Madonna’s Immaculate Collection to be reissued on 180g 2LP vinyl

Madonna‘s first greatest hits set, 1990’s The Immaculate Collection will be reissued on double vinyl in June.

This set has already sold a staggering 30m copies worldwide and contains 17 tracks. At the time, Madonna had released four studio albums (Madonna (1983), Like A Virgin (1984), True Blue (1986) and Like A Prayer (1989)) and had contributed to a few soundtracks including Who’s That Girl and I’m Breathless (the Dick Tracy OST).

As an indication of just how many big hits Madonna had accumulated at this point, there was no place for the Who’s That Girl single or True Blue despite the fact that both songs reached number one in the UK (Pop Quiz: Has any other act left ever left two number ones off their first greatest hits?)

Justify My Love and Rescue Me were the ‘new’ offerings, while many of the 15 other hits were edited remixed variants and not necessarily the single versions (Like A Prayer being a good example).

This double vinyl edition of The Immaculate Collection will be issued by Rhino on 1 June 2018.

Side 1
1. Holiday
2. Lucky Star
3. Borderline (Remix)
4. Like A Virgin – #1 US

Side 2
1. Material Girl
2. Crazy For You – #1 US
3. Into The Groove – #1 UK
4. Live To Tell- #1 US

Side 3
1. Papa Don’t Preach- #1 US
2. Open Your Heart – #1 US
3. La Isla Bonita (Remix) – #1 UK
4. Like A Prayer – #1 US, UK

Side 4
1. Express Yourself
2. Cherish
3. Vogue – #1 US, UK
4. Justify My Love – #1 US
5. Rescue Me

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[…] they are certainly keeping the vinyl coming, since a few days after The Immaculate Collection was reissued as a two-LP set, a new listing has appeared on a couple of retail sites for a white vinyl pressing […]


I have the First Pressing Of Madonna the “Immaculate Collection” when it was released in 1990 on Vinyl Galefold Edition. I preordered this one as well.

On Warner Bros Website it said this reissue has remixes never been released before. I suppose they may mean the La Isla Bonita (Remix) & borderline (Remix) released on vinlyl the first time. This is an collectors item. A must have for Madonna Fans.

william mckinley

I do agree that she does need a new greatest hits package. Maybe have some live songs mixed in with that. It would probably be a 3 or 4 disc set depending on them adding a dvd/br onto it. George Michael did it for his greatest hits. You can get a 2 disc set or get a 3 disc set. Where the 3 disc set had 2 versions. One with a videos DVD added and the other version had a 3 cd with


We need a compilation with the single versions (or remix/edit versions) on CD (Open Your Heart, Dress You Up, La Isla Bonita, Express Yourself…)


AMAZING!! All Millennials need to listen to this!

Mike Williams

Which of her albums have come out in colored vinyl? I recently picked up colored versions of “Like A Virgin” & “Ray Of Light” based on SDE notifications (Thanks, Paul!), and they are beautiful & sound great!


A proper Madonna campaign to fully celebrate her vast and hugely successful back catalogue is LOOOOOONG overdue! Super Deluxe 2-3CD/DVD/BR Editions of all her albums, complete CD/vinyl singles box sets, complete 12 inch/remix collections, DVD/BR reissues of long out of print VHS/DVD releases etc etc etc. I won’t hold my breath though…


Under £24 inc P+P with What Records.


A classic collection unto itself


I dont have the vinyl of the original box but i do have the original CD box set.
Weirdly though it contains a pair of knickers , a length of rubber tubing and a letter to God as well as the normal contents.
Anyone got any knowledge of this ? , i bought it at the time from Key mail order i think.
Everytime i talk to anyone about it they think i put the stuff in there myself .


That’s a new one on me i must admit Carl. The only official box set I have heard of with this release was the Royal Box which had the CD, VHS Tape and Photo’s of Madonna. It also had a poster. There were 2 versions on made in USA and one in Germany. maybe the Mail order company you got it from added the other ‘bits’ – I wonder how many they sold? It’s odd in all my years of collecting music etc this is the first time I have heard of this release you have. All the best, Colin.


Thanks for the reply , a year or so ago i contacted by email someone on a Madonna fansite to see if they had any knowledge, i got the impression from her reply that she thought i was some kind of weirdo who had done it myself,even after sending some pics.
It is the Royal box and i should imagine you are right about the seller , it was Keymail order who used to advertise every week in the back of the NME.The box was sealed with cellophane though. ODD!


I also ordered that version of the Royal box from a company in the name, keymail sounds familiar. However, my order was cancelled as it had sold out. I was very disappointed at the time


If anything they need to reissue Celebration, by re-issueing The Immaculate Collection they risk pigeon-holing her as an 80s act when this is further than the truth. She has had so many hits post 1991.
This Used to Be My Playground, Erotica, Deeper & Deeper, Rain, I’ll Remember, Secret, Take a Bow, You’ll See, Frozen, Ray of Light, The Power of Goodbye, Beautiful Stranger, American Pie, Music, Don’t Tell Me, Die Another Day, American Life, Hollywood, Hung Up, Sorry, 4 Minutes, Give It 2 Me, Celebration, to name a few.

Eric M.

I get your point, and agree she has many additional hits after 1990, but IMO they should bury Celebration as far underground as it can go and do a comprehensive proper singles collection without incorrect edits and better mastering. Her catalog is overdue to be treated correctly.


Have to agree. Celebration must be the messiest, most thoughtless compilation by/of a major artist in history. I wonder how much she had to do with it aside from contributing 2 tracks? Add Rescue Me and it was The Immaculate Collection all over again…with a few extras. And that sequencing!!!!!
Still annoys me, 9 years later.

Eric M.

It is such a bizarre comp. Reusing a few of the ‘Immaculate’ edits was a matter of taste I guess, but there is no excuse for lopping off the opening beats of “Dress You Up”.

The original single mix of “Into the Groove” sounds really nice on it, though. I’ll give them that.

Jon J

Wasn’t there a recent coloured vinyl version released of this in the US?

This ought to be a definitive collection of Madonna’s best years, but the bizarre decision to include inferior new mixes of several songs rather than the original single versions has meant it’s actually a bit of a duff release. The two ‘new’ songs haven’t aged well either – they should have dropped these and put ‘True Blue’ and ‘Who’s That Girl’ on there instead.


At the time, this and Sting’s Soul Cages were the flagships for promoting “Q-Sound,” which was supposed to provide something like a surround sound feel with regular stereo speakers. (You had to have the speakers positioned just right and then sit exactly in the right spot to feel like there was any envelopment.) To process the songs for Q-Sound, they had to be remixed, and while the remixes were mostly very close to the single or album versions, with occasional early fades, Like a Prayer and Express Yourself were remixed to more closely match the versions that had appeared on the (then-recent) Blonde Ambition Tour. The Express Yourself mix (basically an edit of the Shep’s ‘Spressin’ Himself Remix) also was an approximation of the remix video, which had been the more popularly played video on MTV and VH-1, even though the VHS (and later DVD) included the version of the video that was soundtracked by the album version. Contemporary reviews of this and Soul Cages at the time wrote Q-Sound off as hype, though one reviewer I read said it was a noticeable improvement on his car stereo. Q-Sound died a rather rapid death. I’m fairly certain it was used on a few other releases, but I can’t remember any of them.

Even more odd, the 2 new tracks were not mixed with Q-Sound processing, but the CD maxi-single of “Justify My Love” was re-done in a Q-Sound mix.

Actually, I got curious, so I looked up an article from Wiki on the mix. If you want more information (including that Q-Sound was used on MC Skat Kat’s album–essential purchasing material there), you can find out a bit more about it at this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QSound

Eric M.

Paula Abdul’s ‘Spellbound’ was supposed to be a harbinger for this technology as well.


Oh, and for the UK, there was a supplemental EP with “”True Blue,” “Who’s That Girl,” and “Causing a Commotion” as well as (weirdly) another version of “Holiday.” Tracks were the standard album versions, and it was called The Holiday Collection. No Q-Sound processing or remixing on it.


Here we go, somebody throwing around the old “hasn’t aged well”, like it’s supposed to mean something.
Justify My Love still so fresh and experimental even today. And, yes, Rescue Me sounds sounds of its time, it was made in 1991 with the use of the house 909 drums and deep early 90s bass line, it sounds very of its time, but the song is a highly regarded by her fan base.


As a huge fan, I can say I think Rescue Me is one of her most underrated tracks.


One of the things I love most about “Rescue Me” is how it uses that kind of power-house, belting vocal style that she used on the Blonde Ambition Tour, which you rarely heard on any of her studio tracks. I also absolutely LOVE the alternate single mix that was on the b-side (at least in the US; I’m not sure about other territories).

And “Justify My Love” still sounds completely original and cutting-edge to me even all these years (let’s not count) later. I think, had it never been released before and came out today as a single, it would still sound like nothing else before it (well, potentially that slightly derivative Janet track that came out a few years later) and ahead-of-its-time.


I do think once in a while the general population has to be reminded how great Madonna was. In fact not only was she great but she was an absolute phenomena and the quality of her music reflected that.

Sadly times have changed. She doesn’t write great pop songs anymore and radio just isn’t interested in her (and most other classic artists).


I think she still writes some great pop songs; not with the frequency that she was doing it at the peak of her powers, but there have been some excellent cuts on the last several albums. Unfortunately, singles choices haven’t been, necessarily, as well-thought-out as they were at one time.

And, unfortunately, I have no idea when (or if) radio is going to realize that people over the age of 25 can make great music.

Edward Bates

What about albums with the most number 1’s? 1 The Beatles ?


That’s a dicey proposition in terms of quantifying, because it depends on what you count as a #1. Does it have to be #1 on the “mainstream” chart? Does #1 dance chart count? What if it was only #1 in Iceland? Janet has a #1’s album, but if you scan the credits on it, the concept of #1 is a bit loosely interpreted. Depending on how strict you are about what constitutes a #1 single, probably the hits collection with the most #1s would be a competition between The Beatles, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Frank Sinatra…. Probably quite a few more.


Yeah, I thought the Janet #1s collection was a bit of a cheat when it came down to things like “#1 Club Remix Chart.” Yes, technically a number 1….but how many people even know that chart exists? Though it is impressive to have a sticker saying “Contains over 40 #1 hits!” (Just don’t read the small print.)


This is great news. I would think the vinyl format would lend itself well to these tracks. I actually like that the songs were remixed for this compilation. I think the remix of ‘Like A Prayer’ on this is better than the album version. The same with ‘Express Yourself’. I do wish Madonna would release the nice big fat singles box set, and also remaster all her albums to perfection.


I do agree with the big fat singles box set. That would be cool. However her albums are already perfection. They don’t need any remastering or compressing or made louder or anything. I think the way remastering is done today destroys the audio and makes it sound like bad radio.
Remastering used to mean they created a new master tape to press more LP’s. Now it’s just a metaphor for changing the audio to make it sound loud and modern. And we all know what modern music sounds like.


Madonna’s entire back catalog needs to be lovingly remastered in deluxe editions like Pet Shop Boys, Paul McCartney, Beatles, etc. I know she likes to look forward but it would be nice for her to be involved in the process of maintaining her legacy and the production of great deluxes. And don’t get me started on her need to release her videos and concerts on DVD and/or bluray!

Gez Holley

No it doesn’t need to be remastered that just record company bullshit. Its marketing hype. What they need to do is make sure the repressings are from the original master tapes. What’s happening at the moment is that record companies are jumping on the band wagon by releasing “180g” making punters think they are getting the real deal but they are just pressing of inferior digital”remasters” and for the most part they are shite. Look for an original copy second hand in very good or mint condition then it will be the real deal.


Hear hear iv got like x4 original copy’s and the royal box totally agree


Oh, please! Michael Jackson the world’s greatest entertainer and most successful recording artist left all sorts of number one hits off of “HIStory: Past Present And Future – BOOK I”! “We Are The World”, “Another Part Of Me”, “Dirty Diana”, “Smooth Criminal”, “Somebody’s Watching Me”, “The Girl Is Mine”, “Give Into Me”, “Jam”, “Heal The World”, “Say, Say, Say”, “Do The Bartman”, “Remember The Time”, “Ease On Down The Road”, “Brand New Day”, “Leave Me Alone”, “In The Closet”, “Librarian Girl”, “Who Is It”, and “Wanna Be Startin’ Something'”!


“Libarian…” thank you autocorrect…



Michael McA

(Oh, please!) I think Paul meant UK number ones and none of the songs you mentioned (apart from We Are The World which was by USA For Africa) reached number one in the UK. Somebody’s Watching Me was by Rockwell – and I’m pretty sure he never recorded a song called Librarian Girl although he did record one called Liberian Girl.

Marc Davies

But some of those tracks are on History Book 1; The Girl Is Mine, Heal The World, Wanna Be Startin’ Something, Remember The Time.

Shaun McLaughlin

Paul, I was wondering if this is going to be in coloured vinyl like the recent US pressing?


She excluded This Used To Be My Playground from GHV2 and Celebration, which was a number 1 hit back in 1992.
Queen of forgetting some of her biggest hits.
The Immaculate Collection flows so well from beginning to end, it’s a solid collection of some of the biggest hits of the 80/ early 90s. There’s a lot of great hits missing, but I couldn’t imagine the track list being any different because it works so well.


For GHV2, I remember noticing that she purposely left off a number of non-album ballad singles because they had been compiled on Something to Remember, so double-dipping was reduced by focusing more on the albums and releases that came afterwards. As for Celebration, let’s be honest there were a handful of excluded singles that warranted a spot of “Playground”…


Warranted a spot *over* “Playground” that should read.


She has nothing to do with GHV2. That’s why there is no remixing or any new tracks on it at all (and she did zero promotion). She resisted putting it out, but Warner’s had it written into her contract as an obligation, so there wasn’t much choice in the matter.

I always thought GHV2 was possibly the most boring Greatest Hits album of all time, mainly because it is so by-the-book. I love The Immaculate Collection, and Celebration isn’t bad (though it’s not very organized and some of the edits are slap-dash and sound it). I think Warner’s would have done themselves a better service if they had waited until she was willing to cooperate in a Greatest Hits campaign.


Still doesn’t change the reason for leaving off those tracks, which was the point I was responding to.

At the rate she’s going with retrospective material, I kind of wish Warner had the ability/guts to just compile what they have of hers and put it out there. SO many remixes, edits, etc. that even without new or unreleased material or input from her, they could put together a lot of decent releases. But I’m sure there are contractual reasons why they can’t…

Dan Treview

Great news!


Thanks, Paul.

Stephen dC

Never liked this album because they were all remixed versions of the singles (especially Express Yourself).

I still dream of a 12″ singles compilation.

Jason Brown

One of the best ‘best-of’s’ ever (see also Legend, Queen Greatest Hits, Abba Gold etc) – just a flat out brilliant album

Eric M.

I find the wording of the track listing provided curious. Is this release said to match the original 1990 versions bit per bit? As all the pre-1990 tracks were remixed in Q-sound for the original, why would only “Borderline” and “La Isla Bonita” be labeled as remixes now?

At any rate, a proper Madonna reissue campaign would be really nice. Her digital catalog is currently a wreck, with incorrect versions of songs snuck into proper albums, “albums” available for streaming or sale that are strung together from various masterings (the remastered album version of “Physical Attraction” being abruptly slammed into the middle of her ‘You Can Dance’ compilation with no segueing or attempted volume control being a prime example). She is one artist that I cannot listen to via streaming because the anger at these weird choices overrides any enjoyment.

(I have also observed these weird “compiled” album events on other Warner-associated albums such as Joni Mitchell’s wonderful ‘Hissing of Summer Lawns’, where the first track is an inexplicably loud remaster followed by other tracks that seem to match the original thin ‘80s CD pressings; and, Duran’s “wedding album”, where the single version of “Come Undone” is clearly lifted from ‘Greatest’ and stuck in. If the industry wants streaming to replace other listening methods, they really need to quit that kind of crap.)

But, I’ve gotten off topic so I shall say good day Paul, and thanks for this piece of news!

Auntie Sabtina

Regarding the tracklisting, only Amazon mention Borderline and La Isla as remixs…

Eric M.



As a reference point, the recent colored vinyl issue – also by Rhino – was a carbon copy of the original.


A superb classic ‘compilation’. I didn’t realise when I bought it that these weren’t the originals (although Into the Groove is a little too housey-sounding for 1985 so I should have realised) and it’s a shame in a way it took til Celebration for some of the original mixes to appear. I believe this was the first album to be mastered using ‘Q sound’.


I already have several versions of this on vinyl, CD’s and cassettes (including the recent colored vinyl) so I don’t think I will need this.

What a collection it is! It’s amazing how many hit singles were left of this release, including songs that were top 10 in the UK and/or US.

These are the missing singles:

Burning Up
Dress You Up
True Blue
Who’s That Girl
Causing A Commotion
The Look of Love
Oh Father
Dear Jessie
Keep it Together
(+ Japan only singles Love Don’t Live Here Anymore and Spotlight).


I forgot Hanky Panky. After less than a decade in the business she could easily have made this a double CD of her singles up to that time, most of who were Top 10 hits. Quite an accomplishment.

Eric M.

Could have been a double CD with a bonus disc of 12” versions.


I’m Breathless?


I won a copy of the original pressing of this in the Smash Hits crossword competition. I’ll stick with that (it was a good month to win – an array of ‘Best Of’ LPs inc. Elton John, Jimmy Somerville, Phil Collins etc). The inner picture sleeves are superb on the original release – and I wonder if the reissue will retain the gatefold sleeve.