don’t actually feel this album needs remastered as the original sounds fine and i hope they don’t brickwall it to hell. Amazingly HMV have it for preorder the 2CD i mean at £12.99.


The 1st edition was a triple lp. I know cause I bought it on the day of release. Sounds great.


Adrian Sherwood has announced he’s done a remix.


I love this album, played that cd countless times.

Noticed that the vinyl has a different tracklist. Might have to get it on vinyl.


It’s also worth pointing out the vinyl version is only £26.00 on the band’s website.

Rob Iles

They are also touring performing this album in full from May 11th :-)