Manic Street Preachers / Send Away The Tigers 10-year collectors’ edition

Manic Street Preachers will reissue their 2007 album Send Away The Tigers in May as a 10th anniversary edition that offers a wealth of audio and video bonus material.

The ’10 Year Collectors’ Edition’ is a 2CD+DVD bookset that offers the original album (remastered by James Dean Bradfield), unheard demos, a bonus disc of b-sides and rare tracks and a DVD packed with content, including the band’s full Glastonbury set, promo videos and rare/unseen footage from rehearsals.

It’s worth noting that the band appear to have ‘done a Morrissey’ (aka ‘doing a George Lucas’) and fiddled with the album. According to track listings on the official site, Underdogs is now removed (although the demo is included) and replaced with Welcome To The Dead Zone, which was originally an extra track on CD2 of Your Love Alone Is Not Enough.

The bonus disc is fairly similar to the 2009 ‘4REAL’ reissue although two versions of Umbrella, acoustic renditions of Send Away The Tigers and Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (with Nina and James), plus the four tracks ‘live at the O2’ are not repeated on this new anniversary edition. Similarly, this new set has three or four selections not on the Japanese set (plus the demos and DVD of course). See track listings below.

This set comes packaged in a book which looks very similar to the book presentation of the album deluxe editions that started in 2009 with Journal For Plague Lovers. Nicky Wire has also contributed handwritten lyrics and imagery from his personal archive.

A gatefold 2LP vinyl edition not only includes all those unhead demos on the second LP, it actually includes an extra one not on the 2CD+DVD set – I’m Just a Patsy (cassette home acoustic demo). This includes a download codes.

Send Away The Tigers 10-year collector’s edition will be released on 12 May 2017. Note: There was a limited number of signed editions available from the Manics’ store but it must have been a very small quantity since they’ve all sold out within 3 hours of the official announcement!

Send Away The Tigers / Ten-Year Collector’s Edition / 2CD+DVD book

Send Away The Tigers
Welcome To The Dead Zone
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (feat. Nina Persson)
Indian Summer
The Second Great Depression
I’m Just A Patsy
Imperial Bodybags
Working Class Hero
Send Away the Tigers (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Underdogs (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (DEMO – 60’s Jangle, Faster Studios)
The Second Great Depression (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Autumnsong  (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Imperial Bodybags  (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Winterlovers (DEMO, Faster Studios)

Ghost Of Christmas
Boxes & Lists
Love Letter to the Future
Little Girl Lost
Fearless Punk Ballad
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (Nina Solo Acoustic)
Red Sleeping Beauty (McCarthy cover)
The Long Goodbye
Morning Comrades
The Vorticists
Autumnsong (Acoustic version)
Anorexic Rodin
Heyday of the Blood
Foggy Eyes (Beat Happening Cover)
Lady Lazarus
You Know It’s Going to Hurt

Tracks in red do not appear on the 2009 Japanese ‘4REAL’ reissue.


Live at Glastonbury 24.06.07
You Love Us
Motorcycle Emptiness
You Stole the Sun From My Heart
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (with Nina Persson)
Everything Must Go
From Despair to Where
Ocean Spray
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)
Imperial Bodybags
Motown Junk
A Design for Life


Your Love Alone Is Not Enough video
Making of Your Love Alone Is Not Enough video
Autumnsong video
Autumnsong alternative video
Indian Summer video
Track By Track
Rehearsals, Cardiff March 2007
Practice Sessions

Send Away The Tigers / Ten Year Collector’s Edtion / 2LP vinyl


Send Away The Tigers
Welcome To The Dead Zone
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (feat. Nina Persson)
Indian Summer
The Second Great Depression


I’m Just A Patsy
Imperial Bodybags
Working Class Hero


Send Away the Tigers (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Underdogs (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (DEMO – 60’s Jangle, Faster Studios)
The Second Great Depression (DEMO, Faster Studios)


Autumnsong  (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Imperial Bodybags  (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Winterlovers (DEMO, Faster Studios)

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Danny Graydon

I’ve bought this – my fave MSP album after EMG – but I absolutely agree with the chap above about Underdogs! It’s a really enjoyable track – great to drum to – so it’s wholesale removal from the album itself is quite a disappointment and, indeed, a “flatout rewrite of history”. I mean, if it was deemed good enough to be a single – let alone the first one – it seems odd to cut it out now. It’s hardly an embarrassment that’s completely at odds with the other songs. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s not the album that was first heard.

Bad Monkey Mick

How about this as a bonus! If you buy the vinyl version you get a download card for all the double CD version tracks but in 24bit Hi Res!

Jason Brown

Hmm, I’m in the minority here. Was pondering buying this (massive fan, and Faster is IMO the greatest song ever) but…Underdogs was my favourite song on a fairly good album, that used to start well, and then tail off. It’s terrific track! Shuffling a running order and adding tracks is one thing. Removing though is a flat out rewrite of history. Especially on a reissue with loads of tracks!

And to be further in the minority, GATS is a brilliant album crying out for a reissue. For my money, their 2nd best after The Holy Bible.

Me thinks the Lifeblood and Know Your Enemy reissues are a lo-ng way off….

Tim Joseph

Getting tired of the exclusive tracks for vinyl. I didn’t buy the Bowie BBC box for 2 songs, and I won’t be buying this for 1! (Time for the Kimono My House demos on CD too!!)


I don’t get why the vinyl reissue has the demos instead of the b-sides. Demos are interesting fir a once over, b-sides are far more worthy of the vinyl space.


Interesting to see some enthusiasm for removing or adding tracks to album reissues. Well, I reckon it’s a pointless attempt to rewrite history. Bands should just suck it up and put out definitive reissues of their albums; real fans will know the originals very well and if there is the odd crap track on there, well they are expected and that’s just the way it is. Omitting things because you are now embarrassed by them makes for an incomplete package and doesn’t save face at all. Albums are documents of a band at a particular time, ‘improvement’ is just fiddling – extra tracks are of course welcome, but the running order of the record should be preserved. Incidentally, Underdogs isn’t the worst song Nicky Wire has written; if he is going to start cringing at and removing his previous efforts then maybe we can look forward to some slimmed-down anniversary editions.
Nice set, though. Will probably buy it!

[…] Read more about the Send Away The Tigers reissue here. […]


It’s a joke that this wasn’t limited to 1 per customer. I have bought all of the previous, deluxe signed editions but for some reason this was gone by the time I was able to get online after work. I have since noticed someone on eBay selling nine copies for £53.99. I hate you scalpers and that is the censored version!

Larry Davis

Honestly, I don’t think the new remastering of “Tigers” will make much of a difference…a reMIX would be radical, but this is not that. As for “Gold”, it wasn’t the 4REAL reissue with the fewest tracks…”The Holy Bible” one was…but I can see why the band doesn’t like it, it’s second-nature next to “Generation Terrorists”, and feels like a quickie transitional piece, not unlike the Clash’s “Give Em Enough Rope” or even the Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour”…I like it and LOVE it in spots, but is it a masterpiece?? Nope. I still need the boxsets of “Generation Terrorists” & “Everything Must Go”, as well as the Japanese bookdeluxes of “Rewind The Film” & “Futurology”…I had the UK RTF but I found out there was a Japanese bookbox with the missing bonus track, so I sold mine…waiting for the prices to drop…also, will “Lipstick Traces” be redone?? Got the Japanese one of that with the bonus EP tracks…


I might get this to fill in any missing b-sides in my Manics collection. I agree with others about Gold Against the Soul being ignored, it’s a solid album and better than a lot of the post Everything Must Go albums. Deluxe editions for This is My Truth…, Know Your Enemy and Lifeblood would be welcome as well.


Agreed with Kristian – Underdogs is the only reason I don’t listen to this album more often. I know it’s there, and i don’t like the idea of skipping a song when hearing an album. Basically, it ruined it. Oddly enough it was the first promo off the album. Working Class Hero was thankfully a hidden track. I would have preferred Umbrella :-)

I would welcome a retracking of Know Your Enemy. That album had so much potential but unferotunately had too many filler songs and bad ordering. Remove Miss Europa, Wattsville Blues, My Guernica + add Masses and maybe Just a Kid and your good to go.


So sad to miss out on the signed copies… Was building a lovely little collection of these. Oh well, will have to start saving for scalper copies. Unless the website issues could result in a few extra copies…?

Brad B.

Hello, does anyone know if the DVD in this package is region-free? As a US fan who doesn’t have a region-free player I’d like to know before ordering.


Sure it will be. They usually are.


How do you remaster an album that’s only 10 years old and sounded fine in the first place ? I would imagine people who bought this originally will have the vast majority of the stuff included on this so i don’t see the point really and why the hell do they keep ignoring Gold Against The Soul ?

Larry Davis

This was surprising…I have all the 4REAL Japanese deluxes, all expensive, but pre-ordered this anyway as it was cheap enough and with a DVD…only $17 US and change, even better as I am an Amazon Prime member, so it’s free 2-day shipping. Even though this has pretty much all of the 4REAL bonuses, I’m still keeping it, not replacing it, because it would break up the whole series, and it has “Underdogs”, which is now removed…weird. Always loved this album, but these reissues are very random and all over the place, orderwise. Always wondered why “Gold” got the shaft. What about “Know Your Enemy”?? Came out in 2000, maybe in 3 years, there will be a 20th anniversary?? That album rocks!! But “Truth” should be a 20th reissue next year, as it was their biggest seller and the 4REAL release was good.


Not sad to see Underdogs go, not one bit, Welcome To The Dead Zone is a much better song. Dump that cover of Working Class Hero while you’re at it and you’ve got an even better album.


One of their best albums. With Mac’s TITN, DM’s Spirit and now this it is going to be an expensive month or two. Floyd’s individual early years releases may gave to wait……


I do appreciate the fervor with which they put together these packed deluxe editions, but others are right to say it’s all a bit random. Different anniversaries, order all over the place, formats variable. Seems like they didn’t have much of an overall plan when they started these – figuring it out as they go along.

This edition looks nice, as it did have TONS of bonus tracks to round up that I never bothered with at the time, but I do appreciate when bands revisit less popular or acclaimed albums. Sometimes those end up being far more valuable and interesting when reissued than the more revered ones (thinking of examples like Suede’s A New Morning and Smashing Pumpkins’ Adore).

Stephen Hofmann

Never do a Morrissey on an album. Just DON’T.


Wasn’t expecting this. It’s a really good album and the extras are well worth having. Take note, Macca. This is how you do it. Not surprised if they are removing ‘Underdogs’. Nicky has never liked it. Has always reminded me of a poor man’s ‘Common People’. Give us the ‘Lifeblood’ SDE next!


This is great, but even better would be a reissue of “This is my truth, tell me yours”. Hope it comes next year, as Padraig says.


Preordered the 2CD+DVD edition from Amazon US (thank you for the link!). It’s not my favorite Manics album, but it’s a deluxe edition, and all the demos and b-sides crammed into all their deluxe editions have given me so much enjoyment.

elliott buckingham

love the manics later stuff but they cram to much onto a side of vinyl just looking at the photo there is hardly ant deadwax at all would rather have the album over 3 sides skip the demos and put some alt versions on side 4


I don’t think that’s an actual photograph – the bands on each disc are exactly the same size so it’s probably just a photshopped mock-up.


very cool… that album was a favorite of mine ten years ago. One of their best

David M

I had a signed copy momentarily but had to wait to finish the order and was too late. Should be noted that their website is much cheaper than the amazon uk link posted above. 18 quid for both.

Paul stamper

True there website is cheaper at £18.99 but p&p took it to £23 (U.K.) so same as amazon are selling for :)

I managed to snag a signed vinyl well pleased as this is one of my fav maniacs albums

Agree with other where is gold against the soul deluxe, it’s well over due.

David M

18.00 not 18.99 and amazon is 23,99 which is 24 pounds being pedantic

Paul stamper

Sorry yes it’s £18 on maniacs site, p&p for the vinyl was £5.60, £23.60 total, 39p more on amazon :) nice price either way for 4 set vinyl and not the usual over priced £29.99 some releases are

David M

No worries and as I am in Canada I will probably order from amazon anyway as the Manics store has much higher shipping costs.

Robert Ivory

Seems odd that it would need any “re-mastering” when it’s only 10 years old?

eric slangen

Got my signed vinyl without any problem about two hours after the email.
Strange but I’m happy.

Padraig O Shea

How has ‘This is my truth..’ avoided the reissue campaign.It must be their best selling album.It has certainly outsold ‘Send away the tigers’ by many multiples of ten.Probably a lavish box planned for its 20th anniversary next year.


They’ll defo reissue ‘This Is My Truth…’ in 2018 to mark the 20th anniversary.


Same thought here Gary (above) why would a 10 year old album need remastering – what more can be gleaned form the recordings that wasn’t there in the first place – baffles me!

I do love the books that Nicky Wire does for these now, but think overall its a case of ‘hey its 10 years old already, now seems the time to deluxe it up’ scenario!

I’ll still buy it of course… until 15 years anniversary rears it head… dammit!


It’s all very technical but technically remastering can create a new copyright and as such it ‘re-starts’ the copyright clock. So a recording X number of years into it’s copyright life is suddenly “born” again. I’m not saying that is the reason for all remastering but it will certainly be a signficant reason in many cases.


Totally agree with the website fiasco. Poor. Very poor.

Rare Glam

I believe ‘Gold Against The Soul’ is persona non grata with the band, they didn’t like how it turned out so therefore no anniversary edtion. I have all the 4Real Japanese double CDs and ‘Gold..’ is the one with the fewest tracks on the second disc. I guess there would be plenty of scope then for a fuller re-visitation. Incidentally, wouldn’t it be nice if the band wrote a new album?


Why would an album that is a mere ten years old require remastering?

Paul Kent

Surely this would have been the perfect place to include God Save The Manics EP. Still, ordered anyway.


Got a signed vinyl – well pleased – but cd set is sold out
Agree with the comments around gold against the soul – would be a great reissue as loads of quality b sides around from that era


Managed to get both signed versions after adding to my basket at least 100 times ! Why announce it and not have the site ready !!!!


I was able to get one of the signed CD’s, but I noticed that it allowed me to add more than one copy to my basket. They should restrict it to one per customer as some people may have bought more than one copy, possibly to resell.


Apparently there is an exclusive demo on the vinyl.


I am wondering if the I’m Just a Patsy (cassette home acoustic demo) is included. On the main Manic Street Preachers website in the news story it is listed as Track 19 on CD1 and CD1 is stated as having 21 tracks, but on the Manic Street Preachers store website, its not listed and CD1 has only 20 tracks. Which one is right?

There also doesn’t seem that much of a rhyme or reason to the release order. Notwithstanding the Japanese 2009 2 CD releases, 2 albums have been re-issued twice and 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th albums have not been re-issued, yet the 8th one is. I guess they are picking the critically acclaimed ones and the popular ones. But I would love to see Gold Against The Soul get the deluxe treatment.

Alan B

The website is an absolute joke. I tried to get signed copies of the CD and LP within 5 minutes of receiving the email from the official website. When I tried to add the purchases to the basket I kept getting an error message (to many attempts, please try in a few minutes). I kept hitting refresh every few minutes for 2 hours and eventually I could add both to my basket. When I clicked on checkout there was a message beside the CD icon saying it was sold out even though I added it to the basket.
Worse was to follow with the signed LP. I typed in my address details and then clicked to go to the payment page and I got an error message saying it had sold out and wiped out my basket.
You would think by adding it the basket I would have locked them in. I have bought all the signed editions from the band’s web store down the years but I have never experienced a farce like this.

Ben Williams

I’m about to put a signed Manics CD (Postcards from a Youngman, standard edition) on ebay (UK) so anyone that missed out on a signed album have a chance here. Would rather it went to a fan, I got it years ago and I like the band and only need their hits Cd.
P.s. Got it off their website back in 2010 originally.

Phil Wilson

I think the signed ones sold out within an hour, I managed to grab one within about 5 minutes of getting the email, I’m guessing there were 500 or 1000? Do we think the tracklist might be a typo? Welcome to the dead zone was track 2 on the Japan 4Real version, disc 2, so might it simply be a cutting and pasting issue? I’ve not seen any acknowledgement of changing the tracklist of it?