Marillion / Brave deluxe editions

4CD+blu-ray offers Steven Wilson 5.1 mix • 5LP vinyl box 

In March, Rhino will reissue Marillion‘s 1994 album Brave as a 4CD+Blu-ray deluxe edition and a 5LP vinyl set.

The deluxe set with the optical discs features a brand new stereo remix by Steven Wilson, the original 1994 mix by Dave Meegan, and two CDs of Live At La Cigale performance from ’94. The audio has been newly remixed by Michael Hunter, and features a performance of Brave in its entirety. This is now the complete performance as it has been expanded with nine unreleased tracks

The blu-ray contains 96/24 audio of Steven Wilson’s remix of the album in stereo and 5.1 surround sound, as well as promo videos for the album’s singles and a new documentary about the album that includes concert footage and interviews with the band.

The 5LP vinyl box contains the Steven Wilson stereo mix on the first two records and the live performance on the remaining three LPs.

Both the CD/Blu-ray and vinyl versions of Brave are accompanied by illustrated booklets that recount the story behind the album.

Brave will be reissued on 9 March 2018

Brave 4CD+blu-ray deluxe edition

Disc One: Brave (2018 Steven Wilson Remix)

  1. “Bridge”
  2. “Living With The Big Lie”
  3. “Runaway”
  4. “Goodbye To All That”/“Wave”/“Mad”/“The Opium Den”/“The Slide”/“Standing In The Swing”
  5. “Hard As Love”
  6. “The Hollow Man”
  7. “Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury”/“Now Wash Your Hands”
  8. “Paper Lies”
  9. “Brave”
  10. “The Great Escape”/“The Last Of You”/“Fallin’ From The Moon”
  11. “Made Again”

Disc Two: Brave (Dave Meegan Original Album Mix)

  1. “Bridge”
  2. “Living With The Big Lie”
  3. “Runaway”
  4. “Goodbye To All That”/“Wave”/“Mad”/“The Opium Den”/“The Slide”/“Standing In The Swing”
  5. “Hard As Love”
  6. “The Hollow Man”
  7. “Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury”/“Now Wash Your Hands”
  8. “Paper Lies”
  9. “Brave”
  10. “The Great Escape”/“The Last Of You”/“Fallin’ From The Moon”
  11. “Made Again”

Disc Three: Live At La Cigale (4/29/94) (2018 Michael Hunter Remix)

  1. “River”
  2. “Bridge”
  3. “Living With The Big Lie”
  4. “Runaway”
  5. “Goodbye To All That”
  6. “Wave”
  7. “Mad”
  8. “The Opium Den”
  9. “The Slide”
  10. “Standing In The Swing”
  11. “Hard As Love”
  12. “The Hollow Man”
  13. “Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury”
  14. “Now Wash Your Hands”
  15. “Paper Lies”
  16. “Brave”
  17. “The Great Escape”/“The Last of You”/“Fallin’ From the Moon”
  18. “Made Again”

Disc Four: Live At La Cigale (4/29/94) (2018 Michael Hunter Remix)

  1. “Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)”
  2. “Slàinte Mhath”
  3. “No One Can”
  4. “Sympathy”
  5. “Easter”
  6. “Garden Party”
  7. “Waiting to Happen”
  8. “Hooks in You”
  9. “The Space…” 

Blu-ray Disc

  • Brave (2018 Steven Wilson Remix)
  • 96/24 LPCM Brave Stereo Remix
  • 96/24 LPCM Master Audio 5.1 Mix
  • 96/24 DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 Mix
  • Documentary: It all Began with the Bright Light – Recollections of Brave
  • Promo Films: “The Great Escape,” “The Hollow Man” and “Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury”
  • Bonus Track: “The Great Escape (Spiral Remake)”

Brave 4CD+blu-ray deluxe edition

Side One

  1. “Bridge”
  2. “Living With The Big Lie”
  3. “Runaway”

Side Two

  1. “Goodbye To All That”/“Wave”/“Mad”/“The Opium Den”/“The Slide”/“Standing In The Swing”
  2. “Hard As Love”

Side Three

  1. “The Hollow Man”
  2. “Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury”/“Now Wash Your Hands”
  3. “Paper Lies”

Side Four

  1. “Brave”
  2. “The Great Escape”/“The Last Of You”/“Fallin’ From The Moon”
  3. “Made Again”

Side Five

  1. “River”
  2. “Bridge”
  3. “Living With The Big Lie”
  4. “Runaway”
  5. “Goodbye To All That”

Side Six

  1. “Wave”
  2. “Mad”
  3. “The Opium Den”
  4. “The Slide”
  5. “Standing In The Swing”
  6. “Hard As Love”

Side Seven

  1. “The Hollow Man”
  2. “Alone Again In The Lap Of Luxury”
  3. “Now Wash Your Hands”
  4. “Paper Lies”

Side Eight

  1. “Brave”
  2. “The Great Escape”/“The Last of You”/“Fallin’ From the Moon”
  3. “Made Again”

Side Nine

  1. “Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)”
  2. “Slàinte Mhath”
  3. “No One Can”
  4. “Sympathy”
  5. “Easter”

Side Ten

  1. “Garden Party”
  2. “Waiting to Happen”
  3. “Hooks in You”
  4. “The Space…”

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….and why wasn’t the cult-director Richard Stanleys “Brave – The Movie” not included? Ok, maybe not a 5 star, but it shows the band being brave and ambitious. Hogarth own words in ’94: “We told the record company we dont want to make videos, we want to make a movie”


Following my earlier comment about missing signed prints, Racket Records responded to me promptly saying that they were being sent out separately – hope this helps anyone in a similar situation.


How do I know if I’m getting a signed print? Wasn’t it the first 100 or so?


I ordered my vinyl set as soon as I saw it advertised – or pretty early – Jan 18th – from Racket Records – they were advertising it with a signed A4 print. I know they later said these were all gone, but certainly on Jan 18th they were advertising them.

Just got my copy – no print, nothing signed.

Really disappointed.

Anyone else had this?

Mathew Lauren

I just received an Amazon DELAY notice for “Brave” cd/Blu-ray SDE. All-the-sudden, it’s NOT arriving til March 23rd. ANYONE else?


Marillion are red hot for 5.1 and I would say that across all of their albums. It’s just shame so many recent reissues have missed a trick with no 5.1 namely Def Leppard Hysteria and Whitesnake 1987. Some of the 5.1 mixes out there are awesome Fleetwood Mac have constantly delivered and the new Roxy release is no different, I just hope that Marillion do not drop the format if they continue the re release campaign as that would be shame.


However well “Misplaced Childhood” was put together, that’s how bad this SDE is put together. No B-sides, demos and instrumentals but they waste a whole disc on the original stereo mix which should have been put on the BD. Essentially you get the album, a live concert and the surround sound mix for $38. It’s not horrible but it could have been SO much better. Bonus points for not including vinyl. Normally I would have pre-ordered this at $38 but due to the missing content and disc 1 and 2 being essentially the same, I’ll wait for a deal alert. If it is good enough I may buy it, or not. Not fired up about this. Too bad.

Andy Gasson

Dude, let me clarify a couple of things. The original 1994 mix of Brave is a bit sought after these days. It got the remaster treatment in 1998 (which is largely acknowledged as terrible – far too bass heavy and muddy sounding) and it’s the 1998 CDs that are mostly circulating. As a result there was/is a bit of demand for the original 1994 mix among fans new and old, hence the inclusion in the box set. The 2018 remaster done by Steven Wilson is quite different – yes it’s the same album but the alterations Mr Wilson has made make it immediately noticeable how different it is, it’s “sharpened up” somehow, if that makes sense.
As for B-sides, there have been a couple of releases already of cutting-room floor material from the Brave recording sessions (an entire CD of “The making of Brave” and Disc 2 from the 1998 remaster edition) so I think we’re covered there. Instead they chose to include a live performance from the era – yes an abridged version of this performance has been released before as part of “Made Again” but this is the complete performance now fully remixed by Mike Hunter whose work with Marillion is now almost legendary.
I’m also a bit confused by your comparison to the Misplaced Childhood box set – you say that one was great yet somehow this one is bad when they are essentially the same format – a couple of versions of the album and a remixed live performance. Why is it good for one but not the other?


‘I know, how about we don’t include the b-sides and demos and stuff, and instead give them the same album twice on discs 1 and 2.’
Huh? A real shame. I’ve tried, but I just can’t bring myself to buy it. :(

Julian H

Forgot to say: If the track lengths are as usual, the “encores” live disc will have a lot of free space. Some of the acoustic and radio versions would have fit on there.


never heard of that band, bring on some METAL already or I’ll consider stopping to check this site weekly. when no beatles stuff is on, there’s literally nothing of interest here for me


Stupid post saying you have never heard of the band and you are into metal when Marillion were featured in Kerrrang loads of times and that’s a heavy metal magazine.

Jan Spring

Are you 5 years young if you never heard of Marillion. If there is no news of the Beatles then look on another source but don’t bring here on this beautiful, informative site your silly arguments.

Mathew Lauren

+1, Jan.

Philip Cohen

Marillion is quite an established neo-progressive band whose recording career began in 1982. Their reputation was based on an 8-album tenure with EMI. Obviously, a group that has endured this long is worthy of respect.


With the SW stereo mix on CD, could of done without the original mix [which could of been added to the BR]. This way, the b’sides could of been included. Maybe could of thrown in a “sample” of the Brave demos [released only on the band’s web site] aside from what was on the original 2CD edition.
I was hoping that even though it wasn’t that great that the brave movie and accompanying “making of” would of been included – unless to be released separately on BR [and DVD since hard to find].

Matt S

Paul – is there any possibility of an interview with Steven Wilson about his remix work on Brave, like the one you did for Misplaced Childhood? It was really interesting. Thanks!

Matt S

That’s a shame, but understandable! Very, very excited to hear his remix. Brave is one of my favourite albums. The remix of Living With The Big Lie which has been uploaded to Spotify sounds excellent, looking forward to being able to hear the whole thing!

Neil McL

£25.32 that’s a lot better great news Steven Wilson is doing Clutching at Straws. That must be the next one I wonder if there are doing Fish / H / Fish / H etc in order of issue


Really looking forward to this one!!!


Now down to twenty five of your earth pounds. Definitely worth a preorder.


This is the album that showed the new identity and potential of the Hogarth fronted Marillion. It is dark, ambiental and intense in a way the Fish era never was. For a band always accused of borrowing the personality of other famous bands (the Fish era with Gabriel era Genesis; Seasons End sounds to me like the best album Simple Minds never got to make; I’ve seen Holidays In Eden compared to Mike and the Mechanics but to me is is almost Crowded House-ish!) here Marillion were, perhaps unknowingly, sowing the seeds of modern Prog just at the same time a certain nerd called Steven Wilson was coming out of the basement. A truly essential album and one of the great concept albums in history.

Mathew Lauren

Nice points. Well done.


Now £25 on AUK


Can you get a signed copy on the Fish website?


Seriously doubt it – Fish was no longer involved with Marillion at this point

Ross Munro

Fish wasn’t involved with this album. It’s like asking Roger Waters to sign a copy of “The Division Bell”, or Peter Gabriel to sign “Invisible Touch”.


Waters and Gabriel didn’t sign them? :-)

Chris Squires

Now that’s funny….. I snorted.

There ought to be an archive of oddly signed material.

A Stephen Duffy signed copy of Rio would be a good place to start…

Michel D.

Here’s what’s being said on Marillion’s manager’s FB page:
“Steve Wilson is doing Clutching and we are considering our options on 5.1 for the other releasees – we may not even do 5.1 for the remaining albums.”


no 5.1 for Fugazi, Script, Seasons and Afraid Of Sunlight would be a shame and a no buy for me. King, The Space and Easter in full surround… This is something I want to ear!

Mathew Lauren

Agreed. NO 5.1 = NO SALE!


Would you have a link to that quote?


I am sure they can get someone for the other albums to do the 5.1 mix…. Would be a bit odd not to.

Mathew Lauren

Agree, but Who?

Elliott (semi-retired) Scheiner?

Bob Clearmoutain?

Alan Parsons?

Who COULD or would want to follow the “in-the-drum-kit” and “panning-in-the-surrounds” mix-style, SW has made, THE current, discrete, 5.1 surround-sound (sympathetic mix) standard, we have all come to expect with certain releases and bands associated with him (SW)?


Is that a Shakespears Sister photo??


Hold on a sec….haven’t Marillion just gone bust! I’ll get my specs.

The Golden Age Of Comedy!

Hur hur hur. Best quip I`ve heard today Kenny, but it`s the first.


Those people who have not bothered with Marillion since Fish’s departure, have missed out on so many musical treats. Brave is one of the best albums of their career in my opinion [ along with Afraid of Sunlight, Clutching at Straws and Marbles ]. A band that have forged their own unique musical path, who are now experiencing a renewal of interest. I am definately in for this [ shame Steven Wilson is not doing CaT or AoS, but hey we cant have everything!].

Available with a signed A4 print from the bands website.


Looks like a pre-order for me. likely I will get both vinyl and CD/DVD. I’m a big h Marillion (as well as Fish era) fan but this is not my favorite album by the h Marillion. It’s interesting and worth owning as it was made to be big album that a lot of care went into. I just find it sounds like they tried a little too hard sometimes.
I do hope that the Steven Wilson mix changes it a lot otherwise it would be a bit of a disappointment .
The B-side omissions are a miss, the complete live show makes up for it.


I don’t see a CD/DVD option only Blu-ray ?


There will never be. Like MC, just CD/BR or vinyl.


I was there at la Cigale, i can recall that playing and acting were great and the crowd being hot ! Glad i will be able to go back in time, enjoying once more the Brave album in concert


Brave, for me, is definitely a headphones album, with all the stuff going on in the background. The 5.1 mix will hopefully take advantage of this. Like others I’m a bit disappointed the b-sides have been omitted, but then I guess the band have had some say in the track listing and if they don’t want them included, then they’re not included.

The furore behind the Brave movie would make an interesting documentary in itself. Richard Stanley hired to make it; the budget cut by EMI; Stanley removed from the project; the film re-edited by the band; BBFC orders further edits; eventually released with little fanfare. I have the uncut version somewhere on VHS with German subtitles burnt in. It will never be art but it’s better than what was eventually released in the UK.


Bit of a mess, all things considered. Should have included all the B-sides, demos, bonus tracks previously released, on disc 2, and moved the original mix to the Blu-ray.

Oh well, at least it saves me £30 odd quid*

Here’s hoping they don’t eff up Clutching At Straws in the same way!

*(but if/when it goes below £20 I might spring for it)

David Eaves

Couldnt agree more! No B sides, demos, or the movie…wtf??

Roll on Clutching….

Dan Treview

And THANK YOU for breaking the sets apart between optical and vinyl. Nothing peeves me more than wanting to buy a set but unable to do so because the vinyl inclusion pushes the price point into the stratosphere.

And yes there are “casual” Marillion fans. I’m one of them, and I take an album-by-album approach to my fandom. Fortunately, “Brave” qualifies on the “buy it” side.

Mathew Lauren

I, absolutely, concur with ALL said above by Dan. These cd/dvd & cd/Blu-ray booksets with modern, discrete 5.1 or 7.1 ATMOS remixes are automatic pre-orders for me. Thanks (ALL) for your insights esp. concerning music with which I’m not familiar; and special thanks to Paul S. for running this site, along with all the up-to-date, music information, updates, order links, etc.

elliott buckingham

sod brave give me the remaining fish era releases as a superdeluxe

Paul Kent

I’m more than happy with this. The original b-sides – Winter Trees and Marouatte Jam – were nothing more than sketches, anyway, although it is a shame the Spiral Remake of The Great Escape had to be relegated to the blu ray. I have the 2 disc EMI remaster so I’m happy to forego those extras for the complete and cleaned-up La Cigale show. Arguing about what ‘real’ fans do and don’t have seems redundant, anyway – I’m one of those fans and, as I have all the demos, making-ofs, lives, acoustics and flimsy b-sides attached to Brave, I don’t need them again in greater clarity. This’ll do fine.


Well, I fancied buying this but I don’t have the 2CD remaster as I was never really a fan of post-Fish Marillion. However, now that I am older and wiser and more prepared to give things a go I would probably spring for a comprehensive set of this album and discover it properly. I’m not buying a set which misses out B sides or extra tracks though. I think record companies really ought to recognise the appeal of everything-in-one-place album sets.

Julian H

I’m buying it, but I’m disappointed that the bonus tracks are left off. At least I have four of them (including the great “Marouatte Jam” and “Winter Trees”) plus the demos on the 4-CD singles compilation. But why leave all that stuff off?!


I think it’s consistent with the original project:
– studio album (original and renewed by SW)
– live (with the real thing, i.e the whole show and with a new mix => so it’s not really the same thing as what was readily available)
– Video = Ok, here is the missed opportunity, the film and the orginal making of available on the DVD should have been included. I suspect a copyright issue appeared somewhere along the line.
There is only one disc that could have been omitted, it is the original stereo mix (it could have been included in the bluray in high-res for historic purposes) and could have been replaced by a new remaster of the bonus disc of the 1998 2 discs edition.
All this for 35€, compared to some recent deluxe boxes with DVD… I think this is quite good indeed

Neil McL

Excuse my awful typing lol!

Neil McL

It’s £29.99 & £59.99 for both. versions on the Marillion website with the signed print. This means the vinyl box is £10 cheaper than MC. Holidays in Eden is my favourite post Fish album but Brave would be next.

There are 2 ways to look at this – if you are buying this you already have the 2CD remaster so you gave the b-sides etc, but if you have this you have the original mix as well. Also, why did they release a brace live recently?

Paul Mac

It was performed in full for the first time since the original tour at the Marillion Weekend in 2013. The shows from these weekends are generally recorded and released afterwards, so this was released as Brave Live 2013.

Lee Realgone

First time in 2013? They performed the whole thing at their first fan weekend in 2002.

Paul Mac

Doh, forgot about that (it was also released as Brave Live, of course)


Brave is my all-time favourite album.

I greatly admire Steven Wilson and his musical output.

This said, it seems it is the trend these days to laud every re-mix SW does as the dog’s b*ll*cks. In my opinion, his re-mixes can be hit and miss and I fail to see how his re-mix of Brave be any “better” than Dave Meegan’s original. Okay, it may sound a touch different but do we really need this? It is already a classic and much-loved album.

I’ll be saving my money

Mathew Laurn

Why not, mon ami? SW did an exemplary job with the 5.1 “Misplaced…” Blu-ray mix and I’m sure as a fan, first, SW will NOT b*ll*cks up the mix, yeah? Regardless, I hope it’s better than you could hope for, since you declare it’s your favourite album!


Was so looking forward to this and I genuinely like some of the stuff on the original remastered second CD.
Not sure I need to fork out for the 5.1 when I have nowt to play it on… a shame.


Sorry if this has already been mentioned: if you order from the Marillion web site before Feb. 16th, you also get a hand-signed print.


Bogdan said:
January 18, 2018 at 14:20
Sorry if this has already been mentioned: if you order from the Marillion web site before Feb. 16th, you also get a hand-signed print.


It doesn’t say that at all. It says a signed print. Which means just a print of the signatures, not actaully hand-signed individually by the band.

Mark Kennedy

They’re signed properly, by the band :-)


Incomprehensible that you release an SDE version of an album and don’t add all the B-sides, instrumentals and demo’s that have been included in a previous reissue of this album about 20 years ago. What a huge miss. Who makes these decisions? Do they not realize the fans want the entire package when they release a box set of one specific album? Amateuristic.

Julian H

It’s sad, because “Misplaced” was spot on in pretty much every regard. And now this?


This looks very interesting. I really liked last yeas boxset of Misplaced Childhood. A great boxset for a low price !

By the way … I think that you made a little mistake. You wrote twice “Brave 4CD+blu-ray deluxe edition”. I guess that the second one should have been “5 LP Vinyl box”.

Simon Long

The omission of the B-sides and other material from the second disc of the previous remaster is bizarre, particularly given that the deluxe Misplaced Childhood did include the relevant material from its previous release.

I’m also prompted to wonder just how different the two stereo mixes are going to be – I suspect the answer is “not so much that anyone could actually tell them apart.”

They should have included the 5.1 mix from Wilson, the original Meegan stereo mix, ditched the Wilson stereo mix and included the second disc from the previous remaster.

Stuart Russell

I’ve pre-ordered this, mainly for the 5.1 mix, however even for the casual Marillion fan (if there is such a thing) this doesn’t represent good value imho as;

Most fans will already have discs 2 and 3 (disc 3 is the ‘Made Again’ live album).

The b sides that were on the 1998 DE are missing.

This is currently priced at £11 more than the recent Misplaced Childhood SDE that had the same number of discs and included more unreleased content.

Why the inclusion of disc 2? The 1998 remaster is readily, and cheaply, available and is unlikely to differ that much from disc 1. A missed opportunity to include B sides or radio sessions that were done at the time.

Why not include another live show as opposed to one that is also readily available from retail?

After the great package that was Misplaced Childhood this is a disappointment and doesn’t bode well for the remaining 6 SDEs that are due.

Simon Long

I think it’s also the case that this and MC are the two “big ticket” deluxe editions – from what I hear, there won’t be any more Steven Wilson 5.1 mixes in the remaining 6, which will make the inclusion of Blurays a bit pointless. (Spare us from any more of Mike Hunter’s drab 5.1 mixes.)

I suspect the remaining 6 will be much smaller packages, probably not much more than the previous double-disc sets.

Stuart Russell

Yes, Steven Wilson has confirmed it’s only MC and Brave he’s been involved in.

Hopefully any future 5.1 mixes take on the lessons learned and feedback given on the poor STCBM 5.1 mix.

Simon Long

The FEAR 5.1 was an improvement on the STCBM 5.1. Not that it was particularly difficult to improve on that…

Although they then managed to muddy the waters by releasing two different 5.1 mixes for FEAR. The mix on the deluxe pre-order DVD is the official one by Mike Hunter, but the one on the SACD was (allegedly) unauthorised by the band and made by the record company from the stereo master. (It does indeed sound like a stereo recording passed through a Dolby Surround decoder.) The 5.1 on the DVD is worth hearing – the 5.1 on the SACD is very much not worth bothering with…

Gis Bun

Was not a fan of STCBM, even less for the 5.1 mix and still even less for one song that wastes 20 minutes of my life….


I could only find the SACD version…I was late out the gates for uber deluxe version of F.E.A.R.!


I would have thought Clutching At Straws would have been a bigger ticket deluxe option than this, I don’t actually know this album or much post Fish stuff , was it a big seller?

Simon Long

It wasn’t a huge seller, but it’s a fan favourite, being Marillion’s second “concept” album, i.e. one long thematic piece of music. (I know CAS can be argued as being a concept album, but it was discreet songs rather than one piece.) “Brave” is also the album that most fans who are into 5.1 wanted to hear a 5.1 version of.

Ed Sander

As a huge Brave fan IU have to say I find this to be rather disappointing. The only reason I would want to buy this is for the Steven Wilson 5.1 mix.

Anybody who would be interested in this package most probably already owns the original album (and thereby the Dave Meegan mix. A live version of Brave was already available on Made Again and I have always thought that an audio-only live version has very little added value since it’s almost a note-for-note copy of the studio version. What was really great about Brave live was the stage performance with Steve Hogarth acting out various characters and the projections and candles adding a lot of atmosphere. There was a live recording, from South America if my memory serves me right, of the show. I would have loved to see that finally officially available on this set. Missed opportunity.

Also, this box set can in no way be considered ‘the ultimate Brave collection’ with all of the material from the second disc of the 2CD edition, the 2CD Making of Brave release and Mike Hunter’s River missing from the set. Also, no DVD with the movie and making of the movie.

As such, this set neither offers a lot of new things nor is it the ultimate collection.

Stuart Russell

I agree with all your points, but I’d suggest that it’s maybe for the best that the movie wasn’t included, as even the band agree that it’s far from the best thing they’ve put their name to.

A bit of a ‘one watch blunder’ imho

I’d forgotten about the ‘Making of’ and yes, that should also have been included if they were aiming for the ‘ultimate Brave collection’.

Ed Sander

I’ve actually always liked the movie, with the exception of the MTV-video like Hollow Man which did nothing for the story. It probably hasn’t very aged well, but it was an important part of the 3-part project (album, film, show).

If the documentary is anything like the quick-and-dirty one on the Misplaced Childhood set I would gladly give up the blu-ray space for the movie., ;-)

Gis Bun

Unsure if H did his acting when Brave was first released but did during the Marillion Weekends.
Not South America but Mexico for the video. It is floating around. I am guessing EMI doesn’t have the rights to the video.
Only the Brave album was part of Made Again. The other CD of Made Again was from a different show.
Nobody ever said it is the “ultimate” edition.
Unsure if most people would really care for the “Making Of” stuff.


Yes, he did it back then too.


Richard, if it was chronological order, shouldn’t Script’ have been first?


I assumed the first two were being skipped all together since never been any mention of those being deluxed as far as I have seen


All 8 of the EMI albums are being released by Warner (Rhino)


Damn, was hoping for Clutching At Straws next, figured they would be going chronologically.


B-side omissions aside, this is another great package. Pre-ordering!