Marillion / Afraid of Sunlight deluxe sets

Marillion are to reissue their 1995 album Afraid of Sunlight in deluxe CD and vinyl box set editions, as they continue with their reissue programme.

Afraid of Sunlight was the band’s eighth studio album and their final release on EMI. The two new editions will be a 4CD+blu-ray set which includes a new stereo mix and a 5.1 surround mix and and a 5LP vinyl collection.

Both collections open with a new version of Afraid of Sunlight that was remixed earlier this year by Michael Hunter. On the CD version of this reissue, disc two also includes the original mix by the album’s producer Dave Meegan.

Marillion’s gig at the Rotterdam Ahoy arena on 29 September 1995 – three months after the album’s release – features on the final two CDs and the last three vinyl records in the respective Afraid of Sunlight deluxe editions. The concert is effectively the only bonus content in the vinyl set.

The blu-ray in the CD set features the album’s original 1995 mix along with the new mix in both stereo and surround sound (48/24 LPCM Stereo Remix; 48/24 DTS 5.1 Mix; 48/24 LPCM 5.1 Mix). Video content includes interviews with the band discussing the album, a new documentary about Afraid of Sunlight, and a promo film for the song ‘Beautiful.’

The Blu-ray disc also mops up the nine bonus recordings from the remastered edition of the album that was released in 1999, plus 17 previously unreleased songs that include studio jams and early versions of Afraid of Sunlight tracks like ‘Beyond You,’ ‘King,’ ‘Out Of This World’ and ‘Beautiful.’ These aren’t available on any of the CDs.

Afraid of Sunlight will be reissued on 1 November 2019. Signed options are available via the the band’s store. Marillion will tour UK and Europe at the end of the year. Tour dates can be found at www.marillion.com/tour.

Afraid of Sunlight 4CD+blu-ray Track Listing

Disc 1: Afraid Of Sunlight (2019 Michael Hunter Remix)

1. Gazpacho
2. Cannibal Surf Babe
3. Beautiful
4. Afraid Of Sunrise
5. Out Of This World
6. Afraid Of Sunlight
7. Beyond You
8. King

Disc 2: Afraid Of Sunlight (1995 Original Dave Meegan Mix)

1. Gazpacho
2. Cannibal Surf Babe
3. Beautiful
4. Afraid Of Sunrise
5. Out Of This World
6. Afraid Of Sunlight
7. Beyond You
8. King

Disc 3: Live In Rotterdam (September 29, 1995)

1. Intro (Skater’s Waltz) *
2. Incommunicado *
3. Hooks In You
4. Gazpacho *
5. Icon *
6. Beautiful
7. Hotel Hobbies *
8. White Russian *
9. Easter *
10. Mad *
11. Opium Den *
12. Hard As Love *
13. The Hollow Man *

Disc 4: Live In Rotterdam (September 29, 1995)

1. Kayleigh
2. Lavender *
3. Afraid Of Sunlight
4. Cannibal Surf Babe *
5. Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven) *
6. Slainte Mhath *
7. King
8. Splintering Heart *
9. No One Can *
10. The Great Escape *
11. The Uninvited Guest *
12. Garden Party *

Disc 5: Blu-Ray

Afraid Of Sunlight (2019 Michael Hunter Remix)

– 48/ 24 LPCM Stereo Remix
– 48/ 24 DTS 5.1 Mix
– 48/ 24 LPCM 5.1 Mix

Afraid Of Sunlight: Documentary

Promo Film: “Beautiful”

1999 Remaster Bonus Tracks

1. Icon
2. Live Forever
3. Second Chance
4. Beyond You (Demo)
5. Cannibal Surf Babe
6. Out Of This World
7. Bass Frenzy
8. Mirages (Demo)
9. Afraid of Sunlight (Acoustic Demo)

Jams & Early Versions

10. Ascending Synth Groove *
11. Velvet Lawn *
12. Building Guitar *
13. Band of Gold *
14. Gazpacho (Early Version) *
15. Surfer Bass *
16. Cannibal Surf (Early Version) *
17. Beautiful (Early Version) *
18. KD Lang *
19. Out Of This World (Early Version) *
20. Afraid of Sunlight (Early Version) *
21. Beyond You (Early Version) *
22. Crunchy Guitar Idea *
23. Deep Purple Vibe *
24. Watery Guitar *
25. King (Early Version) *
26. Happy Accidents *

* previously unreleased

Afraid of Sunlight 5LP box set Track Listing

Afraid Of Sunlight

Side One

  1. Gazpacho
  2. Cannibal Surf Babe

Side Two

  1. Beautiful
  2. Afraid Of Sunrise

Side Three

  1. Out Of This World
  2. Afraid Of Sunlight

Side Four

  1. Beyond You
  2. King

Live In Rotterdam 1995

Side Five

  1. Intro (Skater’s Waltz)
  2. Incommunicado
  3. Hooks In You
  4. Gazpacho
  5. Icon
  6. Beautiful

 Side Six

  1. Hotel Hobbies
  2. White Russian
  3. Easter

 Side Seven

  1. Mad
  2. Opium Den
  3. Hard As Love
  4. The Hollow Man

 Side Eight

  1. Kayleigh
  2. Lavender
  3. Afraid Of Sunlight
  4. Cannibal Surf Babe

 Side Nine

  1. Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven)
  2. Slainte Mhath
  3. King
  4. Splintering Heart

Side Ten

  1. No One Can
  2. The Great Escape
  3. The Uninvited Guest
  4. Garden Party

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So. First things first: Misplaced Childhood was the album I first encountered Marillion. I was fortunate enough to see them live on both Misplaced Childhood and Clutching at Straws Tour. Both with Fish. When Fish left, I have NEVER bothered to listen to Marillion again – and I don’t even know why. So I recently rediscovered Marillion after a long break. Since Prince 7” Box contained 3 times “Hot Thing (edit)” I’ve
decided to spend my $150 elsewhere. And I am glad I did! First I got Script for a Jesters Tear Deluxe, then Clutching at Straws. Unfortunately I slept on Misplaced Childhood and now its gone! Still excited about Marillion I gave the non-Fish years finally a listen. When I stumbled across “Beyond You” I could not believe what I just heard. Steve Hogart almost resembles Mark Hollis in such a beautiful way that I could have sworn this is Mark Hollis singing. But its not. And no, its not a Talk Talk song but it’s incredibly beautiful and I love it almost more than Kayleigh (even though I love that one). Once more you did it Paul! Your reviews make me do one thing and the I start exploring and discover new things like Marillion without Fish. I was listening to the live show from 1995 (on this set) and was absolutely impressed with Hotel Hobbits and the other CAS songs. Probably don’t have to mention that I ordered Brave too, which is also an exceptional fantastic album if you give it a chance!

Jonathan Sefton

currently on hmv site it has this at £54.99…do you know if that price is correct or an error


Who in their right mind is going to pay that when it’s only £23.99 on Amazon. I don’t know why HMV bothered coming back as their pricing now is sky high as well as cluttering up their shops with extortionate pieces of plastic.


I ordered one copy of the CD/DVD-set yesterday via Marillion’s homepage – hope I’m still in for one of the 4000 signed copy’s.
This has always been one of my alltime fave Marillion records – most of it because of the epic title track. A true masterpiece on it’s own – everytime a shiver down the spine. So beautiful, I sometimes feel like I wanna cry – for joy!
If they re-release also the debut next year, I will be almost done with Marillion concerning deluxe ed’s – except for “Season’s End”, my other fave from the Hogarth era. A great record, really.


There is no CD/DVD-set it’s CD/Blu-ray only.

Mathew Lauren

I came across this post and had to share, as I have similar concerns (again):

“Mr. Hunter will probably opt to create a non-discrete – big stereo mix on the whole album :cautious:
Hoping he proves me wrong but I have always been disappointed by his stabs at 5.1

I think the biggest trouble here is that non one in the band seems to be a proponent of surround and there is only a small part of the primary fan base that appreciates surround mixes.
No real demand = no real focus.

I just can’t understand this as the majority of their music (with its layered effects) seems sooooooooo suited for surround.
More baffling is that relationships with known champions of surround haven’t rubbed off on them.
Steve Wilson + Nick Davis + Simon Heyworth

Someone at the label is thinking that a 5.1 mix helps with the sales of this re-release series.”

Mr Hunter has made some decent stereo mixes, however, I hope Mr Hunter has TRULY upped his surround-sound (mixing) game – SUBSTANTIALLY! Also, I would have thought that after SW’s amazing 5.1 efforts on their behalf, that they (Marillion) would have become surround-sound converts (if they aren’t). “CaS,” however, failed to deliver in 5.1 imho, especially considering the high-bar set by SW. “AoS” is an album that deserves an accomplished and lauded surround-mixer. We’ll see.

Florentino Stabile

Yes, indeed, A wondrous album. Discovered only a few years back but one of my all time favorites. A true masterpiece in the same vein as Clutching at Straws, Misplaced Childhood, Brave, Marbles. This one may be their last concept album. What an album…. about fame, celebrity.
If purchase on Marillion’s website/store…. you will be getting the box set with a signed album print from the band. Another advantage to ordering from the band… they ship them before the release date so you may actually receive them on the date or very near the release date.
Love to support a band after my own heart and are true and respective of their fans. Will definitely be counting the days to November 1st.
Thank you Paul for this piece as well


Only 48/24 rather than 96/24? And why the 5.1 in LPCM and DTS, would not one codec suffice, but in higher resolution?


I do not know about this specific master, but most of the records of that era were made on early digital equipment, which recorded at 48khz sampling rate. So what we got is the exact same sampling rate as on the original recording (King Crimson explains this very well in the booklet in the Heaven and Hearth box).
Analog recordings can be digitally transfered at any available higher sampling rate (some needle drops on the yes reissue are available at 192khz/24b)


IMHO Afraid of Sunlight is a perfect introduction to Hogarth era Marillion. One of their strongest albums both thematically and musically. A lot of the tracks deal with or reference celebrity culture gone horribly wrong: Gazpacho (Elvis, OJ, Jake LaMotta), Cannibal Surf Babe (Brian Wilson), Out of this World (Donald Campbell), Afraid of Sunlight (Jesus), Beyond You (Phil Spector) and King (Elvis, Cobain). Marvelous original production by Dave Meegan. Do give it a try if you don’t know it yet.


A bit of background. After Brave was released and a long tour, EMI may have not been pleased with Brave’s singles results. The movie released for it, didn’t do much either [I’d blame the director here].
With AoS, Marillion went back to a set of songs that had some singles potential. But it seems that EMI gave up on the band. While the band prepared for a potential second single after Beautiful, EMI said no and that was it.
The band did tour but with little support from EMI.


Shame the re-mix is by Mike Hunter rather than Steven Wilson, as was rumoured a year or so back. While Hunter is a decent mixer, and did well with the Radiation re-issue, I can’t see him improving on the Meegan originals…

Also, a bit disappointing that the live show is already in my collection!

But the main interest is the blu-ray, with 5.1 and unreleased demos. Very much looking forward to both of those, and I’m firmly in favour of not polluting the original album with tacked on “bonuses” on the CD.


@Graham: Ummm. SW was never going to remaster [remix] any of the Marillion other than what he has done.
You may have the live show but I’m sure most don’t.
For a second, it looked like you wouldn’t buy it.

Paul Kent

I’m paraphrasing here but, at the time of its original release, Q said of this album “if it had been made by a brand new, no-baggage-of-the-past band it would be hailed as a work of genius” and, consequently, included it in their end of year best albums list.

Taking it for granted that Clutching At Straws is the band’s benchmark (imho), this is their finest hour. The back cover bears the warning “this album was knocked out”, in reference to its swift gestation compared to the preceding Brave, and it sounds all the better for it. Like every fan, I was initially blown away by Brave, but the weight of the concept and absence of any positivity prevents me from revisiting it much these days. AoS, however, is the very definition of economy and simplicity, and features some of Marillion’s highest highs: the Raging Bull inspired dream-pop of Gazpacho; the tragic speed-chasing eulogising of Out Of This World; the pin-sharp Cobain commentary of King… all crowned with the arid, desert road-trip vistas of the title track.

This is a near-perfect work that should complement any serious music fan’s collection and is an ideal introduction to the best band you haven’t listened to for 30 years!

Matt Wise

A “beautiful” album (excuse the pun) and a great one to end their partnership with EMI. Although a fan of the singles from Misplaced and Clutching it wasn’t until a work friend of mine played me the opening song on Season’s End (King of Sunset Town) that I actually fell in love with this band…. And I was lucky enough to see them at RaH in 2017 playing F. E. A. R…..
As a result on Season’s End, I’ve bought everything since (doing all of the Pledge stuff with names listed on credits pages) as well as everything prior and Fish solo albums too….
If anyone is still unsure about Marillion, this is a classic and although I have the original re-released versions of all EMI albums, I have already purchased this release from the bands website to add to the 3 fantastic releases so far….
What an album, what a band, what a fantastic value re-release campaign…..
Thanks for the great work Paul, visiting your website is a daily delight!!

Liam Bastick

Signed copies of both the CD / blu ray and the vinyl editions are available at http://www.marillion.com/shop/ – but do hurry, they are “only” signing 4,000!! (That’s a full days work with RSI to boot!). Don’t do what I did though and go and see if it’s being sold on Fish’s store as well, lol…


I liked this album, although not as much as Brave which I found flawless at the time.
I always thought Cannibal Surf Babe was out of place, Beautiful is highly overrated and sounds like they really needed a single, and Afraid of sunrise is a filler.
The rest of the album goes from really good (Gazpacho, Beyound You) to excellent (out of this world) and reaches perfection on the two classics “afraid of sunlight” and “King”.
I am really looking forward the surround mix, not quite sure about the new stereo mix, as the original mix was already good. I wonder if they have kept “out of this world” in mono as they did in the original release.


@Francois: And yet when CSB is played live, people love the song.


Sorry to correct you @Francois, but it was Beyond You that was mixed in mono


Their best album in a [ mostly ] dazzling body of work. I interviewed them around this time for my student paper and they were friendly and good fun.

By the time they released Afraid of Sunlight,they had lost a major part of their early audience [I saw them at a half full Oxford New Theatre on this tour], but as a band their music had developed into some of the most sublime rock music to come out of this country since the Seventies[ incorporating influences such as Talk Talk, and The Blue Nile into their music].

Many people could not accept Steve Hogarth as the new singer, but in my opinion he was the catalyst for their musical rebirth, and he is a major reason why the band still exist today with their fiercely loyal and committed fanbase.
Purchasing this is a no brainer for me.


I love it that they are pushing for the blu-ray format. If one disc can fit the entire contents and in hi-res, too, that’s the way to go for me. Just put the disc in a nice book and you have a great boxset.

CJ Feeney

If only the Blu Ray did fit all the contents! The live show is CD only. The ‘bonus tracks’ are Blu Ray only. Another way in which they don’t quite match the Tull template.


I always asked myself why the last lines of “Beautiful” were faded out (“what are you so afraid of/ show us what you’re made of/ be yourself and be beautiful”). Curious if this was changed in the remix.


As I collect all things Marillion, I almost don’t play dvd’s or as I ain’t got the timeto sit down with my br-player. As a result I don’t like the idea of bonustracks, demos etc on the blu-ray. Put it on a separate cd or as a bonustrack on the other cd’s. I think there is plenty of space…


@Hermen: I would of relegated the original mix to just the BR and threw in all or as much of the demos and stuff not in the 1999 release onto the CD. With the new mix, the original is optional and even more optional since I’ll be keeping the 1999 release since it has the the original second CD on CD [new version on the BR].


Yes butt when its on bluray you probably have it in hi res and that sounds much better dan regular cd

CJ Feeney

I can’t rip Blu Ray content to have on my phone or my car stereo, so the 1999 remasters are worth having. They disappear as the deluxe sets appear, so now is the time to get the AOS 2cd (I’ve just ordered a copy). The EMI 4cd Hogarth singles box is fairly easy to pick up for around a tenner as well if you want the bonus stuff on CD. There’s stuff there that isn’t on the 2cd sets (e.g. the mini acoustic live album that was spread across the “On Dry Land” single formats).

Graham Yapp

This is great news,ordered mine from Marillion.com where the first 4,000 have a signed photo included.Caroline were in for a treat has it’s one of there best abums. A Classic!!


As a huge fan this is very much a release of 2 halves;

The CD content is very lazy imho as it’s only disc 1 that fans won’t have. The original mix on CD2 is readily available and the show on discs 3 and 4 has already been released twice; I appreciate its only 5 songs, but they were issued on the 1996 live album Made Again. However the band issued the whole show on CD in 2004 via their website. Surely they could’ve found another show; there’s plenty of good boots in circulation.

The blu ray on the other hand looks excellent value and has content that is new to even the most ardent fan (Marillion have no other kind :-)

I’ll get it to complete the set that’s building but that’s both this and the Brave set rehashing easily available and previously released audio and I hope the trend doesn’t continue.

James Levey

The FRC release of the concert in 2004 was taken from a digital tape recording from the soundboard, whereas this new version was recorded on multi track (same as the 1996 Made Again tracks) but mixed specifically by Mike Hunter for the remaster. So it will be of vastly superior quality, same as the live show on the Brave remaster when compared to the 1996 version.


Here’s hoping the quality is much improved, as I’ve always thought that Made Again sounds very flat (all of the shows that are on it) and is probably one of the bands worst live albums….out of the almost 100! they’ve released if you take the FRC into account. Also the FRC release of this is at the opposite end of the scale, with it sounding quite ‘echo..y’ as if the hall was half empty, which was a shame back when it came out out as this was one of the bands better set-lists in the earlier h years imho.

Interested to see how they tackle the mono Beyond You in 5.1, as the stereo demo version that was latterly released doesn’t have the sonic punch of the mono original.

Daniel Pitterman

I’m always up for these reissues but why put b-sides only on the blu-ray? (Actually why put any of the “bonus” tracks only on the blu-ray) They did this with Clutching at Straws and Brave. I do not understand the reasoning. Also for Marillion fanatics, the live concert was actually released (or at least 85% of it) on the their Front Row club releases in the 00s. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very excited. Just being a picky fan!


I’m mostly glad they are including them in some form. The last two deluxe releases both missed things from the 2CD sets.


@Daniel Pitterman: aside from my other comment [leave original mix only on the BR], the concert was available only on FRC which is now unavailable on CD. The FRC releases were limited. This live version is the complete show and remastered.


Disc 2 was mixed by Dave Meegan (not Mike).


They may not be my cuppa, but Marillion have surely set a bar with their deluxe sets in terms of giving strong content and excellent value for money. I know some people want every last inch of tape on vinyl and others don’t like having audio content on BluRay but surely, only the sternest soul wouldn’t see that they’ve struck a very fan-friendly balance. They always struck me as a particularly fair-minded bunch.


They’re more my cuppa, but to be fair, they were not the band inventing that kind of release program, that would be Jethro Tull imho, although contentwise XTC is also excellent, but at least Marillion seems to be well-adviced.
Being this about 30 to 40 Euro i support those writing that it’s a must, at least for all Progheads.

CJ Feeney

Tull still trump Marillion in terms of bonus content and band input to the book. The Blu Ray is where Marillion score points.

I stopped my love affair with Marillion after the Season’s End tour and the Holidays In Eden album – Hogarth was a disappointment on stage after the Fish years (and his banter on the recent All One Tonight shows things haven’t really improved). However I recently took a punt on the Singles CD box and found that the Brave and Sunlight material was quite good. Good enough to get me to buy the 1CD Steven Wilson mix of Brave (which I found to be a missing link between the 70s/80s prog and the Steven Wilson era)

I didn’t go for the Brave Box as the bonus material was so scant in comparison to the Singles box. However this set looks better (on the Blu Ray anyway) than the Brave set. I just hope they put more effort into the book than they did on Clutching at Straws.

Stephen Hunt

Thanks Paul, preordered the 4 cd/1 bluray set from Amazon. I haven’t heard this album before but judging by the others I already have (Misplaced Childhood, Clutching at Straws, Brave, the excellent Marbles and F.E.A.R.) I’m almost certain to enjoy it!

Steve Thorpe

A stunning album from the early days of Steve Hogarth’s era; this album floored me when it was originally released in 1995. Particularly the beauty of the title track, alongside the gorgeous single ‘Beautiful’ and the headphone masterpiece that is ‘Out Of This World’. Mix in the brilliant and atmospheric opener ‘Gazpacho’ and the weirdness of Cannibal Surf Babe and it’s a great listening experience! Can’t wait for the new Michael Hunter mix of the original album; he did a fantastic job with ‘Radiation 2013’ which made an unlistenable album sound like a brand new release.


Totally agree about Radiation.

David Eaves

My least favourite of their emi era.
Any idea when we’ll get the next one Paul? We’re sue a fish era one next surely…:)


Apparently Script is next in Mar/Apr


Hurrah! I thought maybe they were going to miss it out for some reason. Seems they’re doing them in no particular order.
Saw them several times in their early days, even recorded them on my Sony stereo recorder at Liverpool Royal Court, many happy memories of the UK rock scene from those times!