Mansun SIX / 3CD+DVD deluxe

21st anniversary • 3CD+DVD set • 5.1 mix • Remastered

Mansun‘s second album SIX is being reissued as a four-disc 21st anniversary deluxe edition in March.

The 1998 album has been remastered from the original tapes (by Jon Astley) and is presented alongside a disc of demos, rarities & outtakes (details TBC), the B-sides album ‘The Dead Flowers Reject’ and a DVD with a 5.1 surround mix of the album (along with hi-res stereo) and original promo videos.

This deluxe comes pacakged as a 48-page hardback book with sleeve notes by Paul Lester and notes from Paul Draper (including foreword, analysis of the cover art, track-by-track descriptions for the CD extras and an album overview of The Dead Flowers Reject).

SIX features the singles ‘Legacy’, ‘Being A Girl (Part One)’, ‘Negative’ and ‘Six’ all of which were top 30 hits back in the day.

This is out on 22 March 2019. Pre-order this deluxe set from the SDE shop

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Six - 21st Anniversary Remastered Edition (Amazon Exclusive - Blue Vinyl) [VINYL]



Disc 1 – SIX (Remastered Album)

Inverse Midas
Anti Everything
Fall Out
Witness to a Murder Part 2
Special/Blown It
Being A Girl

Disc 2 – Demos, Rarities & Outtakes

Disc 3 – The Dead Flowers Reject

What It’s Like To Be Hated
Been Here Before
When The Wind Blows
Can’t Afford To Die
Church Of The Drive Thru Elvis
I Care
King Of Beauty
But The Trains Run On Time
Check Under The Bed
I Deserve What I Get

Disc 4 – DVD

5.1 surround sound mix (DTS 96/24 5.1 and Dolby Digital AC3 5.1) by long-time collaborator P-Dub, a hi-resolution stereo audio (24bit/48kHz Linear PCM) and the original promotional videos

SIX 2LP vinyl remaster




Inverse Midas
Anti Everything
Fall Out


Witness to a Murder Part 2
Special/Blown It


Being A Girl

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Tom m hans

I needed to preorder from deepdiscount.com in the US due to lack of availability on amazon.com. 51.00 USD is not too bad.

Ross Baker

Finally some news on this, the 4 disc edition is now on Amazon. The missing b-sides from CD3 are on the rarities disc, thankfully. I’m very excited about a ‘full-length’ alternate mix of Cancer, too (as if nine minutes wasn’t enough already!):

1. Tom Baker (Takes 2,3 & 4 – Unused)
2. There’s No Taste Like Heinz (Instrumental Version – Take 3)
3. When the Wind Blows (Alternative Backing Track – Never Used)
4. Bobblehat (Dominic Chad Lead Vocal, Glass Orchestra & Extra Section)
5. 8 Bit Drum Kit Instrumental Idea (Unfinished)
6. Legacy (Original Arrangement – Unfinished)
7. Pterodactyl (Subliminal Track in Serotonin – Isolated)
8. Fall Out (Earlier Unedited Version)
9. Cancer (Alternative Full-Length Version)
10. Cancer (Take 2 – Backing Track)
11. Face in the Crowd (B Side)
12. Uncle Peter (Gsoh) (Isolated Vocals)
13. Dominic Chad Untitled
14. Hideout (B Side)

Martin Breedyk

Have you got link to this on Amazon Ross Baker?

Clive Morris

Can’t find it on Amazon.co.uk just the standard CD and the vinyl versions

Ross Baker

This is the Amazon link – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Six-Mansun/dp/B07N3S8D2Z/ note it’s still not actually on sale there, just the picture and details. Not sure what’s going with it to be honest.

Martin Breedyk

Thanks Ross!


Still unavailable from Amazon.it, or .de or UK…. I guess it will show up sooner or later.
I’d buy here or from Mansun site but shipping fees to Italy are horrendous.
This is one of my favourite album ever, I can’t get tired of listening to it…
I wonder if any Mansun official live recording will surface, I’ve never seen them live and it would be nice to have a live document.

Martin Breedyk

I would have thought would show up on Amazon eventually but hasn’t done yet

Jason Brown

We know they are going to do Little Kix (the ultimate curates egg) as well, almost certainly in this format; I wonder if they’ll also do a ‘definitive’ version of Mansun – the 4th album that (sort of) got released as Kleptomania, in this 12″ book set range? Or indeed, just do a revamped Kleptomania with a DVD and book (bit like Led Zep & the Coda reissue)? Thus wrapping up the whole story?

mr s hardy

This was my album of the year in 1998. It never left my cd player for months and months. I can appreciate why some people claimed it was a difficult listen, but I got it straight away. The singles were irresistible too, which made it a mystery to me why the album bombed. I remember reading a comment by Jonny Greenwood after Grey Lantern came out, saying it was good but he’d be interested to hear what the follow-up was like. Well to my ears, this pissed all over anything Radiohead did, and that’s saying something for me (being a bid ‘Head fan).

Jason Brown

Totally totally agree. Back in ’98 when I made charts of such things (erm…) Six was the album of the year, with Being A Girl and Legacy the top 2 singles of the year.

Interesting to compare this to the TIMTTMY reissue just before Xmas…both albums released around the same time, but I suspect this time Six will far outsell the Manics.

Kevin Thompson

Totally agree.


Looks like a good package and good value for a truly great record, and will be interested to see what’s on the demos/outtakes disc, especially as Paul Draper was asking fans on Twitter for any demos or work-in-progress stuff they might have stashed.

Minor gripe – the Dead Flower Reject album is missing seven pretty songs. It seems the four songs from the Seven EP (Closed For Business) have been overlooked, and they’ve also left off Spasm Of Identity and Face In The Crowd (from Eight EP/ Legacy) and Hideout (from Nine EP/ Being A Girl). Hopefully they’ll show up somewhere as they’re all great.


I really do hope Mansun made copies of all the demo’s they sent round the world in the late nighties, of which I want to say 50% got ‘fan created’ into the two “The Demo Tape” CDs. Ahh those halcyon days of dial up modems and the Mansun fan board…. There are some gems on the that album along with the B sides on the singles of the period.

Ross Munro

Paul Draper has said in a comment on the Instagram announcement post for the set that ‘Spasm Of Identity’ is a hidden track (I assume) on the B-sides disc. All the tracks on the Seven EP (‘Closed For Business’) is on the “Attack Of The Grey Lantern” 3 Disc Edition from 2010. I don’t know if the remaining B-sides will be hidden tracks or will become available elsewhere.

Mark Hollis

A bonkers crock pot of Winnie the Pooh,Stanley Kubrick’s “alleged” involvement with NASA faking the Moon landing,Cocaine paranoia and summoning ghosts(Brian Jones) at Olympic Studios.
Oh..and it happens to be a production masterpiece. stutter stopping as new ideas flow from one verse to another. A landmark britpop adventure….completely slagged upon release.
Covers a bit shite but the music hasn’t aged a bit. Don’t Hesitate.*****


THE Mark Hollis?

Mark Hollis

I truly wish I was…..just a small tribute to my fave artist.
Brian Eno

Jason Brown

A hard album to love – but once you do, you love it totally.

I remember getting this on cassette back in ’98, getting it home, slamming it on and…eh? To all intents and purposes, this was my intro to prog. So it took me a bit to appreciate it. About a week. So much better than OK Computer. So, so much better.

I hope that, in the details to be revealed, it also includes the excellent 10th anniversary webchat the Paul Draper did – and possibly on the DVD, the closing show of the Six tour. We know it was filmed…

Even so : until Metallica’s Black Album and Bruce Springsteens Born In The USA SDE come along, this will be reissue of the year. Quality music, quality product, quality price.

Ross Baker

Ah wonderful. I keep meaning to pick up that 2010 version of AOTGL: the b-sides disc is pretty much a must for me on a deluxe edition, basically a bonus album. So I’m really glad this has got the b-sides album – it was always going to be there given Paul’s spoken of it being a separate album of its own in the past. There are so many bands I love that I just never got around to collecting the singles of, so this will effectively be a new Mansun album for me, which is particularly exciting as it’s a new Six-era Mansun album.

And yes, just to echo everybody else, Six is an astonishing album that, despite its growing cult status, is still far too under-appreciated.

Michal Kubik

If you like SIX listen to “Bon Chic Bon Genre” by Campag Velocet from 1999, last true classic of the millennium. Those albums are like twins to me, progressive, punky, totally way-out, eccentric and cranky.


I see where you are coming from but I still think “Six” has more melody, creativity, variety and better production.

Michel D.

Fernando your enthusiasm made me want to listen to this album again!
Strangely this album was messed up by the record company in North America at the time of release: they removed two tracks, resequenced the song order and change the cover!!


excited by this but thinking i may wait on the cd/dvd package after spending a small fortune on the grey lantern reissue. also maybe there will be some ‘extra’ thrown in on later purchases. shame you cant get the free cd with this as well.


Now this is a great reissue, those b sides are superb, and the four singles from this album were brilliant .
Now as a big mansun fan I may be committing heresy, but this album frustrated me in 1998 , as I thought they were gonna be massive , and this album is so eccentric and dense, it’s almost like perverse career suicide, and I think the seeds of their demise were sown with this release.
21 years on, it’s still frustrating, as although it’s a cult classic, the wider music buying public have little comprehension of how good the mighty mansun was.and resulted in Paul disappearing for way too long
Their singles collection and run of eps are fabulous releases. And a great legacy
And Paul’s solo album was great , highly recommended

Brad Breault

About time for a package like this, thank you Paul! If I have to wait a bit before ordering through your shop, do you have to do a pre-order only or can customers wait til the ‘street date’ to buy? And will the DVD be region-free?

Brad Breault

Great, I appreciate the info, and thank you! Got out my original CD pressing of ‘Six’ which still sounds great to begin with, and looking forward to hearing the remastering and extra material, and certainly seeing the DVD material!


I assume the song Six is included on the vinyl edition? hahaha!

Murray Robbins

“The only pureness left is preached by Marx”……..or arguably Paul.

“Six” is the last, (twisted, brilliant & sick), masterpiece of the 20th Century, created under the most arduous circumstances of creative tensions within Mansun.

If you’ve never heard it, kind sir or madam, you’ve wasted 20 years, but I wish I could hear it again for the first time. Perhaps you have the opportunity?

Challenging, imaginative, progressive and unique.

The SDE is a totally essential purchase.

Gary Smith

Great post Fernando.
I did like some of their singles at the time and loved “Legacy” but ignored the album.
After reading your post and the enthusiasm of others i’ve got to give the album a chance me thinks.

Kevin Galliford

I was so disappointed with this album at the time! I loved “Legacy” & greatly anticipated this album & just thought it was a right old crock, Shame as I saw them them do a warm up gig at the time & they were brilliant, as was the 1st album. I’d be interested to give it another listen based on all the good reviews here.

Top 3 ever. Five stars album.
This is one of my favorite albums EVER. I think it’s an outstanding master piece. For me Cancer is the song to die for. I could live there. The album is full of clever ideas. The production is a piece of art. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and casual people for the last 20 years, but in Spain not many people knew Mansun and appreciate their subtleness. And what pisses me off is that no newbie are going to read our comments nor enter this post. And none of them are going to give this record a chance. There’s something dramatic in the underrating of this band. Like The Kinks used to have.. Specially with SIX. It’s a pity because it’s capable of bring joy and hapiness to my mind.
I can’t explain what this album means for me. It’s my Revolver, my Animals, my Violator, my Ok Computer, my Either/Or, my Grace, my Neon Golden, my Bitches Brew, my Sophtware Slump, my Bryter Layter, my Man Machine, my ****ing Spirit of Eden!!!
This is the best new of the winter for me. I am so pleased that in 3 months I’ll have SIX in vinyl and a special edition.. Amazing feeling. This is probably my second comment in a web since Internet exists, and I am a Frontend developer. Like we say in Spain At home blacksmith, wooden knife (en casa de herrero cuchillo de palo). But it’s because I’m so happy. Love you all music lovers! We all are species in extinction.
Sorry for my poor english!! Love your site Paul! But i have no money since I discovered it.

Brilliant! Beautifully said!

Darryl Fong

Wow such love for this band and album I have to give it a listen !!

Fernando Gasulla Magnani I love your post.

I always lumped them in rightly/wrongly with britpop at the time but never actually listened to any of their songs.
More into synthpop but will listen to anything else so will give it a go now.


just ordered the clear vinyl at “burning shed”..looking forward to this

Jimi Fletcher

My favourite album of the 90’s and one of my favourite album of all time. A phenomenal achievement and a total rush to listen to from start to finish. Instant purchase for me! The B-sides from this era are amazing too – I still have my ‘Legacy’ CD that has songs like ‘Check Under the Bed’ and ‘Can’t Afford to Die’ on it – still treasure it to this day. This will probably be my reissue of the year!

David B

sounds good . but the 5.1 mix by P-Dub .. well no one seemed to like the one he did for “Attack of the Grey Lantern” most thought it was a bit cluttered and too front focused. So will this one be any better ????

Dave H

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the 5.1 mix of Attack could have been better separated to make better use of the rear speakers. It has it’s moments but I prefer mixes that allow you to hear instrumentation that may get lost in a stereo mix.

Look forward to hearing SIX, a good start to the year for the 5.1 surround sound enthusiast. Hopefully more to follow like Tear for Fears, XTC and more 40th and 50th anniversaries from 1969 and 1979 mixed to 5.1.

Gareth Jones

Only 4 discs? You would’ve thought they could stretch it to 6!

Steve Bryant

What a re-issue! This is the one I’ve been waiting for. My favourite album ever . Gone for all formats and waiting on the blue vinyl link. K-Scope , I love you!


finally. of all the mansun albums this is probably the one that i most look forward to being issued. i did get the purple of AOTGL last year and did not hesitate on the green this time.
i was anticipating this for months and in my mind i was thinking what color this will be in, and i was thinking it’s gonna be green or clear. turns out they have both!

blue seems out of place from an album artwork’s point of view.

Peter Muscutt

Definitely one of my top albums of the 90s…made up the announcement has been made about ‘Six’, especially as I missed out on a fully signed original LP of ‘Attack of the Grey Lantern’ on eBay this week! Interested to see what the demos/rarities consist of.


Just ordered the cd set and the green vinyl edition too. Good value methinks especially when comparing to some of the more expensive sets released recently.

Ian Harris

One of my all time favourite albums – really excited about this. I love the bonkers scope of it, the songs that seem made up of fragments stitched together, and a cameo from Tom Baker to boot!

Alan Fenwick

There are 3 colour vinyl versions are also available:

Blue vinyl will be Amazon
Clear vinyl is Kscope
Green vinyl is Mansun store

Also a standard black vinyl available as well

Not sure if there’s any Indie store exclusive editions at this moment in time.


Been waiting on this for what feels like years!! Truly, and without exaggeration, one of the greatest albums of all time. Like others here, I’ve got my order in for all formats. Just waiting on the blue to be listed. Anyone know if the blue vinyl be available from all Amazon regions or only specific one(s)?

Alan Fenwick


Not sure on which Amazon Regions will have the Blue Vinyl, Paul Draper didn’t go into that level of detail when he spoke about it on his Instagram Account.