Lloyd Cole in New York – Collected Recordings 1988-1996 / six-disc box set

Lloyd Cole working on new box set
Not cover art – this is an SDE-created image

Lloyd Cole‘s much anticipated ‘solo’ box set, which will be called Lloyd Cole in New York: Collected Recordings 1988-1996, is now available to pre-order for a March 2017 release.

Exact content is yet to be officially confirmed, but the six-CD collection will feature remastered versions of the albums Lloyd Cole; Don’t Get Weird On Me, Babe; Bad Vibes and Love Story and include an unreleased album, along with a disc of 20 demo recordings.

Lloyd responded to the SDE tweet about this release by pointing out that the music actually spans from 1988 to 1996. He later confirmed that the title on Amazon was incorrect and that the box would be called Lloyd Cole in New York.

Expect packaging and presentation to be consistent with 2015‘s Lloyd Cole and the Commotions Collected Recordings 1983-1989 box set.

Lloyd Cole in New York will be released on 17 March 2017.


This official promo image hints at box set design/colour pallet.


Disc: 1

1. Don’t look back
2. What do you know about love?
3. No blue skies
4. Loveless
5. Sweetheart
6. To the church
7. Downtown
8. A long way down
9. Ice cream girl
10. Undressed
11. I hate to see you doing baby that Stuff
12. Waterline
13. Mercy Killing

Disc: 2
1. Butterfly
2. There for her
3. Margo’s waltz
4. Half of everything
5. Man Enough
6. What he doesn’t know
7. Tell your sister
8. Weeping wine
9. To the lions
10. Pay for it
11. The one you never had
12. She’s a girl and I’m a man

Disco: 3
1. Morning is broken
2. So you’d like to save the world
3. Holier than thou
4. Love you so what
5. Wild mushrooms
6. My Way To You
7. Too much of a good thing
8. Fall Together
9. Mister wrong
10. Seen the Future
11. Can’t get arrested

Disco: 4
1. Trigger happy
2. Sentimental fool
3. I didn’t know that you cared
4. Love ruins everything
5. Baby
6. Be there
7. Unhappy song
8. Like lovers do
9. Happy for you
10. Traffic
11. Let’s Get Lost
12. For crying out loud

Disco: 5
1. Old enough to know better
2. Memphis
3. Love like this can’t last
4. No more love songs
5. Man on the verge
6. Santa cruz
7. Alright people
8. You’re a big girl now
9. Another lover
10. 39 down
11. Went to woodstock
12. I’m gone
13. Fool you are
14. Weakness

Disco: 6 – demos
1. A long way down
2. Sweetheart
3. Ice cream girl
4. Wild orphan
5. Loveless
6. What do you know about love?
7. Know you too well
8. The witching hour
9. The english weather
10. I confess
11. To the lions
12. The ship song
13. Pay for it
14. Weeping wine
15. The one you never had
16. Weird on Me
17. Casanova smith
18. Cold empty room
19. Everyday
20. She Loves You

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[…] Lloyd Cole / Lloyd Cole in New York (box […]

[…] Cole In New York: Collected Recordings 1988-1996, the new six-CD Lloyd Cole solo box SDE told you about last year, has been officially confirmed. This box set will include all four solo albums Lloyd released on […]

Matt Thurston

Love the first four LC solo records. Love them even more than the Commotions stuff. But I won’t buy this unless it comes out on vinyl.



Please vinyl.


[…] This all stemmed from the fact that Amazon had listed his forthcoming box set for pre-order, something which I considered ‘news’ in the SDE community, so I posted about it. […]


Oops, just noticed that ‘Brian’ highlighted “Love Story”, just 2 posts before mine, sorry dude! It’s strange, because I was going to mention “For crying out loud” too! Great minds… ;)


Yes indeed! It’s nice to see others appreciate that album. I honestly think that if Ryan Adams or some other super trendy singer songwriter had come up with it, it would be hailed as a masterpiece.


Whilst I agree that LC’s first solo album is indeed great, I can’t believe that nobody has yet highlighted “Love Story” as a brilliant album!
TIP: If you ever happen to find yourself in the early stages of courtship again.. (and let’s be honest, if one’s passion in life is Super Deluxe Edition Box Sets, then there’s a pretty good chance it will happen someday!) ;) … I can personally vouch for it’s ‘wooing’ power! Trust me: spin that album on after a meal out, served with some coffee or red wine, combined with appropriately subtle mood lighting and… well, you can’t go far wrong! Thank me later :)
Of course, there’s always Lloyd’s masterpiece “Music in a Foreign Language”, to soundtrack the opposite end of the spectrum – ie the sad, break-up times… :(
I’d also just like to say how much I enjoy his (more recent) “Broken Record” album – some really great songs on there.

Really looking forward to this box set, especially all the unreleased stuff! Cheers LC.


Tim Larkham

As a huge and lifeline fan of Lloyd (Easy Pieces was one of the first albums I ever owned back in 1985), this is fantastic news and I shall be buying it.

I’m really pleased that the albums are remastered as (to my ears) the originals sound a little flat and lacking any real dynamic, apart from the much maligned but excellent Bad Vibes.

I’m surprised no one has bemoaned the lack of b-sides but I assume that most already have the excellent Cleaning Out The Ashtrays compilation.

Oh and it’s great to see that the near mythical She Loves You is finally getting an official release.


Love Story, for me, is the undisputed Classic of this period. It’s up there with Rattlesnakes as far as I’m concerned. The last track, For Crying Out Loud, is my favourite LC song, ever.


I wonder how far this series is going to go. I loved _The Negatives_ and would like to hear more from that period/band.


Traclist available on amazon.it


This was a great run of solo albums for Lloyd. His first solo album is a classic. Bit hesitant to buy this just to get the extras as the original CD’s still sound great. I think the unreleased album will be the bones of what became ‘etc’.
Still surprised by how highly people rate ‘Standards’. For me it’s one of his weakest (my fave being ‘Music in a Foreign Language’).


The unreleased album intrigues me as I thought most of the tracks from that were released on Etc. I’m not looking forward to this as much as the Commotions box set but I’ll be buying it as he never disappoints and he has an attention to detail that puts other artists to shame.


Looks good!

By the bye, the Commotions box set is going for 45 Euro on amazon italy – £39. Bargain I’d say.


The first two solo albums were great (Don’t Get Weird… was horribly overlooked and misunderstood at the time), but after that I found it all a bit of a struggle beyond a few songs here and there. I’m very intruiged by this “unreleased” album (which made way for the Best Of around 1996, I assume), but probably not enough to invest in the box (yet!)….especially as I have the original pressings and the Ashtrays collection.

It’s good that Lloyd’s catalogue is getting proper care and attention, and the process might lead to a critical re-examination of his work (which, beyond Rattlesnakes, never seemed to be loved by the media).


As a very biased Lloyd Cole fan, I expect this boxset to be exceptional…both in content and presentation. As a fan of music, especially Lloyd’s, I really appreciate the heightened level of involvement he appears to have in all aspects of his releases and the care he puts into assuring that they are of such high quality. Looking forward to this boxset and many more releases from Lloyd in the future!


I absolutely love Lloyd Cole’s first solo album. This is pretty exciting! Thanks for the info!


Agreed , I loved the first solo album so much but after that I really struggled to get into any of the other ones bar the odd track, maybe this box set will help me have a reappraisal!


His first solo album is definitely a high-point but Don’t Get Weird is superb also (especially, as Paul says, the Orchestral side – I wasn’t keen on the idea when I read the reviews at the time but it works incredibly well because the songwriting is superb).
I’ve only recently got into Bad Vibes and it is a grower…

DJ Salinger

Agreed Paul. It’s a blinder, sadly ignored by all but the faithful few at the time. Up there with ‘No Blue Skies’ and ‘Oh Genevieve’ for me as one of his solo years high spots.

Nice versions of it too on both of LC’s new live LPs, which are well worth seeking out on Pledge Music.

I still think ‘Love Story’ is a fine album, too. Highly recommended for those Sunday mornings when you’re feeling a bit delicate after Saturday night’s over-exuberance…


Looking very forward to this! Long overdue!

Mad Earwig

While I loved his period with the Commotions, I found the solo albums very hit and miss except the first one.
You can pick up all of these CD’s very cheaply so unless you need the demo’s, this set is a bit pricey.

Best Buy is the deluxe version of ‘Rattlesnakes’ which still sounds brilliant today!


Probably the fastest I have ever gone from reading a headline to ‘Checkout Now’…
Thank you Paul.
Can’t wait…

Now if only my PIL signed deluxe editions arrive before the postal strike starts….

John Cavanaugh

No U.S. release??


Paul, your SDE mock-up image is better than half the real covers I’ve seen lately.

Ragnar Kennerland

Great compliment.


Oh . I just read that isn’t the real cover. Paul please delete if you want. Thanks


I really like that cover…