Level 42 / Collected: new 3CD set


Here’s a weird one. Collected is a new three-CD Level 42 compilation that purports to gather up “the first time” all of the singles from the band in their original single versions released between 1979 and 2013. Sounds great, but at the moment it’s only being issued by Universal Music The Netherlands (go figure), although as you might expect, it’s not too hard to get hold off for fans everywhere else….

The first two CDs of this set contain all the single edits and radio remixes and a bonus third CD contains “their most essential” 12-inch remixes. It remains to be seen how good the quality control is on this set, since I’ve done a bit of digging and it appears that the “A.D.S.C. Mix” of To Be With You Again is in fact the dub mix, repeating a past mistake.

This has been compiled “in friendly association with” frontman Mark King and (former) drummer Phil Gould. We don’t know why this hasn’t been officially released in the UK, and although it will surely happen at some point, why wait when Amazon UK are doing this set for just £13, albeit delivery will take a “within 1 to 3 weeks” (at the time of writing).

Level 42: Collected is out now.


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CD 1
1. Sandstorm (Single Edit)
2. Love Meeting Love (Album Edit)
3. (Flying On The) Wings Of Love (Single Edit)
4. Love Games (Single Version)
5. Turn It On (Single Edit)
6. Starchild (1981 Remix Edit)
7. Dune Tune
8. Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? (Single Edit)
9. Weave Your Spell (Single Edit)
10. The Chinese Way (Single Version)
11. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (Single Mix)
12. The Sun Goes Down (7″ Mix)
13. Micro-Kid (Single Edit)
14. People
15. Hot Water (Edit)
16. The Chant Has Begun (Unique Mix)
17. Follow Me (Live – Edit)
18. Something About You (Single Version)
19. Leaving Me Now (Remix)

CD 2
1. Lessons In Love
2. Running In The Family (Single Version)
3. To Be With You Again (Single Version)
4. It’S Over (Remix)
5. Children Say (Remix)
6. Heaven In My Hands (7″ Version)
7. Take A Look (7″ Mix)
8. Tracie (Single Version)
9. Take Care Of Yourself
10. Guaranteed (Edit)
11. Overtime (Radio Edit)
12. In My Father’S Shoes (Radio Edit)
13. Forever Now (Radio Edit)
14. All Over You (7″ Remix)
15. Love In A Peaceful World (Edit)
16. The Way Back Home (Single Version)
17. Dive Into The Sun (Radio Edit)
18. Sirens (Radio Edit)
19. Mind On You (Radio Edit)

CD 3
1. Love Games (Full Length Version)
2. The Chinese Way (Extended John Luongo Ny Remix)
3. Hot Water (Master Mix)
4. Something About You (Shep Pettibone Remix)
5. Lessons In Love (Shep Pettibone Remix)
6. World Machine (Shep Pettibone Remix)
7. Running In The Family (Dave O’ Remix)
8. To Be With You Again (A.D.S.C. Mix)
9. Children Say (Extended Remix)
10. Heaven In My Hands (Extended Version)
11. Take A Look (Extended Mix)

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[…] and even if you are in the market for one, you’d be far better off spending a bit more on the Collected compilation. Similar Big Country and Fairport Convention three-CD sets are also issued this […]


Does anyone know if the version just released in the U.K. Fixes the mono tracks?

[…] that Level 42 Collected compilation we told you about a few weeks back, well, as some of you pointed out, Universal Netherlands are also preparing […]

Neil Hunt

Amazon UK are now listing the Level 42 “Collected” CD for release on 19th August. Is this a UK release (although probably a straight import) or, fingers crossed, are the mono tracks being fixed?

Amazon UK are also listing the Robert Palmer “Collected” for pre-order but without any tracklisting or artwork. For anyone interested, the full tracklisting can be found at jpc.


It would be good if Universal would continue to reissue their back catalogue like they did with those recent remasters from 2014 and include those 12″ versions that were horrbile vinyl rips on that The Ultimate Collection II which Alex mentioned above.

Alex Davidson

P.S. Forgot to say – Children Say probably works better than some of the others as it’s only edited by about 25 seconds!

Alex Davidson

Tracks represented in mono?; Shep Pettibone remixes…again?

Reminds me of the 3 CD Netherlands set that came out in 2005 which got me excited as it featured loads of original 12″ versions on CD for the first time. Only thing was they were all mastered from knackered vinyl. Pointless.

Not massively bothered about Level 42 single versions myself as they were heavily edited, and while I do appreciate that editing a 5-7 minute song down to around 4 minutes could be challenging sometimes, they seemed mostly to be an experiment in how to get a song over and done with as quickly as possible. Even when there wasn’t any need for a single edit in the first place (Something about You comes to mind). There are some exceptions that work better obviously, due to the structure of the original song. Children Say I find to be one of the better ones, and interesting as it includes a guitar solo not on the album version. (I felt compelled to edit the two versions together, for my listening enjoyment!)

By the way, peculiar including Dune Tune and People on a ‘singles collection’…


It would be interesting to know how they made a single edit out of a song that wasn’t even a single the song in question being Sandstorm which apart from The Early Tapes only ever appeared on the b side of a white label promo.

Neil Hunt

It’s the same as The Early Tapes version and not a single edit. Not sure why the label list it as a single edit!


Thanks for posting about this. I picked up a copy.

I love this blog but I don’t know if it has ended up saving me money or costing me money since subscribing. ;)


Why are my two comments still awaiting moderation ?


Yeah sorry i was a bit impatient.


There are also Dutch Collected albums of Gerry Rafferty & Stealers Wheel and Steely Dan. Brilliant compilations


Does the Rafferty collection contain single versions or album versions (no time info on Discogs).

Neil Hunt

Kiefer2, I’ve got the Gerry Rafferty and Stealers Wheel set and have just checked my iTunes library (I’m always checking and crediting song versions in my iTunes library) and can confirm that most of the tracks are album versions. The exceptions are Baker Street, Whatever’s Written In Your Heart and Bring It All Home which are all subtly remixed versions as used on most compilations, and Night Owl is a single edit. It is a great compilation as it covers most of his career, and can also recommend the 10cc and Moody Blues titles in this series.


I wish Universal would release proper deluxe editions of World Machine and Running In The Family as those last two which were released in the last ten years were utter garbage.

Stephen K

I’d been looking to see if something like this existed, and I’m happy to see it now does!

Boaz Halachmi

Typo : CD 3 track 9, Say not Day…


The only song I think I remember from this band is “Something About You”. Did they have any other hits? I suppose I could look it up…


I’m assuming you are from North America when you are saying that as at least 20 of their singles were in the top 40 in the UK.


I think you are right. I have always lived in the San Francisco, California area all my life…


Stefano, Danny, never heard of these before but being a long term fan of Joe Jackson and more recently the awesome 10CC (thanks to BBC Four) they look like brilliant compilations.

alan hansen

for anyone looking for a collection of album versions (albeit nothing from the last 2 studio albums), check-out the dutch Level 42 “Ultimate Collection” – either 2 or 3 cd sets.


Have to concur with the positive feedback

Though I could have done with less of much past Running In The Family & included more 12″mixes

But that’s just me wishing we had proper deluxe editions, which are long, long overdue

It sounds great & it’ll do nicely in the meantime!!


Thanks for clairing up that ADSC Mix. I have that dub version that was marketed as the regular ADSC Remix. I always thought it was a disappointing mix. Now I know it is a dub mix which makes total sense. I found the regular ADSC Remix on YouTube and ripped it as an MP3. Not Blank & Jones sound quality but it serves its purpose. It has always been my biggest frustration that this excellent song does not have a good remix. Now I know why (that’s why I check this site multiple times a day) and I fixed it. Thank you Paul!!!!!


Yep, these Collected series are brilliant. There are more by Joe Jackson, Kinks (Kollekted), Colin Blunstone etc.


#Neil Hunt

I can confirm the mono track on Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Single Mix) but there are more:
Sandstorm (Single Edit) and Love Meeting Love (Album Edit).

Neil Hunt

Thanks Lucas. That’s bad news regarding the mono tracks.


Insane. So the level of quality control is minimal again. Damn it, mines on its way to Australia now. Thanks for the heads up Lucas.

John Sayers

This may be a dumb question, but I thought radio/single edits were released in mono sometimes, maybe a stereo mix of those edits don’t exist?


The ‘Collected’ 3 disc series is done by Universal Netherlands. I never saw an official Universal release of this series in other territories. But of course online it is available worldwide.

About the ‘Collected’ series: years ago it started off as a compilation series containing only album versions, but increasingly they contain rarities never before released on CD. The ones which come to mind are the excellent sets done for 10CC (2008), Paul Carrack (2012), Dr. Hook (2016) and Roy Orbison (2016).

Neil Hunt

I’ve had this compilation since Friday and I don’t understand what all the moaning is about. Yes, there have been far too many Level 42 compilations over the years, but this is the first time many single edits have been released on CD, and some haven’t even been available to download.

As a longtime fan of the band, it is the first time I have heard some of these single mixes. The most notable ones that are new to me include Love Meeting Love (Single Edit), Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? (Single Edit), Weave Your Spell (Re-Mix), Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Single Mix), Forever Now (Radio Edit), All Over You (7″ Remix), Dive Into The Sun (Radio Edit), Sirens (Radio Edit) and Mind On You (Radio Edit). Some of the later radio edits have only been on CD singles and expensive promo CDs so it’s great to get them compiled onto one CD set.

There is one track where the mastering sounds odd to me (could it be mono?) which is the Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Single Mix). Maybe if anyone else gets this set they can confirm if it is the true single mix or a mono mix.

Another title in this “Collected” series is due out in August. It is a Robert Palmer 3CD set and looks like it is a complete career overview where the first 2 CDs contain all his solo singles and the third CD contains some remixes and some tracks by Vinegar Joe, The Power Station, UB40 etc. Grooves Land have the tracklisting and I have my copy pre-ordered.

Rob Puricelli

Here’s a pop quiz question for you…

What does ADSC stand for?

No prizes except the praise of your peers for being a Level 42 geek ;-)


Well, I ‘Googled’ ADSC and the first result was ‘Aylesbury and District Swimming Club’ but I doubt it stood for that with regard the Level 42 12inch mix. Hee, Hee :o)

Neil Hunt

ADSC = A Different Song Completely
And yes they have put the Dub version again instead of the ADSC Mix. I’ve had my CD since Friday (got it from Grooves Inc. / Grooves Land)

Rob Puricelli

Neil wins! ;-)

Rob C

This is about near definitive as it gets – however the real missed opportunity was not (again) adding the one off side single Freedom/Freedom A-Go Go by Mark King/Mike Lindup’s side project Thunderthumbs & The Toetsenman.


I’m very unclear why this has yet to have an official CD release despite the many reissues and compilation releases over the years.

Other singles missing include Learn To Say No, Kansas City Milkman (proposed not released), World Machine (released as single in USA, at least represented on 12″ disc) & Two Hearts Collide (proposed not released)

I’ll be buying this – a near flawless career overview – but please give us Freedom sometime in the future!

Philip Cohen

And let’s see if Universal presents all of the tracks in stereo, not using one channel only of a stereo mix, as on “The Ultimate Collection II”(for which Universal later released a corrected pressing) and “Disc One” of the 4-CD “Living It Up” box (for which they never released a corrected pressing, though five songs were affected)

Paul English

@ Philip Cohen – a corrected disc 1 of Living It Up was issued. I have it.

Philip Cohen

How did you obtain the corrected “Disc One” for “Living It Up”? I had to make my own, which necessitated buying “Level Best” to get the 7″ single edit of “The Chinese Way”.

Paul English


Email sent to julian.fernandez@umusic.com on 14 January 2011.

Info from Discogs entry
“Five of the songs (tracks 1, 2, 7, 8 & 9) have accidentally been rendered in a mono sound derived from one channel only of a stereo mix.

How to check: Listen to track 1 – Sandstorm – and the Prophet 5 keyboard should kick it at the 19 second mark – on the right channel. If it doesn’t then you’ve got a duff disc with the sound of two left channels.

Universal issued limited quantities of a replacement disc. The run-out numbers for that are 06007 532 865-2 01 52604535”

Gianluca De Caro

Please, do not repeat once again the same mistake: put the correct 12″ version of “To be with again”, that is the ADSC mix (6:04), and not the Dub mix (5:45) mistakenly labelled as ADSC mix as already happened in a previous Level42 reissue. The correct ADSC mix is still today unreleased on cd. You are just in time to correct and avoid to repeat the same mistake made on the 2000 Polydor 2cd reissue “Running in the family/Staring at the sun” (543 871-2).


OOPS! Why do record companies not check and listen to tracks before releasing them on CDs? So it seems as though another ‘balls up’ has occurred.

Kevin Steer

The ‘Collected’ Universal Netherlands series are excellent sound quality retrospective 3cd compilations. I have purchased a number over the years ‘Grace Jones’ ‘Steely Dan’ ’10cc’ ‘Joe Jackson’ ‘Moody Blues’. They are career spanning including many rare tracks and are well worth checking out if your a fan of a particular artist and you don’t wish to buy their whole back catalogue and a greatest hits compilation to gather your favourite tracks together in one place.