Madness / Can’t Touch Us Now


The Nutty Boys’ new album

Madness return in October with Can’t Touch Us Now, their first new album since 2o12’s Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da.

The full track listing hasn’t been revealed just yet, but tracks will include Mr Apples, Mumbo Jumbo, Can’t Touch Us Now and the Amy Winehouse referencing Blackbird. Check out the amusing ‘press conference’ below, with the band announcing the long-player to London’s Chelsea Pensioners.

As well as standard vinyl and CD editions, there will be a limited two-CD deluxe box set of Can’t Touch Us Now which comes packaged with a unique Madness edition of ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’, a vintage-style game created by friend-of-the-band Dee Jay Wheelie bag, where players take to the stage in their very own theatre and entertain one another with 36 special edition performance cards all inspired by the songs and lyrics of Can’t Touch Us Now. Perhaps more importantly, this also delivers an extra disc of bonus material (no details yet revealed) exclusive only to this edition, as well as a fold out booklet.

Can’t Touch Us Now – 2CD deluxe box set

At the moment the deluxe edition can only be found on the band’s official store, but we think that will change soon (this post will be updated).

Can’t Touch Us Now will be released on 28 October 2016. A UK tour will follow in December.

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Sarah Baron

Who did the artwork anyone know?


“At the moment the deluxe edition can only be found on the band’s official store, but we think that will change soon”

I do hope your right… this edition sold out within a week and is now selling for £70 on eBay!!

Whether it’s a supply problem or the edition is very limited, I can’t believe the guys in the band will be happy that this is any way to treat fans.

Keith Rose

Amazon UK have now got the single cd edition down to £9.99 on price promise so you’ll pay no more and possibly less than the £9.99


I don’t have any friends to entertain – can I just get the 2-discer by itself?

elliott buckingham

found these a great singles band but found a lot of the album tracks very lacking

Neil Kelly

Got any more jokes like that?

Robert Fitzpatrick

chas Smash left


Looking forward to this. They still put out strong albums. Only 6 members on the front cover – who has left?

Neil Kelly

In 2014… Solo album is great. Where you been? This could be the first 6 member front cover since the first which was also missing Chas as he was just the group’s dancer back in August 1979!!

steve pryde

it’s not the first since one step beyond, as utter madness has a 6 member cover

Neil Kelly

Good point!

Robert Fitzpatrick

I have ordered the last two albums from the madness store and have not been disappointed so I just pre-order the 2 cd set tonight ! great group.

tyrone tudor

The album cover is very thought provoking. The bell in the belfry has fallen.
That’s just at a glimpse

It certainly looks like a homage to something.


At first look, I was wondering if they’d hired Peter Blake again…


2 mins 13 in quote: “It’s Clive Dunne” !