Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring – The Complete Recordings

5LP coloured vinyl box • New 3CD+blu-ray audio package

Howard Shore‘s complete score for Peter Jackson’s 2001 epic adventure, The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring, will be issued on vinyl for the first time in April and reissued as a CD box set which comes with a blu-ray audio disc with surround sound.

The film was of course the first in the Lord of The Rings trilogy and this audio set reflects the Canadian composer’s full Oscar-winning score rather than the edited original soundtrack albums. It features more than 180 minutes of music and includes Enya’s Oscar-nominated May It Be.

The audio comes pressed on five red vinyl records and delivered in lavish book style packaging. The 3CD+blu-ray audio set is similar, but of course much smaller.

Back in 2005, there was a 3CD+DVD-A package of the same content, but this is long out-of-print and sells for hundreds of pounds these days, so this is a great opportunity to pick this up without breaking the bank too much and of course the upgrade to blu-ray audio is very welcome, with the whole thing available on advanced resolution surround (likely to be 48kHz 24-bit, the same as the DVD-A).

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring – The Complete Recordings will be issued on 6 April 2018.

Compare prices and pre-order

Howard Shore

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring - The Complete Recordings [VINYL]


Compare prices and pre-order

Howard Shore

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Rings-The Complete Recordings


Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship of the Rings 3CD+Blu-ray

Disc: 1
1. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All
2. The Shire
3. Bag End
4. Very Old Friends
5. Flaming Red Hair
6. Farewell Dear Bilbo
7. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
8. A Conspiracy Unmasked
9. Three Is Company
10. The Passing Of The Elves
11. Saruman The White
12. A Shortcut To Mushrooms
13. Strider
14. The Nazgûl

Disc: 2
1. Weathertop
2. The Caverns Of Isengard
3. Give Up The Halfling
4. Orthanc
5. Rivendell
6. The Sword That Was Broken
7. The Council Of Elrond Assembles
8. The Great Eye
9. Gilraen’s Memorial
10. The Pass Of Caradhras
11. The Doors Of Durin
12. Moria
13. Gollum
14. Balin’s Tomb

Disc: 3
1. Khazad-dûm
2. Caras Galadhon
3. The Mirror Of Galadriel
4. The Fighting Uruk-hai
5. Parth Galen
6. The Departure Of Boromir
7. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 1
8. May It Be
9. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 2

Disc: 4
1. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All (Advanced Resolution Surround)
2. The Shire (Advanced Resolution Surround)
3. Bag End (Advanced Resolution Surround)
4. Very Old Friends (Advanced Resolution Surround)
5. Flaming Red Hair (Advanced Resolution Surround)
6. Farewell Dear Bilbo (Advanced Resolution Surround)
7. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe (Advanced Resolution Surround)
8. A Conspiracy Unmasked (Advanced Resolution Surround)
9. Three Is Company (Advanced Resolution Surround)
10. The Passing Of The Elves (Advanced Resolution Surround)
11. Saruman The White (Advanced Resolution Surround)
12. A Shortcut To Mushrooms (Advanced Resolution Surround)
13. Strider (Advanced Resolution Surround)
14. The Nazgûl (Advanced Resolution Surround)
15. Weathertop (Advanced Resolution Surround)
16. The Caverns Of Isengard (Advanced Resolution Surround)
17. Give Up The Halfling (Advanced Resolution Surround)
18. Orthanc (Advanced Resolution Surround)
19. Rivendell (Advanced Resolution Surround)
20. The Sword That Was Broken (Advanced Resolution Surround)
21. The Council Of Elrond Assembles (Advanced Resolution Surround)
22. The Great Eye (Advanced Resolution Surround)
23. Gilraen’s Memorial (Advanced Resolution Surround)
24. The Pass Of Caradhras (Advanced Resolution Surround)
25. The Doors Of Durin (Advanced Resolution Surround)
26. Moria (Advanced Resolution Surround)
27. Gollum (Advanced Resolution Surround)
28. Balin’s Tomb (Advanced Resolution Surround)
29. Khazad-dûm (Advanced Resolution Surround)
30. Caras Galadhon (Advanced Resolution Surround)
31. The Mirror Of Galadriel (Advanced Resolution Surround)
32. The Fighting Uruk-hai (Advanced Resolution Surround)
33. Parth Galen (Advanced Resolution Surround)
34. The Departure Of Boromir (Advanced Resolution Surround)
35. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 1 (Advanced Resolution Surround)
36. May It Be (Advanced Resolution Surround)
37. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 2 (Advanced Resolution Surround)
38. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All
39. The Shire
40. Bag End
41. Very Old Friends
42. Flaming Red Hair
43. Farewell Dear Bilbo
44. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
45. A Conspiracy Unmasked
46. Three Is Company
47. The Passing Of The Elves
48. Saruman The White
49. A Shortcut To Mushrooms
50. Strider
51. The Nazgûl
52. Weathertop
53. The Caverns Of Isengard
54. Give Up The Halfling
55. Orthanc
56. Rivendell
57. The Sword That Was Broken
58. The Council Of Elrond Assembles
59. The Great Eye
60. Gilraen’s Memorial
61. The Pass Of Caradhras
62. The Doors Of Durin
63. Moria
64. Gollum
65. Balin’s Tomb
66. Khazad-dûm
67. Caras Galadhon
68. The Mirror Of Galadriel
69. The Fighting Uruk-hai
70. Parth Galen
71. The Departure Of Boromir
72. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 1
73. May It Be
74. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 2
75. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All (Dolby Surround)
76. The Shire (Dolby Surround)
77. Bag End (Dolby Surround)
78. Very Old Friends (Dolby Surround)
79. Flaming Red Hair (Dolby Surround)
80. Farewell Dear Bilbo (Dolby Surround)
81. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe (Dolby Surround)
82. A Conspiracy Unmasked (Dolby Surround)
83. Three Is Company (Dolby Surround)
84. The Passing Of The Elves (Dolby Surround)
85. Saruman The White (Dolby Surround)
86. A Shortcut To Mushrooms (Dolby Surround)
87. Strider (Dolby Surround)
88. The Nazgûl (Dolby Surround)
89. Weathertop (Dolby Surround)
90. The Caverns Of Isengard (Dolby Surround)
91. Give Up The Halfling (Dolby Surround)
92. Orthanc (Dolby Surround)
93. Rivendell (Dolby Surround)
94. The Sword That Was Broken (Dolby Surround)
95. The Council Of Elrond Assembles (Dolby Surround)
96. The Great Eye (Dolby Surround)
97. Gilraen’s Memorial (Dolby Surround)
98. The Pass Of Caradhras (Dolby Surround)
99. The Doors Of Durin (Dolby Surround)
100. Moria (Dolby Surround)
101. Gollum (Dolby Surround)
102. Balin’s Tomb (Dolby Surround)
103. Khazad-dûm (Dolby Surround)
104. Caras Galadhon (Dolby Surround)
105. The Mirror Of Galadriel (Dolby Surround)
106. The Fighting Uruk-hai (Dolby Surround)
107. Parth Galen (Dolby Surround)
108. The Departure Of Boromir (Dolby Surround)
109. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 1 (Dolby Surround)
110. May It Be (Dolby Surround)
111. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 2 (Dolby Surround)
112. Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All (Dolby Stereo)
113. The Shire (Dolby Stereo)
114. Bag End (Dolby Stereo)
115. Very Old Friends (Dolby Stereo)
116. Flaming Red Hair (Dolby Stereo)
117. Farewell Dear Bilbo (Dolby Stereo)
118. Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe (Dolby Stereo)
119. A Conspiracy Unmasked (Dolby Stereo)
120. Three Is Company (Dolby Stereo)
121. The Passing Of The Elves (Dolby Stereo)
122. Saruman The White (Dolby Stereo)
123. A Shortcut To Mushrooms (Dolby Stereo)
124. Strider (Dolby Stereo)
125. The Nazgûl (Dolby Stereo)
126. Weathertop (Dolby Stereo)
127. The Caverns Of Isengard (Dolby Stereo)
128. Give Up The Halfling (Dolby Stereo)
129. Orthanc (Dolby Stereo)
130. Rivendell (Dolby Stereo)
131. The Sword That Was Broken (Dolby Stereo)
132. The Council Of Elrond Assembles (Dolby Stereo)
133. The Great Eye (Dolby Stereo)
134. Gilraen’s Memorial (Dolby Stereo)
135. The Pass Of Caradhras (Dolby Stereo)
136. The Doors Of Durin (Dolby Stereo)
137. Moria (Dolby Stereo)
138. Gollum (Dolby Stereo)
139. Balin’s Tomb (Dolby Stereo)
140. Khazad-dûm (Dolby Stereo)
141. Caras Galadhon (Dolby Stereo)
142. The Mirror Of Galadriel (Dolby Stereo)
143. The Fighting Uruk-hai (Dolby Stereo)
144. Parth Galen (Dolby Stereo)
145. The Departure Of Boromir (Dolby Stereo)
146. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 1 (Dolby Stereo)
147. May It Be (Dolby Stereo)
148. The Road Goes Ever On…Pt. 2 (Dolby Stereo)


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[…] but The Return of the King is scheduled for release in late September. If you have the first Fellowship of the Rings set, you will know what to expect – some stunning music, beautifully presented. The first […]

Anders Hannus

Got my Blu-ray copy yesterday. It is indeed 24-bit 48kHz audio on the Blu-ray. It’s encoded as DTS HD MA in stereo and 5.1.

Chris Squires

Anybody got theirs yet?

The downside of ordering from the US is that it says it will be here by Wed April 18th, but I am sure it will be a bit quicker…… If anyone cares to post a review on sound / the packaging I would love to hear it…

Chris Squires

USA has the vinyl listed as “unavailable”. No wonder, I ordered mine from there as it is about £62 cheaper than buying it down the road. So even if there is a UK / Europe vinyl deal alert, it probably won’t be much different to the US price as it was ($108 or $135 delivered about £97.50). And…with only 5,000 known units I wasn’t prepared to risk losing a copy .
Everything ordered from the US (to UK) has come on time so far and generally better packed than some stuff coming from De or Fr.

Alan Wilson

UK Stores starting to generate their prices for the vinyl set now, HMV is the next to show their hand, it’s £159.99


FINALLY!!! The vinyl version!!!!!


Thanks everyone for the reply about UK release. I will wait patiently on it appearing over here.

Nicholas Dawson

Just done some sums, and the USA version will set you back about £117 ish in total depending on exchange rate as you have to pay import duty on top of the original price , oh and VAT to boot. Wait for the UK version and even then wait.. price will come down after a few months.

Antonio Cunha

I bought the Complete Recordings for every movie when the boxes were released – 2005, 2006 and 2007. Plus, I also bought the book+CD from Doug Adams with the extra songs. All too great editions.
None of the above get any European edition by then, so I’m very confident that this is only an amercian edition. If I were you I woud not let these pass…


Woulda been nice if the blu ray had been included in the vinyl set especially for those who already have the cd/dvd set but either way glad it’s available again.


Anyone know if the vinyl version will be available through Amazon Uk ,or should I be placing an order with Amazon US.


Alan Wilson

The placeholder links for the UK and european Amazon sites have appeared now (Vinyl only) just a case of waiting until they update them with a pre-order price now, I wouldn’t image it will be too long now.


This set will be available from proper online record stores in Europe, no need to order from the USA.


I sold the DVD-A versions of these sets on ebay for crazy money a couple years ago… hundreds of dollars. I’m sure similar sets for The Two Towers and Return of the King will arrive before the end of the year. The Return of the King set originally had 4CDs, so I’m sure that will translate into many slabs of vinyl.


I’d definitely welcome the chance to get all three of these “complete” soundtracks. Hoping the blu-ray upgrade means 24/96 or better though. I’ve seen larger classical sets manage that, so it’d be nice to see the extra capacity put to good use. Looks lovely regardless. =D


will the blu-ray sound better than the old dvd audio? is it worth upgrading?

Derek Langsford

Looks identical to the prior release (the box, booklet, and discs), so unless there’s an upgrade in the sound resolution, it doesn’t seems worth it unless you think DVD-A is not going to be a readable format in the near future. I’d get the blu-rays if they were sold separately but to get second sets just for the Blu-rays alone doesn’t make sense to me.


Doubt that, it was recorded in 24/48, which is what was on the DVD-A, och what I think is on he blu, so it’s the same (and it’s great, I have all three on DVD-A, glorious sets).

Fernando Grund Guzmán

It deppends the part of the álbum that you have access. I mean, that the DVD part have ac3 2.0 and 5.1, in my opinnion nothing to do with the pcm stereo and multichannel 48/24 with more rate.

Tom M

Though they’ve been done to death already, I’d like to see the original Star Wars soundtracks in a hi-res format, preferably in my lifetime.


$80 for a 4 disc box set of a single film (with the other two no doubt on the way)? It’s cheaper to travel to middle earth.

Interested in the surround sound disc but will have to be a one of Paul’s price alerts to make this purchase.

Erick Haight

Don’t know why more beloved soundtracks don’t have a surround sound Blu-ray option, given that there’s little extra work to be done to generate the content. Zimmer-ites to the message board!

Dan T.

Brilliant soundtrack. I can’t believe it’s been 17 years! Feels like yesterday when this came out.

I’d drop for the CD pack but the price is still a bit steep. Maybe I’ll wait to see what happens.


Oh my God, Amen to that. I’ll admit that I’m not a massive fan of this score, but will probably be buying this to encourage more releases of this type. *Complete* soundtracks (are you reading this, Vangelis?), in high-resolution, and with a surround mix if possible. Bring it on!

Mathew Lauren

I, absolutely, agree. I’d buy more soundtracks if they were presented in some sort of the lossless, DISCRETE surround-sound. For me: “Saturday Night Fever,” “Collateral” & “Miami Vice” MOVIE and TV series soundtracks, as well as ALL the James Bond (movie-specific) songs (as well as the quintessential “BOND” THEME SONG), would be great Pop/Rock soundtrack candidates for this sort of ‘lossless,’ surround-sound (soundtrack) treatment.

As to the above concern about the surround-sound 24/48 DVD-A presentation, as long as it’s a 24+ bit, multichannel (e.g. 5.1+) presentation using a ‘lossless,’ audio-codec at 48khz or above and the mastering is done well (not overly compressed and loud), I’m sure there will be ample dynamic-range leading to a wonderful, aural experience.