Madonna / Madame X rainbow pic disc

New format added • Proceeds go to LGBTQ charity

Madonna is releasing her forthcoming album Madame X on a new format; a double ‘rainbow’ vinyl picture disc set.

The 15-track rainbow vinyl features ‘M’ and ‘X’ graphics on one side with rainbow stripes on the reverse. Proceeds will go to The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention and crisis intervention charity for LGBTQ youth.

Madame X is released on 14 June 2019. You can read more about it and the other formats available on this post.

  1. Medellin with Maluma
  2. Dark Ballet
  3. God Control
  4. Future ft. Quavo
  5. Batuka
  6. Killers Who Are Partying
  7. Crave ft. Swae Lee
  8. Crazy
  9. Come Alive
  10. Extreme Occident
  11. Faz Gostoso ft. Anitta
  12. Bitch I’m Loca ft. Maluma
  13. I Don’t Search I Find
  14. Looking for Mercy
  15. I Rise

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She can’t sing. Hence the over-use of the Autotune and punch-takes on her studio productions.
Her music is flat and generic and her lyrics are shallow. The production is poor and the mastering is an overloudness head-ache

Madonna – do yourself and all of us a favor and RESIGN!!


For your sake you do not have to buy this fantastic madonna record as it is we are very lucky to have this to choose to buy as for all the negatives get over yourselfs


Received the rainbow vinyl this morning, listened to side 1 & 2 so far, great album.
To all the people who keep saying vinyl is a waste of money, you need to go and take a listen on some high end kit.
No pops no clicks on this, very clear reproduction considering it’s a pictureish disc, very pleased, go on all you naysayers give the album a chance on whichever format you prefer & if you can give it a go on vinyl you won’t be disappointed:).


Anyone else looking at her on the Graham Norton Show in fishnets, an eye patch and fillered lips and thinking ‘ what a silly bitch’ or is it just me?

Mark Franklin

This campaign = Madame Xpensive!

Yvonne phillips

I use to love Maddonna but she should now out graceful now,her voice cannot hold the notes and she 60 acting 20.

Shawn C.

Yvonne, I’ve seen her on her last two tours and have to disagree. She was just fantastic.


This album is shaping up to be fantastic from the tracks I’ve heard so far. I really like the front of the discs – they look like the ‘scratch art’ we did with crayons back in the day and it makes a change from the usual artist photo.

As others have said, great to see the proceeds going to such a good cause, It’s a nice nod to her life long championing of equality and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots on 28th June.

Great that the ‘Madame X’ campaign already has a bewildering array of product – the deluxe box set, blue glitter cassettes and ‘I Rise’ picture disc look excellent, though for the life of me and despite it being made clear already I’ll remain confused about what tracks are where until I see them!


there was a blue vinyl LP limited to 1000 copies, they’re selling for ridiculous amounts on eBay,


Been a fan of Madonna’s music since day one, but not her personally. I think this vinyl collection is pretty cool looking and at least she is putting something out there for her die hard fans. Now, I absolutely love this website and the banter between people. I recently listened to some tracks and watched the video for “Crave”. I instantly started laughing because I thought it was a spoof on something. The music, lyrics, and video is complete and utter garbage. Compare this to why Madonna fans came to love her in the beginning. Swae Lee, really? What is that? For the most part, modern music is just so bad. Peace


Oh I agree totally about modern music. Madonna (whom I liked up until MDMA, only 5 tracks really good) Katy perry, Gaga, Taylor, sia, grande…all the dime a dozen divas, all sound the same. All robotic music with no hooks, melody or substance. So sad

What? Madonna? Worry?

I actually thought the cover read “Mad Mex”……


Madonna’s releases are usually quite lazy and stingy when it comes to packaging, photography and design. They feel like there’s always something missing, rushed, and cobbled together at last minute.
Having had access to a copy of the album, I think it is very average in terms of music quality (in my opinion as a Madonna fan), nothing special but then again it’s been like that for the past few years.
I also noticed some of the mastering on the songs that were already released is not really up to a high standard. A few plosive issues from over-pronouncing some words, and general cleanup that hasn’t been done properly. May not be noticeable on an MP3, but definitely on vinyl!
A pass for me. Unfortunately.


Ordered early on 2 for € 28,50 a piece. Still cheap at Fnac.com. Sell one to pay for the other. So i get it for free :-) Dont like that it doesnt have a normal sleeve or sheeve with it. It is not very attractive.


Great cause but this just doesn’t look great.
She could have gone with an image like tarty, glitter, S&M, pirate Madonna as she was on the European Song festival and that live production as added bonus….
Now I think about it, forget this suggestion and keep it as it is.


I cant believe people are actually now complaining abour colors missing from the pride flag are you for real? Do you stay up all night thinking what you can complain about? Just be happy were getting something. First people are disgusted shes performing in Israel, then because she didnt automatically condemn Michael Jackson, now because the pride flag doesnt have enough colors? I should be laughing.
Madonna has widely demonstrated her commitment to the non-hetero population that you shouldnt even question her actions. If you dont like dont buy it and instead donate directly to the project.
I chose to buy the reg vinyl snd this ugly pic disc. I just wish i knew if my amazon preorder included the flag or not

Phillip Fogel

The charity is really nice but $93 Canadian, ouch!!!! Vinyl is getting too crazy expensive. 1 vinyl record in Canada is costing around $30-40 which I think is way too much and some don’t even come with a download code :(


One word for it – BORING! Not worth the money!

Kevin M

I think it’s a nice looking release if Madonna collectors want to buy it, and a strong decision to visually focus on the chosen cause and that very famous flag, rather than just on Madonna herself.

David Rubin

Hi Paul,

What do you mean by “new format”? It looks like a plain old picture disc. What makes this new?
And why is violet denied a spot on this item? Is there a special designation that violet identifies with that Madonna is not a fan of?
Can anyone say why people with 1 eye are not upset about this promotion? With everything upsetting everyone, I would think someone would say something. I just hope its not me!


I think you’ll find it’s indigo that is the missing colour as that is the colour not featured on the gay pride flag. Not that I’m any sort of expert on the subject, mind…

Auntie Sabrina

Violet/Purpke is represented. As for the eyepatch, it’s just a gimmick .


As someone who is disabled (though not ocularly) I find the eyepatch a touch problematic. There’s been an upsurge over recent years of healthy celebrities feigning/ faking disabilities that they can then peel off like make-up at the end of a hard day’s posing for the cameras (e.g. that spoilt brat Kardashian-Jenner [?] in her wheelchair – and why is it so often female celebrities?). Presumably with saris, dreads, anything Hispanic, etc. now off-limits as ‘cultural appropriation’ the net had to be cast wider – and let’s face it we ‘spastics’ are hardly healthy enough to fight back! Disability as lifestyle choice. Perfect people playing at being imperfect? ‘Cripping’ up? When you struggle to walk 24/7 it ceases to be funny watching this stuff. When you get insulted, threatened and spat at for being a presumed benefit scrounger…. ceases to be funny.

‘As for the eyepatch, it’s just a gimmick’. That, in a crass (ironically) blind nutshell, is the problem – it’s just a gimmick.

John 79

As a disabled person myself,I totally agree and understand & lived some of these comments and it’s not nice to imitate being disabled, disability is not a fashion, it’s not a life choice I would have picked,it’s just my unlucky fate.

Anyway Paul ,love the site,is there any news on the 40th anniversary special edition of Gary Numans,’ The Pleasure Principal ‘ album?


I’ve heard the 4 released songs. Crave is good. Medillin is OK. The other 2 eh. Tricky to know whether to buy as she hasn’t released a good album since Ray Of Light. Would love an anthology most. Maybe after this one. Cheers Paul.


you know if you dont like her you dont have to comment this site features plenty of artists and music that i’d quite happily see disappear and some artists seem immune from the constant milking of their fans but you know you can just ignore it.
it smacks of music snobbery, is it as good as some of her earler stuff probably not but you could aim that at quite a few artists that feature on this page.

having said that its a nice addition if youre a fan of her

Michel Banen

I don’t get the complaints about Madonna on this page. This is a special edition and then the artist shouldn’t matter. Besides that – Madonna was -and is- an ICON. I’m not yet thrilled about the new songs or this release but that shouldn’t matter. Madonna still matters though.

Michel Banen

If there’s an award for “ugliest picture disc design” this should win it. And for that hefty price !!! The initial design looked like a rainbow splash vinyl mix and looked awesome. This however….. not so much (to me). I’m no fan of autotune and most of the new tracks have that robotic voice. Bummer.


Why only six colours of the rainbow?

AAuntie Sabrina

The six most widely associated colours of the international gay pride flag Quante.


From the four tracks I have heard already I am very excited for this new album. I especially love the song “Crave” and the video is out and looks great. I do not like the way the rainbow picture disc looks. Very simple… in a bad way. And looks lazy. But I love the cause it’s supporting.


I get it’s for charity and good for her. I don’t get what the extra £20 over the price of the standard black vinyl album is for. Seems every “special edition” has an extra cost, from a pound in some cases to this which is surely taking the proverbial.

Colin Harper

Is this wise, Paul? Every time you mention this woman people start haranguing you!




Doesn’t look very appealing to the eye, but hopefully the charity will benefit a great deal! Nice :)

Stan Butler

A little unkind. She is 60!

Tony O

There are two things wrong with this, firstly there is no picture of madonna on it and secondly, there is no picture of madonna on it! I suppose its nice to add something extra for the collectors but £45? seems steep


While the intention behind this edition is noble, the graphics are lazy, in line with all of the other versions.

Thomas Anderson

I’ve pre-ordered this. Plenty of formats of this album which I’m happy about. There is also a Deluxe glitter cassette available to pre-order on her online shop. I’m settling for the Rainbow picture disc, glitter cassette and Deluxe box-set