Madness / Full House: The Very Best Of Madness / 4LP vinyl with ‘pop-up’ sleeve

A new Madness Greatest Hits, Full House: The Very Best Of Madness will be released in a few weeks which includes songs from all of their albums, including last year’s Can’t Touch Us Now.

The 42-track collection is being issued as a two-CD set and as a special 4LP vinyl set that features a special ‘pop-up’ gatefold sleeve, along with printed inner bags.

The 4LP edition comes with an extravagant ‘pop-up’ gatefold sleeve (click image to enlarge)

The tracks are sequenced in chronological order from 1979’s The Prince to 2017’s Another Version Of Me and as well as the familiar hit singles, Full House includes a few of the band’s favourite album tracks.

Full House: The Very Best Of Madness will be released on 17 November 2017.

Full House: The Very Best Of Madness 

01. The Prince
02. One Step Beyond
03. My Girl
04. Bed And Breakfast Man
05. Night Boat To Cairo
06. Madness
07. Baggy Trousers
08. Embarrassment
09. The Return Of The Los Palmas 7
10. Grey Day
11. Shut Up
12. It Must Be Love
13. Cardiac Arrest
14. House Of Fun
15. Driving In My Car
16. Our House
17. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day)
18. Wings Of A Dove
19. The Sun And The Rain
20. Michael Caine
21. One Better Day
22. Uncle Sam
23. Yesterday’s Men
24. (Waiting For) The Ghost Train
25. Sarah’s Song
26. Lovestruck
27. Johnny The Horse
28. Drip Fed Fred
29. Simple Equation
30. Girl Why Don’t You
31. NW5
32. Dust Devil
33. Forever Young
34. Sugar And Spice
35. My Girl 2
36. Never Knew Your Name
37. How Can I Tell You?
38. Misery
39. La Luna
40. Mr. Apples
41. Can’t Touch Us Now
42. Another Version Of Me

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In addition to the omission of “Sweetest Girl,” it looks like “Sorry” and “Shame and Scandal” aren’t included, either.

Not familiar with “Sarah’s Song.” Is that a new track for this compilation?


Believe that was a new track for the ‘Our House – The Musical’ from 2002. It’s also on the Wonderful 2CD reissue.


Really wish they’d sort out the Deluxe of “The Madness”. Can’t be that difficult can it?

Neil Kelly

Spot on! And maybe a repress of the hard to find Mad not mad deluxe with a full version of the DVD!! My first EVER gig!


I asked the record company about this at the time the others were released with the numbered spines. They said they were having issues with Virgin records and were hoping to sort it out. Sad it never came out.

Albert Tatlock

No ‘The Sweetest Girl’, ‘I Pronounce You’ and ‘The Harder They Come’?


Nice that it’s up to date with the more recent singles, but I already own 3 “best of” Madness CDs!!!

Andy Vizor

If you only own 3 Best Ofs you’re not really trying haha. I love Madness, A LOT! But I do think they must short of cash…. another G Hits, a re-press/re-jig of the last album just weeks after release… Tommo doing Boots Hearing Aid ads & selling stuff on Pledge….

A life long fan, but I’ve thrown the towel in now. As already stated a couple of classics missing to boot. They must have overtaken Roxy Music for the most Best Ofs……

It’s really One Step Beyond, this won’t be entering Our House, it’s a Shame & Scandle. I’ve even told My Girl not to BUY IT – geddit? :-)

Karon Yeo

Andy Vizor.. ‘Shut Up’ coz ‘Believe me’ it’s ‘4AM’and ‘Tomorrows just another day’..We all make ‘Mistakes’and we all have ‘Memories’So ‘Calm down Mr Apples’otherwise you’ll end up having a ‘Cardiac Arrest’and the ‘Tears u can’t hide’will leave you feeling’Overdone’and it’ll be a ‘Grey Day’ in the ‘Sun and The Rain’..

Auntie Sabrina

Cow, maybe the postage costs/customs paperwork might mean the official site don’t want all the additional hassle?


I suppose there could be a litany of reasons, really, and that could very well be one of them. I’ve got a rather long history of irresponsibly mis-directing sizeable chunks of rent-money towards the shop on their official website, without ever having had this particular problem before. This is the first time.


Love the artwork!!


Pardon my ignorance, but why does the official Madness site list this as unable to ship stateside, yet Amazon UK seemingly has no similar problem? Any reasonable answer appreciated!


Many grateful thanks for that clear explanation, which makes sense — despite shades of absurdity. Really hoping that my copy sails through from Amazon UK, because the packaging looks absolutely superb.

And I can only agree with the comments above about the strength of their newer material. I find it quite exciting when material released forty years into a career more than holds its own against anything in the canon. For my money, that’s certainly the case with Madness.


Reminds me of the rights issues around their original US releases between Sire and Geffen which prevented them from appearing on the US CD version of Dance Craze as well as their original albums not being released on CD in the US (aside from Mad Not Mad).


Another best of??? They certainly know the art of releasing a best of every 2 years, for sure.


Agree about the new stuff being good. Mr Apples is prime madness: great tune/lyrics and great video. It would have been massive in the 80s.

Michael McA

Where’s ‘Sweetest Girl’?

Peas and Love

Oh yes, that’s a shame. I love their version, which improves on the Scritti version (and I’m a big Scritti fan) especially the horn break near the end. Top 40 hit as well. Otherwise good career spanning comp, and should be a good intro to the more recent stuff.


I’m getting this for sure on vinyl. Their individual albums are a bit pricey in the States for some reason, this will go nicely with my older pressings.

Speaking of Ska acts, sure wish rights could be figured out for Selecter. Their first two need a reissue or SDE treatment badly. It constantly amazes me the obscure bands that get this treatment while other artists get left out. I guess it’s just the way these days with rights all over the place. I think I’ll pester Cherry Red to make a push!

Larry Davis

Just preordered 2 copies… 13.49 pounds Amazon UK…price will prob drop to 9.99 before the 17th…Madness is the type of band to release multiple hits type collections and all are worthy… Their singles never get old… And their newest stuff is among their strongest…

Stevie B

A pop up sleeve…please, no knocking the cover on this one anyone!!!!

Chris Squires

What a lovely thing this looks to be. The kind of thing that the Tears for Fears best of should have been.
42 tracks is a decent amount. Really looking forward to this. I have “Complete” on 2LP so plenty more to get my teeth into. Nice one lads!

Lon Pinkerton
Rob C

I think many don’t realise TFF released a superb best of several years ago called Gold. It’s a 2-cd set and was complete including all the singles up through Everybody Loves A Happy Ending.

Auntie Sabrina

The 2 CD version is £9.99 at Zoom and HMV (if you can get on the site).