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Marc Almond‘s 1990 album Enchanted will be reissued as a three-disc deluxe edition in June.

The album features the singles ‘Waifs and Strays’, ‘The Desperate Hours’ and ‘A Lover Spurned’, with the latter providing Enchanted‘s only UK top 30 hit single. That song was produced by Stephen Hague although Bob Kraushaar and Gary Maughan also worked on the album.

The 2CD+DVD deluxe reissue offers the original album with six B-sides appended on the first disc, while the second CD showcases the various commercially released extended versions and dance remixes along with five demos. The final disc is a DVD and while sparse (just the three promo videos) it’s nice to see them included, nonetheless.

Enchanted is being reissued by Cherry Red and comes in one of their ‘capacity wallets’ (discs in card sleeves, in an outer card wallet) and a 28-page booklet, which includes full album and B-side lyrics and a transcription of the original 1990 Parlophone press kit interview with Marc Almond.

Vinyl fans will be delighted to learn that a limited edition 2LP edition comes bonus tracks; a second LP of all six B-sides and the five demos. Amazon UK appear to have an exclusive ‘midnight blue’ coloured vinyl limited edition.

Enchanted will be reissued on 25 June 2021.

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Marc Almond

Enchanted - 2CD+DVD


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Marc Almond

Enchanted - 2LP vinyl

track listing


Enchanted Marc Almond / 2CD+DVD deluxe edition

    • CD

      5. WIDOW WEEDS
      7. DEATH’S DIARY


Enchanted Marc Almond / 2LP vinyl

    • Side 1 – Demos
      5. WIDOW WEEDS
    • Side 2
      2. DEATH’S DIARY

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My favourite Almond album. 10 excellent tracks. Glad to hear it will be rereleased with lots of bonus material. We know Marcs first three albums were on Virgin. But it would be nice to see them rereleased as well.


I had to leave for a 3-week trip shortly after this album was released. That was before multi-CD players became common. This Marc Almond CD happened to be in the player. My wife and her sister, who was visiting us, were left behind not knowing how to change a CD! Hence, this was the only music they heard for the whole period I was away. Thankfully, they really liked the music and since then, it has always had a fond place in my heart. My wife, by the way, still does not know how to use the CD player but she can manage Spotify.

Metal Mickey

As has already been mentioned, the extra tracks were all on the “Treasure Box” set many years ago, so there’s nothing new-new here for fans, but it’s still a nice package, and an excellent album in its own right, and a good pop-py entry-level record for Marc newbies… I’d buy it myself for the videos, but the price needs to come down a bit first…

… and talking of videos, the Astoria December 1987 gig that’s been available in the past wouldn’t be strictly contemporary, but it was the first time “A Lover Spurned” had been performed, so might have been a good addition to fill up the DVD a bit!

… and yes, I’d like to see “Tenement Symphony” get the deluxe treatment too, but I have all the contemporary tracks/mixes, and I’m pretty sure there won’t be anything unreleased to add… “Mother Fist” in its originally-planned double-album configuration would be a winner, though!


Not all of the extras were included on “Treasure Box”, a lot of “The Desperate Hours”‘ were missing, some of these Grid-mixes of “Waifs and Strays”.
Not noted here at all is (but in “Treasure Box” was), that “The Libertine’s Dream” also is a demo-recording, not a fully produced song.

Yes, the DVD is quite empty… I remeber Marc having a lot of tv-appearances with “A Lover Spurned”, I saw two different appearances the same day in Germany… And there was a tv-ad, that even was placed in an tv-episode (was it “La Piovra 5”?)…

Yes, it’s horrible, that these promo-videos were filmed in PAL and now only transfered to NTSC get a release (+ only Europe is a real market for Almond-products). At least nowadays these transfers are a lot better than back in the day!


Hi Metal Mickey!
I never heard about Mother Fist to be double. What had happened to the remained material, Marc Almond shelved? Do you know about it?

The other albums, Untitled, Torment And Toreros (with The Mambas), Vermine In Ermine, Stories Of Jhonny, Mother Fist (with Willing Sinners) and as solo Tenement Symphony I’d love them to have the same treatment. Let’s cross our fingers! It would be great for sure!

Metal Mickey


Hi there! Marc was going through an especially prolific period with Virgin, and intended the “Mother Fist” album to be a double, but Virgin lost interest in him (it was his last album for the label) and insisted it be reduced to a single disc. The singles from the album were all under-promoted, and none made the top 40, but all the tracks (that we know of) which would have been on the 2nd disc of the LP were released on the various 7″ & 12″ configurations, i.e.
Broken Hearted And Beautiful / I’m Sick Of You Tasting Of Somebody Else / Gyp The Blood / A World Full Of People / Black Lullabye / Pirate Jenny / Surabaya Johnny / Two Sailors On The Beach / Anarcoma / Jackal Jackal (Mustapha Tomb Stone Teeth)
These are all easily available on the two “A Virgin’s Tale” CD compilations.

I believe the Marc & The Mambas albums have very complicated rights issues due to the various deals Stevo did, but they would be ideal for deluxe reissues (in a perfect world, Torment And Toreros could be accompanied by Marc’s 2012 Meltdown performance of the album…)


Hi Metal Mickey!
You helped me a lot. The time I like the most is up to Tenement Symphony album and I’d love Cherry Red to release deluxe of this period also. The Mambas would be a dream!
Thanks for kindness.


I really dislike their “capacity wallets” as it’s literally the cheapest packaging one can think of, and why use NTSC for an act that will appeal more to PAL regions anyway, when you lose quality? Oh well.
I might buy is the price falls, as the packaging isn’t too glorious.

Gary Tilford

Totally agree about NTSC. Everyone’s doing it. Leave the video in the original format, it looks crap when converted to another system. Most modern TV’s display 50 and 60hz.


I suppose this package is the same as The Stars Se Are, I mean three wallet, a booklet with info+lyrics and a clamshell. To anyone who bought “the stars we are” please tell me.
Am I right !?
Isn’t it !?

Gareth Pugh

Not a clamshell – the outer box is like a thin card slipcase really, which the booklet and the 3 discs (in flat card sleeves) slide into. Cherry Red did this for the Sigue Sigue Sputnik album too. As Paul says, it feels a bit cheap, but with The Stars We Are the booklet was very nicely done.


Hi Gareth, thank you very much for replying. Now I know what kind of “box” it is. It’s really cheap indeed but it do not bore me since I don’t have too much space anymore and small package help me to solve this problem. As I said before I’m much more Soft Cell but since these releases features rare tracks I chenged my mind and I decided to order them.
You gave me a helping hand Gareth.
Thanks a lot !!


Not a clamshell just a disappointing outer box ….both still worth buying as great Almond albums ( unless you already have the “Treasure Box” release which covered this period of Marc’s career


…as you say, although i’ve been watching the last reissue even before it’s release, but that hasn’t gone down to an even halfway decent price.

Ev Okar

I never heard this before and the cover enticed me to listen to listen to the song posted. I like it, especially the instrumentation; a nice reminder of the late 80s. I feel like if I buy the vinyl I can paste my own face on Marc and frame that cover on my wall lol. But then I want those extended versions too now. Ah another SDE dilemma…ha!


There is a very nice large format Taschen book devoted to the work of Pierre et Gilles, and their influence was the film Pink Narcissus by James Bidgood, (assembled over seven long years while he was working as a window dresser) although credited to “Anonymous” for over twenty years. A beautiful film which seemed to be screened at least once a month at the Scala in King’s Cross, and if the subject matter doesn’t appeal, simply watch it as a ‘moving painting’.
The film is also the subject of a Taschen book.

Joe Atari

Great, very comprehensive….any idea whether this reissue campaign is limited to his period on Parlophone (EMI) or whether the next album Tenement Symphony (1991) on WEA will be given a deluxe treatment, because i think that’s the one many fans will be most keen to have as a deluxe. It even gave him two Top 10 singles, some of his best solo work, partly produced by Trevor Horn.


i love marc almond and all his releases including soft cell!!
hopefuly they continue to release tenemant symphony and fantastic star on vinyl
and then release the 3 earlier solo releases and the epic mother fist!!
bring on more marc almond Vinyl!!!! and hopefully the cd editions include
all the Videos on DVD which i NEED and ADORE!!!


When Marc Almond writes to Soft Cell in mind the lyrics are conpletly diferent. Not so much fan of his solos but I know the people who like it this is such a release. Not to be missed !!!!!


Great to see this campaign continue!

Looks pretty comprehensive but appears to be missing the ‘Desperate Hours’ 7″ Re-mix (4:09) from the US Promo CD. Also not sure if the ‘Desperate Hours’ Alternate Mix (6:21) on the US Promo CD (included in the tracklisting above) is the same as the Alternatative Dub Mix (6:11) from the EU singles.

Nice that the DVD is NTSC, All-Region this time.

I don’t care for the packaging on these as per Paul’s comment on the recent Level 42 unboxing video (when commenting on the recent Sigue Sigue Sputnik reissue). Cherry Red is doing a better job of packaging the Howard Jones multi CD + DVD reissues and should have done the same with these.

William Miller

Quality of dvd will be subpar as videos would have been PAL native. Why do companies still do this !!


The DVD seems a bit of a wasted effort; 3 videos only? Surely they could have come up with some live content or even an interview or two? Marc could have even recorded a new one as let’s face it like most of us artists probably have the time.


I’m not sure how they’ve been handling things in the UK, but I have started hating bonus interviews produced during the last year on movies and music releases, as they have all been Zoom interviews–the quality is terrible, the interaction/chemistry between the interviewer and subject are lacking, and everyone involved looks like they can’t wait for it to be over. I watched a bonus interview on a movie recently (can’t remember which one) where at least a quarter of the interview was the interviewer trying to figure out if his Zoom was working or not. I finally shut it off as dealing with Zoom problems is enough of my daily life as it is without watching someone else get frustrated over it.

Live material would be nice, but maybe there wasn’t anything from the time period that was of decent quality to include, or maybe they are waiting to do a separate live release more focused on full concerts. If it helps keep the price down, I’m glad for less video content, since even though it would still be the same number of discs, the price would go up to pay for the production costs to create more material. To me, the music videos are always essential when you get into the 80s and beyond, because the visual components were such a major part of every album for most artists (and in many cases are hard to find in decent quality online).

Donald Metzler

Looks like Amazon is an exclusive limited blue vinyl!!! Roughtrade is the black version. This is the first I’ve heard of a colored vinyl offer. Wish The Stars We Are would’ve been issued as a colored vinyl.


The 12” Version with Julie T Wallace (Lives and Loves of a She Devil) is a masterpiece!


This is a great album with loads of great songs that are often overlooked in Marc’s back catalogue. After buying the Stars We Are reissue I will definitely be buying this too. As you say Paul, it’s nice to have the videos in perfect quality within these packages.


It’s a shame that they are not bothering to remaster this, an ideal opportunity wasted


What do you think is wrong with the current mix?


What makes you say that it is not remastered ? That the text says ‘reissued’ rather than ‘remastered’ ? That was the same for The Stars We Are announcement on SDE and that certainly was remastered… So if this is based on something else, I’d like to know too ;)