Manic Street Preachers / Gold Against The Soul reissue

Second album remastered & reissued on 2CD and vinyl

Manic Street Preachers / Gold Against The Soul

The Manic Street Preachers will reissue their second album Gold Against The Soul in June this year.

The 1993 album features the singles ‘From Despair To Where’, ‘La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)’ and ‘Roses in the Hospital’. This was the band’s second album and while the Manics have reissued The Holy Bible and Everything Must Go TWICE in the last 20 years, they’ve totally ignored Gold Against The Soul.

This changes soon and a two-CD deluxe edition features a remastered version of the album on CD 1 with non-album/B-sides appended to this disc (plus a live recording of The Clash song ‘What’s My Name’). The second CD features 11  previously unreleased demos, some remixes and a live track.

Another Manics reissue means another presentation, as this will come as a 120-page A4 book with unseen images by Mitch Ikeda, many personally annotated by Nicky Wire and original typed and handwritten lyrics from the bands own archive.

The remastered vinyl is the original album but comes with a download code to the extra tracks on CD 1 (ie the B-sides) but not, it seems, the music on CD 2.

Nicky Wire spoke of the reissue, acknowledging that it hasn’t always been a band favourite: “We moved our studio a few years ago and I unearthed a lot of demos and pictures from the ‘Gold Against The Soul’ era and thought it would be a shame not to let them see the light of day.  We haven’t always been the most complementary about this album in the past, but with hindsight it was a strange and curious record with many  fan’s favourites on it.  James always gets a huge response when he teases the riff to ‘Sleepflower’ live.”

All this sounds good, but the sting in the tail is that the two-CD set is incredibly expensive, at nearly £50. This is all the more disappointing because the Manics are normally pretty good at offering decent value packages when it comes to reissues. I mean, you can pick up the 20-year collectors’ edition of This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours for £25 and that comes with a similar book (square rather than A4) and offers an extra CD (it’s a 3CD set).

Gold Against The Soul will be reissued on 12 June via Sony Music.

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Manic Street Preachers

Gold Against The Soul - 2CD deluxe book edition


Compare prices and pre-order

Manic Street Preachers

Gold Against The Soul - vinyl LP


Gold Against The Soul 2CD deluxe edition

1.            Sleepflower (Remastered)
2.            From Despair To Where (Remastered)
3.            La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh) [Remastered]
4.            Yourself (Remastered)
5.            Life Becoming a Landslide (Remastered)
6.            Drug Drug Druggy (Remastered)
7.            Roses In The Hospital (Remastered)
8.            Nostalgic Pushead (Remastered)
9.            Symphony of Tourette (Remastered)
10.          Gold Against The Soul (Remastered)
11.          Donkeys (Remastered)
12.          Comfort Comes (Remastered)
13.          Are Mothers Saints (Remastered)
14.          Patrick Bateman (Remastered)
15.          Hibernation (Remastered)
16.          Us Against You (Remastered)
17.          Charles Windsor (Remastered)
18.          Wrote For Luck (Remastered)
19.          What’s My Name (Live) [Remastered]

1. Sleepflower (House in the Woods Demo) [Remastered]
2.  From Despair To Where (House in the Woods Demo) [Remastered]
3.   La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh) (House in the Woods Demo) [Remastered]
4.  Yourself (Live In Bangkok) [Remastered]
5.  Life Becoming a Landslide (House in the Woods Demo) [Remastered]
6.  Drug Drug Druggy (House in the Woods Demo) [Remastered]
7.  Drug Drug Druggy (Impact Demo) [Remastered]
8.  Roses In The Hospital (House in the Woods Demo) [Remastered]
9.   Roses In The Hospital (Impact Demo) [Remastered]
10.   Nostalgic Pushead (House in the Woods Demo) [Remastered]
11.  Symphony of Tourette (House in the Woods Demo) [Remastered]
12.  Gold Against The Soul (House in the Woods Demo) [Remastered]
13.   Roses In The Hospital (OG Psychovocal Remix) [Remastered]
14.  Roses In The Hospital (51 Funk Salute) [Remastered]
15.  La Tristesse Durera (Scream To A Sigh) (Chemical Brothers Vocal Remix)
16.   Roses In The Hospital (Filet O Gang Remix) [Remastered]
17.   Roses In The Hospital (ECG Remix) [Remastered]

Gold Against The Soul vinyl remaster

Side 1
1. Sleepflower
2. From Despair to Where
3. La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)
4. Yourself
5. Life Becoming a Landslide

Side 2
1. Drug Drug Druggy
2. Roses in the Hospital
3. Nostalgic Pushead
4. Symphony of Tourette
5. Gold Against the Soul

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David TW

I bought my copy of the vinyl from my local indie, and I don’t yet know what’s on the download. I suspect only “discs 1 and 2”. However, a weird quirk of Amazon with its Autorip is that you tend to get the full downloads of deluxe editions. (I bought a single-LP reissue of VU & Nico and got the Autorip of the six-disc set; same with a Wanda Jackson LP. Others too that I can’t bring to mind.) Clicking the bit on the order page that says “Includes FREE MP3 version of this album” reveals what tracks you’ll get.

Disclaimer: Don’t shoot the messenger. But it’s always worked for me so far.

David TW

Oops, I meant only “disc 1” on the supplied download, of course! Got carried away for a mo, thinking this was a 3-disc set.

What? 2020? Worry?

Well gotta say this is brick walled to fuck and back, shame really.

Kevin Carter

Here’s my thoughts on the price of this release.

If this was a standard 2-CD reissue, I’d expect the price to be £15.99 or £8 per disc. I consider a reissue should be a couple of pounds less than a brand new CD which sells for £10 since most people have already forked out for the original CD.

Amazon currently has the price at £41 which is £4 less than the Manics site. This means the glossy book is adding £25 to the price I’d expect to pay.
Is this value for money?


Fully agree with the thoughts on the price. £16 would be reasonable for 2Cd and maybe a few pounds extra for the book. I love the Manics and have bought just above every release and reissue so would probably stretch to say £25 but £41 is just ridiculous for 2CD. I really don’t understand what they’re doing with this one.


Unfornately it seems that the remaster is brickwall again:

Larry Davis

On a semi-related note, I got in the pre-order on Amazon UK before the price was exceedingly high ($84 on Amazon US?? For a 2CD set with 120-page book?? Uh no)…but what I did pay is my limit for that…now, regarding the Clash, not sure who here has that “Sound System” boombox set, but I got one used in almost perfect shape about a year ago, finally listened to it top to bottom & I came across a big error…in the 3CD “Extras” set, on the first disc (CD9 overall), on Track 19, it’s supposed to be B-side “Armagideon Time”, love that song, instead it’s a long 9-minute combo track of “Bankrobber” & “Rockers Galore On A UK Tour” back to back together!! And right after are the 2 tracks separated, in their right places!! I wonder if I can get the disc replaced?? I doubt it, but at least I have “Armagideon Time” on the 3CD “Clash On Broadway” box, albeit not remastered to “Sound System” standards…anyone else have this error?? Am I stuck with it?? Just wondering…anyone else have a spare non-error set to exchange?? Or should I suck it up and keep it?? I wouldn’t sell it either way…and if you had this error, what would you do?? Paul??

paul William wren

Why not press up an another vinyl disc for some of the extra tracks. Or maybe make it a triple vinyl package? For the vinyl fan this offers nothing more than the original issue.


This wonderful world of purchase power. Disappointing release from a band who have been coasting on nostalgia for at at least ten years. If they’re going to make their money from fan focused anniversary editions, can’t they give the fans a better deal and product? I remember going to the Marquee ( the Poundland reboot on Charing Cross rd) for the showcase of this album when it was first released. The place was rammed and the Manics were fantastic that night. The record has some standout tracks – Roses in the Hospital, La Tristesse Durera – but some gawd awful filler – Drug Drug Druggy, Yourself. It is disappointing that the band became so careerist but I guess Nicky Wire thinks he is making some kind of post modern statement with that, bless him. And being a professional rocker is surely better than working in the Pot Noodle factory in Blackwood.

Hans Jörg

This new version has more bonus tracks (b-sides?) than the previous 2009 Japan Double CD but misses the live songs of this. The question is why it wasn’t possible to also include those as well on a third CD plus the rest of the b-sides absent on both releases?


Paul, have you got info about a supposed Japan bonus tracks?

Jeff Zinger

I’m in Canada and amazon.ca with tax right now is $82.57. I don’t care how nice the book might be this is just a complete rip-off for 2 CD’s.

Paul Hargate

Confused? I nabbed a signed LP but it definitely said the extra tracks were on the download not just the B sides. Can’t check because it’s sold out & not listed now
Thought the vinyl was ok price especially with extras

Bobby Foster

The irony of the trailer containing lots of live footage of the era, and the actual release having no video content whatsoever…

Glen Withonen

Yeah the total lack of any actual video material included on a DVD is not only ironic, considering that trailer, but actually very disappointing when you remember the previous MSP reissues that all had DVDs packed full of new & old goodies.

I’m sure the book will be very nice, but to be a genuinely comprehensive deluxe, this set should have a third CD with radio sessions & live recordings, plus a DVD with all the TV appearances & the promo videos, at the very least.

As it stands, this is nothing but a missed opportunity. We’ve waited so long too – what a let down after those other great MSP deluxe sets…& I haven’t even mentioned that price. :-(


I love this album. Have been waiting for this and expected nothing less.
120 page hardback book of striking photographs of one of the most visually interesting bands since the punk era, plus original lyrics from the archive written by two genius lyricists, sounds remarkably similar to the recent Clash London Calling Scrapbook, similar price too, but, even better – this one has two CD’s in it (I feel like they could have included the Vanilla Tapes on a 2nd Cd with the Clash book but…).
I honestly don’t think 40 (or 50) quid is too much to charge for an item like this, or the Clash book, especially in 2020. Hardback Photography / art books are not cheap and I’m guessing, based on the Manic’s strong visual sense, that this will be beautifully put together.
Sure, it would be great if it cost £15 or whatever you prefer but just don’t think that’s realistic for something like this. I’m sure some would prefer less packaging, or more music / discs (totally agree that radio sessions should have been added), but in terms of presentation this appeals to me.


This is my favourite Manics album, and I’ve been waiting for a reissue for a LONG time, but the price-to-content ratio is very disappointing. I’m not sure if I’ll be pre-ordering or waiting to pick up a used copy, but I certainly hope that they issue a non-book version, or else add an additional CD to make the plunge a bit more attractive.

Richard Stephen Pievaitis

No !


I’m a fan of Manics. Fan of this great album. But not fan of this poor edition. And I’m not talking about the price yet.

Antonio Cunha

The presentation video is a crap. Oh well!!!

Julian John Hancock

For all the shouting, the cost of the vinyl reissue seems perfectly unreasonable.

Julian John Hancock

Edit reasonable not unreasonable


I can’t believe there’s no video footage! There’s a ton of stuff from this era that they could have included. I’ve ordered the vinyl but hard pass on the digital.


Huge fan of the Manics , and i’ve ordered it, but i will cancel if that crazy price doesnt come down by at least £15/£20 before release day


They won’t shift many copies at that price. It’ll be twenty five quid or less after a month or two


Looks like a nice release and I’m sure the price will settle down in the near-mid future. My greater worry (as usual!) is what the discs will sound like. The original CD had a DR of 11 (no, that doesn’t tell the whole story, I know) as it is but it does sound pretty good. Hopefully this remaster won’t compress the life out of the tracks… Some of us have real hi-fi equipment, we don’t all do all our listening via earbuds from free Spotify! Wish people supervising remasters these days would remember that…!


I’m with you on that Iain – although would go up to £20.

Putting aside the ‘you don’t have to buy it’ point, which totally spot on, I think most people’s disappointment at the price is who is asking for it. Listening to and reading manics interviews since 1990 they are clearly bright working class gents who always spoke common sense when making serious comment – put aside Nicky wires outlandish attention seeking early years statements. They are not a collection of bono self professed saviours of the people.

There UK influences were the Clash, known for vfm releases, and indie left field bands like McCarthy. Therefore this pricing is certainly eye brow raising and disappointing.


I’ll wait for the £13 deal alert.


As a long term MSP fan of almost 30 years (!) I’m becoming increasingly disappointed by some of their decisions.

This is ridiculously overpriced. No excuses.

Add in the fact that they have been abandoning great new material in favour of three -three! – cash-in album anniversary tours recently and playing any one man and his dog festival with the same hopelessly dull and predictable set list is troubling to say the least. Sure they are over 50 and have children and mortgages but c’mon you are / were the Manic Street Preachers…

Larry Davis

Pre-ordered…now I can sell that 2CD Japanese 2009 4 Real version…all that’s left now to reissue like that are Know Your Enemy & Lifeblood…trying to find that SDE Generation Terrorists…and boxset of Everything Must Go will be easy to find cheap & the 3CD of Truth should be down in price by now…

Jason Brown

As an album, always felt it’s one of their very best – what they had to do after not selling 16 million copies & splitting. Unlike some of their albums, it’s brutally focused – just the 10 songs – and the production was (I’ve always thought) more muscular than Generation Terrorists – a great benefit to the songs. This album was the one that, arguably, was the bedrock for their stadium-filling heyday : big choruses, big sounds, with really radio friendly hooks.

As to the cost of this…Hmm. The last two reissues almost betray a lack on interest by the band. TIMTTMY was almost discreetly released as a ‘Huh, seems to be 20 years old, and it’s our best selling record. Might as well reissue it’. The original price for it was…unappealing, in relation to the content.

This one? Depends. Remember the Roxy Music Reissue? The book is 136 pages long (albeit 12″ square), and is currently £120 (was about £130 at launch, and I got it for £55). If we exclude the Roxy DVD / 5.1 mix, that has 39 tracks over 3 discs. GATS has 36 over two discs.
If the book has a decent amount of words in it, then could be really good value. But I agree, on the surface, £50 for 2-discs does seem…odd.


It’s bad enough when bands current output is so average they have to reissue old albums but it sucks when they believe pricing like this is fair. Two CDs of pre existing music and a book – how the hell can they feel comfortable agreeing to the price.

Maybe like the Clash did with Sandinista the manics should lower the price of this reissue and only get royalties once they sell an agreed amount.


I really expected a live disc here… And I remember a particularly good ?Janice Long session with Despair/Roses/Slash & Burn and one other. Was really looking forward to this but £40+ for a handful of demos and a book I’ll likely look at once means I’ll be hanging on for a heavy reduction.

As an aside, I really feel that the Manics would benefit from a good live retrospective campaign – there are some fabulous performances out there: Marquee 1991, Glastonbury and Reading 94, the final Astoria run, Clapham Grand 93 – would love to see these and more get official (and full!) release.


Begrudgingly bought the signed CD and vinyl (vinyl not signed, as someone mentioned, due to no notice going out regarding pre-order availability).

Here’s what stings… I’ve been genuinely excited and looking forward to this release since what feels like forever. All that’s now gone and has been replaced with bitterness and betrayal. “Turning rebellion into money” as Joe once said.


I’m interested in this, never really followed the band at the time it does look very well done. However at that price they can whistle! Interestingly, I ordered the “This is my truth….” from their website, autographed edition & when it arrived, not autographed!!! Clearly they have stock control issues with their website which I hope they’ve fixed! When I complained I was basically told, sorry, nothing we can do! Brilliant customer service! On a positive note, the Chemical Brothers remixes on CD2 are great.


I’m a huge fan and have been wanting a deluxe of this so either way I’m going to buy it but I just can’t wrap my head around that price. A photo book is nice and I like having all the pics and artwork from that era but I don’t care to pay a fortune more for it. A few pages are fine. I have to assume this is early day pricing and the pricing may drop as it get’s closer to the release date. Just can’t imagine MSP expecting fans to pay this amount. Either way happy to have it. Would like to see Lifeblood and Know your enemy next. Lots of great b-sides from those albums.


Got a couple of months ago the Vinyl for a very (very..very) fair price in a nice condition, so it will pass me by.
A “Lifeblood”-Reissue finally would be a nice move, waiting years for that.


I got the Signed cd and vinyl for £60 from their website. Plus £10 postage. It’s a lot but I just pressed “buy”‘


‘ Everything’s for sale ‘

A different subject matter ( and a far darker and serious one for sure ) but the principle is the same


I got the feeling The Manics are now fully fledged members of our capitalist society


Really quite sad about this re. pricing. I’d feel very differently if there was a standard 2CD set as well but £45 for two CDs is appalling.

It’s particularly sad because the Manics have always given really good value for money – albums tended to be longer than most, there were always new tracks for b-sides when they multi-formatted singles and even the original Generation Terrorists deluxe with 3CDs, a DVD a 10″ vinyl and a book was £40 signed. The 2CD&DVD editions of GT, EMG, Holy Bible and SATT were really good value too, coming in at around the £15-£18 mark for plenty of content. So £45 for a double CD is unjustifiable.

What a shame.


I always liked this album and never understood why the band seemed to all but disown it. For me, it’s more consistent than their debut but has the same defiant energy and provocative songwriting – although looking back, there are surprisingly few signposts to the devastating nihilism of following year’s ‘The Holy Bible’ (which I still think is their masterpiece).

Not sure I’ll be buying the reissue though. That price is a bit rude.


Rude i think is an understatement I would call it avaricious.


Gold against the soul, indeed.


Maybe they were correct when singing
‘ Because baby we are all bourgeois now ‘

Paul English

They could have made this a 3CD set by simply shifting the CD1 bonus tracks to a third disc. There would have been a perception of better value for money then.


I thought that too – plus it would have avoided bunging them on the same disc as the album, which is a real peeve of mine.

Alan B

Managed to bag the signed LP and CD book with signed insert bundle before the signed LP sold out. I know I’ve gone on about this sort of thing before but I’ve been signed up to their mailing list for years and so far they haven’t sent out any communication about this. I saw an article about Nicky Wire’s thoughts on the release on the NME website an wondered if it was available to pre order via their website where there are usually signed options. Just as well I did as the signed LPs sold out very quickly. It is now getting to the stage where the only way to ensure getting that limited signed edition or limited store release is to draw up a list of your favourite artists web addresses and systematically go through that list daily to catch these limited editions as more often than not, even if they can be bothered to send you a notification, it will be too late to get one as they will have already been available for a while and sold out before they officially tell you about them.

Joseph Bartram

I have ordered this because I am a completist and its a nice thing to have.


I am astounded by the price of this. If memory serves me correctly a limited number of autographed sets of these two disc re-issues could previously be bought from the Manics store for less than £20, this set is £45 in the official store.
I understand the argument of ‘ well no one is forcing you to buy it ‘ but really. So I won’t be buying which personally is a shame as being a long time fan I was excited when i heard it was going to be released. A band who many thought to be principled really are as corporate as all those of the establishment they have previously lambasted.


Apologies for posting the same comment twice this is probably due to my state of ranting disbelief.

‘ The more you own the more you are, lonelier with cheap desire ‘


I can’t help but think whether Mitch Ikeda is getting some form of royalty on this release as 120 pages is an awful lot of copyrighted photos. A couple of additional live CDs would have softened the blow. Still bought it anyway.

Paul Dobson

I’m presuming the pricing has something to do with the 120 page A4 book? Still expensive, still pre-ordered it…


I’m presuming the pricing has something to do with greed


I am astounded by the price of this. If memory serves me correctly a limited number of autographed sets of these two disc re-issues could previously be bought from the Manics store for less than £20. Bearing in mind there is no ‘new’ music it really is a profiteering from fans loyalty. I understand the argument of ‘ well no one is forcing you to buy it ‘ but really. So I won’t be buying this which personally is a shame as being a long time fan I was excited when i heard it was going to be released. A band who many thought to be principled really are as corporate as all those of the establishment they have previously lambasted.

Ross Baker

It’s £40 on the Townsend site. £45 on the official Manics site. An A4 book will certainly push it up a little, but it’s definitely not worth the price at the minute. This is My Truth was overpriced at first, at £35 for three CDs and a book with no liner notes, so the drop in price there suggests this one will go down to a more sensible price some point down the line.


£50 for the cheapest (only) CD edition is crazy. What is the thinking behind this price point?! Apart from the obvious price gouging.

tom renphrey

Thanks Paul. You are spot on about the pricing. Absolutely outrageous and won’t be going near it on this basis

Ben Williams

The CD pricing has got to be a misprint or a satire, surely?