Madonna / Immaculate Collection limited edition coloured vinyl 2LP


Rhino’s forthcoming limited edition Madonna Immaculate Collection 2LP (part of their Start Your Ear Off Right campaign) pressed on blue/white and gold vinyl is available to order in the UK – at a price.

This collector’s set is listed on Amazon UK for £43, which is a lot of money, although in reality is probably not much more than the cost of sourcing this US-only set from another channel in America and paying shipping and import duty to get it across to Europe.

This Immaculate Collection 2LP set has a 24 January release date

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Immaculate Collection (Blue/White Marble & Gold Vinyl) [VINYL]

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Side A

Lucky Star
Like A Virgin

Side B

Material Girl
Crazy For You
Into The Groove
Live To Tell

Side C

Papa Don’t Preach
Open Your Heart
La Isla Bonita
Like A Prayer

Side D

Express Yourself
Justify My Love
Rescue Me

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Did anyone ever receive their Amazon order?

Steve Rickard

Amazon cancelled my order yesterday !

David Hannah

My copy just arrived from Barnes & Noble (i went for the cheap postage ) and there were no import charges. Sometimes best to take a risk with import charges

John Lawton

Mine arrived today from Plaidroom $29.00 plus $24.00 postage. No further charges and delivered by Royal Mail. Dilemma is do I open and enjoy or leave it sealed and admire.

Alan Wilson

Mine arrived yesterday, very happy it, the records are in generic sleeves, but inside each side of the gate-fold the original LP sleeves are also included which is fantastic, I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, hopefully sometime later in the week.

Rob Iles

I ordered from Plaid and had it delivered to a friend to post it to me.
Plaid wanted $30 delivery and no guarantee of customs fees etc

Mine is arriving Tuesday – but looks amazing!

Alan Wilson

I cancelled my order the day of the £10 promotion and had intented to immediately re-order and push the order over the £50 mark only to realise Amazon had put the Madonna one up by a further £4 (didn’t notice before cancelling), so I decided in the end to leave it, only to notice a few days later an Amazon Seller had them for only £29, so I jumped straight on that, the seller sold out very quickly, i’m still yet to receive it, but it’s been dispatched which is good news.

Alan Wilson

The second order was from a Re-seller not from Amazon Direct – different stock and order queue alltogher Paul


Cancelled my Barnes and noble order and ordered from Amazon on the 20th Jan to take advantage of their £10 off offer. Order status was showing “we have you order” now being told they never had it?!? I’m fed up with having issues with every other item I order from Amazon. Barnes and noble not even showing it anymore. Guess I’ll have to pay £60 from a second hand dealer or I could just stop and give in to this one

Gareth Martin

Picked it up this morning at a local record store in Oakville Ontario for $39 CAD – my ears tell me it is in Q Sound. No extra’s but the blue / gold vinyl looks good on the turntable! Sound quality is fine.

JP Clarke

! was there more than one copy? i’m not that far from oakville

Gareth Martin

Yep – there were 3 or 4 more on display but “going fast” according to the guy at the store (PCV Records at Speers & 4th Line) FYI.


Yeah, my import duty was £30, but i ordered 2 copies and two blu rays, plus they were sent UPS express. So not too bad really.

John Lawton

I ordered from Screaming CD at the £29 price but received an email yesterday to advise that they have had a burst pipe in their warehouse which has destroyed my order.

John Lawton

Exactly, lame excuse


For those who ordered from Barnes + Noble, mine arrived to the UK today, and it is blue/gold vinyl.

Steve Rickard

Any import duty ?

Nick Preece

Amazon UK are absolutely Useless!
Anything I pre order eitherarrives damaged or is never in stock in the first place! I pre ordered this weeks ago at Amazon UK – Just had an email today 27th January, 3 days after release that it’s out of stock! Piss poor!

Luckily I pre ordered a copy from Barnes and Noble – even though they couldn’t tell me if it is in Coloured Vinyl or not, I also ordered one from Plaid Rooms in America, so hopefully Ordered 3…. 1 or 2 may come!

Chris Squires

I know Amazon UK aren’t perfect, particularly working conditions and tax-paid etc. etc. BUT in their defence they get it right more often that not and then you get little gems like The Who Live in Leeds for £13 and Bowie at the Beeb for £30 for which I am eternally grateful. I would prefer to buy locally or places like Assai / Sound Knowledge / RPM and will if the price differential isn’t too great, a couple of quid, but when they have stuff like Sting Vinyl at £155 vs. Amazon at £80 then it’s a no-brainer.

So the odd crushed spine (1 out of about 80 orders) is worth it for me at any rate.

Chris Squires

any idea why the widget is saying £29.46 but Amazon is still at £44.17 best price?

Just had an email this morning saying delivery will be delayed…. I do like the idea of £29 why am I not seeing that?

Steve Rickard

It was a third party seller “screaming cds” selling at that price, I happened to see it last night, the Amazon price hasn’t changed.

Chris Squires

Ah, Thank you.

Screaming Cds always list themselves as “screaming CD UK” on amazon UK which cons people into thinking they are UK based. I ordered an ABBA deluxe from them on 3rd December which just never made it and I had no idea they were not UK based until I saw an estimated delivery of 9th January.

It’s quite frustrating to see Japan / Canada / US sellers not always being upfront about where they are and where the stock is. Generally it’s worth an extra fiver or tenner on most things to know it will get here tomorrow rather than take my chances for 21 day delivery… or maybe not delivery.

But then my 19 year old daughter (all off her own bat) ordered the 2LP Gold Vinyl Book of Mormon from Barnes and Noble which turned up 4 days later in pristine condition with no import charges…go figure.

I have a feeling we won’t see the Madonna Immaculate LP and it will be quietly cancelled on Amazon UK. Would love to be proved wrong.

Steve Rickard

Have faith !!! I ordered the RSD emerald green Wizard of Oz sound track for £17 when it came out a few years a go. It was out of stock when I ordered it, then became unavailable. Over the weeks after ordering I got a few messages from Amazon asking would I like to cancel my order, but I left it open. Two months later I received my order. As Amazon are still taking orders I’m sure they’ll honor them.

John Dean-Morton

Just picked this up at Books-A Million. They had 2 copies at $34.99. It’s beautiful.

David Hannah

Have just ordered mine direct from B&N for $40 inc postage. Have used them before and not been charged import duties so will see what happens this time…

Nick Preece

I’ve used Barnes and Noble 7 times in the past year on Single LPs at a cost of $17.99 to $ 24.99 and been stung 6 out of 7 times for Royal Mails Ridiculous £8 handling charge and Import Charges! Ridiculous!


Hi Paul glad I waited. Just ordered the Madonna & T.REX Book Set & saved £10. Excellent.

Jan Greeve

I ordered free shipping on B&N, my husband brings it from the US to NL. Easy breezy and no import tax. Strange thing is, i’m so over Madge, guess this is nostalgia.

elliott buckingham

still well overpriced for a dbl lp


I’ll be in NYC on this date – where can I but instore? E


Cheers mate, doesn’t seem to be in stock but appreciate the tip!


Paul – Could you find out if Warner UK plan to release this as part of UK Record Store Day ?

Jan Burnett

Discogs tells us there’s 6,500 pressed apparently.


yep that was straight from a Rhino press release.


Alan, I know what you mean, but these prices would be called for if the vinyls were imported by individuals, and the duties would be reflected. Amazon imports in bulk and they will be paying much less than this.
I think the price might go down


Madge adding to her pension fund…


I wouldn’t be surprised if Madonna knew nothing about these coloured vinyl releases. I doubt Warner needs to consult her as they are basically releasing the same product but on Coloured vinyl. I believe Warner are allowed to reprint her back catalogue, but aren’t allowed to alter the track list or audio levels without her consent, hence no deluxe editions / remasters.


Correct – this is why nothing has been changed with the Rhino reissues.

Yani P

I’m amazed they managed to straight face this one lol

Alan Wilson

For the people questioning the high price on this one, the reason for this is that it’s only available in the American markets, it’s not a worldwide release, hence the price on Amazon UK also reflects this. Normally you would have European distributors etc. which would help keep the price similar to that of USA markets, but they’re ring fencing this one to USA only which only means for any other retailer wanting to stock them outside of the USA you have to import them and pay duty/taxes/shipping just the same as an individual customer would. Then on top of that at the moment you have factor in the poor exchange rate as well, which also doesn’t help and adds to the overall cost.

The fault lies solely with this particular promotion from Rhino in targeting only single and not world markets for these particular releases.


That’s $75 CAN plus shipping plus possible duties. Seriously?!!! For a double vinyl?!!!


Any idea what its limited too? How many pressed?


limited to 6500 copies, apparently.

Paul Herberts

I hope this is not the way things are going.

Gary Numan has recently released a live triple album from his successful Splinter tour for £70.00. It would complete my collection but not at that price! I settled for the CD and DVD multibuy for £40.00 which is much better value.


The recent colored Madonna vinyls were a Sainsbury’s exclusive (at the time at least) and sold out quikcly. The Immaculate Collection is supposed to be a US only limited edition (around 6.000 copies I think). But you never know, it might be released in other parts of the world at a later date.

As a serious Madonna collector I don’t find this release too expensive at all, especially from the US. I always pay import fees anyways so it makes no difference to me – last year alone I paid between 1.500 and 2.000 pounds in shipping and import fees for my purchases. Ridiculous but that’s the way it is.

Simon Taylor

Noted recently that Sainsburys have been getting some limited edition releases and selling them reasonably cheap. The recent Orange vinyl Trainspotting double vinyl, my local had several of those, just wondering if amazon are selling there maybe a change of Sainsburys jumping on and selling these. They did sell True Blue and Like A Prayer.

I’ll keep an eye on this, I want but not at that price. If I miss out so be it, but there must be a way of getting this elsewhere if amazon have copies. I’m intrigued.

Simon Taylor

I want this, any chance of it coming down I wonder. You can get the 5LP Bob Dylan Bootleg 1-3 Series release for not much more.

With that just talked myself out of being very, very silly. Doesn’t stop me wanting it tho!

Mark R

Too much plus import duty to the UK is probably around $20. Another thing is US vinyl can be a bit hit and miss. I usually go for EU vinyl, although vinyl pressed at GZ can be a bit wiffy.


I HATE GZ VINYL! the vinyl used on the Grace Jones disco box set in particular was appalling.

elliott buckingham

gz vinyl really are poor pressings but universal back to black seem to use these for the main part


Surely it’s too early for an April fools joke!

WB should forget stupid releases like this and negotiate to issue deluxe editions for the entire back catalogue.



You can buy the CD direct from Amazon UK and get change from a fiver!


That’s quite a lot of money for a 27 year old greatest hits compilation. I’m sure the deluxe version of this “The Royal Box” was only something like £22 when it originally came out (which I think was some months later in 1991). I might have considered it if the package included anything I haven’t seen/heard before but this looks like a straight vinyl edition with no extras.

David S

Might actually be worth it, if it was made from marble!

Andrew Docker

I wonder if this is in Q Sound?


I don’t believe the original vinyl pressing was in Q-Sound, only the cassette and CD editions. I cannot find any indication on my vinyl that it was mixed in Q-Sound, but both the cassette and CD indicate it was.


i have an original us immaculate collection lp and it is in q-sound.
not labelled as such on the cover or mentioned in the liner notes but obvious when listening.

Steven Campbell

I’m sorry but import duty or not that price is frankly ridiculous!


Couldn’t agree more Steven. Just what I was going to put!


Rhino is also reissuing Confessions double lp on pink vinyl, though it’s seems a duplicate of the original.


Hey there – im confused with this Confessions release.
So the original vinyl from 2005 was also pink AND numbered.
Then most recently for the last few years, I have seen in stores (like Amoeba in Hollywood) another pink vinyl – this one isnt numbered.
so now Rhino is releasing Confessions pink vinyl again but I still see whatever the most recent pink vinyl release was whenever I go to a record store so I didnt even realize there was a need for a re-release. Any info?


I think Rhino is just re-releasing Madonna’s whole catalog on vinyl, regardless of if the previous ones are out of print or not. Confessions is the latest in the series, which leaves only Hard Candy and Celebration of her Warner catalog. I would have loved for them to issue GHV2 on vinyl since it is Madonna’s only release (excluding Evita) never to appear on vinyl.


I ordered this from Barnes and Noble at around 32 USD + 9 USD for shipping to Europe.

Geert De Wilde

@HS risking about £15.00 import duties and charges …


I live in a country where I need to pay import charges for everything I buy, no matter where I order from…

Julian Hancock

So will those of us in the UK soon.


Ive ordered from barnes and noble before and Ive had to pay custom charges! First time I thought it was a one off, but it happened again the next time I ordered so beware! It might work out being cheaper from amazon .


Thank you, just ordered it there!

Nick Preece

I’ve ordered 6 cheap LPs from Barnes and Noble in the last 12 months on separate orders and got stung by 5 lots of import tax and Royal Mails Ridiculous £8 handling fee, so get ready to fork out another £12-£13 before you get it…,,,,,

Alan Wilson

That’s actually not a bad price considering what you would pay to import it, in fact I’d go as far to say the Amazon UK price would work out a bit cheaper all things considered.


I ordered one from amazon.co.uk (2017/01/20) at £ 44 + shipping, and here is the answer today:
We’re still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on January 20 2017
Madonna “Immaculate Collection (Blue/White Marble & Gold Vinyl) [VINYL]”
we’re awaiting a revised estimate from our supplier, and will email you as soon as we receive this information.
Today, the price is £ 48 + shipping with the mention “Temporarily out of stock”.
Idem for amazon.it.
Fortunately, i ordered one from Barnes & Noble at 41 euros, after change and shipping included.(today, out of stock online)
Normally there will be no customs taxes below 45 euros for importation in the EU.
Have a good day