M People / Renaissance 11-disc box set

9CD+2DVD box set • Albums, remixes & rarities

Demon Music will release Renaissance, an 11-disc M People career-spanning box set in February that features albums, remixes, rarities and two DVDs.

M People won two BRIT awards and a Mercury Prize and released four studio albums, the last being Fresco in 1998. All of them are included, newly remastered, in this new box set and each comes with a bonus disc of remixes. The ninth CD in the package is an exclusive bonus disc of remixes by Frankie knuckles and David Morales.

Rennaisance includes nine CDs, two DVDs and the exclusive version comes with a signed print

The first of two DVDs features all the band’s promo videos (plus new interviews with members Paul Heard, Mike Pickering and Shovell) while the second features live performances.

This box set comes with a 48-page colour booklet and the exclusive edition comes with a print of a ‘Search For The Hero’ lyric sheet signed by Heard, Pickering, and Shovell (no Heather!). These are limited to 500 units.

Renaissance will be released on 14 February 2020. The signed edition is sold out.


1.Colour My Life (Perfecto Mix)
2.How Can I Love You More?
3.Inner City Cruise
4.It’s Your World
5.Sexual Freedom
6.Kiss It Better
7.Tumbling Down
8.Landscape Of Love
11.Excited (M People Master Mix)
12.Man Smart


1.How Can I Love You More? (Sasha’s Master Mix)
2.Someday (Sasha’s Full Master)
3.How Can I Love You More? (Edit)
4.Colour My Life (Edit)
5.Someday (Edit)
6.Excited (Radio Edit)
7.Colour My Life (Original Mix)
8.Excited (M People Remix)
9.Someday (Part One)
10.Colour My Life (Part One)
11.Excited (Judge Jules Remix)
12.How Can I Love You More? (Sasha’s Ambient Dub)
13.Someday (Sasha’s Dub)
14.Colour My Life (DJ’s Rule Mix)
15.Excited (MK T Mix)
16.How Can I Love You More? (Sasha’s QAT Mix)


1.One Night In Heaven
2.Moving On Up
4.You Just Have To Be There
5.Love Is In My Soul
6.Don’t Look Any Further
7.Natural Thing
8.Little Packet
9.La Vida Loca
10.Melody Of Life
11.One Night In Heaven (Hi Gloss Mix)
12.Renaissance (M People Master Mix)
13.Moving On Up (Tee’s Freeze Mix)
14.Don’t Look Any Further (Danny D Mix)


1.One Night In Heaven (Master Edit)
2.Moving On Up (M People Master Edit)
3.Don’t Look Any Further (M People Master Edit)
4.Renaissance (Radio Mix)
5.One Night In Heaven (K-KlassKlubMix)
6.Moving On Up (NY Underground Mix)
7.Renaissance (Roger S Revelation Mix)
8.One Night In Heaven (The Chicken Head Mix)
9.Moving On Up (MK Mix)
10.Renaissance (John Digweed’s4AM Mix)
11.One Night In Heaven (Pharmacy Dub)
12.Moving On Up (Roger’s Harddub)
13.Renaissance (The S-Man’s Dub Lift)
14.One Night In Heaven (M People Dub)


1.Sight For Sore Eyes
2.Search For The Hero
3.Open Your Heart
4.Love Rendezvous
5.Precious Pearl
6.Sugar Town
7.Walk Away
8.Drive Time
10.… And Finally
11.ItchycooPark (M People Master Mix)
12.Search For The Hero (M People Master Mix)
13.Love Rendezvous (M People Master Mix)
14.Search For The Hero (Dave Hall Remix) [aka ‘US Remix by David “Jam” Hall’]


1.Sight For Sore Eyes (Radio Mix)
2.Open Your Heart (Radio Mix)
3.Search For The Hero (Radio Mix)
4.Love Rendezvous (Radio Mix)
5.ItchycooPark (Radio Edit)
6.Sight For Sore Eyes (Lee Marrow Remix)
7.Love Rendezvous (Paul Masterson Mix) aka (Wand’s Uptight Mix)
8.Padlock (Junior Vasquez Tribal Vocal)
9.Open Your Heart (LuvdupDouble Bangin’ Dub) aka (LuvdupDub)
10.ItchycooPark (HedBoys Post-Op Mix)
11.Love Rendezvous (Uno Clio Vocal Mix)
12.Open Your Heart (Armand’s Sour Cream Mix)
13.Sight For Sore Eyes (E-SmooveDub Mix)


1.Just For You
2.Fantasy Island
3.Never Mind Love
4.Last Night 10,000
6.Red Flower Sunset
7.Angel Street
9.Rhythm And Blues
10.Believe It
13.Testify (Radio Edit)
15.What A Fool Believes (Full-Length Version)
16.Baby Don’t Change Your Mind (Live)


1.Just For You (Radio Edit)
2.Fantasy Island (Radio Edit)
3.Angel Street (Radio Edit)
4.Dreaming (Radio Edit)
5.Testify (Rae & Christian Remix)
6.Just For You (MM’s R&B Edit)
7.Fantasy Island (D-Influence Dimensional Mix)
8.Angel Street (Joey Negro’s Extended Disco Mix)
9.Dreaming (Genius 3 Underground Mix)
10.Fantasy Island (M+S Fantasy KlubMix)
11.Just For You (Way Out West Remix)
12.Testify (Pablo’s Dub)
13.Dreaming (Jimmy Gomez 6AM Dub)

CD 9


1.ItchycooPark (Morales Classic Club Mix)
2.Just For You (Frankie’s Sanctified Anthem)
3.Fantasy Island (Classic Mix)
4.Dreaming (Morales Mix)
5.One Night In Heaven (The Heavenly Club Mix)
6.Fantasy Island (Def Club Mix)
7.Just For You (Hipshakers’ Delight)
8.ItchycooPark (Morales Beat Of Dubs)
9.Dreaming (Morales King Dub)
10.One Night In Heaven (The Late Night Dub)


1.How Can I Love You More?
2.Colour My Life
5.One Night In Heaven
6.Moving On Up
7.Don’t Look Any Further
9.Sight For Sore Eyes
10.Open Your Heart
11.Search For The Hero
12.Love Rendezvous
14.Just For You
15.Fantasy Island
16.Angel Street
19.How Can I Love You More? (1993 Version)
20.Excited (US Version)
21.Open Your Heart (US Version)
22.Excited (MK Mix)
23.One Night In Heaven (Morales Mix)
24.Coming Home (Mike, Paul and Shovellin conversation, 2018)


Live at the Manchester Academy 1993

1.Moving On Up
2.Natural Thing
3.Love Is In My Soul
5.1993 Interview (part 1/ 2/3/4)

Come Again Live In Manchester 1994

1.Opening Montage
2.Love Rendezvous
4.Drive Time
5.Colour My Life
6.Walk Away
7.Little Packet
8.One Night In Heaven
9.Sight for Sore Eyes
10.Moving On Up

The Crowd Are On The Pitch: Live at Old Trafford 1996

1.Sight For Sore Eyes
2.Moving On Up
3.Search For The Hero
5.One Night In Heaven

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Some thoughts about the contents:

Sound quality is generally fine and consistent. Treble has been turned up slightly. There isn’t much difference in sound with the 1997/98 tracks. The early tracks are improved, with slighly more bass but also less muddy sound. The discs are loud but not brickwalled to h€ll. On a couple of tracks there is noticeable difference in sound, for the worse. On the original “Love Rendezvous (M People Master Mix)” there are constant sharp percussion hits, but here they are practically removed. To some degree the same occurs with “How Can I Love You More (Sasha’s Qat Mix)”, the 10-minute full mix that’s not been released on CD before.

The first album “Northern Soul” (CD1) is nicely presented. The original 1991 LP configuration actually appears, ending with “Someday”. Tracks 11-13 are the extra tracks that appeared on either the original (Platini) or the 1992 reissue (Excited, Man Smart). The reissue also replaced two tracks with new mixes (Colour My Life, Someday), all are included here. Not all of the 1991/92 CD bonus remixes appear though. The original ‘blue’ art is used here but I would say the reissue art is classier.

The last album “Fresco” (1997) is nicely expanded, filling the disc at 79:27, with the one (live) B-side “Baby Don’t Change Your Mind” and the three new tracks from 1998: “Testify”, “Dreaming” and the Doobie cover “What A Fool Believes”. These tracks, the three tracks attached to the first album and “Itchycoo Park” (added to “Bizarre Fruit”) are the only non-album tracks or b-sides the group released.

The choice of bonus tracks looks random, apart from the ‘themed’ Knuckles/Morales Mixes disc. Mainly the idea appears to have been just to fill the discs to capacity, as all are between 78:37 to 79:56.

I love the Sasha remixes of “Someday” and “How Can I Love You More” but they are overpresented here (five appear).

“How Can I… (Sasha’s Ambient Dub)’ is mistitled. I suspect the correct title is ‘Keyapella’, neither mix has previously appeared on CD. “How Can I… (Sasha’s Master Mix)” is an edit, neither the edit or the full mix is hard to find. CD1 ends with the ‘Sasha’s Qat Mix’ of “How Can I…” and this really is the full length 10-minute version, making its debut on a commercial CD.

Some of my favourites remixes that didn’t make it:
Colour My Life (Joey Negro’s Agoura Mix)
Colour My Life (Joey Negro’s Magnetic Feel) – unreleased on CD
Excited (Martin Aurelio Mix) [US remix contest] – unreleased on CD
How Can I Love You More (Club Mix) [original] – instead of the 3 Sasha mixes included
How Can I Love You More (Jimmy Gomez 6am Mix) – instead of the 3 Sasha mixes included
Just For You (Rea + Christian Remix)
Love Rendezvous (K-Klass Klub Mix)
Moving On Up (Mark Pichotti’s Millennium Mix)
Open Your Heart (Brothers in Rhythm Sound Track)
Open Your Heart (Check Your Head Mix) [by Luv Dup]
Padlock (12” Club Mix) [Junior Vasquez]
Search For The Hero (Smith & Mighty Searchin Mix)
Sight For Sore Eyes (Hed Boys Poster-op Mix)

The radio edits should have been left out. Most of them are used in the videos on the DVD anyway. Also, “Gold” from last year includes all the 18 edits (except “How Can I Love You More” as the 1992 remix), and the edit of “What A Fool Believes” (which wasn’t a single). There’s also the 1998 “The Best Of” which includes all singles except “Excited” and “Love Rendezvous”. Some versions slightly differ from the radio edits though. So the edis basically aren’t special or rare. The space could have been better used with (even more) remixes.


I did a little “digging” at Discogs and it turns out this set is quite a treasure trove what comes to the remixes included. Obviously many of these are only ‘alternate’ mixes, ie. dub versions etc. Most “Just For You” singles include ‘Knuckles Classic Gospel Mix’ but here we have the unreleased ‘Frankie’s Sanctified Anthem’. The promo only “Fantasy Island (M+S Fantasy Klub Mix)” is almost the same as the commonly available “Fantasy Island (M+S Epic Klub Mix)”.

Previously released only on vinyl, many on promo only:
2-10 How Can I Love You More (Sasha’s Ambient Dub) [actually is: Keyapella]
2-11 Someday (Sasha’s Dub)
2-13 Excited (MK T Mix)
2-14 How Can I Love You More (Sasha’s Qat Mix)
4-06 Moving On Up (NY Underground Mix)
4-07 Renaissance (Roger S Revelation Mix)
4-09 Moving On Up (MK Mix) – only promo CD has the 8-minute mix included here
4-10 Renaissance (John Digweed’s 4am Mix) – on some “Elegant Slumming” CD reissues
4-12 Moving On Up (Roger’s Hardubb)
6-08 Open Your Heart (Double Bangin’ Dub)
6-09 Padlock (Tribal Vocal Mix)
6-11 Open Your Heart (Sour Cream Mix)
6-12 Love Rendezvous (Uno Clio Vocal Mix)
6-13 Sight For Sore Eyes (E-Smoove Dub Mix)
8-10 Fantasy Island (M+S Fantasy Klub Mix) – promo 12″/CD only
8-11 Testify (Pablo’s Dub)
8-12 Dreaming (Jimmy Gomez 6am Dub)
9-01 One Night In Heaven (The Heavenly Club Mix)
9-04 Fantasy Island (Classic Mix) – promo 12″/CD only
9-06 One Night In Heaven (The Late Night Dub)
9-09 Itchycoo Park (Morales Beat Of Dub)

Previously unreleased:
2-12 Colour My Life (Dj’s Rule Club Mix)
4-05 One Night In Heaven (K-Klass Klub Mix)
4-08 One Night In Heaven (The Chicken Head Mix) [by Bizarre Inc., apparently]
4-11 One Night In Heaven (M People Dub)
4-14 One Night In Heaven (Pharmacy Dub) [by K-Klass]
4-13 Renaissance (The S-Man’s Dub Lift)
6-06 Sight For Sore Eyes (Lee Marrow Remix)
6-07 Love Rendezvous (Wand’s Uptight Mix)
8-06 Just For You (MM R&B Edit)
9-03 Just For You (Frankie’s Sanctified Anthem)
9-05 Dreaming (Morales Mix) – maybe
9-07 Just For You (Hipshakers’ Delight)
9-10 Dreaming (Morales King Dub)


Too bad it didn’t include the Giuseppe D. remix of “Testify” :(


Hello everybody! I only just recently received the box set. (I live in the US.) I ordered and received the set with the green “includes signed lyric sheet” sticker – Except that the signed lyric sheet was not included. Thanks to your tips, I checked the shipping box, but alas it was not there. Amazon UK only offer a replacement or refund, which is not necessary. The box set is otherwise fantastic. Amazon cannot mail the signed lyric sheet alone, assuming there are any still available. All this being said, I sent an email to Edsel/Demon. Understandably, I don’t expect a reply anytime soon, but hope they can help. If they can, I’ll update this page. Hope everyone is doing well.


I have a track ID question for anyone reading this that has listened to the boxset and watched the DVD.

In the Coming home documentary with Mike Pickering and Paul heard, right at the “heather and the songwriting process” part, what is the song (mix) they are playing in the background? Sort of sounds like Itchycoo Park, maybe? It’s good I can’t place what it is. Anyone know???

James Giraffe

Wow! Don’t they bother saying where mixes were first released on boxsets any more? “Open Your Heart (Sour Cream Mix) only released on a limited German promo” type thing. (I made that up, by the way – I’ve no idea where that, or any, of the mixes came from, thanks to the sleevenotes!)

I was also quite surprised that each CD within the box was shrinkwrapped. I’ve never known that before. I had to get the cat off my lap and go and get a knife from the kitchen! Greta Thunberg wouldn’t approve of the waste of plastic. Nor do I, for that matter!

The tracklist is slightly different to that listed above as well. The Morales / Knuckles disc has a different running order, although the tracks are the same.

All in all though, a very good boxset. My signed print is slightly crushed because of Amazon’s shoddy packaging (my Toyah boxset was ripped and had to be sent back!), but that’s what we expect from Amazon nowadays.

Enjoy the music. I am!


Hey James – in what way is the track list different ?


I received my order for the exclusive signed version today.
It has a green sticker stating that it has a signed lyric sheet.
I have not received anything seperately in the delivery box the item came in,
so I assumed the item was folded up inside the sealed box set.

Could someone please tell me if they have the green sticker version, and that the
signed lyric sheet comes seperately and not folded in the box set? If so I didn’t get it (checked the packing box) and yet again left disappointed and will not enjoy live chatting trying to explain that a signed lyric sheet is missing to support and see if they can send it or most likely just say return the item.


Mine arrived with just the box in a small parcel. No sheet!


New delivery. Bigger parcel. Now with the signed sheet.


Received mine today. Unfortunately 2 copies of Bizarre fruit but none of elegant slumming. Very disappointed and annoyed!


What’s the quality of the product/remastering like ? Any mixes mislabelled ?


Received mine today and like last time with the p.young box, the signed print&signed lyric sheet is missing (bought the amazon exclusive boxset) – It will go back to amazon. Very disappointed, fast money and no care.


Received mine today also. The signed sheet is separate to the sealed cd box set. Initially I thought it was an invoice and nearly through it away with the box. Maybe check to box it came in just in case.


Can somebody please explain how much detectable difference there might be in the remastered tracks given they were digitally recorded in the first place? Is this set a genuine ‘upgrade’ for those of us still enjoying these albums or a bit of profiteering for the rights holders?


So no-one in Australia can purchase this!

Ian Dransfield

Hello hello hello. My apologies if this has already been answered, how do I get hold of this in Australia?


I would also like to know – it looks like no-one wants our money – so much for globalisation.

Andrei M

Strange, but I don’t find any details or links about the pre-order. On Amazon UK it says ‘Currently unavailable – We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.’ Is it cancelled ?


Hi Andrei,
I pre-ordered on Amazon and its still for arrival in Feb. Also the Demon Music Group site shows it as upcoming release, so don’t think its been cancelled. If in doubt, contact Demon as they usually respond to most queries.


Release delayed until March 3rd


Can anyone confirm what’s going on with this release and if so the source of the information please ?
There’s Feb 14th on amazon, Feb 28th on Zoom and now a March 3rd release date floating about. And the price keeps changing lol


Disc two opens and closes with a Sasha remix of “How Can I Love You More?”. I wonder if Demon gets them correctly identified. Even official M People releases have them mislabeled.

The two can be told apart quite easily: ‘Master Mix’ begins with Heather’s “My love…” acapella line, the ‘Qat Mix’ begins with a synth riff. The first is a full-on mix vocal mix with the regular chord structure. The latter is trancey, with only partial vocals and stays within the same one chord for the first 6 minutes.

Based on releases on Discogs, what I actually own and mp3 downloads, I’ve discovered this:

‘Sasha’s Master Mix’ first appeared on the 1993 reissue of the HCILYM single. It exists in at least 4 lengths: 8:13 (on 2005 and 2009 M People compilations, mislabed as ‘Qat’), 6:18 (1993 singles), 4:41 (on ‘The Best Of’) and 3:20 (‘Sasha’s Master Edit’ on 1993 single). Some various artists compilations also list ‘Qat’ but contain ‘Master’.

‘Sasha’s Qat Mix’ first appeared on Sasha’s own mix release “Renaissance: The Mix Collection” in 1994, but only the first 7:20 minutes of it. The full mix is 10:04 and it appears (only?) on the 1998 promo 2×12″ “The Best Of M People (Remixed 1)”. This mix is indeed ‘Qat Mix’. I’m not aware of actual edits of the ‘Qat Mix’.

There’s also some confusion about “Someday”, ‘Sasha’s Full Tension Mix’ and ‘Sasha’s Master Mix’. Neither is listed to appear on the 11-disc box, but ‘Sasha’s Full Tension Mix’ is listed on “M People: Gold”.


I would have much preferred a two disc set. One cd and a dvd together instead of stretch out the issue


Unfortunately the M PEOPLE GOLD compilation included an alternate radio mix of “Search for the hero”, in which the choir vocals before the refrain are missing.
I hope they will not make the same mistake on the box set.


I’m assuming the absence of previously commercially available Remixes and Live audio/video tracks were due to obtaining the licences? For example that BIR ‘Open your heart’ remix was on the CD Single and the bonus ‘Live & Remixed’ disc of ‘Bizarre Fruit II’. That should have been at least included as it features an Alternate vocal to the original. In terms of original songs, everything is as previously released. They didn’t have any original track recordings as B-sides, I read somewhere years ago, that they only recorded enough tracks for each album and there were no unreleased recordings. I don’t believe any tracks have surfaced on the internet since, it would have been a treat to hear an exclusive track from the original album sessions. The only track missing from both ‘Northern Soul’ albums is ‘Inner City Dub’ a mix, but perhaps should have been present as Demon surely own that master. Will be nice to have the ‘What A Fool Believes (Full-Length Version)’ as that was only on the US compilation ‘Testify’. The Jools Holland special ‘Released as the ‘One Night In Heaven’ long form Video/DVD’ must also be absent due to licensing issues, as that was widely commercially available, Half the show was released on audio CD as a bonus disc on the ‘Best Of’ album. With the Gladys Knight and the Pips cover of ‘Baby Don’t Change Your Mind’ appearing on the ‘Dreaming’ CD single, which also has the official ‘Best Of’ Megamix that should have also appeared here. As others have said it’s not a comprehensive retrospective, though it isn’t advertised as such, sets like these can lead people to believe they are. It’ll be great to have the ‘Come Again’ concert on Disc, It’s a shame ‘No pun intended’ that they didn’t film the Fresco or Best Of tours. I’ll be purchasing this, because I’d like all their Music Videos on DVD, as they’re scattered on You Tube and of varying quality.


So people are saying the Gold, the complement release to this box, is of terrible quality owing to vinyl rips. Can anyone attest to that? Hopefully this box wont be just another Doom Box!


Shame they appear to be ignoring the vinyl format on M People reissues? Demon seem to be releasing every random person under the sun under the ‘GOLD’ branding on vinyl. I’m expecting Bob The Builder ‘GOLD’ next on vinyl, but no M People? Disappointing.

Mickey D

I think this is very expansive and includes some rare remixes previously only available on vinyl/promo only. The 3rd Disc of Gold does include remixes not available on the boxset too.

I did contact Demon to ask if there was going to be a compilation of the missing remixes because there are some mixes I’m surprised they haven’t included (Open Your Heart – BIR/Moving On Up – M People Dub/Padlock – Junior’s Soundfactory Mix etc) they said:


Thank you for contacting Demon and for taking the time to send us your feedback and suggestions.

We have no plans to release any further material but we have passed your feedback onto our product managers for consideration. As always, what we are able to release very much depends on whether we can secure the rights from the rights holders.

With thanks,

David H Richards

so- sorry if I missed this- does this have MArtun Fry’s vocal version of Life?

Daniel ( from Berlin )

yes. abc’s martin fry sings on “life” – i don’t why, but this track was deleted for later album releases of “nothern soul”. it sounds much like the house tracks from “up”. great track only with fry’s vocals! i asked myself since then: why this is on a m people album.
it’s about time for a ABC box set!!

James Blair

Re: “Search for the Hero (Master Mix)”
The original 6+ min album version was remixed (quite substantially) into the 4:40-ish “Master Mix” for single release. This full version was only released on 12” vinyl at the time.
The 4:10-ish radio edit of this mix (which trimmed a few bars from the intro, instrumental break and outro) was released on the CD single and the subsequent re-issues of the “Bizarre Fruit” album.
So, the full-length “Master Mix” is new to CD here, but only boasts an extra 30 seconds or so over the commonly-found radio mix.
Hope this helps.

Mark Thompson

Missing is the (Guitar mix ) of Kiss it better (Northern Soul)
& the Outstanding BIR (Soundtrack mix ) of
Open Your Heart. It’s 10 mins of absolute class …


Daniel ( from Berlin )

the new cd set “Shalamar GOLD” is the complete evidence of how bad a collection can be. the 3 cd set is full of vinyl noises, lousy “remastering” and vinyl clicks. it should renamed to “Shalamar GARBAGE”. my original 12” vinyls sounds better than this “remastered” tracks.


just wondering how many errors will there be (wrong mixes,wrong remaster blah blah,blah…)just remembered “Dead or Alive” and Heaven 17 boxsets… :-(


Bizarre Fruit – Track 12:
Search for the hero (M People Master Mix)

Never heard about it.
After checking on various sites, I’ve found that this mix is included on the 12” US Promo Single. But the duration is the same as the Album Version!

Can someone confirm if this is a different mix?


I think the Master mixes are the original Album versions. Longer than the Singles, but same arrangement.
I remember that on later editions “sfth” was replace by the 7″ Version so I think the Master Mix” is the original Album Version.
Maybe others could be more precise.


I think Demon might have made a mistake here, as I believe the Master Mix and Album Version of “Search For The Hero” are the same mix.

On another note, I suppose this means Demon has the rights to the entire M People catalogue and will milk it for all its worth. We already have Gold coming out this week, and now these album reissues in February (record labels should be banned from using the word “definitive”), and I’m sure by late 2020 or early 2021 there will be an M People Singles Box containing all the missing mixes and edits (and some, but not all, of the remixes from Gold and this set).


I’d say this was pretty definitive though, especially as the promo videos have never been available on DVD until now.


Dave B, you are not alone Down Under. Amazon.com banned Switzerland last Christmas. I was also hoping for public outrage but most people were haoy saying it would force people to buy locally. The sheer ignorance of locals about gazillions of products and articles that are not for sale in the country! Basically forced to buy f***ing DJ Bobo for life no thank you! How bloody Swiss of….Switzerland! I don’t blame amazon.com for the decision but they are hapoy to collect taxes in advance for shipping to Italy, and some other amazons do collect Swiss VAT so what’s the problem? It’s like they had a family fallout and refuse to meet up even for the holidays.


I’d love to find a Bowie box set offering this level of value at the same price!

Giuseppe D.

I was asked to submit my remix of “Testify” but nobody ever got back to me. :(


OMG… OMG… OMG!!!! I am so happy right now! I have literally been waiting for what seems like an eternity for a set like this! I love M People – and finally, all the promos on DVD. I have to have this set! Wow… made my day!


Anyone recall that Not The Nine O’Clock News scene where Mel Smith goes into the gift shop

James Giraffe

Eldritch, I’ve watched this twice now (and I thank you very much for that because I’ve never watched this show before), but I don’t know which sketch you’re referring to. And what it’s got to do with this thread.

Not bring picky here – I’m genuinely interested.


Just did a quick look on missing (remixes). Pretty comprehensive if you add the GOLD collection into the mix. (pun intended)
There are a few minor missing mixes & some i’ve never heard of even though I have most of the promo 12″. Though this could be mix name variations. As we know this always happens. I call it Artistic licence from the person typing up track listings at pressing time.


Random question, but I’ve just moved from New Zealand to Australia and can no longer order from the Amazon UK site…anyone know why this is? I guess I’ll just have to wait until it’s available to buy locally.


Australia is banned from Amazon UK i think

Ant in NZ

Australia charges GST on all internet purchases (actually NZ will do the same as of Dec 1st….). The problem is that they expected Amazon to charge GST on behalf and then pass it back to Australia. You can imagine how that would go down with the retailer. Find out if Australia has the equivalent of Youshop and use that to be able to order from around the world would be my suggestion. You will of course still have to pay GST on the amount you paid (including shipping).

Dave B from Melbourne, Australia

Hi Matt,

Our pathetic federal government changed the law relating to the collection of Goods & Services Tax (GST). Previously, only goods imported to Oz that were (I think from memory) AUD $1,000.00 and over were subject to GST. The law change meant ALL goods, regardless of price, were now subject to the tax, if the overseas business making the sale was of a certain size. The Australian government insisted that the seller was responsible for the tax collection and submission. Initially, Amazon effectively said “get stuffed – we’re not your tax department’s employees – it’s not our responsibility” (or words to that effect, haha!) ;)

As a result, Amazon refused to deliver to Australia, probably thinking a public backlash by their Oz customers would force the Oz government to backdown and rethink the change. The Oz government steadfastly refused to do so, so Amazon banned shipments to Oz.

Initially, ALL Amazon businesses globally enforced the new ban, but Amazon US changed their mind and will deliver and collect/submit GST to the Oz government.

The outcome is pretty shitful for Oz consumers because (A) we’re excluded from a major international marketplace and treated like some hick backwater, (B) Amazon US charge ridiculous delivery fees to Oz, (C) Amazon Australia is pretty new and has only a fraction of the stock – often having no listing for many of the amazing items Paul highlights on his wonderful SDE site, (D) we’re blu ray region B here in Oz – same as the UK – so now have little access to the huge range of (often) cheap blu rays that don’t get released locally in Oz due to our smaller buying population.

For Amazon to have pissed off an entire country as a market for their products is unbelievable! Still, there’s always eBay, which I immediately migrated to and now give my dollars to!

So “get stuffed” Amazon UK!!!!

There Endeth the rant.


There was a theory, how accurate I don’t know, that Amazon really did it because they were hoping to use it to promote the new Australian Amazon site. However, given that it was vastly understocked, they relented and allowed the US to send to Australia again, but all the other Amazons are still blocked.
It sucks, frankly. The Australian Amazon does have some good bargains but has a pathetic stock in CD/DVD etc and so you miss out on a lot. I wouldn’t mind quite so much if they at least let the UK send to Australia again.


Dave B, just a suggestion, but if you have any friends in UK who would be willing to have you send them to their address, then u reimburse them for mailing to you. I do this for a friend, even including concert tickets he can use when visiting UK – beats the hefty import fees and you can get all the great SDE recommendations hassle free


Question is why did you move from New Zealand to Australia? I’m getting amazon album price less VAT +3.50 shipping :-)

Michael Reinberg

What A Great Boxset, ordered ! Love The Remix CD’s !


Nice looking but what’s with the continued use of DVDs on these deluxe box sets? It’s 2019. You could easily get the contents of both of those discs on a single Blu-Ray.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

i checked my “m-people archives” and much remixes are really missing in this set. some “edits” should be replaced with more remixes. i will have it but i’m not happy with that. why they don’t make a box like “mel & kim singles box set” ? maybe new to someone: martin fry sings on “life” – only on the first release of the 1st album – later deleted. this is a highlight for me in this set.


I already have it but how on earth could they omit the Brothers in Rhythm mix of Open Your Heart?? I saw them perform at a festival a couple of years ago where Heather announced it was the last ever M people show and thought that something must not be right between them but even then the performed version of Open Your Heart borrowed heavily from the BIR version


Hopefully they will include the “original single mixes” & not the “edited mixes” included on the “THE BEST OF M PEOPLE” compilation back in 1998.


Hurrah for remixes for each album! Ordered immediately due to signed primt but why Heather absent from interviews and print? Did they fall out?

Joel Ivins

Wow…another “new” group to investigate…I think I heard them when I was stationed in Berlin in the army in the early 90’s…if not, I have been aware of them but never listened to them… between them and Maria McKee, I’m looking forward to some new ear orgasms…Paul, thanks again for this site and your passion

Steve W

Not one for me but that is an exceptional price! Well done to everyone behind it.


What an excellent value box. Amazing!! Just ordered one.


I’m sure bigger fans than me will be bemoaning various remix omissions – not that the collection even pretends to be complete.

So for once I’d like to get in first and say I have two promotional CDs (from Kahlua and Boddingtons!) that have a few remixes missing from the above track listings.


I remember that Kahlua CD. I destroyed the sleeve trying to remove it from the bottle as it was glued onto it!

Russ Parker

Now this how you do a retrospective collection.

Phil B

Ordered without any hesitation.
What a bargain!
Thx Paul.

Can’t we ask Heather nicely to sign as well? ;-)

Jonathan Riley

This is an amazing price for this. Ordered it asap and saw i even had a credit on amazon.uk which makes it even better
Figures im waiting on the mpeople gold to arrive


Does this mean we are going to get an Ace of Base and Village People box set next? :-)


+ 1 ! I’d love to get a REAL complete Ace of base sessions ! Village people discography would also need some curated box set….

Larry Davis

I have this Russian 2CD Ace of Base set, which goes a bit deeper than the Gold…I would be interested in a box…as for the Village People, I may go for the Gold, which might be fine enough…how about Real McCoy or Snap?? I have both US albums of both acts…I wonder if they have more than what most people think?? Looking forward to the M People Gold…I wonder if it shipped yet??

Larry Davis

Ordered!!! I guess that 3CD Gold was a taster for this box… this set looks amazing, I doubt anything is missing, no shortage of mixes…nice that the 9th is just Knuckles & Morales mixes…what I love about this band is they took their Factory/Hacienda clubculture roots, mixed it with NYC/Chicago House music & 70s Northern Soul, and made it palatable for a 90s Britpop audience, on top of that, the songs are amazing, a few cool covers, and Heather Small is an amazing singer…prob the best female soul singer to emerge in the 90s…I have one of her solo albums, how many does she have?? Hope to meet her one day…to complete the signatures at least…great value, more than the Dollar & Change boxsets…no pun intended haha…

Phil B

Saw Heather performing last year in April at the ULU/London.
Great performance – if you ever have the chance ;-)

Neil Kelly

Yikes a one-off like this and signatures and interview from all except Heather? I guess they really fell out?

Robert Laversuch

No brainer- ordered. Thank you for heads up