Madonna clear vinyl pressings

Rhino will issue four early Madonna album as limited clear vinyl pressings in November.

Madonna (the first album from 1983), Like A Virgin (1984), True Blue (1986) and the Who’s That Girl soundtrack from 1987 will all be issued on 180g ‘crystal clear’ vinyl.

It’s not quite clear why True Blue is a bit more expensive than the others. Perhaps it comes with the original poster, although that hasn’t been confirmed. Like A Virgin stays true to the original track listing, so no ‘Into The Groove’.

All four records are reissued on 8 November 2019.


1 Lucky Star
2 Borderline
3 Burning Up
4 I Know It
5 Holiday
6 Think of Me
7 Physical Attraction
8 Everybody

Like A Virgin

1 Material Girl
2 Angel
3 Like a Virgin
4 Over and Over
5 Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
6 Dress You Up
7 Shoo-Bee-Doo
8 Pretender
9 Stay

True Blue

1 Papa Don’t Preach
2 Open Your Heart
3 White Heat
4 Live to Tell
5 Where’s the Party
6 True Blue
7 La Isla Bonita
8 Jimmy Jimmy
9 Love Makes the World Go Round

Who’s That Girl

1 Who’s that Girl (Performed by Madonna)
2 Causing a Commotion (Performed by Madonna)
3 The Look of Love (Performed by Madonna)
4 24 Hours (Performed by Duncan Faure)
5 Step by Step (Performed by Club Nouveau)
6 Turn It Up (Performed by Michael Davidson)
7 Best Thing Ever (Performed by Scritti Politti)
8 Can’t Stop (Performed by Madonna)
9 El Coco Lolo (So So Bad)(Performed by Madonna)

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As the new owner of a record player the early reissues have been easy to find and affordable.Not so for her later works m.d.n.a and The Celebration collection which have colourful artwork yet a hefty resale price online So while I’m more than happy with my purchases of older and more recent l.psI’m glad I’ve completed my collection as far as I can,and I’ve purged myself of a over availability of Madonna stock.


When are they ever gonna release a Deluxe edition of Like A Prayer (her best album)?! That’s what I’m most anxious for.


Target.com has a buy 2, get 1 free promotion going right now, and all of these are eligible for that sale.

Luis Martinez-Orozco

Hi, John , do they deliver to the UK?


Hey Paul – Madge didn’t perform the final track on Who’s That Girl, it was Coati Mundi.


Super Deluxe Like a Prayer is coming apparently.


Not on vinul


For long time collectors these are far from essential but I would imagine that new younger fans and vinyl collectors will enjoy these.


Given how little interest madonna has in her own back catalogue I wouldn’t expect many
( if any) proper re- issues in the future


As for re-masters we may just get Like a Prayer 30th anniversary all be it a little late.
Warners.cz has a 4cd set listed with EAN 0603497849680
Other formats also that had rumoured EAN were, LP, LP Picture Disc, Single CD, Double CD.
This now looks like it could be RSD April 2020 release although not officially confirmed.

From what i’ve been reading after the youtube demo uploads Patrick Leonard has gone quiet. Leading to rumours he is actually working on the re-master to spoil that cassettes worth.
Though this is all just talk. I do hope it’s true.

As already mentioned the Yellow I’m Breathless exclusive from Barnes & Nobel, we are also in for 12″ remixes of I Rise for RSD Black Friday 2019. However I Rise may be USA RSD only as its not listed on the UK list as yet.



Demos , single edits, and even a Live disc.
Only thing missing is 5.1.


Feel like I read all this on madonnaonfinity


After reading your comment I did some research, and I found a Czech music store that also has a release date: Nov 29, 2019! And price for the 4CD edition: 56,99€. I wonder if this is true.



It seems Warner/rhino are hell bent on releasing her vinyl back catalogue as coloured/clear vinyl and I don’t have an issue with it. First time colour release for the debut album and who’s that girl. I would like GHV2, mdna and celebration vinyl re-issues but I guess they will come. I don’t get why some are moaning, you aren’t forced to buy


MDNA wasn’t released by Warner it was released by Interscope so Rhino cannot do a reissue of any release after Celebration. Although I am with you on the others. A reissue of GHV2 and Celebration would be amazing.


Agreed Brad, However a re-issue without the half arsed attempt on Celebration on missing the first few beats of Dress You Up & other assorted fails on the edits. They did try and fix some issues on the mastering & re-issued the single & double CD but left in a couple of fails like Dress You Up.

Martin Power

It is not a question of ‘moaning’ it is stating a clear fact that that these albums have all had a recent release on coloured vinyl – Hence a cash cow (I picked them up so ‘not forced to buy’ but this is one of the big reasons people don’t trust record companies

Paul Nesmith

It does’nt look like we will ever see Deluxe CD Madonna reissues any time soon,these vinyl releases are superfluous,any fan of Madonna would love to see a complete remastering and reissue of her 83-93 back catalogue with all accompanying b sides rarities remixes,i mean its 30 years now since Like A Prayer but theres nothing,really disappointing


Like A Prayer is supposedly getting reissues. I have seen a catalogue number. I would imagine the hold up is due to the Madame X album.


I’m a pretty die hard fan who in the past couple of years has paid through the nose for the four Sainsburys color editions, I got the Back To The 80’s white vinyl version of Like A Virgin, the Record Store Day clear version of Ray Of Light, the red RSD version of You Can Dance…

What I’m saying is, even for me, ENOUGH. I don’t need more of this stuff. There is a lot more they could do with her catalog. Hard pass on these.

I will say I’m bummed I missed out on the Barnes and Noble exclusive upcoming yellow vinyl version of I’m Breathless. But I’ll end up with one from eBay for not MUCH more than face value.

Kevin Welch

@JPH Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there have been 6 Sainsbury’s coloured vinyl Madonna releases up to now: Like A Prayer (red) and True Blue (blue) in 2016, Like A Virgin (clear) and Ray Of Light (2LP blue) in 2017, Music (blue) and Erotica (2LP white) last year.


@Kevin Welch – I’ve got LAP, LAV, True Blue, and Ray Of Light. I didn’t bother with Erotica and Music because I have identical pressings of those from elsewhere (another example of the colored disc repress overkill).


I think as collectors we all have a tolerance level, wether that be financial or the fact that at the end of the day these releases are ‘stuff’. Fans have been subject to coloured releases available from outlets like Tesco or Sainsbury’s for some years now. HMV have jumped on the bandwagon with their own take on record store day. It’s a money spinner! Every super deluxe edition is there to be exceeded by a new release making earlier editions less desirable. Even if you keep items in mint condition resale value is pretty low in most cases and the latest ploy is multiple variants on release, of the same audio in either different sleeves or different coloured vinyls. As time passes, fewer people actually need this stuff and collectors become less inclined (for various reasons) to chase their former passion. Ultimately, flooding of the market with so many variants will alienate the majority of the fan base these items are aimed at


Always odd to re-release vinyl that sold in the millions when originally released.If you shop around,especially in charity shops,you can find decent quality copies of all these LP’s at 50p each or even cheaper.In the last year alone I’ve spotted good quality copies of all these 4 LP’s several times.One charity shop in my locale even has a sealed mint brand new copy of Like a Virgin for only £1. Who are these clowns that want to pay a small fortune for re-released versions of easily found vinyl?


“Who are these clowns that want to pay a small fortune for re-released versions of easily found vinyl?”



Yes…..but ….COLOURED VINYL! ;)
Strictly for the collectors I would say. Not of interest to me really – much of her old material hasn’t really stood the test of time that well. Ray of Light would be the only album I still regularly go back to.


Without the early stuff there wouldn’t be Madonna or the album Ray Of Light. The earlier releases made her and where she is now. Without these albums she will be nothing.


Madonna completist ‘clowns’ and those that want a mint copy and have not found one in a charity shop. Most original copies of these albums will have been very well played, as they should be.


Another Madonna reissue campaign fail! I mean, who is coming up with these ridiculous releases?
Madonna if youre reading this PLEASE hire some people who know your catalog AND know what your fans and the music buying public WANT.
Take for instance the “Who’s That Girl” soundtrack – To this day, I can find SEALED copies of the original issue at any record store I drop by. As far as Madonna sales go, this is probably her lowest selling project of the 80, 90, and 00’s. – Why would Rhino reissue this, especially since they just reissued it in January as part of your “Back to 80’s” reissue campaign. Such a waste and very upsetting every year that goes by and we get nothing as Madonna fans. There’s going to come a time when Im not going to be interested in her reissue campaigns at all. I certainly hope it doesnt take her death to make something happen (like Prince and his vaults opening after his death).


Lets not exaggerate: Madonna has reissued on vinyl only once, then a couple of them as colored vinyl (some were bloody sainsbury exclusives). Just now some come in clear vinyl. Were are far from absurd reissueland. I however find them totally superfluous and wont be buying. I second your feeling about expanded cd reissues!


Do we need more of the same? Tell Rhino I consider to buy the album if they add a second vinil with the remixes. What’s the point of buying something that I bought 34 years ago and still have on my collection.


no one needs these and im sure all of these have already been re-issued recently. What is the significance of releasing all of these on clear vinyl?

Chris H

More vinyl reissues *sigh*

When will we get remastered deluxe editions of Madonna’s albums, with all the single edits included, across 2 or 3 CDs per album?

Martin Power

Gawd talk about flogging a dead horse! How many times have these been released in variants of coloured vinyl over the past couple of years? Flipping heck there is no wonder music businesses take some flak


They will be re-released while fans and collector continue buying. This is simply bu$ines and there is nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately it does not satisfied collectors who want the singles, B-sides, remixes, outtakes, rarities, etc . Those will come out some day.