Liam Gallagher / As You Were

Former Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher, will issue his first solo album, As You Were in October this year.

The 12-track long-player is being put out by Warners and a deluxe CD edition (“in clear jewel-case packaging”) will be available that adds three bonus tracks.

The almost inevitable deluxe box set offers As You Were pressed on white vinyl, the deluxe CD, a bonus seven-inch single, a Klaus Voormann art print, a poster and a 20-page ‘premium hardback book’. This is currently only available to order via Liam’s online store.

Gallagher issued Wall Of Glass, the rather good first single from the album, last month. As You Were will be released on 6 October 2017.

Pre-order the deluxe box set from Liam Gallagher’s online store.

As You Were

1 Wall Of Glass
2 Bold
3 Greedy Soul [Explicit]
4 Paper Crown
5 For What It’s Worth
6 When I’m In Need
7 You Better Run
8 I Get By
9 Chinatown
10 Come Back To Me
11 Universal Gleam
12 I’ve All I Need

Deluxe bonus tracks

13 Doesn’t Have To Be That Way
14 All My People / All Mankind [Explicit]
15 I Never Wanna Be Like You

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Janice Barnes

I bought it all! Great new tunes, well done Liam !!


Ordered the delux as an as my email alert arrived. Got both Beady Eye, which weren’t bad but not great. However, hearing wall of glass sounded oasisic bro looking forward to the album. I don’t think the £50 is bad value compared to some over delux sets on the market. P.I.L! Need I say more.


I’m gonna get the deluxe cd. Too many different versions and packages imho, probably produced for the “flipping” market.

Larry Davis

Had VERY low expectations for this…Oasis’s first 3 albums were great then they started to lose their consistency…to me…and always preferred Noel’s songwriting and his High Flying Birds records were damn good…then Beady Eye…thought the 1st album was pretty decent, but didn’t like the 2nd one at all…then I saw this and I was curious, and he’s back on Warners too (Oasis’ last album in the US was on Reprise/Warners)…well, colour me impressed!! “Wall Of Glass” reminded me of the 1st Oasis record “Definitely Maybe”…like well hey, looks like he got his mojo back or something was reset…will prob get just the deluxe CD, but the white vinyl looks sweet and if the box is low enough I may spring for that…stranger things have happened…Liam could be as good as his brother on this solo record, he is in fine voice for starters…


Surprised there’s no signed print as they were on sale at the recent shows. Will probably get the box – at least it’s a bit more reasonable than the Chasing The Sun boxes.


Trying to work out if the cover is artfully rumpled white paper like a second-hand record from a charity shop, or printed faux-rumpled white paper.


Once upon a time, standard editions were in jewel cases, and deluxes came in some form of digipak/book/case thing.

Now it’s the other way around! Not that I mind, because jewel cases have had a bad press for too long. I much prefer them, for their ability to be replaced if spoiled or broken.

Jörgen Eriksson

Wall Of Glass is really growing on me, looking forward to hear the full album. I’ve ordered the box set from his website, I would love to see some signed copies/prints there (like the Brett Anderson vinyl box from Amazon).


I really like the cover this album…


That is a very loud song. I had to keep turning it down throughout because it felt like being punched in the face with sound. He don’t arf look like Noel now, too!

Eddie Miles

Ordered the deluxe box through Liam’s website. Can’t wait to hear it. I thought the Beady Eye albums were brilliant…


Was thinking boxset good price Vinyl plus deluxe CD book etc etc then I saw £7 postage cost !!!! put me off


I think the single is ace. The cover is great too, some thought has gone into the graphics and image unlike a lot of recent new releases.


Does the cover remind you of the pictures from the white album? Particularly John’s…

Mean Mr. Mustard

What, are you suggesting that Liam Gallagher might have studied something to do with the Beatles in terms of how to present something of his? Surely you jest!

(There you go, you have your negative comment now.) : p


go on liam well done mate you one of todays truly great front men this will be widely accepted alright

elliott buckingham

white vinyl ordered from hmv. deluxe cd from amazon. liams voice is far better now he is older

Wolfgang Mintrop

What a “wonderful” Kind of cover … only some text like WANTED DEAR OR ALIVE is missing …

Jason H

Can’t understand why there is so much hating going on? If you don’t like what’s on offer then don’t buy it.

Jeffrey Grimes

Is this your first time reading the comments here?

Stan Butler

There’s not a single negative comment. What are you on about?


In a tenuous link, Amazon UK have The Verve Urban Hymns boxset (6 discs) listed and available on 1st Sept at £69.99. A post on their hardly updated FB page from photographer Chris Floyd does mention that he’s put together a book for the September release. Any further details on this Paul from your sources..?


I like the fact that they have stressed that it comes in a jewel case. I really despise digipaks.

By the way – those aren’t the actual track titles are they??


What a great news! I really like Liam better, i have all 2 beady eye albums so i cant wait for his solo.

Matthew Langhorn

The box looks like surprisingly good value as some retailers are asking £15 for the 7″ single.

(Digs out “vintage” Oasis tshirt and Liam-walks to pre-order)


Pre-0rdered the white vinyl (just on it’s own) via Rough Trade this morning (£23), I really don’t want a coffee table book of Liam Gallagher thanks…though apparently I do want a white vinyl version of the album

mark browne

just ordered the limited edition white vinyl, which is up for pre-order at hmv, didn’t want to pay £50 quid for the boxset just to get the white vinyl and the additional …er tat!