Lindsey Buckingham to issue a new Solo Anthology on 3CD and 6LP vinyl

First studio compilation • Remastered • Some alternates + two new songs

Lindsey Buckingham / Solo Anthology: The Best of Lindsey Buckingham

This October, Rhino will release a Lindsey Buckingham Solo Anthology which will be available in three physical formats.

Solo Anthology – The Best of Lindsey Buckingham to give the package its full (and rather prosaic) title, spans Buckingham’s six solo studio albums, from 1981’s Law and Order to 2011’s Seeds We Sow. It also includes oddities like contributions to soundtracks such as National Lampoon’s Vacation (‘Holiday Road’ and ‘Dancin’ Across The USA’) and Back To The Future (‘Time Bomb Town’).

Fans of the sublime 1992 album Out Of The Cradle have reason to rejoice, since putting aside the spoken word elements/instrumentals, nine of the 12 songs from that album are remastered and included in the three-CD edition of Solo Anthology. In fact a tenth (‘All My Sorrows’) is also featured on CD 3, but that disc is made up of solely of live performances.

Countdown was a single from 1992’s Out Of The Cradle

The official line from the label about this set is that it includes includes “album, live and alternate versions”. Obviously, ‘alternate’ immediately provokes a raise of the eyebrow, but there’s no confirmation as yet which tracks are not the standard studio cuts.

Law and Order is the poor relation with just one song, ‘Trouble’, including in this new Solo Anthology. A slightly strange decision when songs from his VERY recent collaborative album with Christine McVie do feature here.

Finally, Solo Anthology comes with two previously unreleased tracks. By a process of elimination we can deduce these are Hunger and Ride This Road.

In terms of formats, the 52-track version is available on the 3CD set and the 6LP vinyl box. There is a 21-track single disc edition, although it doesn’t include either of the previously unreleased tracks.

Solo Anthology: The Best of Lindsey Buckingham is released on CD formats on 5 October, two days before the start of a North American tour. The 6LP vinyl edition will follow on 23 November.

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Lindsey Buckingham

Solo Anthology: 3CD edition


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Lindsey Buckingham

Solo Anthology: 6LP vinyl box


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Lindsey Buckingham

Solo Anthology: single CD


Disc 1

1 Don’t Look Down (Remastered) – from Out Of The Cradle (1992)
2 Go Insane (Remastered) – from Go Insane (1984)
3 Surrender The Rain (Remastered) – from Out Of The Cradle (1992)
4 Rock Away Blind (Remastered) – from Seeds We Sow (2011)
5 Holiday Road (Remastered) from the National Lampoon’s Vacation Original Motion Picture Sound Track
6 Doing What I Can (Remastered) – from Out Of The Cradle (1992)
7 Trouble (Remastered) – from Law and Order (1981)
8 I Must Go (Remastered) – from Go Insane (1984)
9 Street Of Dreams (Remastered) – from Out Of The Cradle (1992)
10 Soul Drifter (Remastered) – from Out Of The Cradle (1992)
11 Show You How (Remastered) – from Under The Skin (2006)
12 Shut Us Down (Live At The Bass Performance Hall 2008) [Remastered]
13 Slow Dancing (Remastered) – from Go Insane (1984)
14 Countdown (Remastered) – from Out Of The Cradle (1992)
15 Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind (Remastered) – from Under The Skin (2006)
16 In Our Own Time (Remastered) – from Seeds We Sow (2011)
17 Illumination (Remastered) – from Seeds We Sow (2011)
18 Gift Of Screws (Remastered) – from Gift Of Screws (2008)
19 Did You Miss Me (Remastered) – from Gift Of Screws (2008)
20 Down On Rodeo (Remastered) – from Under The Skin (2006)
21 Treason (Remastered) – from Gift Of Screws (2008)

Disc 2

1 Hunger
2 Not Too Late (Remastered) – from Under The Skin (2006)
3 Sleeping Around The Corner – from Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie
4 I Want You (Remastered) – from Go Insane (1984)
5 Time Precious Time (Remastered) – from Gift Of Screws (2008)
6 Stars Are Crazy (Remastered) – from Seeds We Sow (2011)
7 Love Runs Deeper (Remastered) – from Gift Of Screws (2008)
8 You Do Or You Don’t (Remastered) – from Out Of The Cradle (1992)
9 I Am Waiting (Remastered) – from Under The Skin (2006)
10 Time Bomb Town – from Back to the Future Soundtrack
11 Turn It On (Remastered) – from Out Of The Cradle (1992)
12 Seeds We Sow (Remastered) – from Seeds We Sow (2011)
13 Underground (Remastered) – from Gift Of Screws (2008)
14 Dancin’ Across The USA (Remastered) – from the National Lampoon’s Vacation Original Motion Picture Sound Track
15 Gone Too Far (Remastered) – from Seeds We Sow (2011)
16 End Of Time (Remastered) – from Seeds We Sow (2011)
17 D.W. Suite (Remastered) – from Go Insane (1984)
18 Ride This Road [Remastered]
19 Say We’ll Meet Again (Remastered) – from Out Of The Cradle (1992)

Disc 3

1 Trouble (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
2 Go Insane (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
3 Bleed To Love Her (Live At Hoyt Sherman Palace, Des Moines, IA 2012) [Remastered]
4 Stephanie (Live At Hoyt Sherman Palace, Des Moines, IA 2012) [Remastered]
5 Never Going Back Again (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
6 Big Love (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
7 Under The Skin (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
8 All My Sorrows (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
9 Cast Away Dreams (Live At The Bass Performance Hall 2008) [Remastered]
10 Holiday Road (Live At The Bass Performance Hall 2008) [Remastered]
11 Tusk (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
12 I’m So Afraid (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
13 Go Your Own Way (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)

Solo Anthology: The Best of Lindsey Buckingham – 6LP vinyl box

Side 1
1. Don’t Look Down (Remastered)
2. Go Insane (Remastered)
3. Surrender The Rain (Remastered)
4. Rock Away Blind (Remastered)
5. Holiday Road (Remastered)
6. Doing What I Can (Remastered)

Side 2
1. Trouble (Remastered)
2. I Must Go (Remastered)
3. Street Of Dreams (Remastered)
4. Soul Drifter (Remastered)
5. Show You How (Remastered)

Side 3
1. Shut Us Down (Live At The Bass Performance Hall 2008) [Remastered]
2. Slow Dancing (Remastered)
3. Countdown (Remastered)
4. Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind (Remastered)
5. In Our Own Time (Remastered)

Side 4
1. Illumination (Remastered)
2. Gift Of Screws (Remastered)
3. Did You Miss Me (Remastered)
4. Down On Rodeo (Remastered)
5. Treason (Remastered)

Side 5
1. Hunger
2. Not Too Late (Remastered)
3. Sleeping Around The Corner – Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie
4. I Want You (Remastered)
5. Time Precious Time (Remastered)

Side 6
1. Stars Are Crazy (Remastered)
2. Love Runs Deeper (Remastered)
3. You Do Or You Don’t (Remastered)
4. I Am Waiting (Remastered)

Side 7
1. Time Bomb Town
2. Turn It On (Remastered)
3. Seeds We Sow (Remastered)
4. Underground (Remastered)
5. Dancin’ Across The USA (Remastered)
6. Gone Too Far (Remastered)

Side 8
1. End Of Time (Remastered)
2. D.W. Suite (Remastered)
3. Ride This Road
4. Say We’ll Meet Again (Remastered)

Side 9
1. Trouble (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
2. Go Insane (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
3. Bleed To Love Her (Live At Hoyt Sherman Palace, Des Moines, IA 2012) [Remastered]

Side 10
1. Stephanie (Live At Hoyt Sherman Palace, Des Moines, IA 2012) [Remastered]
2. Never Going Back Again (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
3. Big Love (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
4. Under The Skin (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)

Side 11
1. All My Sorrows (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
2. Cast Away Dreams (Live At The Bass Performance Hall 2008) [Remastered]
3. Holiday Road (Live At The Bass Performance Hall 2008) [Remastered]
4. Tusk (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)

Disc: 12
1. I’m So Afraid (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)
2. Go Your Own Way (Live At Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA 2011)

Solo Anthology: The Best of Lindsey Buckingham – single CD edition

1. Don’t Look Down (Remastered)
2. Go Insane (Remastered)
3. Surrender The Rain (Remastered)
4. Rock Away Blind (Remastered)
5. Holiday Road (Remastered)
6. Doing What I Can (Remastered)
7. Trouble (Remastered)
8. I Must Go (Remastered)
9. Street Of Dreams (Remastered)
10. Soul Drifter (Remastered)
11. Show You How (Remastered)
12. Shut Us Down (Live At The Bass Performance Hall 2008) [Remastered]
13. Slow Dancing (Remastered)
14. Countdown (Remastered)
15. Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind (Remastered)
16. In Our Own Time (Remastered)
17. Illumination (Remastered)
18. Gift Of Screws (Remastered)
19. Did You Miss Me (Remastered)
20. Down On Rodeo (Remastered)
21. Treason (Remastered)

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Sleeping Around the Corner was written a while ago, before the Buckingahm/McVie album. In their mind, it’s a solo song which they are right really

Marc Sutton

The quality of the remasters is absolutely brilliant. The vinyl sounds amazing, but I have had two copies from Amazon and on each one the song “Under the Skin” on side J sticks and is unplayable. Has anybody else had this problem?? I can not fault Amazon they have sent 2 copies and both are defective.


The “alternate versions” are early fades — averaging about fifteen seconds each — on six tracks (Go Insane, Doing What I Can, Trouble, I Must Go, Did You Miss Me, and Down On Rodeo).

In other news, the live version of “Shut Us Down” on this compilation, labeled as live at the Bass Performance Hall from 2008, is quite different from the version on the released CD/DVD from that show.

davide serio

I saw the booklet on Discogs and I was wondering where the “alternate versions” had gone. If it’s just some edit, I guess I’ll pass on this, havin’ all his albums. thanks for the info.


Nice tracklist. The only thing I wish it had is his hypnotic jam with Josh Homme and Trent Reznor from the Grammys (which the network cut off mid-performance). I’ve never heard it in full.


Remasters of “Law and Order”, “Go Insane” and “Out Of the Cradle” to render their fidelity comparable to the later 3 albums with bonus tracks added to preserve “Holiday Road” and other rare tracks would have made much, much more sense.
But we are stuck with glaring oversights, such as leaving out the studio version of “All My Sorrows”, Lindsey’s reworking of the Kingston Trio and an homage to the late great John Stewart who influenced the way he plays guitar.
i actually can’t imagine listening to “Out Of the Cradle” out-of-sequence rather than as the cohesive work that it is. At least someone made a priority of opening the box set with the fingerpicked intro to “Don’t Look Down” and closed the second disc with “Say We’ll Meet Again”.
Rhino, this “gift” is a “screw”.


Out of the Cradle already sounds great on cd, does it need remastering?

James T. Wright

Another thing about the song “Wrong” is that it features one of the most hilarious music videos in history. Of all the people to do a hilarious music video….the last guy I would think of is Lindsey. If you have never seen it, it’s a must watch at youtube. It’s right up there with Genesis’ “Jesus He Knows Me.”

Greg Greatbatch

I wonder why Time Bomb Town wasn’t remastered? It desperately needs remastering and is one of my favourites of his. Shame.


I am very surprised and disappointed that the single ‘Wrong’ from his 3rd solo album, ‘Out of the Cradle’ was not included on this first time anthology best of. It was also the highest charting radio played song from this album as well. C’mon Rhino, you could’ve done better than that ! There was certainly room to include it on one of the CD’s.

Nancy Geggerson

Completely agree about “Wrong” not being included in this anthology. Of course the song was written mainly about Mick Fleetwood and Buckingham’s hostilities towards the band after he split after the making of “Tango In The Night.” Being that Lindsey was apparently “fired” from the band recently (which I still don’t believe – I think he voluntarily left because of Stevie’s refusal to make a new album), it would’ve been appropriate to include “Wrong” and then a new song called “Wrong Part II.” :)

william mckinley

Was wondering when he would do a best of type of set. Glad to hear that it is an anthology that is being released. Looking forward to getting this set. Now they just have to deluxe versions of his albums.


I could be wrong, but the “alternate takes” I think they are talking about are the Live versions of Trouble, Go Insane, etc.. These are all done differently live in case you guys didn’t know. maybe there will be some alternate takes of studio cuts but we will have to wait and see!


Hmmm – the 3 cd set is a very good price as pointed out…Who am I kidding? – I take back what I said and will probably add this to my collection – some fantastic songs listed which is prompting me to get my cd’s out for a listen in the meantime

Larry Davis

Funny, I had suggested for YEARS there must be a LB solo anthology, with highlights from all albums, soundtrack cuts and unreleased tracks and live…and being he is on his own for good and out of FM and about to start a new solo tour, this would be an opportune time to finally do it!! Then I saw he has a new solo album on Atlantic coming out…apparently, Rhino/Warners must have decided a solo anthology would be a better choice this year on the eve of the tour, get it out of the way, get people acquainted with his solo catalogue besides hardcore LB geeks…then let the new album drop in 2019 after the tour is over…have a feeling it will be in a triple panel digipack, like The Flaming Lips’ “Greatest Hits Volume 1 (Deluxe Edition)” 3CD…

I admit was starting to get worried this set would not be announced here at all, because I found out about it a week ago or so, via a friend and details on theseconddisc.com…another is the new Cher album “Dancing Queen” on Warners, consisting of 10 ABBA covers, out September 28th, inspired by her time in the “Mamma Mia” sequel and seeing the play 3 times…it’s produced in the vein of her 1998 monster dance record “Believe”…with the first single her brilliant take on “Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)”…and being Madonna (happy 60th to her) sampled the song on “Hung Up”, there is a clever mashup linking the two tracks…Cher & Madonna…https://youtu.be/pup6E-fSXdM …and RIP Aretha Franklin…


What a pleasant coincidence. I made a Lindsey Buckingham playlist on my streaming service a couple of weeks ago and was lamenting the fact that he did not have a greatest hits album. Since then i actually heard Trouble on XM. I still have my Go Insane cassette but have never picked anything up on CD but now I will :)


Nice looking set!

And no sign of him wearing *those* jeans either..


richard brazier

Who is deciding on his artwork at mo, this is almost as bad as the Buckingham/Nicks art!!

Kevin Galliford

I’ll be buying this as he’s a brilliant singer / songwriter! Just a shame there won’t be a new Fleetwood Mac album with hin & Christine on as that would be epic!

Me. You.

So is this in a gorgeous box with a nice booklet…or even a hard cover book for the vinyl? Or is the c.d. in cheap generic budget digi-packaging?


Countdown and Turn it On would have been masive FM hits….I hope this is the start of seeing a little more of Lindsey Buckingham.

Larry Davis

NOPE…what you suggested is the biggest problem…his best tracks are best to remain solo, while the FM tracks he dominates would be better as solo tracks too…”Big Love”, “Go Your Own Way”, “I’m So Afraid”, his solo lo-fi-productions on “Tusk”, many of the songs on “Mirage”…I think he was seriously betrayed by the band over the years and used too…many times, he was working on a solo record, and then the band came calling and roped many of his best songs onto FM records…that was just wrong…like he was doing “Gift Of Screws” in 2001, and 7 of those tracks were roped in to be part of “Say You Will”…which to be honest, should have stayed on the solo album…BUT…he recorded 7 new fresh tracks in their place…LB has always been better off solo, as he’s the preeminent studio craftsman, always working on new material, while FM thrived on the road, happy to just do the hits…sure, LB’s always been a team player but his solo eccentricities are more unique and show he is better as a solo act, and now, he doesn’t have to worry anymore about FM coming calling anymore, and really, good riddance in a way…I still follow them too, but I prefer Lindsey solo than in the Mac, so I am following both…

Mike Williams

I think Out Of The Cradle should have won the Grammy for Album Of The Year 1992 (instead of Eric Clapton Unplugged). Unfortunately it wasn’t even nominated – a shame! The other 4 albums nominated were :
Ingénue – k.d. lang
Diva – Annie Lennox
Achtung Baby – U2
Beauty and the Beast: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Various Artists

Jimmy Ringland

Is ‘Sleeping Around The Corner’ definitely the Buckingham/McVie version? When I saw the track list, I presumed it was the version he released as an iTunes bonus track for Seeds We Sow.

Jimmy Ringland

Thank you!

Bobby Jean

Great news about this.sad news is that Aretha Franklin has passed away


the vinyls are 6 times the price of the cd box. cds sound good enough so i’ll buy the cds.

art m

i was tempted to buy the vinyl version but when the 3cd set is 5 times less, i decided to get the cds. cds don’t sound that bad.


Every ticket purchased online for Lindsey Buckingham’s tour includes your choice of a CD or digital copy of the new album, Anthology, released on 10/05/2018. You’ll receive instructions via email within one week of ticket purchase on how to redeem your album after ticket purchase.



G B Hewitt

Sublime is just one word to describe OOTC. It’s not only one of the best albums of the 90’s it’s also one of the most under-rated albums full stop. Being a Fleetwood Mac fan does not automatically make you a Buckingham geek but it would be foolish to resist the notion that FM would be a lot less than four fifths as good without him. In many ways it’s quite nice being a LB fan because although he’s never going to be massive on his own he has, without too much pomp, laid down a very impressive body of work over the last 40 odd years and it’s kind of nice keeping that a little secret. It also helps that he isn’t that far off being a genius.

Talented though his former band mates may be it is clear just what a driving musical force he is. Remember when he left in 1987? FM turned to sh*t faster than instantly. I had vague plans to try to see FM on their new tour but I’m glad I spent the money on The Stones instead (although to call their performance sloppy that night would be a kindness) as a FM without a LB is a scam and a farce. No doubt a Finn and a Heartbreaker will be happy and slightly better off as a result but frankly the new set up is a lot worse than replacing Mick Taylor with Ron Wood. And that wasn’t exactly move of the century.

Anyway, it goes without saying that a copy of this new (and yes, prosaically titled – shame on someone for being so unimaginative; calling it ‘The Right Place To Fade’ might have worked) compilation shall find a home here (on CD) and as with the many admirers below I hope that one day we’ll see a fully remastered back catalogue emerge for us to tinkle our hard earned money up the wall on and then smuggle into the house without anyone noticing. I’m sure I’ve watched the opening credits of National Lampoons Vacation at least twice as many times as the film itself. Cheers LB, your seat is secured.

Law and Order is a fantastic album. What is wrong with these people?

Stan C

Out of the Cradle, along with the Go Insane album, was such a watershed record for me. I was managing a music shop at the time it came out and I don’t think it came out of in-store rotation for about a year/lol. I would also love, LOVE to see it get a proper, deluxe revisiting, but this a fantastic surprise, nonetheless.

For what it’s worth, I think it’s a wonder that Out of the Cradle is getting revisited, at all, because if memory serves, it only moved something like 200,00 copies at the time of it’s initial release. And, I agree… if it had been released under the Fleetwood Mac banner, it would have been a smash. I often think about the fact that Big Love was, for all intents and purposes, a Lindsey solo track. Considering how huge that single was, I can’t help but think the rest of his solo output would have been viewed in a different light.


Got very excited at first but like others have mentioned – a 6 LP remaster of all original albums would have been a lovely set to have. I’m not as excited about a best of when I already (like most fans) have all the CD’s but I’m sure the set will appeal to some. I also echo Daran’s appeal to Lindsey. I had a ticket for his last UK tour which was cancelled due to a band member picking up an injury and I was so looking forward to that concert. Please come to the UK as soon as you can Lindsay as you have massive support here!


For US folks, you get a free copy of the set(CD or download) with tickets to one of his shows.

John in NYC

That was a nice surprise. I bought a ticket for his December show at The Town Hall in New York City. Ticket was only $75.00 USD and includes the CD, as you state. Its a small venue and, oddly enough, hasn’t sold out.

John in NYC

Had my fingers crossed for the inclusion of Go Insane (Extended Remix) and Slow Dancing (Extended Version) but its not to be.

Steven Roberts

Both of these 12″ remixes are available for download – as WAVs or mp3 vinyl rips – via a well-known (and well-regarded) 12″ remix download site (not sure if I’m free to mention its name here – although I’m sure Paul knows the site I’m referring to :)

I haven’t downloaded them the tiles in question myself, but the ones I have listened to from the site have all been extremely well done….

John in NYC

I don’t know the well-known site but will have to surf for it. I have the 12″ vinyls of these two singles and should be happy that these mixes are still rare, I suppose.


So 9 songs are included from Out of the Cradle, but not the first single from the record, Wrong? Bizarre.


Missed opportunity to include the extended version of Go Insane. Meanwhile, BuckinghamNicks remains locked in a vault so that my children’s children’s children’s children can purchase it when it finally gets released.

Rob Puricelli

What is REALLY needed is a proper reissue of the Buckingham Nicks debut long player.

alan hansen

Big Pink Music label in japan released the Buckingham/Nicks on cd last year, 2017 – remastered with all the assumed bonus tracks, OBI, Japanese liner notes, and gatefold mini-lp format. I own it and it’s lovely, in my humble opinion. I suppose Paul can provide more info and commentary on that release here, if he’d like.

Steve Thorpe

It’s actually an unofficial Korean release but was widely available to buy across Asia. Fantastic packaging and sound!


really looking forward to this

Holiday Road finally remastered!


David Wild says on Twitter that he has done the sleeve notes for this collection. Though he seems to be a very nice guy (and living an enviable life hanging out with rock star pals) his sleeve notes on the FMac boxes didn’t actually say much.


I had always hoped though that when the day came that he issued some sort of “best of” compilation that it would include a blu-ray with all of his music videos. There were a few that were really cool, especially for the time when they were released. A nice 5.1 mix would’ve been a sweet bonus too. Lindsey’s solo stuff could be amazing in surround sound.

I like that some of his movie soundtrack cuts are here, but as it’s 3 CDs, it would have been nice if they could have gotten them all on here. (Contributions to the “This is 40” and “With Honors” soundtracks are missing.)

Still it looks like a nice set that I’ll certainly be picking up. Folks who buy tickets to his upcoming tour will get a free copy of the 1CD version.

Mathew Lauren

Yes, a best of 5.1 24/96, release was in order here. Seems a missed opportunity. Shame :(


Agreed like everybody, OOTC is sublime. This will be purchased as 3 cd set, but only for completion and the extra songs. Down On Rodeo from the live TV in concert DVD was sublime, and better than the album version IMHO. Shame that is not on here.

* Note to Lindsey. Please get on a plane and come to the UK. You will sell out decent sized venues. Enough, with the US tours already. I know there is more $$ out there to be made, but you can’t need that money surely! Give Europeans a chance to hear you play solo before you retire :)


He cancelled a previous tour due to a ‘bad back’ but really poor ticket sales (I bought 2). If FM can sell 2 nights at Manchester Arena (approx. 15,000 seats), then surely a couple of thousand could go to the Lowry, Salford.


Yes, I know. I had a ticket for Leeds! Pretty sure it was due to his long time friend and guitarist Neale Haywood actually hurting his back rather than it being a made up story.

Certainly the fact I had to get a ticket for Leeds because the biggest gig of all in London (my local gig…) had long sold out points to it not being due to low ticket sales. Perhaps we shall never know.


This is a neat best of set. if it didn’t include 2 unreleased songs and some alternate takes, I wouldn’t need it. All but 2 of the live songs have been released already on the Bass Performance Hall show and Songs from the Small Machine Live in L.A. show. That kind of sucks. hope we get more live Lindsey sometime down the road. The original live releases sound great already, so I wouldn’t think they could do much more to them.


Less than £2 difference for 2 extra CDs. You’d be mad not to go for the 3 CD version.


Got most of the stuff on this already and highly rate most of LBs solo work, especially OOTC which should have been massive as others have pointed out. At this price point for the 3CD deluxe, it’s a no brainer for the few tracks I haven’t got and to hear the remastering on the rest.

Steven Roberts

I already have a promo interview CD featuring the song – but is this the first official release on CD for Holiday Road?

Great little tune :)


Out of the Cradle would have been a monster album if released under the Fleetwood Mac moniker. It deserves a proper reissue (the original vinyl edition is virtually impossible to find and incredibly expensive). in a different style, Under the Skin is also under-appreciated.

Alan Blevin

Fully agree.I rank Out Of The Cradle just below Tusk and Rumours at the top of the entire Mac/solo catalogue.


Totally agree – very much in style with his Tango compositions/production. Soul Drifter, Surrender the Rain should/could have been big hits.

Tom of FIN

Yes, Fred. This anthology as vinyl is exactly because of that – too – very disappointing.

Out of the Cradle fetching well over 100 GBP/USD in the market and all but the latest album with McVie also very hard to find and for similar prices.

6LPs, but none as whole reissued/remastered studio LPs. Now only “Best of” content, calclulated picks, live takes etc. Too bad. Not for serious fans.

Larry Davis

Really…I see “Out Of The Cradle” used on CD in tons of places 5 bucks or less…maybe everytime I see a copy, I should snap it up!! I also found a UK copy on Mercury, not Warner/Reprise, which I never saw before…and this is a must-have for the soundtrack cuts alone. REALLY happy my fave LB solo tracks are included, espesh “Love Runs Deeper” from “Gift Of Screws”, nice!!


Is Sleeping Round the Corner definitely from the Buckingham / McVie album ? There is also a solo version which was a bonus track on Seeds We Sow

Gone To Far is also from that solo album. So this is indeed a solo anthology therefore the decisions aren’t strange.

Too Far Gone is a Buckingham / McVie track.

And surely the new song you have noted as remastered – is presumably not.