Lloyd Cole / Antidepressant reissue

Reissued on CD and (for the first time) on vinyl

Lloyd Cole will reissue his eighth studio album, Antidepressant, in March.

Released in 2006 (Cole describes this year as  “probably the low point of my career… I played the smallest venues I can recall”), the album contains some delightful songs, particularly ‘The Young Idealists’ (brilliant lyric), ‘Woman In A Bar’ and ‘Rolodex Incident’.
According to Lloyd Cole, the recordings were almost entirely ‘in the box’. He says: “The strings come from sampled recordings, as do most of the drums and the entire thing was mostly programmed, rather than played. 75% of the sound is me in a room, for almost a year, with a computer and some microphones and a guitar”.
Sadly, the album came and went in the blink of an eye. It was issued on Sanctuary Records in the UK and One Little Indian in the US and was never released on vinyl.

The 2021 reissue will be on CD and vinyl (in a gatefold sleeve). The outtake ‘Coattails’ will be a bonus track on the CD and comes as a bonus seven-inch single with the vinyl version. Because of the way Antidepressant was recorded there was no analogue master to work with for the LP. Lloyd says: “We had to work with my digital masters and process them to sound appropriate for vinyl. Thankfully we had the excellent mastering engineer Kai Blankenberg at Skyline Tonfabrik to work with”.
Antidepressant will be reissued on 19 March 2021 via earMUSIC / Edel. Music in a Foreign Language will be the next album reissue, Lloyd has confirmed.

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Antidepressant vinyl LP + coattails seven-inch


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Lloyd Cole

Antidepressant CD with bonus track


1 The Young Idealists
2 Woman In A Bar
3 NYC Sunshine
4 Antidepressant
5 I Didn’t See It Coming
6 How Wrong Can You Be?
7 Everysong
8 I Am Not Willing
9 Slip Away
10 Traveling Light
11 Rolodex Incident
Bonus track on CD and on seven-inch with vinyl
12. Coattails

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He’s a grouch…kinda like a white-collar Van Morrison for the university set. That said, he’s put out some great songs and albums over the last 35+ years. This is a good album and well worth owning.
Good to see some love for ‘Dont Get Weird…’. That’s a great record. ‘What He Doesn’t Know’ is such a great song. His weakest album for me is ‘Standards’ but I like all his albums. He’ll never top the debut solo album for me. ‘Negatives’ comes close though.
I have some signed stuff by him, including a post-it note he sent me. Love ya, Lloyd!


He really is a grump. Stopped following him on Twitter for that reason, but his tunes are great and love both solo and band stuff – so I ignore the man, listen to the music… will probably get this r-issue on vinyl.

Paul Wren

I had the misfortune to see him at the Hammy Odeon about 1991 and he simply refused to play Forest Fire and was generally f*****g miserable and difficult all night long. I went for a wizz and the sound was better in the bogs than it was in the actual venue. Hey ho………………

Andrew Bertaut

he was probably miserable at the idea of having to sing forest fire again. artists move on and aren’t always guaranteed to bring our favourite songs with them.

David Bly

Paul Wren,
I know Lloyd from the early days (at least in the US), and yes, I suppose he can be grumpy and miserable occasionally, but then, so can I, and being older than him, have probably been much more grumpy, and WAY more miserable.
But regarding “Forest Fire”, aside from him, I have known many musicians over the years and many of them get rightly tired of playing their ‘hit’, especially if their was only one (not the case for Lloyd). And if the musician(s) decided not to play that one song, well that’s THEIR BLEEDING RIGHT!
To be perfectly honest with you, even us punters occasionally get tired of hearing the same song again each night, especially if you’re seeing several shows in a row, and LOVE it when something new and/or different is thrown into the mix.
That said, “Forest Fire” is a great somg and I have never tired of hearing it, but wouldn’t go all all insane and castigate Lloyd about not playing it when he didn’t want to.
Seems to me that you are Mister Malcontent here.


Not my favorite album but a good one nonetheless. I met Mr. Cole once,heckuva’ nice guy and very talented artist. I thought,at one time,he’d be huge here in the states but I also thought House Of Love,Prefab Sprout and quite a few others would be huge as well. No accounting for taste I suppose…or lack thereof.


Paul you are quite correct.
I have seen Lloyd many times in NZ. Small and lager venues.
To his credit though he always stays after the show to meet fans and sign cds etc. He’s always pretty friendly when he does that.


Glad to see this album getting some more attention and not being forgotten. My favorite is still Don’t Get Weird on Me Babe, though I think I’m in the minority on that. It was my first LC album, and it holds a special place for sentimental reasons.

Geoff Healey

IMHO Don’t Get Weird is SENSATIONAL so you’re definitely not alone there!! To this day, still one of the coolest albums I’ve ever heard. I just wish it’d get a reissue….

Michael C

2006 must be when I saw him in Brighton (can’t recall the venue, but is was small).
What was memorable was the fact that there was someone young, drunk and annoying next to us. The chap behind us had enough and ended up pouring his pint over him culminating with Lloyd asking me if everything was alright down there.


Hove actually, I think the Brighton Gig 2006 was Old Market Hove. I seem to remember it was a good gig but he didn’t want to play any Commotions stuff until the end


I attended a Lloyd Cole in concert in 2006. It was heartbreaking to see such a great artist in such a poor venue (crappy club in northern Paris). The capacity didn’t exceed 100 people, and it was not even sold out. Needless to say, Lloyd was not in a good mood (he can be very grumpy on stage !)
There are some good tracks on Antidepressant, but it’s fair to say it’s far for being his best album. However, Music in a foreign language is a masterpiece, his greatest work with Love Songs and Rattlesnakes. (and LC’s favorite album of his own).

Matthew North

He played the cavern in Exeter in 1996 it holds around 130 people the gig was amazing. Can’t see he played smaller than that in 2006. He now sells out the Corn Exchange every time :)

Peter Muscutt

The Cavern is an excellent venue…Muse released a t-shirt with all the dates they played there in the mid to late 90s with proceeds going to help keep it open during the pandemic. I also liked the Phoenix Arts Centre when I lived in Devon for intimate gigs, although it was never as sweaty as the Cavern!!