Mantronix: The Album reissue

Mantronix: The Album, the influential debut by 1980s hip-hop electro funk group Mantronix, is being reissued on heavyweight vinyl next month.

The group was formed by DJ Kurtis Mantronik and rapper MC Tee in New York in 1984, and was a pioneering blend of hip hop, samples and electronic music.

Mantronix: The Album, was first released in 1985, managed to expand the language of electronic music with classic singles ‘Needle To The Groove’, ‘Fresh Is The Word’ and the UK Top 40 hit ‘Bassline’ being enormous in the clubs, and while the debut album was not an enormous commercial success at the time, it has gone on to be a touchstone of all that has come along since, ending up well-placed in many an end-of-year list.

Mantronix: The Album is released on 31 May 2019.

Side One

  1. Bassline
  2. Needle To The Groove
  3. Mega-Mix

Side Two

  1. Hardcore Hip-Hop
  2. Ladies
  3. Get Stupid ‘Fresh’ Part 1
  4. Fresh Is The World

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The Japan cd re-issue features 5x tracks that were all previously available on the Traffic Entertainment Group release a few years back although, I appreciate, that this release may be difficult to find nowadays. A double or even triple vinyl release would have done this lp justice as the (IMHO far superior) NME mix of Hardcore Hip-Hop was previously only included on the 2006 U.K issue.

A proper re-issue of Music Madness would also be very welcome as the Japan re-issue appears to neglect the U.K mixes, including Chad Jackson`s stunning DMC mix. Rumour has it that the original Omar Santana Mega-Mix tracks differed on the U.S & U.K releases. A bonus live disc of the complete Town & Country gig would also be a nice touch as 3x tracks were originally included on the 1987 double vinyl re-release – cheers!


Cd reissue from Japan,along with ‘Music Madness’,both with laods of bonus tracks,originally for release in January but now out next month..can’t wait.


Thanks! Was not aware of these reissues:)

Cosmo Castanza

Only recollect Bassline , the bassline is still stuck in my head decades later.


And no cd again is another “shame”!!

Gary C

Bassline, Needle and Fresh is The World are featured EPs on Spotify


Still got the original album at home in very good condition. This was mindbending back then.


I have the original and as an album it’s very ‘brief’ to say the least (more groove for the beats I guess). This would of been an opportunity to have an extra disc of selected 12″ cuts and versions – a shame it didn’t happen.


Agreed, a shame as they did do that for Music Madness back in the day.