Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie to release an new album together

Fleetwood Mac legends Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie are to release their first ever album as a duo, in June.

Called simply Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie, recordings for the 10-track long-player started a few years ago, before rehearsals for Fleetwood Mac’s 2014/5 On With The Show tour.

The album was recorded at The Village Studios in Los Angeles (where Tusk was made) and Buckingham and McVie were “joined in the studio by fellow bandmates Mick Fleetwood and John McVie” which sounds very promising!

Speaking about the project, Lindsey had this to say: “We were exploring a creative process, and the identity of the project took on a life organically. The body of work felt like it was meant to be a duet album. We acknowledged that to each other on many occasions, and said to ourselves, ‘what took us so long?!!‘” Christine McVie describes the results of the collaboration as “really amazing”.

Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie will be issued on Atlantic Records on 9 June 2017. Get in quick for a great UK pre-order price on the vinyl LP.

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Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie

Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie vinyl LP


Compare prices and pre-order

Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie

Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie CD edition


  1.  Sleeping Around The Corner
  2. Feel About You
  3. In My World
  4. Red Sun
  5. Love Is Here To Stay
  6. Too Far Gone
  7. Lay Down For Free
  8. Game Of Pretend
  9. On With The Show
  10. Carnival Begin

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Phil Fogel

Does the vinyl included a code for a digital download?

Brian Scott

No, none included with my copy Phil

Larry Davis

I may have to get this and do a side by side thing when Lindsey’s version comes out…at $25 US, not a bad deal at all…and mini-LP packaging too, so that’s nice.

Inge Bratset

Got the Buckingham Nicks mini LP from my seller in Japan today. Don’t now if it’s an official release, but the cover is great and the sound is to my ears very good. 11 bonus tracks av well. It’s turning out to be a great Fleetwood Mac year.

Larry Davis

11 bonus tracks on that Japanese Buckingham Nicks?? Really?? What are they, demos?? Lost songs from the vault?? Maybe this is the one that Lindsey was working on & it’s out in Japan first?? What label put it out there??

Inge Bratset

The bonus tracks are a litte bit of everything it seems:

1 Crying in the night (single version)
2 Don’t let me down again (mono)
3 Sorcerer (Stevie solo later)
4 Garbo (same as above)
5 Cathouse (Stevie unknown to me)
6 That’s alright (later Mirage)
7 Candlebright (Stevie unknown to me)
8 Without you (later EP 2013)
9 Lola (live)
10 Races are run (live)
11 Rhiannon (live)

As I said a well worth investment. Don’t think it’s the one that Lindsey has been working on, but great to have while we wait for that to be released.

Finally it’s released by BIG PINK.

elliott buckingham

according to an article I just read the only mac not on this is nicks

Kevin Thomas

Yes, Christine has certainly had a lot of work done on her boat. She looks like a waxwork. Grow old gracefully dear.


She looks very good indeed on a lot of recent photos. Quite why they chose this one is beyond me.

Philip Cohen

Old age(She must be at least 73) and new choppers.

Philip Cohen

Christine McVie will be 74 in July.


Is it just me or is the cover terrible. Lindsey looks so bored that he’s had enough and Christine has this weird drug-like smile on her face. Can’t wait to hear it tho.

Dan R

Agree with the comments someone else made above-I would much rather that the original Buckingham Nicks album be made available for release/re-master. Still waiting but that would really excite me.


That is a shocking cover. Something very odd indeed doing on in his jeans and poor Christine looks a tad Caitlyn Jenner. #hopingitisamockup

Larry Davis

Er…excuse me??!!??

David Olstein

Good Lord! That’s an awful cover photo. I know that it’s the music that matters. But seriously, if Lindsey can’t muster any enthusiasm for the album, why should anyone else?

Gone Insane

“An new?”

And oh God…..I think I smell a certain powerfully putrid Larry in our midst….


The album looks like it should be called Taxidermy and Waxwork.

Larry Davis

That Fleetwood Mac “Extended Play” 4-song EP should be available on CD and vinyl 12″, not just a digital download…should be included in that Lindsey boxset I just suggested, as he did all the singing…even better…

Larry Davis

I consider this a Fleetwood Mac album, just with Lindsey’s and Chrissy’s names out front…Mick & John are on the album as well…look, the last FM album was the same thing as a 4-piece, just with Stevie instead of Chrissy…and yeah, “Tango” is also a 90% Lindsey/Chrissy album as well, with Stevie just doing 2 tracks…and that cover???? Lindsey looks THRILLED, like oh joy!! Haha. I hear they are doing a small club tour for this record. And an actual Buckingham Nicks reissue?? Officially??? Cuz Lindsey’s been sitting on it for years!! And I think there should be an official Lindsey boxset of his 80s/90s solo work, like Stevie has “Enchanted”, with all his solo albums and soundtrack cuts, B-sides and unreleased demos…gather it all together…there was only a promo interview CD with highlights, the only way to get “Holiday Road” on CD, but the mastering was utter crap!! Lindsey is just brilliant.


Will buy it, but I prefer Lindsey’s crazyness with Stevie. Christine’s songs and voice are too mellow for me.

Matt Ganoe

Nothing like a 67-year-old man in a pair of ill-fitting skinny jeans!

Geoff G

This should be good. The last Fleetwood Mac album, which was an EP, was just four songs with Lindsay doing all the singing. I think I could hear background vocals by Stevie on one song? (It’s been a while though). Anyway, I though they were all good songs, but not really Fleetwood Mac, as I would have expected a lead vocal by Stevie on at least one of the tracks. Anyway, I expect the same with this, but even better, with Christine taking an active role and singing. *fingers crosses*


So, overall… mostly super-positive comments, then/lol?


It makes lots of sense; many of the greatest FM songs post-Tusk were collaborations between Buckingham and McVie – Mirage, Tango, etc.

They’re both strong songwriters, and their voices (at least used to) have a beautiful blend. Win-win.


Agree. Wasn’t Tango begun as a potential Buckingham/McVie side project that blossomed into a full FM offering? Maybe the same happened here, but in reverse. Looking forward to it, regardless.


The Buckinghamm Nicks reissue is available at cd japan. Lots of extra tracks. I’m not entirely certain though as to how legit it is. Particularly as Buckingham only very recently said he was working on a reissue. I don’t believe this is what he was referring to but I may be wrong.

As to Buckingham McVie they are at least in my view the powerhouse behind Fleetwood Mac these days. This should be a real treat


I will be buying this Buckingham McVie album. Should be interesting to hear what they’ve come up with. Like everyone else, it’s too bad that it couldn’t have been turning into a full blown Fleetwood Mac reunion album with Stevie Nicks involvement but she chose not to be involved. They could’ve really released it as Fleetwood Mac album judging from prior past FM album with different line-ups through the years but, I guess they didn’t want to upset Stevie Nicks ?

william mckinley

I guess they couldn’t get Stevie to commit any songs, so they decided to do this duo instead. I remember reading some articles where Stevie sounded on the fence in doing another album with Fleetwood Mac. So, I had my reservations that we would get another Mac album. I guess I was right, but I am looking forward to hearing this duo album.


I hear you, Saar


Lots of complaints regarding the album cover, which is odd, because no one really has to look at it and the music is what is important.

Julian H

It just looks odd…


Sounds good. I like many of his songs from all of his solo albums.

Hopefully Lindsey and whomever will get that “Buckingham Nicks” CD issued soon since he confirmed it was in the works.


They should have recreated the Buckingham Nicks cover.

don cooper

With Jeff Lynne standing in for Lindsey? ;-)

Saar Freedman

Will definitely give this a listen. a Good month for Fleetwood Mac fans. First the Japan reissue of Buckingham/Nicks with all the extras, Tango super deluxe arrived, and now this.
Still – setting out to buy an album, even with no several deluxe editions is kind of hard these days.
Need to make sure there are no special Target/B&N/best Buy editions in the US, and No bonus tracks on the Japan edition
then keep your fingers crossed there’s no TYour edition 3 months later with a bonus DVD or whatever.

consumer blues.


I didn’t realize there was finally a Buckingham/Nicks reissue! Where were you able to get it? I’m searching Amazon US and there’s nothing on there except original vinyl and bootleg listings.

Randy Metro

I just checked and I have 21 tracks/files with lyrics & obi on my PC dated Feb 17, 2017. They appeared from somewhere and I scooped them up. I haven’t had a chance to listen to them as I was hardly enchanted with the original album tracks (wherever I found them).

Saar Freedman

Buckingham/Nicks still available from http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/
it is real. Official. better hurry up. supposedly a limited edition and the sharks on ebay are ready.



I put a link to that CD on Hoffman and was assured it was a bootleg. I believe it is manufactured in Korea. I am hoping for an official release as part of a potential Fleetwood Mac (first Buckingham Nicks era album) SDE as there is little else from that period apparently to source extra tracks.
Looking forward to Buckingham / McVie in June though, I can’t see how it will be anything else but great.

Ralph MacGillivray

I’ve put in an order for the vinyl thanks. Got high hopes for this.Tango was pretty much a Buckingham/McVie album too and all the best bits were theirs.


Thanks very much for this notification – I got my pre-order in for the LP at that really cheap price! I think all FM fans realise that in all probability they started this as a Fleetwood Mac album in the hope that Stevie would come on board but she was too busy with her solo stuff. It is a shame as I have been patiently waiting for the new Fleetwood Mac album that was meant to be in the works but this is probably (hopefully) going to be almost as good! Looking forward to it.

David Bruce

Horrible album cover! Looks like they have been photoshopped together. An actual friendly duo pose would have been better… hopefully it was actually recorded as a duo and not in two parts as the photo suggests.

Still, worth a listen I’m sure!


He’s wearing the same woolly hat my nanna wears

Neil Thompson

I got really excited then thinking that it might be a SDE version of Buckingham Nicks but sadly not :-(


Pretty interested to hear this, as I have always preferred Christine’s voice over Stevie’s.
Unfortunate photo of Christine however.


Tell me that’s not the actual album sleeve…looks like a cover for a weekly magazine.


Can anyone stand Lindsey’s voice anymore? In recent years (various Mac live recordings, recent solo material) he sounds awful to me. So sad, too, because the songs aren’t bad.


Yes I can. Sounds as good as ever on his numerous live solo DVD’s.


Yes you are right 100% Agree….his voice is gone…its much better when the harmonies of McVie and Nicks drown him out

adam shaw

Looks like Lindsey is really happy with the results of this album ???

elliott buckingham

purchased on vinyl at that price.
on a separate not you haven’t mentiond yet the reissues of ba robertsons 3 cds on cherry pop

Gary C

Bang Bang indeed, great news!


I did not know that… you knew months ago… I feel betrayed by the site. Just ran to amazon and purchased all 3 for shipping to Canada. My wife hates my love for BA Robertson. I bought one of those Record players that write to USB just so I could rip my BAR collection. Shadow Of A Thin Man (Pre Initial Success) is a terribly overlooked recording that could do with a cd reissue. Tricky and Tough is my go to singalong while waiting for toast to pop. ‘So now there’s a laser beam, cool as a mountain stream runs down the side of my brain, It’s a pity the knowledge I learned while at college, is having to run down the drain… Life.. can be tricky and Tough tough tough….”.

Inge Bratset

A pity that Stevie Nicks isn’t involved, but I’m really looking forward to this release.


That is a great surprise. Looking forward to hearing this release.