Lulu / Gold – new compilation

Generous 3CD set and a single vinyl LP

May sees the release of Lulu Gold, a new best of that offers 60 tracks across three CDs and a more limited selection on one vinyl record.

The triple CD package works its way through the various eras. It starts with ‘Shout’, her cover of the Isley Brothers song, then takes in her hits for EMI including ‘To Sir, With Love’, ‘Boom Bang-a-Bang’, the Bond theme, ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ (not a hit) and the David Bowie-produced ‘Watch That Man’ and ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ (which reached #3 in the UK singles chart). As you might expect, there’s a fair amount of less familiar tracks in between but hits started again for Lulu in the 1990s with ‘Independence’ and her ‘Relight My Fire’, her 1993 duet with Take That that took her to the top of the UK chart for the first (and so far, only) time.

If you think 60 tracks is more Lulu than any man (or woman) can possibly want, the vinyl takes things in the other direction, brutally condensing Lulu’s career down to just 13 tracks, and declaring that only ONE SONG is good enough to represent the last 47 years (‘Relight My Fire’)!

Gold comes with a pleasing black and while cover image and displeasing typography. It is released on 7 May 2021.

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Lulu Gold - 3CD set


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Lulu Gold - black vinyl LP


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Larry Davis

Hey thanks for the heads up about that Three Degrees Gold!!! Promptly ordered…knew about the Giorgio Moroder material by chance when I found an import collection by accident…was like What?!?! Stuff never came out in the US as far as I know but it’s great stuff…and this collection has all the Moroder stuff with all the Philly hits too!! Too bad it doesn’t have any of their 60s material, which is really rare…but this will do quite nicely…Lulu out May 7, so I’ll wait on that…


Well I’ve just found my new favourite ‘Gold’ album – The Three Degrees. I had no idea they’d made two albums with Giorgio Moroder at the peak of his powers (with his key partners, Pete Bellotte, Harold Faltermeyer and Keith Forsey). The Gold cd has in effect both of those albums in a mixed up fashion, including some b sides and extended mixes. My wife thought I was playing Donna Summer which, aside with the obvious vocal differences, is pretty accurate. On top of that is the great Philadelphia songs, for which they are most well known. This is the best £5 I’ve spent in many a year and just a great delight to find something with such strong material.

Ryan Sinclair

If you’re only going to put 13 tracks on the LP version, why bother? I want my independence lol

andrew r

Very underated singer and not given the respect that others get.
She is deserving of a complete box set with book recording her remarkable career.
The memphis recordings she made alone would be career defining for other artists.
A great pity she never got to finish the proposed Bowie written and produced lp after
Watch that man was a hit .


I’ve got nothing against Lulu; she has certainly put out some fine tunes in her time, but how come this collection gets a mention whilst the recently released Mott The Hoople/Ian Hunter-Gold 3 disc set gets ignored?
I picked it up in Sainsburys last Friday for a fiver, and it’s an excellent collection covering the CBS/Columbia years with one and half discs of Mott and one and half of Hunter.

Incidentally, Mott fans might be interested to know that the six disc Island Years box set is now just £36 at Amazon UK. Grab that and a copy of their Original Album Series set featuring the five CBS albums all with plenty of bonus material, and you’ve got the entire Mott The Hoople discography for about £50! Can’t be bad, but hurry – there’s only one copy of the Island Years left. Other sellers are asking well over £50 for that set alone.

John MC cann

I presume our man Paul cannot cover everything that is released!, I have never seen captain sensible for instance on this website,,


Very cool. Sadly the cover version of Harry Nilsson‘s „Without him“ is not on the compilation. Anyway, I‘ll order it. I love those 3 CD compilations which gives you a great value of songs you get. Thanks, Paul!

Dave Bain

Some great stuff here such as ‘shout’, ‘to sir with love’ and ‘the man who sold the world’, songs which show Lulu’s considerable vocal talents. She should have been up there with the likes of Dusty Springfield. I think the main reason for her being so underrated is down to her recordings of such tat as ‘boom bang a bang’ and ‘I’m a tiger’. Had she been given the songs that (for example) Cilla Black had, she would be seen in a very different light. I don’t believe her talents were ever properly showcased.


Do they have access to the master tapes for the Alfa era? The downloads offered by Phoenix International of Lulu’s 1981 “Lulu” and 1982 “Take Me to Your Heart Again” albums are from vinyl (complete with some clicks/pops/skips).

Dome should really compile a complete set of Lulu’s recordings for that label. There are some vinyl only mixes and dubs that deserve a digital release.

Ronald Headen

Definitely buying. I have always thought she deserves the same attention given other British female singers of the time.


Hopefully the Lulu website will offer for sale some signed copies of the album. The last release, Making Life Rhyme, was bundled with a signed 45rpm of Shout.

Tom M

That CD set is a bargain. Should make a nice companion to the Decade 1967-1976 box that came out a few years ago.

Paul Taylor

I always feel a wee bit sad whenever I hear Lulu or Billy Ocean being interviewed. They seem to be more keen to tell the interviewers about the people they’ve worked with, rather than just focusing on their own considerable talent and careers. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence, I don’t know.
I bought the last Lulu CD collection covering 65-75 (I think!) and there’s a wealth of material there that’s stuff to be proud of and look back on.
I like that this collection covers post-75 stuff and the CD is certainly worth the price. Demon have been a bit mean with the LP, though, I’m sure they could’ve pushed themselves to compile a double album.


Pleased that “I Love To Boogie” is included, but enough Lulu comps already. Plenty of us have grown impatient with reissues of her late 70s thru her 80s output. Many non-album singles to include, too. Everything before & after this period is very well represented digitally & very easily obtainable.

Stephen Harding

AT LAST! A definitive, career – spanning CD compilation for this wonderful, often under-rated, singer…


Still don’t understand why To Sir With Love (a no.1 hit in the USA) was relegated to a b-side in the UK. An utterly brilliant song.


I’m very satisfied with the box set from a few years back, but if you want kind of an abridged version, I guess this would be a good choice for a lot of people. A most deserving subject, for sure…

B Smith

A great collection of tracks, pre-0rdered!


Good compilation from an unfairly overlooked (in chart terms). Independence should have cracked the Top 10 and Where The Poor Boys Dance is a superb recording.

Larry Davis

Excellent & want to preorder now but not able to…my friend Bruce will go ape over this, as Lulu is his fave female singer ever…

John MC cann

Looking out my window at the the moment,over at denistoun, Glasgow,that’s where she was born and raised,my mates mum used to hang about at the same club , watching a band called the blues council ( very sad tail,look them up,I knew jim MC giffens mum connie gave me some stuff of his,IV got one of his old broken bass strings comes in a burns plastic wallet,rescued from his case after crash