Let The Record Show: Dexys Do Irish and Country Soul


Dexys Midnight Runners, or just “Dexys” as they now like to be called, return in June with an album of interpretations of Irish Songs and other ‘select compositions’…

The band are at pains to point out that this is definitely not a covers album or a ‘stop gap’ and indeed, Kevin Rowland asserts that “we had the idea to do this album in 1984 or 1985. It was to be called ‘Irish’ and was to feature songs like ‘Carrickfergus’, ‘Curragh of Kildare’ and ‘Women Of Ireland’ – all of which are featured here. Dexys broke up not too long afterwards, so it didn’t happen.”

Rowland acknowledges that the brief has expanded from solely consisting of Irish songs, to songs he has “always loved and wanted to record” which explains the inclusion of a track like Rod Stewart‘s You Wear It Well.

Finally, he points out that “we’re not trying to be Irish, and we haven’t used too many Celtic instruments on there. It’s our sound. We’re bringing our style to these songs. I’m just a guy who follows my intuition, my inspiration. This really felt like the right thing to do. We have put probably more care and attention into these songs than we might have done with our own songs, because the odds were high.  It was important to get them right, and make sure every one of them felt relevant to us.”

As well as the standard CD, this album is available as a great value three-disc deluxe edition which adds a bonus disc of acappellas and instrumentals, along with a brand new 50 minute film on DVD. A 2LP vinyl set is also available.

Let The Record Show: Dexys Do Irish and Country Soul is released on 3 June 2016.




3-disc deluxe

Disc: 1
1. Women Of Ireland
2. To Love Somebody
3. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
4. Curragh Of Kildare
5. I’ll Take You Home Kathleen
6. You Wear It Well
7. 40 Shades Of Green
8. How Do I Live
9. Grazing In The Grass
10. The Town I Loved So Well
11. Both Sides Now
12. Carrickfergus

Disc: 2
1. To Love Somebody (Solo Vocal)
2. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (Solo Vocal)
3. Curragh of Kildare (Solo Vocal)
4. I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (Solo Vocal)
5. How Do I Love (Solo Vocal)
6. Grazing in the Grass (Solo Vocal)
7. The Town I Loved So Well (Solo Vocal)
8. Carrickfergus (Solo Vocal)
9. How Do I Live (Instrumental)
10. Grazing in the Grass (Instrumental)
11. Both Sides Now (Instrumental)

Disc 3: DVD with short film


2LP Vinyl Edition

Side 1
1. Women Of Ireland
2. To Love Somebody
3. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Side 2
1. Curragh Of Kildare
2. I’ll Take You Home Kathleen
3. You Wear It Well

Side 3
1. 40 Shades Of Green
2. How Do I Live
3. Grazing In The Grass

Side 4
1. The Town I Loved So Well
2. Both Sides Now
3. Carrickfergus


2CD+DVD Deluxe Edition

2LP Vinyl Edition

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[…] is quite timely, given the debate at the weekend about signed items, but the previously announced (and already great value) deluxe edition of the forthcoming Dexys album, Let The Record Show: Dexys […]

Charles Hodgson

Ordered the deluxe cd and the 2lp. Unheard of profligacy for me these days. But this is Dexys, and this will rule hard, like all their – and Rowland solo – records. And another peerless tour will indubitably inevitably follow. Keep on burning.


Caught them live in Australia during their One Day I’m Going to Soar tour. A great concert. And the lengthy, complete reworking of Come on Eileen was wondrous. I was surprised not to find it featured on the ensuing live album. No idea why!

Loved that 2013 album and I’m looking forward to this new one.


A couple of tunes previously covered by Bryan Ferry on there. I love Ferry’s version of Carrickfergus and I’m looking forward to hearing this LP.


That live album is incredible. Well worth purchasing.


Mike – Totally agree, the 3 disc “Nowhere is Home” at the Duke of York Theatre is well worth having especially if you can nab it around 10 quid


The set with the DVDs in is great as well. I was fortunate enough to see the ODIGTS tour live in Manchester, absolutely amazing.

RJS Winchester

Their comeback album “One Day I’m Going to Soar” from 2012 was so disappointing.


I disagree. I played that record to death.

Stan Butler

Sorry RJS, but you’re well out of line there.. “One Day I’m Going to Soar” was a majestic album and was rightly given great reviews across the board.

RJS Winchester

It wasn’t universally praised. In comparison to the majestic Don’t Stand Me Down I think it’s very average. I’ll take Rowland’s My Beauty over One Day I’m Going to Soar everytime.

Fred Holmes

Interesting view. I thought it was up there with the best of their work, the majority of which is a very high standard.


About three months out – but ordered and it will swing about $20.00 to Detroit.

From Geno to the Royal Festival Hall and One Day (nice comment DaveM) I have clunked along with Kevin and look forward to this in June



martin farnworth

blimey! 2 albums in 3 years. seriously though i half expected they might disappear into obscurity again.


Great news. Their last album, One Day I’m Going to Soar is the album of the decade for me so far.

Rich Morgan

Is Big Jim Patterson still involved? I haven’t seen his name mentioned.