Leonard Cohen / You Want It Darker


Leonard Cohen will release his 14th studio album, You Want It Darker, later this month.

The 82-year singer-songwriter’s son Adam has produced the nine-track album, which surely boasts Cohen’s coolest looking album cover since 1988’s I’m Your Man.

The vinyl version isn’t out until late November, but the CD edition will be released on 21 October 2016.


Side 1
1. You Want It Darker
2. Treaty
3. On the Level
4. Leaving the Table
5. If I Didn’t Have Your Love

Side 2
1. Traveling Light
2. It Seemed the Better Way
3. Steer Your Way
4. String Reprise / Treaty


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[…] songwriter, poet and author had only just released his 14th studio album You Want It Darker and in fact the vinyl edition of that record is still not out at the time of […]


Barnes & Nobles is selling a 2LP version in white vinyl, available now for pre-order. $23?

Paul Wren

Thanks for the tip off – I’ve been searching high and low without success to try and find out if there is a coloured version and was on the verge of buying the standard black vinyl edition. I’ve now just purchased the white vinyl from B & N – $31 including postage to England. Hurrah!!!


LOL. People are seriously bothered by the cigarette? How very PC.

I am the only non-smoker in my family, never started, never wanted to. I think it’s a nasty habit.

Having said that, Leonard is 82, and seems to be suggesting he’s in his final lap on this Earth. So really, how can we begrudge him a cigarette? We live in times when people go for a night out and take some Ecstasy just for the giggles. We all see what Alcohol does to our society. We live in a country (UK) where High Streets are being overrun with betting shops – which to me is an equally nasty habit (and yes, people have been driven to suicide over their addiction).

Yet we want to castigate Leonard Cohen for holding a cigarette on an album cover? Really? Sorry, that’s laughable. Are we supposed to go back and cut out all the scenes where Bogart smoked a cigarette?

Given the lack of decent cover art recently, it’s a relief to see something that is half-decent. Most of all, this is an album, and it’s all about the music. Some people are too easily offended. Hell, I’m offended Bros appear to be playing a live show in London – I mean really? But hell, I’m sure I’ll get over it. LOL


The Complete Cohen box was probably the best $25 I’ve ever spent on music. Can’t wait for this new album


I believe he said he would start smoking again if he lived to be eighty and I think he deserves to do what he likes.


The cigarette bugs me too.


And, by the way –
at my age I have witnessed way too many “non tobacco-related deaths”……
these people never came near any cigarette.
People die, if they smoke or not……just face it, Stevo.


As much as I love this guy, that highly-visible cigarette bugs me. To me, it feels irresponsible.
At my age, I have witnessed way too many tobacco-related deaths. Perhaps the album has been sponsored by the tobacco industry. Why else place a product so prominently on your cover. I’m quite surprised he still smokes, unless it’s a prop.


When I turn 82 years of age I will surely start smoking,
can’t wait…….


I’d be more infinitely more concerned with the highly visible images of cars and other auto-related paraphernalia on countless records going back decades. And, yes, that IS the point.


The first time I heard Cohen was “Everybody Knows” in the Christian Slater movie, “Pump Up the Volume,” back when I was in high school. At first, I thought the Concrete Blonde cover that was also in the film was preferable, but there was something about the Cohen version. I got tired of the cover version, but I kept going back to the original, and I started slowly picking up his 80s era albums, one at a time. When the box of (at the time) complete albums came out, I took the plunge, and have been thankful ever since. New music from him is always welcome.


You started “slowly picking up his 80s era albums one at a time”? So that’s Various Positions and I’m your Man… ;)

Michael Bird

I’ve both versions pre-ordered. I’d quite love it if a tour were announced, but I fear the touring days may be just past us. I’m grateful I got to see him back in ’09. He’s on a bit of a roll and I hope this prolific era continues.


Can’t wait, his last two studio albums are sublime.

Chris Squires

I was turned on to LC through the fabulous “I’m Your Fan” compilation back in the day…1990 I think. I got that because I was a Lilac Time fan and they covered “Bird on a Wire”. I had little idea who Leonard Cohen was at that point.

I have bought everything of his since and his back catalogue and he is utterly brilliant. Why is he so good, it’s the whole package, subtly brilliant lyrics (he is a writer and poet after all) and his arrangements are so beyond what one might expect that every tune, even the simplest, has something to give up. All power to your elbow Leonard. I would suggest that those that don’t get Leonard Cohen, have only heard his records. They might not have actually listened. There is a world of difference.


Mr.Happy is back…Yawn…I’ll definitely give this miserable dirge a miss…wake me up when the new Onerepublic album is out.


Have a good sleep…..


I doubt that the “Traveling Light” on there is a cover of the song by the Tindersticks but damn would that be great if it was.


Oh man, Tim, indeed it would be cool if he covered that Tindersticks tune!


Mr Effortlessly Cool returns with his first decent looking record cover for decades. The title track is indeed dark (and excellent). I’m delighted by his late, late renaissance. Popular Problems is also brilliant especially opener “Slow”


Having played and admired the title track, I am a shade nervous that this is Lenny’s “Blackstar”


I wrote that article. Nice to see it linked to from a site I look at several times a week.


That is a great album cover – although it reminds me of Pink Floyd’s Echoes!