Lou Reed / New York deluxe edition

Lou Reed / New York deluxe edition

Deluxe edition of the 1989 album • 3CD+DVD+2LP set

Lou Reed‘s 1989 album New York will be reissued as an expansive deluxe edition in September, with significant bonus content.

The critically acclaimed album features the singles ‘Romeo Had Juliette’ and ‘Dirty Blvd.’ and was the start of a rich vein of form for Reed, with Songs For Drella (with John Cale) and Magic and Loss all coming within three years of New York.

The 3CD+DVD+LP package features a 2020 remaster, and includes a live version of the entire album on CD assembled from various performances on Lou Reed’s 1989 tour. The second CD features the non-album track ‘The Room’, the solo acoustic rendition of ‘Busload of Faith’ and the single version of ‘Romeo Had Juliette’, as well as ‘Work Tape’ or ‘Rough Mixes’ of tracks from the album. A couple of encores from an August 1989 performance at The Mosque in Richmond, Virginia complete this disc.

The DVD includes The New York Album a concert video that was originally released in 1990 on VHS and Laserdisc but has never been available on DVD, until now. It features Reed performing the entire New York album live in Montreal at the Theatre St. Denis. A bonus features is ‘A Conversation With Lou Reed’ which runs for 25 minutes. The DVD also features a hi-res 24/96 LPCM stereo version of the album.

Finally this edition features the remastered album on 2LP vinyl – a double-record set for the first time. This comes packaged in a 12 x 12″ hardcover book (think Ramones) that includes new liner notes written by David Fricke and essays from archivist Don Fleming.

The New York deluxe edition is released on 25 September via Rhino Records. This can be pre-ordered via the SDE shop, using this link or the button below.

New York deluxe edition


1. Romeo Had Juliette (2020 Remaster) [03:10]
2. Halloween Parade (2020 Remaster) [03:33]
3. Dirty Blvd. (2020 Remaster) [03:29]
4. Endless Cycle (2020 Remaster) [04:03]
5. There Is No Time (2020 Remaster) [03:46]
6. Last Great American Whale (2020 Remaster) [03:42]
7. Beginning of a Great Adventure (2020 Remaster) [04:57]
8. Busload of Faith (2020 Remaster) [04:50]
9. Sick of You (2020 Remaster) [03:26]
10. Hold On (2020 Remaster) [03:25]
11. Good Evening Mr. Waldeheim (2020 Remaster) [04:37]
12. Xmas in February (2020 Remaster) [02:57]
13. Strawman (2020 Remaster) [05:54]
14. Dime Store Mystery (2020 Remaster) [05:04]

1. Romeo Had Juliette (Live at the Warner Theatre, Washington, DC, 3/14/1989) [04:45]
2. Halloween Parade (Live at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Baltimore, MD, 3/16/1989) [04:51]
3. Dirty Blvd. (Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK, 7/14/1989) [04:20]
4. Endless Cycle (Live at the Warner Theatre, Washington, DC, 3/14/1989) [04:35]
5. There Is No Time (Live at The Mosque, Richmond, VA, 8/8/1989) [05:34]
6. Last Great American Whale (Live at The Mosque, Richmond, VA, 8/8/1989) [05:59]
7. Beginning of a Great Adventure (Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK, 7/4/1989) [07:35]
8. Busload of Faith (Live at the Falconer Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark, 6/9/1989) [05:00]
9. Sick of You (Live at the Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA, 3/17/1989) [05:19]
10. Hold On (Live at the Mosque, Richmond, VA, 8/8/1989) [03:41]
11. Good Evening Mr. Waldheim (Live at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Baltimore, MD, 3/16/1989) [04:01]
12. Xmas in February (Live at Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Baltimore, MD, 3/16/1989) [03:35]
13. Strawman (Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK, 7/4/1989) [05:21]
14. Dime Store Mystery (Live at the Mosque, Richmond, VA, 8/8/1989) [06:24]

1. Romeo Had Juliette (7″ Version) [03:09]
2. Dirty Blvd. (Work Tape) [01:53]
3. Dirty Blvd. (Rough Mix) [03:34]
4. Endless Cycle (Work Tape) [01:06]
5. Last Great American Whale (Work Tape) [02:09]
6. Beginning of a Great Adventure (Rough Mix) [05:01]
7. Busload of Faith (Acoustic Version) [02:39]
8. Sick of You (Work Tape) [01:26]
9. Sick of You (Rough Mix) [03:40]
10. Hold On (Rough Mix) [02:43]
11. Strawman (Rough Mix) [05:59]
12. The Room (Non-Album Track) [03:37]
13. Sweet Jane (Live Encore at The Mosque, Richmond, VA, 8/8/1989) [05:50]
14. Walk on the Wild Side (Live Encore at The Mosque, Richmond, VA, 8/8/1989) [03:57]


Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada

1. Romeo Had Juliette (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [03:38]
2. Halloween Parade (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [04:09]
3. Dirty Blvd. (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [04:05]
4. Endless Cycle (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [05:08]
5. There Is No Time (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [04:54]
6. Last Great American Whale (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [05:14]
7. Beginning Of A Great Adventure (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [07:39]
8. Busload Of Faith (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [03:41]
9. Sick Of You (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [04:31]
10. Hold On (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [04:00]
11. Good Evening Mr. Waldheim (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [03:41]
12. Xmas In February (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [03:19]
13. Strawman (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [05:24]
14. Dime Store Mystery (Live at Theatre St. Denis, Montreal, Canada, 8/13/1989) [06:36]

Audio only:  A Conversation With Lou Reed [25:34]

New York vinyl LP

1. Romeo Had Juliette (2020 Remaster) [03:10]
2. Halloween Parade (2020 Remaster) [03:33]
3. Dirty Blvd. (2020 Remaster) [03:29]
4. Endless Cycle (2020 Remaster) [04:03]
5. There Is No Time (2020 Remaster) [03:46]
6. Last Great American Whale (2020 Remaster) [03:42]
7. Beginning of a Great Adventure (2020 Remaster) [04:57]

1. Busload of Faith (2020 Remaster) [04:50]
2. Sick of You (2020 Remaster) [03:26]
3. Hold On (2020 Remaster) [03:25]
4. Good Evening Mr. Waldeheim (2020 Remaster) [04:37]
5. Xmas in February (2020 Remaster) [02:57]
6. Strawman (2020 Remaster) [05:54]
7. Dime Store Mystery (2020 Remaster) [05:04]

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Why didn’t they include the Busload of Faith 7′ version?


Good, but could have been better! Lou was never keen to issue outtakes and generally there is not much in his archive apart from live performances. Nice to hear Lou humming and chatting but is turns out there were more than three hours of taped material – early versions, different mixes – and rather than include it all Laurie A. decides to just include the best bits! Worryingly this is only a deluxe version is she holding back for the super deluxe??

tube row

i so vividly remember listening to this for the first time – it was the very beginning of 1990, like first or second week in january – and saying to my roommate that this is going to be the best record of the year and maybe of the decade. i feel that way today, thousands of listenings later.

you think of the great master LR’s output during the VU and marvel that he could do all that in such a short amount of time with such perfection. but he had co-writers. then think of NY, Drella (yes, co-writer there too) and M&L in like a year or two, with tours to go with them all, each playing the record in its entirety.

This record could be made today with a few name changes. Lou was the best.

Stephen Hance

I agree. I know this is not a fashionable opinion and maybe it’s just because I bought these as they came out and caught the M & L tour. But this is my favourite period of Lou Reed bar none.

John Dionysus

I think I’m gonna start my own site. Sorry, Paul. It will be called Super Divorce Edition. We’ll split the sets up for the Digis and the Anas, so neither have to be reminded of the other format. For a few quid more you can get the “true friend” edition where we throw in a bonus “true friend” note affirming how you are much too good for , and better off without it. We’ll also remind you to be careful getting back into the pool cuz there are sharks out there who will try to get as much of your money as possible, without giving you what you really want.

Minnesota Geoff

More live stuff from THE LEGEND. Lou forgot more about being cool,
than any of today’s ‘role models.’ Lucky to catch him 4 times, including an autograph on
back of ticket in ’86. The Feelies opened in KC in ’89…he said they ‘weren’t too sure about this place’ when tour bus pulled up to Memorial Hall…typical Lou!

Todd Rinde

A friend and I walked into Lou’s soundcheck at Northrop, sat through 2-3 songs and got shooed away by security. Because it was warm, the doors were open. It was just the band, the sound guy and an eventually disturbed security person. For a few moments there, it felt like we has our own private show.

Martyn Whitwood

When originally released the CD had CD Graphics, which when played on a laserdisc player, built up a picture on the TV (like a jigsaw) and I think also showed the lyrics. Never saw another CD with CD Graphics.


I’ll be awaiting a stand alone double LP. Have my old CD and vinyl and until they give me what I want. Best of luck with their “marketing strategy”. One day they will just start giving consumers what they know we want. Until then…. I’m good.


Why DVD.? Why not BR instead? We are in 2020 not in the 90s


the content is almost certainly 480p, SD, probably videotape. BR would have nothing to offer

Duncan Bartlett

I think it sounds like a really nice set. I was actually listening to my vinyl copy of the original and it does sound very compressed because it should have been a double and also the sleeve wasn’t in great condition so I was looking to replace it. I think that Lou Reed’s back catalogue is well worth enjoying again.


Following up on my post below I was having a quick check to see if Rhino UK had the New York ‘exclusive’ with the cassette tape too (they now do btw, so that’ll be Lou Reed 3CD/DVD/2LP + Cassette – £65.99 if anyone feels their favourite format is missing from the ‘standard’ 3CD/DVD/2LP version) and Paul and RJS you are not going to believe it, but Rhino are offering a-ha ‘Take Me On’ bundles with VHS tapes – stand alone £29.99, and included in the bundle £59.99 and (sold out) signed bundle £99.99. So, anything is indeed possible with SDEs!!!! Have a great weekend all …


Okay, so this is a classic album, and I really like the idea of a deluxe edition. I’ve owned it since release. What could possibly go wrong?

Firstly, there are some people saying they can’t understand why people complain about the Vinyl – which is strange, because I don’t understand why anyone would have trouble understanding. I was going to explain why I think it’s a bad idea, but instead will simply state – if I go to buy a car, I don’t want to have to buy a motorbike with it. If you can’t understand this simple concept, then there’s no point in writing more.

As to the set – I think it’s okay, but nothing amazing. You get the album remastered, but let’s face it, it won’t get better than we’ve had all these years. The original CD sounds terrific.

We then get a live version of the album, which is a good idea – but the tracks are pulled from various gigs. I don’t know if they’re going to fade between tracks or not, but I’m thinking they will, we’ll see soon enough. I’d of much preferred a full live show. For example there is an excellent FM broadcast on CD called “Dealing on the Boulevard – Paramount Theater, Denver, CO April 13th 1989” which is a show that includes a good number of New York tracks, along with some other material. The sound is excellent bar for one track. I’d of preferred more CD’s like that. I don’t know how good the live disc will be, of course. I’d also note, at least on that disc, Lou is pretty much just playing the record.

The third disc is where the magics at, imo. Really looking forward to that.

Finally we get the DVD. That seems to be a complete show. However, I don’t watch DVD’s, so that’s going to be a watch-once and file away feature. I’m sure not going to listen to a 25 minute interview very often – so meh. DVD’s of live shows just don’t do it for me, I’m afraid. If they’d of done a 5.1, then hell yes. But of course, that would have cost some money.

So that’s my £70. It’s not great, is it? For those wanting the Vinyl only, it’s a worse deal. I’m also left thinking – this is a seminal album that has been loved for decades, and this is what they came up with to celebrate it? It all feels half-a**ed. I don’t know how many pages are in that booklet, but it sure looks like more a pamphlet than a book.

I’ve pre-ordered, I love this album. But is it a release that truly gets me excited? No.


I don’t know why studios don’t bundle the VHS release when reissuing classic films on Blu-Ray DVD. A real money spinner.

Jarmo Keranen

I’m not sure if i’m the only human being in the world, but i still use VHS and Beta recorders sometimes. Lou’s record was released 1989 and video cassette was still going strong. So it would very suitable to release the concert in video cassette and include it in the package!


Is it so obvious ? Because to me that means I won’t get this set, ever. I do not buy anything with Vinyl or cassettes in it. Given the complaints we generally see when Vinyl is bundled in, I assume I am not the only one – I guess whatever their analysis on this is still tells them that they make more money that way, maybe they are right, no idea how good their market research is ;)

If I really cared (which I do not particularly in this specific case), there are people breaking bundles apart and selling the bits on ebay. Still cheaper than getting the set and I do not have to put up with Vinyl taking up space – heck I could even be the one doing this and just keeping the parts I care for.
So in the end whether Rhino sells them separately or not, you can get the parts separately if it is important enough for you.

I usually do not bother getting the release at all at that point (don’t like rewarding this practice), unless I *really* love the album. So at least for me this strategy does not work in their favor at all.

John McCann'

Obviously five believers !as the great man once said,,,, just thought I’d throw that in,I was feeling left out and wanted to contribute!


Which is why sites like this are sop important – we need people who advocates for us. who continue to push for doing the right thing. In 2020 it’s mind-boggling that we have to justify why we don’t want two extra bits of plastic thrust in on us. I can, of course, understand the money angle, but it’s this kind of blind pandering to the dollar that has led us to financial crashes. Is it really so difficult to persuade a company making a product to make it as its customers want? How sad is that? How pathetic.

This release should have been a celebration, instead the label has turned it into a circus. As I outlined originally, there’s only one disc and a booklet in this that’s of interest to me. But I love the album, so I’d pre-ordered. I can assure you, that will change in around 60 seconds when I post this message and go visit Amazon. If the label is this cynical, then it means I must be in return. And let’s face it, I’ll be able to stream that one disc I want for free anyway. The music business is a sad, sad place sometimes.


Sometimes the obvious gets un the way of a good moan rhino do it to make money or to lose money .go figure


Paul, the worst are those that complain about everything in the SDE for seven paragraphs, and then tell you in the eighth paragraph they bought it anyway.

That’s EXACTLY why Rhino will continue the practice.

CJ Feeney

It would be “obvious” if everyone did it, but lots of bans don’t.

Jethro Tull, Marillion, King Crimson all do seperate vinyl/optical deluxe sets. And if you compare King Crimson’s sales to Fleetwood Mac’s sales I think the “economy of scale” arguement fails. There is an inflated price on the “all-in” sets that puts some people off buying. After all these sets are generally aimed at people who at some point have already bought the album. Many will impulse buy whatever the format, but lots of us make a more pros vs. cons decison when buying.

John McCann'.

I think he bought it for cd3?,but I was thinking exactly the same thing,


It’s a fair point, Jabber. This is the nature of music. This is the nature of music fans. Still, I’m going to be cancelling now. I have the original CD, it sounds great, and you are correct – why be part of the problem? It’s not like I won’t be giving my money to another record company for something else. LOL

Wayne K

Indeed. I’m Surprised they didn’t try and do it with the Paranoid box. I’ve yet to play Replacements vinyl and I have a turntable and enjoy it.


Stoked about this release – love it. Rhino are including the cassette for free. I love vinyl but have so far not fallen back in love with the cassette, and I think am unlikely to. However, when I first got into this album as a callow teenager when it was released, I used to buy tapes and mainly listen to albums on my Walkman so there may be a nice warm nostalgia rush from holding the tape again – it’ll be a nice artefact and it’s free. Wonder if I can track down a cheap working Walkman.
Songs for Drella is being released as a double vinyl with a one sided etching of Andy Warhol on Record Store Day so hoping to get my mitts on one. At the end of the day it’s a free market – if you don’t like it keep hold of your readies. I quite like these multimedia one stop shop sets as a collector.
Stay safe all.

Matthew Breach

If you want your “uninterrupted live show” on audio, just rip the DVD and you have that as well as the other 3 CDs – I personally much prefer to have alternative audio content on the DVD as that is more unique music to hear. Far enough about the vinyl, but that is why it is an SDE rather than a cheap 2, 3 or 4 disc set.


Very excited about this set … one of my favourite albums of Lou’s and one of my favourite albums period. Have been looking at the ‘radio broadcast’ shows from this tour, and this will scratch that ‘New York live’ itch in what I hope will be better quality. The outtakes etc. should be interesting too, so something to look forward to in September! I saw Lou at the Hammersmith Odeon/Apollo last time he played in London which was a real treat (the show included a take on the extended Rock n Roll Animal version of Sweet Jane which really made my evening) … for those of you who like the diversity of media, Rhino in the US are (exclusively?) including a cassette version of the album with the set too! Not up on the Rhino UK store, but guess it might be at some point …


For some reason, I have never heard or bought this album. I think I need to strongly reprimand myself on this matter! I have “Songs for Drella” from that time period & that is a good one.


Who mastered the vinyl and from what source? Lou Reed cared about sound and the original Bob Ludwig mastered vinyl sounds amazing.


It is a very good album and timeless in terms of production. I’m cool with the vinyl bundling as these do sit okay in a record rack. They aren’t to thick and make for nice artwork. Most of Lou’s late period albums have only been re-released in limited numbers on vinyl, typically RSD releases, so an individual release may be unlikely, although it was a big album, so conceivable I guess. I’d like it to be slightly cheaper obviously, but it is around the price “Ramones – It’s Alive (SDE)” is now which is also 2LP, 4CD set, akin to this New York 2LP, 3CD, DVD. To my knowledge “It’s Alive” has never been discounted. If we look to a lot of other Warner’s things like Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk, there could be a limited production run. I have the concert on VHS and was at the Wembley gig. As Rob says, it’s a shame this hasn’t been deemed the time to put out the part 2 of the New York gig. If I remember Wembley correctly, after playing New York in order, he played some classics including “Street Hassle” with Rob Wasserman being excellent on it.


I remember buying this album on cassette (which I still own) when it was released & again on CD a few years later. I heard the song Romeo Had Juliet & thought it was a great song. In fact the whole album was very good.
Oddly enough I listened to it again a few weeks ago & I had forgotten what a good album it is.
It hasn’t dated at all as is the case with some albums.
The reissue looks very nice so I will probably make the purchase.

Tom Walsh

I’d only be interested in the vinyl…the cds are just coasters in my opinion( don’t play them and not interested in the content) but I really don’t get how people are soo upset that they can’t get a product which they didn’t even know the existence of a few hours earlier. Real first world problem whingeing going on here.

Jarmo Keranen

My coffee mugs are so big that i use vinyl as coasters!

Andrew Miles

Lou’s last ‘Great’ album, I am really looking forward to this box. Pricing is reasonable too compared to other ‘Deluxe’ Box sets out there.

mitchell w feldstein

magic and loss
all great


I thought “Magic & Loss” or “Ecstasy” were his last great albums, imho. I could be wrong, of course.

Paul E.

Okay, new question: Why do record companies bundle duplicated content on both DVD and Blu Ray in SDE sets (i.e. Pink Floyd) and for the movie studios: why do they bundle the same movie in one package that contains both the standard Blu Ray and 4K Ultra HD discs? It’s just redundant, wasteful, and nonsensical. I don’t believe any of these vinyl/CD bundles are because of economies of scale either- I spent 17 years in the print industry and any savings gained in printing packaging is certainly offset by kitting all the mixed media within the box set. And let’s not forget the risk of pressing defects especially as it relates to vinyl. But what do I know? I’m just a collector who spends of dollars a year on this stuff and not nearly as wise as my teenager who spends next to nothing to stream her music and movies.

John McCann'.

I buy 4ks and if it comes with a Blu-ray then my wee boy max takes that home with him!,, he stays with his mum,having said that I can never c any difference between the picture quality of them they look identical to me and other people iv asked for opinions, only 4k iv really been impressed with are planet earth 2 and blue planet 2,,I’m using top of the range Panasonic player but TV is a big standard lg 55inch,,so maybe you really need a very expensive TV to c much difference? Wot do other people c when they compare the blue ray with the 4k of same film,?

Clinton Barrans

I’ve noticed with 4 k,its best to sit within 6 ft of the screen to really appreciate the quality difference.i know what you mean thou

Paul E.

@John M. – fair point as many don’t see a recognizable difference moving up from the standard Blu Ray to 4k Ultra HD format. I’d argue that the studios are beginning to limit or reserve the ATMOS audio option to only the 4K discs as was the case for the new INXS “Live Baby Live” where the standard Blu Ray’s best audio option was only in DTS HD (the HD’s ATMOS track sounds amazing and worth finding the 4k version). Picture wise, I’ve personally noticed better color/clarity improvements on the 4k format: “The Matrix” Blu Ray should have retained the “green tint” the film had in the theatres, instead it was released with a blue-ish tint…corrected back to green on the 4k with superior clarity and detail. If you want the best of both audio/video, I’d recommend the recently released “Top Gun” 4k Ultra HD. The ATMOS track’s sound stage is just top notch and truly reference quality (plus that 80’s guilty pleasure soundtrack has never sounded so good). The picture definition is the best it’s ever looked and if you own the previous DVD or Blu Ray, just play them back to back and you’ll realize what 4K can reveal if the studios use it to it’s full potential. Of course none of this possible without the right gear- the entire chain of components and their interconnects need to support or pass thru the 4k audio/video signal- that’s the piece most folks aren’t paying attention to and the benefits of the format simply downscale to standard Blu Ray [so they continue to question the difference :) ]

Wayne K

Screen size matters for 4K plus the dynamic color on the 4K improves it. Sometimes soE does matter.


I love it when I buy a box set that has CD and vinyl – I can take the records into my purposefully digital-free basement and blast them when I want to; and I can listen to the CDs on the way to work in the car. Add a blue-ray and I can enjoy 5.1 in the living room at home.

Maybe if I had a full audio/video set-up in every place where I habitually listen to music, I’d see the redundancy. But for me, the more formats the better. I just wish the Stones weren’t charging extra for the tape version of Goat’s Head Soup – yes, I have a cassette set up downstairs, as well.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

I agree! All bases are covered!

The absolute best example (in my limited experience of a cd and vinyl edition) is:

Fun Lovin’ Criminals “Come Find Yourself” 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

You get a 12″ instrumental album picture disc
A 10″ EP live record
3 cds of music
some pages of writing and pictures
and a dvd as well!
all in a sturdy cardboard 12″ x 12″ package

I can get with that!


HDR is the difference between UHD and Blu-ray. It can be subtle and your TV needs to do it well, but there is a difference.

Another reason to like having the Blu-ray bundled with the 4K version is that I have two TVs with disc players attached but only one of those players is a UHD one, so that second disc can be played in the other room if needed.

Tom wilke

I hope the record company will put out a 2cd version of the album like what Paul McCartney does with the archive collection. Cd1 has the remastered album and cd2 with a selection of the unreleased tracks.


This is clearly Rhino’s M.O. But, as superfluous content goes, I’d rather it be vinyl than guitar picks, scarfs, Monopoly game pieces, and bobble heads.



A couple of the sides of that vinyl must be incredibly short. You won’t even be able to sit down & drink your tea before you have to get up & turn it over. They should have stuck the original album on 3 sides & some of the extras on side 4.


Saw Lou Reed in March of 1989 at the St, James Theatre in Times Square presenting this great album. A dream come true.

Richard Bowden

Hi Paul,
My first thought on this release was – “Oh No, I have to buy the vinyl as well as the cd – That puts the price up massively – I cannot afford it!”
But now you are telling me that you don’t want this sort of feedback.
Ok, fine. Where do we give this sort of feedback to? After all, you are selling it at SDE.
Box sets are getting BIGGER it seems, throwing all formats into one box also seems to be a thing.
I cannot afford it and I doubt that, in these times, I am alone.
I LOVE your site and will support it whenever I can, but why say you don’t want this feedback?
I know it is not YOUR product, but your site and your members’ views must impact on future releases that you are involved with OR asked about OR asked to stock? Or am I wrong?
If we don’t have a voice here, where do we have a voice?


Thanks, Paul. I get that. I’m curious to know numbers, though, which perhaps will never be released.

But some reissues aren’t sold strictly as bundled LP and CD combinations. For instance, two other classic albums – Gregg Allman’s Laid Back and The Band – were both re-released not long ago, yet the LP’s and CD’s could be purchased separately.

I’d love to know the calculus that says sufficient profit can be made by selling separate media for Gregg Allman and The Band, but not Lou Reed. Or maybe some labels are willing to accept lower profits in order to please fans?


Good explanation, Paul. I wish the box didn’t contain the vinyl, and I won’t be buying it. But I still have my original CD which will suffice, and I don’t wish any ill will toward the people who can afford this set. The album was released 31 years ago. If I’m lucky, I’ll be 81 in 31 years time. How many times would I listen to this set if I bought it between now and then? Certainly not as many times as I’ve listened to the original disc. Life is too short! There is simply too much music in my collection to listen to! Actually, I have around 6000 titles in my collection. 365×31/6000=1.89. To listen to each title, I would have to listen to 1.89 titles (including box sets and multi-disc albums) per day for the next 31 years. Holy crap! If my math is accurate, I need to stop buying music. I’ll never listen to it all!

Actually, is my math accurate? I’ve actually freaked myself out!


Andy, your situation is similar to mine:) Ultimately more money saved.


Andy B, your math is incorrect. The proper equation is 6,000/365×31 which results in .53 titles per day. So you have plenty of capacity…keep buying music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Chucky! The lesson here is don’t try to do calculations after a couple of beers. Instead, listen to .53 of one title or more while drinking a couple of beers!



I am so grateful this product exists, I don’t care what formats are included. They could throw in an 8-track and add $50 to the price for all I care.

Love the site!


So Paul.

Have you gotten around to asking Rhino, in this instance, why they insist on combining LP’s and CD’s?

As another reader noted, the economics must favor this calculation, but I’d love to know more about the numbers, including any projected ‘lost opportunity’ sales to folks who want only media or the other.

Personally, I’m one of those who find it frustrating – and often, uneconomical – to have to purchase a combined media set when all I want is one media. Of course, no one forces me to make such purchases, and I don’t.

In any event, more insight into these decisions would be quite interesting. Meanwhile, thanks for your advocacy on behalf of all those music lovers out there.


Chris Thomas

Just a thought. You could do worse than buy a Pro-Ject or Rega turntable at around the £200 mark. Give the vinyl a try. It’s a different listening experience. I appreciate that not everyone will have the cash or the space for a turntable.

But it’s a case of “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” as record companies will continue to combine vinyl and CD for reasons that Paul says.

Paul Taylor

Rhino have been doing it for the Ramones reissues from the beginning of that programme, although the number issued seems to have been reducing for each subsequent album. I suspect ‘It’s Alive’ didn’t sell well, as they produced a standalone coloured vinyl version late last year. (I suppose there’s only so many versions of the same gig folk will tolerate and be convinced to pay £65+ for).
This album pretty much fits the Rhino template and is one I’m seriously tempted by it, but not really in a position to fork out the readies for it at this precise time. I can’t see any limit around the numbers so hopefully it will still be available to order in a couple of weeks!


To be honest, you only need the first three albums. Everything else is superfluous. Alive! is the exception and is excellent but all you need to accompany it is a DVD of the gig, which exists.


Oh man, I saw him on this tour. Mo’s band played as opening act. What a night. This is a definite purchase.


I saw Lou Reed at The London Palladium when he toured the album, the only time that I saw him play live. Andrew Ridgeley and a couple of his chums were sitting in front of us. They got up and left after the first three songs never to return.

Excellent album and I am very tempted. I like the vinyl/cd boxes. The Fleetwood Mac one have been excellent and I have bought everyone and I like the fact that the album is now spread out over two records rather than “compressed” on to one album as the original was.


Quite prescient wasn’t he –
“ Give me your hungry, your tired your poor and I’ll piss on ’em”
Great album

Kevin Clingham

What a nice package, ordered from SDE shop Paul!


Nice package. under $100, so much! Comparing Paul McCartney’s obscenely priced $600 Super Deluxe Edition of Flaming Pie, this is brilliant and clearly a bargain. Its got books, LP, CD’s and DVD! OK, I don’t like Lou Reed as much as Paul McCartney, but compare Led Zeppelin’s album SDE boxes with LP’s, and CD’s and big nice book, for about $100 each.

I will wait to hear the reviews, but this is fantastic.


I had hoped for a vinyl only release here because the original vinyl, which I have, is very much a testament of the times where vinyl recordings were rapidly taking a backseat to CDs. It was 1989 after all! My favorite Lou Reed album by far. I’ll be ordering this once there is a US outlet for it. Every song on this is more or less current … just need to replace the cast of characters of 1989 with the current cast of clowns


I would have bought it, if it was without the bumped up price due to inclusion of the vinyl, which is “filler” to me (i appreciate that other people might want the vinyl but it is of no use to me whatsoever). Would rather have seen separate boxsets for vinyl and cd.

Ken Evans

I live with about 5000 cds and more boxes than I can store, and very much enjoyed Paul’s article a few months ago about storage and how one’s perspective changes. (Paul, we’re the same age.)

Also have all of Lou’s albums one of my favorites.

I love this website and have checked it out at least weekly for years and it’s often the first place I find out about upcoming stuff. For years I was extremely disdainful about streaming and got in arguments with people who thought Spotify was wonderful (it still is not) and that was primarily about sound quality.

Neil Young of course changed all that, and then within a year of his wonderful site that I still pay a ridiculously cheap $20 per year to and there’s some exclusive content, we then got high-res through our phones, first Tidal which I dropped after Amazon’s came along primarily because of Sony/RCA/Columbia albums which for some reason do not exist in high-res on Tidal. Got me a Dragonfly and a long audioquest cord to my receiver and a shorter cord for the car and my ears have rarely been happier.

So now, my criteria for physical media has shifted a bit although I do still buy quite a lot of it – for instance, the 6-disc Dylan boxes one per year are exclusive to CD – the abridged version will appear on the streamers in high-res so will give that a play but have to have the box with the full content. I bought all of the Beatles Giles boxes because the book and because it’s the Beatles, and the Imagine box, but also because they each contained a blu-ray with the high-res content – and one thing I have definitely discovered is that blu-ray audio DOES sound a little better than the streamed high-res. So I will always buy a blu-ray audio of an album I really love even if it’s available in high-res on the streamers.

Flaming Pie – because of the cost and because it appears that all of the audio content except the Ginsberg track (which I have on cd) will be in high-res on the streamer – may be the first Macca box that I don’t buy, and the World Tonight DVD I already have – so that leaves just the extra one dvd (tempting but not for $260) and the high-res downloads (which I have a collection of from all prior Macca boxes but not an easy way to play them as it involves computer not phone.)

So for Lou’s New York – the 2 cds of bonus look great, and if it turns out this box with vinyl I will never play is the only way to get those, then I might get it, but it’s wait and see on these now.

Anthony Loman

Ken Evans, “I live with about 5000 CDs and more boxes than I can store”, I thought I was reading my own words there lol. Btw, have you got a link to the article on storage you reference?


Sorry to ask a silly question, but what is DRAGONFLY?

Ken Evans

Dragonfly is a little thumb sized digital to analog converter that you run your phone signal through to convert the files to high-res sound, cause most phones including iPhone aren’t built to do it (because most people sadly don’t care about sound)
It’s got a usb plug on one end (the input, so you need a dongle to attach that to the phone) and the output is standard stereo 35mm headphone output.

Charles Christopher

This is both a stunning album, and my introduction to Lou Reed! However, I’m not so sold on the bonus content, especially with the inclusion of the vinyl which I doubt I’d ever play. I can understand why an album this simply played and produced wasn’t considered for 5.1 mixes (assuming the tapes are still available to do so), but the DVD is actually the most tempting part of this for me.
“A Conversation With Lou Reed”? Did Lou actually have conversations with journalists, or were they *all* grumpy harangues? Depending on what mood he was in that day, then this could be worth the price of admission all by itself!

Jeffrey G.

Excellent. This is one of my top ten favorite albums of all time, so no hesitation in buying this one.

This looks to be a similar format to what Rhino is doing with the Replacements. Their Dead Man’s Pop (Don’t Tell a Soul) box was one of my favorite releases of 2019.

Robert Laversuch

No brainer – ordered


My second favourite Lou Reed album after Berlin and I’ve listened to it more than most albums in my collection but I can live without the live tracks, demos and vinyl on offer here. And I don’t think a remaster will make much difference – it’s already a very clean sounding album.


Fantastic album and looks like a great box, i heard rumours of this a few months back, September is going to be a brutal month with this, the Replacement’s Pleased To Meet Me box and the Prince behemoth, ouch!


Great news, great album and a return to form. About as close to the Velvets sound as you can get with Lou Solo records….


This is an instant purchase. And I’ll be that guy who makes the comment that I wish they had really done a 5.1 mix. The 5.1 mix on the Velvet Underground “Loaded” box was really nice, something similar for this album could have been good. But the two bonus discs look very nice and I’ll be happy to have a vinyl copy as well.

Also, I’ve been waiting for that old VHS concert to get a DVD upgrade forever. Very happy to see that’s finally happening. Ironically, on the back of the original VHS, Lou wrote “by the way, a part two to this exists in the vaults. Write the record company. Why wait for me to die to hear it. After all, it might be a while.” Sadly, Lou is no longer with us, and we still don’t get to see the second half of the concert. :-(. Still, I am sure that I will be watching the DVD repeatedly. I saw Lou perform the whole album in Boston earlier that year, it was amazing.


Any idea if the DVD will be region free? I’m not seeing it on the Rhino USA site, hope it’s available here as well!

eric slangen

I’m sure all the vinyl haters can sell their vinyl from the box easy so just buy the box as that’s the only version to be released as far as we know.

My guess :
1. The vinyl/cd/dvd box
2. Cd only but not in the first months if ever
3. Maybe maybe vinyl later but don’t count on it
4. I don’t see a stand alone release of the dvd happening


But you end up with a bunch of discs in thin cardboard sleeves. I love vinyl and CD, would much prefer to have these separate. These are by far the worst design in box sets going around, made worse when the bonus content isn’t stellar.

Lee Realgone

*Sigh* Can we have a 3CD/DVD edition, please?




Thank you, Paul!!!!


This is great news, and I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t mind the CD/vinyl combination at all. Its a shame this debate always come up with these combination releases.
Agree with you too Paul that this as the start of a great run for Lou Reed. I know it wasn’t to everyone’s taste but I thought the run continued with Set The Twilight Reeling and Ecstasy. It would be nice to see some SDE’s for these run of albums.

Paul Wren

Maybe some of the live tracks will appear on vinyl later on.


An album that was long overdue for the deluxe treatment, and this looks superb. Although I’m astonished that someone actually managed to have a 25-minute conversation with Lou Reed.


In response to all the commenters bemoaning the vinyl and CDs coming together, rather than as two different releases. This is only my speculation, as I don’t work in the field presently, but it’s informed by years working in the design and manufacture of packaging for disc-based media.

Two different sets means two different packages to be produced, and even though you’d be producing fewer of each version than one combined, startup costs for print and manufacturing are a large cost driver. So producing packaging (for example) 5,000 of a vinyl set and 5,000 of a CD set costs significantly more than the same for 10,000 of a combined set. The same principle applies to your warehousing costs for the two versions–the same amount of warehouse space used for 2 different items with 2 different part numbers costs more than for 1 item. Then factor in the additional manpower costs for two similar but differently-sized designs, rather than one.

So even though a combined set means producing “extra” sets of vinyl or CDs as opposed to the other way, I’m reasonably certain it’s still the more economical choice, at a time when the numbers of people who buy physical media at all are greatly reduced from what they once were. If it wasn’t, believe me, they wouldn’t do it. My sense of record companies is that they make these decisions based on the numbers, and that the profit margin doing 2 sets would be reduced enough as to be not worth them doing it at all.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOATHE vinyl, and after decades of collecting, I always would prefer box sets be made as small as possible for space-saving purposes. I’ve stopped buying vinyl- and DL-only releases because I have found that I never play them, so it’s just throwing money away. But I’d rather have a set with vinyl I’ll never play than not have it at all.

Hope any or all readers might find this perspective useful.



Thank you for the insight, i appreciate it.

What i don’t understand in your equation is that they possibly could sell a lot more of this set if they made it available in two formats because i think that there are quite a few people (including myself) who won’t buy it at all when there are mixed formats in one set not only because they’d to pay for something unwanted but also because they assume that the combined set costs them considerably more than one that only included what they really want.

What i did after reading Paul’s post on this was downloading the original album into my Spotify-library, hoping that the extra audio from the set will be available there too after release date.

Otherwise i’m gonna wait for a deal alert where the price will come down 30 to 40% from the current pre-order price, if that doesn’t happen, well, i’ll survive it.

Don’t get me wrong, i really like that album, but i already own it three times (original release, re-release and as part of an “Original Album Series”-set and i’m not willing to pay 50 to 55 € extra for the additional audio and video content and an essay by David Fricke.

Paul Mac

This has been a milestone album for me since it was released and is Lou’s best album, hands down. Considering a purchase of what looks to be a very good deluxe edition….


AAA vinyl would be great.
Ill wait for the reviews from ardent fans


This was a no-brainer.

Thanks Paul.

Alan R

Hi Paul, just listening to my original cd of this truly wonderful album.
Always thought it would be great to own a new copy on vinyl, do you have any info on whether there might be a seperate release for just the Double vinyl Lp forthcoming?
Thanks and with best regards,