Love / Forever Changes / 50th anniversary super deluxe edition

Remastered • Mono mix on CD • Alternates • Hi-res stereo • Vinyl LP

Love‘s classic 1967 album Forever Changes will be reissued as a large-format, six-disc 50th anniversary super deluxe edition in April.

The set comes as a 4CD+DVD+LP package, echoing similar super deluxe editions from Fleetwood Mac and Ramones and includes a Bruce Botnick remastered version on CD and the CD debut of the album’s mono mix.

Disc three offers alternate mixes of every track on the album, and CD 4 delivers a selection of rare and unreleased singles and studio outtakes.

The DVD includes a hi-res stereo mix (24/96) of the original album remastered by Botnick and Your Mind And We Belong Together, a promotional video directed by Elektra producer Mark Abramson that was originally released in 1968.

The vinyl LP contains Botnick’s stereo remaster of the original album. It was cut from ‘high resolution digital audio’ by audio engineer Bernie Grundman.

This package comes in a 12″ x 12″ hardbound book that features a newly written essay and track-by-track notes by music historian Ted Olsen.

The Forever Changes 50th anniversary super deluxe edition will be released on 6 April 2018.

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4CD+DVD+LP super deluxe


Track Listing:

Disc One: Original Album
1.    “Alone Again Or”
2.    “A House Is Not A Motel”
3.    “Andmoreagain”
4.    “The Daily Planet”
5.    “Old Man”
6.    “The Red Telephone”
7.    “Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale”
8.    “Live And Let Live”
9.    “The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This”
10.  “Bummer In The Summer”
11.  “You Set The Scene”

Disc Two: Mono Mix

Disc Three: Alternate Mix
1.    “Alone Again Or”
2.    “A House Is Not A Motel”
3.    “Andmoreagain”
4.    “The Daily Planet”
5.    “Old Man”
6.    “The Red Telephone”
7.    “Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale”
8.    “Live And Let Live”
9.    “The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This”
10.  “Bummer In The Summer”
11.  “You Set The Scene”
12.  “Wonder People (I Do Wonder)” – Outtake – Alternate Mix

Disc Four: Singles and Outtakes
1.    “Wonder People (I Do Wonder)”
2.    “Alone Again Or” – Single Version
3.    “A House Is Not A Motel” – Single Version
4.    “Hummingbirds” – Demo
5.    “A House Is Not A Motel” – Backing Track
6.    “Andmoreagain” – Alternate Electric Backing Track
7.    “The Red Telephone” – Tracking Sessions Highlights
8.    “Wooly Bully” – Outtake
9.    “Live and Let Live” – Backing Track *
10.  “Wonder People (I Do Wonder)” – Outtake, Backing Track *
11.  “Your Mind And We Belong Together” – Tracking Sessions Highlights
12.  “Your Mind And We Belong Together”
13.  “Laughing Stock”
14.  “Alone Again Or” – Mono Single Remix

DVD: 24/96 Stereo Mix
1.    “Alone Again Or”
2.    “A House Is Not A Motel”
3.    “Andmoreagain”
4.    “The Daily Planet”
5.    “Old Man”
6.    “The Red Telephone”
7.    “Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale”
8.    “Live And Let Live”
9.    “The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This”
10.  “Bummer In The Summer”
11.  “You Set The Scene”
12.  “Your Mind And We Belong Together” – Video

LP: Original Album 

Side One
1.    “Alone Again Or”
2.    “A House Is Not A Motel”
3.    “Andmoreagain”
4.    “The Daily Planet”
5.    “Old Man”
6.    “The Red Telephone”

Side Two
1.    “Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale”
2.    “Live And Let Live”
3.    “The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This”
4.    “Bummer In The Summer”
5.    “You Set The Scene”

* Previously Unreleased 

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Chris Bennett

There are three versions of ‘Wonder People (I Do Wonder)’ on the set. Of the Original Mix and Alternate Mix, which was released on the 2001 and 2008 remastered editions?


The 2CD collectors edition had a mix of outtakes, alternate mixes etc 21 tracks in all on its Disc 2….now the disc 2 has been further split in 2 discs for the super deluxe edition. Namely Discs 3 and 4. The additions on top of the earlier 21 tracks are as follows:
1. Wonder People (I Do Wonder) [Outtake] [Alternate Mix]
2. Alone Again Or (Single Version)
3. A House Is Not A Motel (Single Version)
4. Live And Let Live (Backing Track)
5. Wonder People (I Do Wonder) [Outtake] [Backing Track]

Steve Anderton

Bought this yesterday , I got no 587. I doubt if 15000 will ever sellout although it’s such a bargain at £42.

Simon George

Well I love it. I spotted it at Speedyhen on day one when they mispriced it at £14.17 ($20.00) and they have honoured it although it quickly reverted to around £47.

I still have it as an LP (bought around 1980 though), original CD which I then replaced with the 2CD version a few years ago.

Despite only being 11 or so when it was first out this has become a seminal album in my life and I am so impressed with this 50th anniversary edition.

I wish the Roxy Music first album re-issue recently was similarly priced (around £45) and then I would be buying it. But it is rediculously expensive.

Dibyaroop Ghosh

thanks for the speedyhen tip….grabbed it at 32.49….best

Geert De Wilde

The sticker on the outside claims that this is a “numbered limited edition of 15,000”. However, I can’t for the life of me find any number on it … Something went wrong there??

Mike T

The number is on the back cover of the large booklet which is in the LP pocket. I got 00574 / 15000.

Geert De Wilde

Thanks Mike T! It seems my gold-on-white vision isn’t what it used to be anymore :)


I have 7 different variations of this and most of the outtakes but Jesus the box is going to look beautiful in my house.


PopMarket has a one-day sale for this today – $80. If you don’t feel like dealing with international vendors…

I’m on the fence here. I understand that there is no 5.1 mix because there are no multitracks. I ♥ mono so I will probably get it but I am disappointed that the hi-res version of the mono mix is apparently not on the DVD.

Tim Joseph

Can any Love experts tell me the differences between the Mono LP, Mono Single and Mono Single Remix versions of Aloneagainor? Where was the remix issued?


Great Album!

Don’t they mean 50th Year And 4 Month Anniversary?

This was Released on November 01st 1967…. think Amazon Missed s Trick here, they should have released this to coincide with the Actual Release Date… think of all the extra Christmas Stockings this would have filled!

David M

Don’t think amazon decide release dates.

Mike B

They’re milking it now. Like a few others have said the long awaited 5.1 still hasn’t happened so what’s the point in getting this? Just for a few instrumentals? There have got to be other outtakes, tracking sessions, count ins that they could have added but it’s more or less the same old stuff over and over again. The best sounding version I’ve heard is high resolution CD that was released about four years ago. This allows the music to breathe with a warmth previously not achieved on any of the vinyl or CD releases.
That said, I would be interested to hear what the alternate mix and high res DVD sounds like.

The Golden Age Of Space Travel.

Seeing as how you have put your point of view across, which you`re entitled to, I don`t think anyone should tell you what the alternative mix and DVD sound like.

`Long awaited 5:1`, who said that such a mix was coming out? The multi-tracks were stolen in the `70`s along with a load of Doors tapes and have never been recovered. Other out-takes? Forget it, there is nothing else, that`s yer lot.

You are right about the Mofi LP & SACD versions. There will never be better sounding versions of `Forever Changes` available again including the DVD hi-res mix on this box set. That said I`m certainly getting this celebration of the greatest album ever recorded.


The Botnick hi-res version that’s on this release was available on the Pono store. It compares favorably with both the MoFi SACD/2×45 LPs and the Bellman Rhino LP.

Andrew Taylor

Not again! This has to be one of the greatest albums ever made. However, I own an 80s vinyl version, 2 CD versions and the last ‘deluxe’ edition. Surely, there’s nothing left to milk? I won’t be buying this as I think I’ve got all bases covered.


I recently installed 5.1 surround sound and am completely in love with that format. The way the Dire Straits sound on SACD Multichannel, incredible, no words do justice. Forget regular cd’s. No 5.1 surround sound, no sale.

Matthew Langhorn

Ordered mine! Great album, amazing package and a complete bargain……………….if we are taking Roxy Music as the norm now


The classic cover of Forever Changes is on the cover of this months Shindig magazine.

An excellent feature on Love in a great magazine that covers Psychedelic music

The Golden Age Of Forever Changes

What colm47 said.


Excellent! :)


5.1 isn’t happening because the Multitracks were allegedly stolen, maybe in the early 70’s when some post-Jim Doors related stuff went also went missing. Both Elektra/Bruce Botnick. Doors current manager Jeff Jampol/Botnick friend publicly asked fans for any multi leads 5-10 years ago.

Friso Pas

What is Love? Baby, don’t hurt me…don’t hurt me…no more…

(sorry, this sprang into my mind…had to share it).


I have vinyl and CDs of this album. Excited about the 50th anniversary edition


Alone Again Or. Andmoreagain. Old Man. 3 of the greatest songs of all time.

And the rest of the LP is pretty good too.

They’re locking them up today
They’re throwing away the key
I wonder who it’ll be tomorrow, you or me?
We’re all normal and we want our freedom
Freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom, I want my freedom


We are normal and we dig Bert Wheedon


Do you mean Bert Weedon?

Stevie B

A truly great album, and I caught Arthur Lee live a couple of years before he died, But mention of him always reminds me of the line from Mate Of The Bloke by Half Man, Half Biscuit: “Sometimes instead of Arthur Lee, I’d much prefer some Arthur Lowe.” Just like I can’t think of Dylan’s With God On Our Side without HFHB’s With Goth On Our Side coming to mind!


I’m in! Thanks for that UK pricing….for an American album?

The Golden Age Of Arthur Lee`s Love

This album is part of my life. I was on board Arthur`s Love from the first self titled album in 1966, almost 52 years since it was released in the States. Over here? What a palava that was. Trying to order the album was a two hour discussion between the record shop staff and myself. It was the name you see, `Love`, they were bringing out every compilation in the shop out with love songs on, no point in mentioning `Arthur Lee`, he was as unknown as Led Zep (then). It was only when it had been played on pirate radio, that it clicked with one of the staff**. I managed to get the first album in May two months after it`s US release, not bad in the end for the time but it seemed like two years to this long haired hippy in St Helens.

Of course `Da Capo` was a different story, Elektra had sorted out the distribution out by then although it came out within 6 months. Right back to `Forever Changes`, like I said this album is a part of my life. Rarely a day goes by without me playing it. I was thrilled when I saw that this was a Special Edition set. YES! we have already have every track, there are NO more that`s it. The long lost`Gethsemane` album never was, never existed, it pains me to say.

So what was they supposed to do for the 50th Anniversary Edition***? For me this is all they could do and an album of this importance needs celebrating and I`m very happy with what they`ve done. It`ll go well with the 8 other `Forever Changes` LPs I own, about as many CDs/SACD. You have enough already fine, this is a celebration, you don`t have to buy this again to celebrate the Greatest Album Ever Recorded just play the fecking thing!


The Golden Age Of Arthur Lee`s Love

**Rothery`s were still putting 40 year old staff from the electrical goods section in the record department.

***only 5 months late.


I find it odd that Amazon US is charging twice as much for this set!


One of those albums I bought because I thought I should hear it. Played it once and it stayed on the shelf until I sold it. Just don’t get the fuss.

Bill Z

Adam: I bought it for the same reason years ago. Listened once, wasn’t all that impressed. Listened a couple more times, and came to hear the greatness. I’m so glad I gave this fantastic album more than one try.

Stan Butler

Agree with Bill Z. I remember buying for the first time in 2001, on the back of its reputation as a great album. I don’t think I was blown away on the first play or two, but something compelled me to play it again and again, day after day for months. It became almost an obsession to listen to it. It’s an absolutely wonderful album with a unique vibe and I’m really looking forward to the SDE.


Buy it again, play it a few times (turn the volume to the max for track #2) and it will all make sense. It’s not some over-hyped chin-strokers cult album – it’s the real deal!

Bill Z

Chin-stroker’s cult album. Perfect turn of phrase.

Geert De Wilde

So it’s 5 times the same album, with marginal sound variations? It’s a great album, I agree … But you basically buy a double CD with a lot of fluff around it?

David M

I kind of agree, but it’s going for a pretty reasonable price, compare with the Roxy Music set for example.

David M

Don’t really need this, had to pre-order at that price though (breaking a New Year’s resolution), can still cancel though.

Paul, could you censor people who complain about vinyl being included? It gets old very fast.


Why are we forced to buy the vinyl version?
Why is there no blu-ray?
Why isn’t there a 5.1 mix?
Why isn’t there a Steven Wilson mix?
Why mono? What is this, 1967? I have two ears.
Who needs a book by Ted Olsen?
Who is Ted Olsen? Is he Nelly Olsen’s dad from Little House On The Prairie?

(I just thought I’d cover the likely objections in one post.)


to PC :

-marketing strategy to make the fan (cash cow) buy something more expensive
-24/96 Stereo Mix+a short video doesn’t need more than a dvd (and a small one) to store,but yeah they could have a done a new 192khz/32bit digital clone from the un-eq’d analogue master and put it on a bluray
-hell,I’m thinking the same
-he can’t be everywhere :-P ?
-probably to do with the cd reissues of Love and Da Capo from 2001/2002 which included the mono mixes (on ONE cd along with stereo, which is not possible here since the album is 42+ minutes and current cd norm is 80 min. max)

and if you look at the 2008 re-reissue on discogs,it makes it clear that this box set is targeted at mono fetichists
-not me


I wasn’t being entirely serious. I thought the Nelly Olsen reference gave it away, but maybe not.

Phil Wilson

If only you had asked where the scarf, coasters and marbles were, it would have been perfect

David M

Ha ha. Exactly.


Although I already have about 4 different versions of Forever Changes, couldn’t pass on this one. It is such an incredible album, I just couldn’t resist.

Paul Wren

Every household should own a copy of this album.


I own 7 different variations and almost all the stuff on box. But I’ll probably buy it anyway.


Will wait for some feedbacks before buying
Remastered does not mean sound improvement
Fantastic album though


I am happy for those who don’t have the album and happy to see it at a decent price point however, as much as I love this album, I will probably pass as I have the 2 CD deluxe from 10 years ago and the SACD. For those who do get the set, great for them.


Hmm, so I owned this on vinyl “back in the day.” Never bought the first CD issue as I heard it in store and it was awful. Album was remastered but only available as part of the “Love Story” anthology. Got it. Album was remastered again. Got it. MFSL remastered with “Best ever sound.” Woo-hoo! Bought it. 40th Anniversary! Bonus and alternate cuts! Bought it. Now with 50 we get a new remaster, all the cuts from the last issue (Probably not remastered I am thinking?) a mono mix and a handful of bonus cuts. Sigh. My question is this, I am guilty of loving a good mono mix. Is this mono mix worth dropping hard earned coins yet again? The price is nice enough, but my shelf is getting a little Love heavy.


Very nice set at a very nice price. However, I think the original album is just perfect and as I have two different copies on CD already, I’ll be giving this deluxe edition a miss.


This is a great deal for anyone who doesn’t ha e the album. Those of us who bought Rhino’s previous expansions, not so much.


Reserved! Great price for a classic album like this.


Under £43 is a stunning price.roxy you should be ashamed

Robert Laversuch

Ordered perfect Cannot Wait so excited wonderful


This is a great album and deserves this kind of treatment. But does “Botnick’s stereo remaster of the original album…was cut from ‘high resolution digital audio'” mean that the LP uses a digital, not analog, source? Or is that the way these things go nowadays?


Preordered, a no brainer at that price point. Was fortunate to get tickets to see Arthur Lee and Love perform Forever Changes in a small venue in York back in 2004. Great memories.


One of the greatest LPs of all time, can’t wait for this.
Loved this LP since I was teenager, who may have used a few supplements to enjoy it further!!

Was lucky enough to see Arthur Lee and a version of Love in early 2000s in Dublin.
Was one of the best gigs I have been to even though he turned up fairly late.
Always remember the gig as Ireland got knocked out of the World Cup by Spain on penalties on the same night, so despite the air of depression Love cheered us all up with a brilliant gig.


stop mixing vinyl and CD record companies! Bah!
£30 for the CD part would be lovely (as long as you didn’t drop it to £15 just after I bought it – thanks The Smiths)!

so £15 for the CD Set then. ta.


Totally agree. Mixing two totally different formats Does Not Make Sense (to me).


Y’see Bryan – this is The Price of Love, actually – not £130 notes!

George Mina

Excellent :D

Thomas Salmon

Heartbroken over no 5.1 mix.


51 st Anniversary surely? But looks like a good package at a fair price too


Interesting on the pricing – I have no idea how prices are set but this is actually not far behind the Roxy Box set in Canada where it is $92 CAD on Amazon and the Roxy box is $117 CAD. This is a pivotal album but, again, how many version of this do we need? It has been re-released on a regular basis since the 80’s.

james b

Just ordered via Amazon UK and it was only £35.37 delivered to the US.


bought the mobile fidelity version a while back & never need to buy another version ever

Peter Jenkins

Probably my favourite album ever ! Definitely in for this one Sensible price too

Steve gilmour

No fucken brainer

Gary C

Am i old or has this just been done so many times since I started buying records?
There must have been at least half a dozen different versions since the turn of the century…
Paul, sorry to be a pain but will that mono mix be available on it’s own?

Mark Carroll

This album is just STUNNING….A GREAT BAND…Should have been as popular as the Doors. .shame there isn’t a Blu-ray…..


Good to see they didn’t follow the Roxy Music pricing model!