Madonna / Rebel Heart Tour

SDE makes sense of the formats…

Eagle Rock will release Madonna‘s Rebel Heart Tour concert film across a number of different packages, this September.

The Rebel Heart Tour film was recorded around the world and features both live and behind-the-scenes footage. You can purchase the concert film on standalone DVD and blu-ray, but combo packs add a ‘highlights’ 14-track CDs to each format.

If you want all the audio on CD then you need to get the standalone two-CD edition which offers 22 tracks, including Like A Prayer as a ‘bonus track’. There is no vinyl option.

Rebel Heart Tour is issued on 15 September 2017. Note: Eagle Rock normally issue region-free NTSC product, although that isn’t confirmed for this release.

CD+Blu-ray / CD+DVD Edition

01. Rebel Heart Tour Intro
02. Iconic
03. Bitch I’m Madonna
04. Burning Up
05. Holy Water / Vogue
06. Devil Pray
07. Messiah (Video Interlude)
08. Body Shop
09. True Blue
10. Deeper and Deeper
11. HeartBreakCity
12. Like A Virgin
13. S.E.X. (Video Interlude)
14. Living For Love
15. La Isla Bonita
16. Dress You Up / Into The Groove
17. Rebel Heart
18. Illuminati (Video Interlude)
19. Music
20. Candy Shop
21. Material Girl
22. La Vie En Rose
23. Unapologetic Bitch
24. Holiday

Extras include An Excerpt from Tears of a Clown and a performance of Like A Prayer .

01. Rebel Heart Tour Intro
02. Iconic
03. Bitch I’m Madonna
04. Burning Up
05. Holy Water / Vogue
06. Devil Pray
07. Deeper and Deeper
08. HeartBreakCity
09. Living For Love
10. La Isla Bonita
11. Rebel Heart
12. Candy Shop
13. Unapologetic Bitch
14. Holiday

2CD Edition

CD 1
1. Rebel Heart Tour Intro (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
2. Iconic (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
3. Bitch I’m Madonna (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
4. Burning Up (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
5. Holy Water / Vogue (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016 / Medley)
6. Devil Pray (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
7. Body Shop (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
8. True Blue (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
9. Deeper And Deeper (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
10. HeartBreakCity (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
11. Like A Virgin (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)

CD 2
1. Living For Love (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
2. La Isla Bonita (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
3. Dress You Up / Into The Groove (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016 / Medley)
4. Rebel Heart (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
5. Music (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
6. Candy Shop (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
7. Material Girl (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
8. La Vie En Rose (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
9. Unapologetic Bitch (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
10. Holiday (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016)
11. Like A Prayer (Live At The Allphones Arena, Sydney / 2016 / Bonus Track)

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Auntie Sabrina

There’s a review of the blu-ray version here

“While the show is very good and Madonna is on top form, the editing and some of the directorial decisions are a bit odd. Frequently throughout the show there are unnecessary slow-motion moments, which jar the performance from the audio and make it look like Madonna isn’t actually singing. Projections flash up on the screen frequently and they are very distracting. There are also several moments that splice together performances of the same song from different shows and I found that a bit bizarre. Madonna’s costume and hair would change within the span of a verse.”



Thanks for all the details and CJ for the great explanation.
Sad to see all those really stupid comments from blatant Madonna haters. Why do you even click on an article about her?
Personally I hate the cover and while I was horrified by the initial one, I would actually have preferred it. But if I think about the stunning artwork for the super deluxe edition of Rebel Heart…. this one looks like a cheap bootleg and the Madonna font is almost identical to Hard Candy. I don’t think I’ll buy all versions this time around.

Auntie Sabrina

HMV have the new lower price too…

Auntie Sabrina

The blu-ray edition is now £14.99 at Amazon.co.uk, not sure why your widget has a different price showing though…


Mdna was really unwatchable, the only version that was fine was a montage made from footage filmed by fans. It was untouched, with no heavy burnt light post prod and the close up on Madonna and she still looks just fine.
i’m afraid that this show may be over post prod and heavily cut. it just cause headaches.


If this is the trainwreck that was broadcast a few months ago, it is unwatchable. Way too many jump cut edits. I had to turn it off after the first few songs. Just my opinion–I know others may disagree and are entitled to their opinion.

lee bowler

I’m looking forward to the Blu Ray – this was the first tour I didn’t go to see (since Who’s that Girl in 87) – probably due to over-inflated ticket prices and I didn’t enjoy the MDNA Tour at all. I normally love a Madonna show and I love how she re-arranges/remixes the old hits but depending on the ‘theme’ they can be hit and miss (Vogue and Holiday in all their varieties always seem to impress). Hope this is not ‘too perfect’, i.e. polished to within a inch of it’s life and therefore losing the ‘live’ experience.


They televised this concert on TV in Australia a few months ago (with a few tracks removed). It was so heavily edited & produced that the “live” feel was completely gone. She had great video backdrops supporting her different acts but the editor/producer had added more videos/clips/multiple cam angles superimposed on whats already very busy on screen, making it way too much! It was unpleasant to watch & a terrible mind and visual assault. Her singing was too perfect, obviously dubbed over from her backing tracks. I found this production overblown and over-produced. Disappointed!


I just hope they didn’t let her edit again, the last tour DVD should come with a warning for epileptics and she looked like a special effect throughout.

Michael Khalsa

She looked different in person than on the large screens. I saw her up close at this concert. I thought old. She did not come near me again after that. She also kept the crowd waiting for ages before this show & the night after. It was bad because the next night the trains had finished. I prefered the Girlie Show 20 years ago. She was incredible at that one. This one it was alot of rearranged songs, medleys & not great songs from ‘Rebel Heart’. Lots of people in the crowd were drunk. She also said she is touring again in 2019.


I saw the show in Boston and had a great time. You say you “thought old” in a pretty pejorative way. I mean, she’s 59 years old. As we all know, the one thing we have no control over is time. Personally, I was very impressed by how good she looks for a 59 year old woman and how energetic she was. As far as having a lot of “not great” songs from Rebel Heart, it was the Rebel Heart tour. That’s kind of how it goes for any artist with a huge catalog of hits touring on a current release – nobody is as excited about the new stuff as they are the hits. I enjoyed the medleys and remixes.


Why is her age / looks relevant to your review of the concert?

Michael Khalsa

I was at that concert. Like A Prayer was brilliant.

william mckinley

I would really be interested in a dvd + 2cd with bonus if they ever make a set like this. Maybe one of the Asian editions would do this.


It is such a pity that “Who’s that girl?” is not included on the dvd as an extra and certainly on the 2 CD edition…it was a great version and first time since 1987 that she had done that song live.


We are happy because there finally will be a physical release of the tour (remember she did not release there last single physically, BITCH I´MM…it really pisses me off…why?).But is obviously not the release that fans and collectors expected…LOVE DON´T LIVE HERE ANYMORE and WHO´S THAT GIRL made it so special and are not included…Paying copyrights????Come on, they can perfectly pay it as they did for LA VIE EN ROSE…and why not WHO´S THAT GIRL?????M own its copyright!!!!
And when I heard that the TEARS OF A CLOWN bonus tracks are just part of her jokes I could not believe it…They filmed tons and tons of extra footage backstage and during the tour, Nathan Rissman and Dom Sesto did…If they had included a good doc instead…
The release made us wait so long; even M asked “why if I release it on my bday?” and neither it was, she did the same with the #secretprojectrevolution.
During the tour several making of videos were released and this kind of footage would have been great to have them on blurry as well.
She said she had to cut the first edit of the show because the SHOWTIME broadcast need to be shorter…where is the rest of the footage?
Considering there is no special releases of her tours I think of that Michael Jackson song…they don’t really care about us…

Linda Wyman

I love Madonna but I’m over this tour’s release.
It’s just ridiculous all these cuts edits combos rights complications (I totally get ) then why perform them well edit them out ? Makes no sense And bonus tracks for certain country’s just plain sucks.. No wonder people go bootleg.

Auntie Sabrina

The Japan release is on Universal (according to Wikipedia). Hope you get a good price for it….

Auntie Sabrina

Yes HS, it’s the Eagke Rock version and an import


Wow, you are right. Thank you so much for pointing this out to me, I had ordered it exclusively for the Take A Bow performance!


There is indeed a BR+highlights CD available in Japan.


I need a different password to Amazon Japan from the other Amazon stores.


I think that’s an import of the European version?

Auntie Sabrina

Universal Music have the Australia/Japan release according to Wikipedia. Maybe they are not allowed to sell outside those territories?


Trying to order the Japanese blu-ray but my password/account doesn’t seem to be working on Amazon Japan? I thought Amazon accounts could be used in any country?

Tom M Hans

There was Rebel Heart Tour? I lost interest in Madonna after Music. Nothing ever since to bring me back. Plagiarizing Abba was cool, though. Gimme Gime Gimme is a great song. Peace.


It was a sample, which it not plagiarizing. It was actually notable for being the first officially approved ABBA sample included in any song.

Tom M Hans

Correct. I used the wrong word. My bad.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

I thought the first official sample was in a fugees song. They used i think a short loop of “the name of the game”…


So No Combo Packs in Japan (no highlights disc) just stand alone Blu-Ray or DVD or 2CD set. Take a Bow is only a bonus on the Blu-ray or DVD, no included on the CDs


Well, that sure took some time to materialize, but I’m glad, because seeing this live (my first Madge show) at a 45,000 auditorium was not good, so I’m glad to finally be able to watch and listen to this like her previous shows, pro-shot and mixed in the comfort of my home.
Think I’ll settle for the blu/CD bundle, no need for the 2CD, but then again …


Definitely getting the Japanese version for Take A Bow.


The MDNA dvd was unwatchable with the jarring camera angle changes, not to mention the audience white noise on the audio


Derek–did you get the original release or the corrected one? The first edition that came out had a mastering issue that messed the audio up pretty badly, but they issued a corrected version afterwards (unfortunately, without a proper “recall” in between). The audio on my version sounds fine.


CJ- No I didn’t buy it at all, I saw it on TV. I didn’t like the quick fire camera edits they used.

Paul Murphy

While the cover isn’t in the Winwood/Buckingham McVie league, she does look like a bee has just stung her on her arse.


It’s the most iconic shot from this tour, glad she used it.
The artwork that was originally going to be used is awful.

L Gary

Reminds me of chickens strutting in the henhouse in my early years.


Ordered the Japanese BR+CD, along with the standalone BR and the 2CD versions. According to Amazon UK it is in fact NTSC but all regions.

Bonus items in Taiwan include a folder (for the BR) and a poster (with the DVD).


According to madonnarama, the Japanese blu-ray/dvd will feature “Take A Bow” as a bonus as well as Like A Prayer.

Rufino Mata

When I click on the link for the Blu-Ray CD combo in the Amazon USA link it pops up as
$26.98 vs. $21.98.

elliott buckingham

surprised there is a hd version being released you can see her lip sync if the quality is to clear but I suppose they could make it look and sound better in post production


She sounds just fine singing live in concert, thank you.


…and the Japanese version has Take A Bow as an extra. Bizarre why everyone didn’t get it.


japan label Universal have exclusive blu-ray version which contain extra track ‘take a bow’. only available in japan


Bizarrely, Love Don’t Live Here Anymore has been left off the tracklisting, as has Lucky Star form the mini-mix (it came after dress you up / into the groove). Both of these tracks were part of every show, whilst some others like Take A Bow, Like A Prayer etc were acoustic performances decided on the night. This show is irritatingly incomplete and I would love to know why LDLHA has been left out in particular. (FYI: it was covered by Madonna on her Like A Virgin album and sung live for the first time on this tour). It’s without a doubt her best show since Confessions and deserved to be shown in full.


I haven’t been able to find a definitive source for confirmation, but there was apparently an issue in getting the rights for Love Don’t Live Here Anymore for the actual release. Not sure what the problem might be–perhaps they asked for too much for the rights?


It was released as a single in 1996 with a video, from the ballad compilation Something To Remember. It was also the only video from that album included on Video Collection 93:99. Why would copyright be the issue now? And I think if an act sings a songs live, the venue itself has to pay royalties and the song was on all except like 4 shows of the tour.

Editing the songs and leaving actual performances out is the first time for her in more than three decades, which is quite a disappointment. Then again the tour wasn’t all that in the first place with no new arrangements for old songs and the segment themes repeated from past tours.

Jeffrey Hunter

I agree totally when i saw show on showtime i was upset it was cut out it was the best part of the show and one of het best live performances ever i am not purchasing because of that- this was one of her best tours but will be the first i wont purchase


Rights issues can get really complicated, and there’s a completely different model between playing live at a venue and releasing on physical media. When Tori Amos was doing her “Original Bootlegs” series of the American Doll Posse Tour, I was ecstatic because one of the shows was the one I went to in Syracuse, NY, but then I was really disappointed because they cut out her cover of Lloyd Cole’s “Rattlesnakes” because of rights issues. The original home video release (VHS) of the Pet Shop Boys Performance tour also excised the “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” portion of their version of “Where The Streets Have no Name” because they couldn’t secure the rights for the release (they filmed those parts of the song with just the instrumental and cut them into the live cut with no vocal so they wouldn’t have to completely dub out those sections). The rights issues were resolved by time they got to the DVD reissue of the concert, and the original performance was included.

In college, a friend of mine was the lead singer in a band that was becoming quite popular regionally, and at one point they were contacted with the opportunity to record a live CD for a small indie label. They had to give up on it, though, because they only had three original songs and the rest of their set was cover versions, and the rights paid by the venue didn’t cover the right to do a live recording. This is actually one of the major problems with live bootlegs from a legal standpoint–above and beyond the fact they are unauthorized–if the artist does songs that they did not write, then they likely do not have the rights to do a live release, even though they might include them in their set. The artist isn’t the only one entitled to royalties. If the song was written for them by an outside writer (like “Like a Virgin”), but they originated the studio recording of it, then they likely purchased the rights for live recordings when they did the initial purchase of the song to record it. So, for example, Madonna can release “Like a Virgin” on this release without additional rights concerns because she is the originating performer of the song, and those rights wee included in the initial purchase of the song when she recorded it, but if she were to do one of the other cover songs she’s done throughout her career (“American Pie,” “I Want You,” etc.) that were originated by another artist, then she would likely face the same issue with putting out a live version.

The venue does pay the rights for in-house performance as part of their standard licensing fees, but no venue is going to front the cost for the same rights for an international physical release that they aren’t going to see the proceeds from. The original cover on Like a Virgin, inclusion on Something to Remember, and the videos collection were all part of the Warner’s contract, and Warner’s apparently saw the value in including the song on those formats, plus it’s also very likely that the ability to include it on compilations in its recorded form were negotiated as part of the original rights procurement, since compilations and reissues are almost an inevitable part of recording a studio cover, especially if it is going to be released as a single (and LDLHA was released as a single in Japan back when it originally came out on Like A Virgin). This set is coming out through Eagle Rock, and Madonna left Warner quite some time ago (after Hard Candy), so even if the original agreement did include releasing live versions as part of it, if that was held by Warner, then she would have had to renegotiate the rights for a physical concert release anyway. Since sales of media are down to begin with, and live recordings seem to be taking an even bigger hit, it’s likely that the decision was made that whatever the rights holders for “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” were asking for was more than they were willing to front for the release, as it would cut into their ability to recoup costs and make a profit.

And I wish it was on there too. I saw her in Brooklyn on this tour, and while I never really liked her original version of the song, it did make for a high point in the show. I’ve seen her on four different tours now, and this was probably my second favorite of those four (#1 for me was Re-Invention, which still hasn’t gotten a proper release).

BTW–I thought there were plenty of new arrangements on this tour. True Blue was especially great.


Thanks for the info about that but did they have to make the other edits to “justify” the exclusion of LDLHA? Still seems very cheap to me, it’s as if she had problems with the very songs she kept singing on this tour.

True Blue is a nice update from the dated original and the only real surprise of the show as she tends to sings the songs featuring on her compilation albums, but it’s practically an acoustic version and these days she doesn’t do actual rearrangements of songs anymore outside acoustic so I’m not impressed. Her tours used to be nice additions to her albums when you were listening to them but they are so not about live singing or live music anymore it’s disappointing.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

I heard the complete 2 cds last friday and the new interpretation of “vogue” is horror.


I love love LOVE Madonna so I’m excited about this, but after the appalling quality of the MDNA Live releases I’m also very nervous.

I watched this when it was on TV a few months ago and really enjoyed it. The editing for the first few songs was a bit too much – too many special effects made it look like a music video and the constant ‘cutting’ gave me a headache. But after 20-30 minutes or so, it settled down and I really got into it.


For the BluRay/CD set, on Amazon US they list the format as NTSC, but then have a warning that the BluRay will not play in US or Canada. NTSC does play in US & Canada, so they need to get those details straight! One or the other is wrong. It also would have been better if the BluRay included the same double CD that is sold separately instead of a “highlights” CD, but then they couldn’t nickel & dime the die-hards, or the people who already saw the tour & really liked it.

Randy Metro

I have a DVD of Cat Steven’s 1976 Majikat Tour. It has an Eagle Vision emblem on it. In very tiny print it says “A division of Eagle Rock Entertainment” and their website which is eaglerockent.com. I live in the USA and it plays fine.


Just checked the Amazon US listing for the BluRay/DVD set again. Now it says “all regions.” Might place a pre-order then . . .


Ridiculous release tactics!


Why? It seems like this is the reaction to every set that has more than one format. This gives you the option to get just the concert, the concert plus a highlights audio disc, and/or the full audio recording. If you want the concert and the full audio recording, you can buy the standalone video option of your choice and the double CD. There’s nothing bundling the bluray and the DVD, and there are options for people who only want the audio or only want the video. The “casual but not completely casual” buyer has the video/highlights option. For once, pretty much every possible option is available, so no one can really say “I hate being forced to buy the _______ when all I want is the _______,” so why is this “ridiculous”?

Auntie Sabrina

Wikipedia have the video concert running time at around 138 minutes, I cannot find any details regarding the soundtrack on the blu-ray (Dolby/DTS etc). Rather frustrating and sonewhat poor marketing by Eagke Rock…


Surprised theirs No Vinyl Version! Is this the beginning of the end!


Of what? She has never released any of her live albums on vinyl.

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Why is the standalone bluray more expensive or of a similar price as the combo?


The DVD Plus CD & The Blu Ray Plus CD come in a CD case. The stand alone DVD & Blu Ray come in their respective cases. I think that’s why they are more expensive.

Wolfgang Mintrop

Big question: why no BD+2CD-package …??


Actually, the biggest question is: just how airbrushed is that cover!