Madonna / Bedtime Stories vinyl reissue


Madonna‘s 1994 album Bedtime Stories will be reissued, by Rhino, on vinyl LP next month…

The album saw Madge collaborate with new producers such as Babyface, Nellee Hooper and Dallas Austin and it takes its title from the track Bedtime Story, a rather trancey third single written by Björk.

The idea with Bedtime Stories was to showcase a more ‘mature’ Madonna, with a slice of softer, R&B infused pop. It worked and the album contains some fantastic ‘deep cuts’ such as Forbidden Love and Love Tried to Welcome Me.

The lead single was Secret which peaked at number five in the UK, making it her 35th consecutive top 10 single in Britain. At the time it seemed like Madonna’s run of top ten singles would never end… until the next single Take A Bow was issued! While Americans loved that 45, keeping it at number one for seven weeks, in the UK it stalled at number 16 and her amazing chart, run which started 10 years earlier with Borderline, was over.

Normal service was resumed soon after and the other final two singles Bedtime Story and Human Nature (which addressed the furore over Madonna’s Erotica album and Sex book) both were top ten hits.

As it happened, in the following nine years between Take A Bow and 2003’s Love Profusion (from American Life) Madonna still only had ONE single that didn’t reach the UK top ten and that was Once More Chance from the Something To Remember album. To put it another way, in 19 years only two of Madonna’s singles charted outside the UK top ten! Beat that, artists of today!

Anyway, Bedtime Stories will be issued on vinyl LP on 19 August 2016.

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Bedtime Stories [VINYL]



1. Survival
2. Secret
3. I’d Rather Be Your Lover
4. Don’t Stop
5. Inside of Me
6. Human Nature
7. Forbidden Love
8. Love Tried to Welcome Me
9. Sanctuary
10. Bedtime Story
11. Take a Bow

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Wanted to point out that the cover photo on this release is not the original “upside down” photo, which is annoying, cause it is not really upside down. She’s laying with her head at the foot of the bed (feet at the pillows). I don’t understand why it was ever changed, just cause some can’t understand orientation. Disappointed, especially when you factor in the bad photo quality.


Received my copy today, sounds glorious! My only gripe is the quality of the record sleeve, it looks like a cheap photocopy. Other than that, I’m over the moon! The final Madonna album on vinyl to my collection


I haven’t received my copy yet (I have the original 1994 release and it looks amazing). But I have received the reissues of the first four albums. They all look fine except for Like A Prayer, which has that “faded, photocopied” looking sleeve compared to the original release.

I remember seeing the 2012 re-issues in a store and I thought they all looked worse then the new ones. The new releases sound pretty good – a bit strange though that they all come with the original inner sleeves but the actual records are in separate generic sleeves.


Strange that Bedtime Stories is getting a UK/Euro release since I think that all the other recent vinyl re-issues (her first 5 studio albums and Ray Of Light) seem to be a US only thing…


“Bedtime Story” and “Love Tried To Welcome Me” will always be in the top ten of my all time fav M song. The album still has a few duds (Forbidden Love is forgettable and Don’t Stop is boring). Sadly I paid a lot of money for the mexican LP back in the day but it was only one vinyl record and not the rare 2 vinyl version which I was hoping was going to reissued here.


*”One [not Once] More Try” — which I thought was a pretty weak new song from the “Something To Remember” ballads album (“You’ll See” was brilliant). The melody seems off key to the instrumental accompaniment in parts!


It’s “One More Chance”


Have not been a huge fan, but this particular album is her best in my opinion. Warm and mature in its musicianly approach, awesome production with that punchy bass throughout; Nellee Hooper, Babyface et al helping with production obviously agreed with Madonna. Three killer tracks in Human Nature, Take A Bow and Secret. Some filler in between; so I guess I don’t play it a lot, but sure glad its on the shelf! Awesome artwork too!! Who cares if she is upside down! LOL.


Could u please make a review about the new 2016 editions? I guess they look better (cover) than the 2012 LPs and I want to know about sound quality and other pictures (back / Inside) + song versions.


Howard Trigg

Some saying Madonna went downhill since ROL; I beg to differ. Whilst American Life was very much a fan loved album, it is a fascinating, brilliant electronic album which I love to this day. And what about Confessions! Absolutely classic dance / pop album. Hard Candy was weak for me but half of it was excellent, and MDNA also had some brilliant songs on it; it was almost fantastic but something felt disconnected. And Rebel Heart; filled to the brim with some fantastic M trax, including one of her best ever songs, Ghosttown amongst others.


Any whispers of super deluxes with any of her albums in the works?


No brainer, It’s the only vinyl missing from my collection. Any info on the pressing nmbers? 10K?

Lee Williams

My favourite Madge album with Secret, Take a Bow and Human Nature up there as some of my favourite singles. Let’s hope we get deluxe versions one day.

elliott buckingham

Madonna went downhill after like a prayer imo. I would like a comprehensive 12″ collection though with gambler included which I don’t think appears on any album


I think Madonna’s output overall has generally been very strong over the 30+ years she been releasing music. Like every artist, some albums are better than other.

You are correct, the 12″ version of “Gambler” has never been issued on any official Madonna release, except the original 12″ record.


The “Like A Prayer” album was definitely her artistic peak (and the best album of her career) but I don’t think she really started going downhill until after the “Ray of Light” album. That album was excellent, but everything after that point was very hit or miss. “Hung Up” and “4 Minutes” were just about the only singles after “Beautiful Stranger” that ever came close to the level of her brilliant, early stuff.

Michael Dalton

I saw MADONNA, the cover art, and thought: Finally! A Deluxe Edition!!!!! Damn!! I wonder if she’ll ever sanction them? Surely for Ray Of Light, Erotica, and Like A Prayer at least? Its been long enough now. There are so many outtakes floating around the net…

I’d love to see her do for Ray Of Light what a-ha did for their debut last year. That album deserves it.


Drugs! Lol. Just kidding.


albums* (I meant to write that I hope that Rhino reissue her albums, the entire catalog).


Probably my least favorite Madonna album, but I do love ‘Human Nature’ and ‘Take A Bow’ has recently grown on me. When ‘Rebel Heart’ came out last year I went on a Madonna-marathon and one thing that happened was that ‘Take A Bow’ became a favorite, which I hardly ever listened to before (but always loved the video to it) anyways, I do wonder if Rhino are planning to ever reissue Madonna’s album on CD with bonus tracks etc… or if this is a one-time release of ‘Bedtime Stories’. I would be so excited if they would reissue her albums with extras. Madonna really is due for a single box, with b-sides and remixes galore!


Have loved this album and considered it to be underrated for years. Very excited to get this on vinyl. One of her best in my opinion.


Totally agree; it’s my all time favorite Madonna album and I’d argue Top 3 as far as quality goes (along with Like A Prayer and Ray of Light).


“Oh Father” (2nd UK single from Something to Remember) also got only to no. 16 on charts.

Very happy about BS finally getting a vinyl reissue. It was supposed to be released back in April 2012 with rest of the vinyl reissues but was cancelled for some reason. I have hit myself for not buying the original issue back in the 90’s when it was still available for a reasonable price.

Regarding the cover: I remember back in early ’95 receiving newsletter from ICON the official fan club where it was announced that the album was going to be repressed with upside down-version of the cover picture. The first pressing was printed by mistake with right side up picture. The new version of cd and cassette was made only for US market around February 1995.


The artwork for the new release is shown different from the original vinyl release – so us die-hard collectors can finally have the vinyl with the “correct” cover.


Amazon UK has just changed the cover photo – it now sadly matches the original 1994 release.


Glad to see this coming out. I have the (very rare) original vinyl from 1994 but I will buy this as well. A fantastic album. If memory serves the original vinyl had the cover picture “upside down”, so it will be a bonus to get this release with a “different” artwork.

Madonna’s first four studio albums were recently re-issued in the US on 180 g vinyl and “Ray Of Light” will follow in September.

As for “Take A Bow” not making the UK Top 10, it really is no wonder. The CD single only had an edit, instrumental and the album version. There was a ltd 7″ picture disc that could have been done with a much better picture. No 12″, no remixes or b-sides. Madonna’s chart history is indeed amazing and it is a shame that there wasn’t more thought put into this single release in the UK (in the US there was a maxi CD and a 12″ with remixes).


Yes, Erotica was a similar release. Europe got a ltd remixes CD single and three of the remixes were released on the “Bad Girl” single. Strange to have all these remixes and not release them worldwide. As for “One More Change”, it is hardly surprising that it did not make the Top 10. Released as a CD single and ltd poster sleeve CD single, both were just backed with Spanish and Spanglish versions of “You’ll See”. Without a video or any promo it still peaked at #11 though (same peak as “Love Profusion”).


Brilliant news!!!! It’s the only vinyl missing from my collection and I LOVE this album. I have to play it from start to finish. Just pre orderd! Just want and need Impossible Princess by Kylie to be printed on vinyl, and life will be complete


Kylie’s “Impossibe Princess” on vinyl is very, very high on my wishlist along with her other albums from 2000-2007. I would also love to have Madonna’s GHV2 released on vinyl – it is her only compilation that never saw a vinyl release.


Not sure about the original vinyl, but I know the original CD (in the US) was released with two versions of the cover. The same picture just flipped 180 degrees. I remember seeing a store display that had them “checkerboarded.”

I didn’t know that “Take A Bow” broke Madonna’s Top 10 streak in the UK. It was (and still is) her biggest US hit in terms of weeks at #1. Even more interesting is that “Bedtime Story” missed the Top 40 altogether in the US (peaking at #42) breaking her US run of 32 consecutive Top 40 singles going back to “Holiday” in 1983. “Human Nature” was also a “flop” (by Madonna standards) peaking at #46. I had no idea they were Top 10 hits in the UK. (“Human Nature” wasn’t bad, but I thought “Bedtime Story” was godawful. Still do.)