Marillion / Script For A Jester’s Tear 4CD+blu-ray and 4LP vinyl sets

New stereo remix • 5.1 mix • 4CD+blu-ray • 4LP vinyl 

Marillion / Script For A Jester's Tear reissue

Marillion‘s debut album Script For A Jester’s Tear will get the full reissue treatment in April with the now familiar multi-disc CD+blu-ray and vinyl formats, with the former offering a 5.1 surround mix.

Issued in March 1983, Script For A Jester’s Tear was a top ten album in the UK and featured two top 40 singles: ‘He Knows You Know’ (#35) and ‘Garden Party’ (#16). The studio album had been preceded by the ‘Market Square Heroes’ single in late 1982. None of the three tracks on the 12-inch of that made release it onto the album and producer David Hitchcock ended up being replaced by Nick Tauber, after being badly injured in a car accident.

The album also boasts the unique line-up of Fish (vocals), Steve Rothery (guitar), Pete Trewavas (bass), Mark Kelly (keyboards) and Mick Pointer (drums).

Marillion / Script For A Jester's Tear 4CD+blu-ray reissue

In terms of this new reissue, the four CD + blu-ray edition offers newly remixed stereo versions (by Andy Bradfield and Avril Mackintosh) of both the album and the ‘Market Square Heroes’ EP across the first two discs. ‘He Knows You Know’ B-side ‘Charting the Single’ is also included on CD 2 in remixed form.

An unreleased live performance of Marillion at London’s Marquee Club (from 29 December 1982) is split across discs three and four and finally the blu-ray disc offers an enormous amount of content. Unlike Misplaced Childhood and Clutching at Straws, as well as the new 5.1 mix and stereo remix of the album, this disc offers ALL of the audio on the CDs in hi-res, including the live concert. Add to this a documentary with band interviews – that covers the 1979 formation of Marillion in Aylesbury through the release of Script for a Jester’s Tear in 1983 – and you’ve got a cracking blu-ray!

The 4LP vinyl box set repeats the content on the first four CDs in the box set: that is, stereo remix of both album and Market Square Heroes EP and the live concert.

Script for a Jester’s Tear will be reissued on 17 April 2020 (was 3 April). As before, you can get signed copies from Fish and Marillion‘s sites respectively.

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Script For A Jester's Tear - 4CD + blu-ray


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Script For A Jester's Tear - 4LP vinyl


Marillion / Script For A Jester's Tear 4CD+blu-ray reissueScript For A Jester’s Tear 4CD+Blu-ray

CD 1: Script For A Jester’s Tear (2020 Stereo Remix)

“Script For A Jester’s Tear”
“He Knows You Know”
“The Web”
“Garden Party”
“Chelsea Monday”
“Forgotten Sons”

CD 2: Market Square Heroes EP (2020 Stereo Remix)

“Market Square Heroes”
“Three Boats Down From The Candy”

Bonus Track
“Charting The Single” – 2020 Remaster

CD 3: Live at the Marquee Club, London (12/29/82)

“Garden Party” *
“Three Boats Down From The Candy” *
“Grendel” *
“Chelsea Monday” *
“He Knows You Know” *

CD 4: Live at the Marquee Club, London (12/29/82)

“The Web” *
“Script For A Jesters Tear” *
“Forgotten Sons” *
“Market Square Heroes” *
“Margaret” *

Disc 5: Blu-ray

Documentary: “Sackcloth and Greasepaint – The Story of Script For A Jester’s Tear”
Script For A Jesters Tear – 2020 Stereo Remix (96k 24 bit)
Script For A Jester’s Tear (5.1 Surround Remix)
Market Square Heroes EP – 2020 Stereo Remix (96k 24 bit)
Live at the Marquee Club, London (12/29/82) – 2020 Stereo Remix (96k 24 bit)

* previously unreleased

Script For A Jester’s Tear 4LP vinyl

LP One: Script For A Jester’s Tear (2020 Stereo Remix)

Side A

  1. “Script For A Jester’s Tear”
  2. “He Knows You Know”
  3. “The Web”

Side B

  1. “Garden Party”
  2. “Chelsea Monday”
  3. “Forgotten Sons”

LP Two: Market Square Heroes EP (2020 Stereo Remix)

Side C

  1. “Market Square Heroes”
  2. “Three Boats Down From The Candy”

Bonus Track

  1. “Charting The Single” – 2020 Remaster

Side D

  1. “Grendel”

LP Three: Live at the Marquee Club, London (12/29/82)

Side E

  1. “Garden Party” *
  2. “Three Boats Down From The Candy” *
  3. “Chelsea Monday” *

Side F

  1. “Grendel” *
  2. “He Knows You Know” *

LP Four: Live at the Marquee Club, London (12/29/82)

Side G

  1. “The Web” *
  2. “Script For A Jesters Tear” *

Side H

  1. “Forgotten Sons” *
  2. “Market Square Heroes” *
  3. “Margaret” *

* previously unreleased

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So here it is at last. I finally received mine today, and went through the new stereo mix on the first CD, and part of the bluray.
As much as I loath the remix Avril and McIntosh did for Clutching at Straws, I love what they did for Script. They improved everything, the album sounds clear, the changes in the mix are obvious and, IMHO, are always for the better. I got into Marillion in 1989, when Seasons End was released, and although Clutching has always been my Fish era favorite, I have always held Script high in my heart. So I thought I had played it to death and could not discover anything more inside of it. But I have rediscovered it entirely with this new version. A must have in my opinion.
I have listened to Script (the song) in 5.1 and this is a let down. Obviously Avril/McIntosh are not surround sound mixers. I have read somewhere that the surround mix was rushed through anyway, done as an afterthought more than a real effort. And it shows. Nothing ever happens in the surround, the overall experience is not one you want to have when you are accustomed to the surround works of Mr Wilson or Mr Jakszyk.
As for the video content, it is wonderful, the video quality of the concert and the promo video is stunning, specially when you have seen them on previous DVDs.
The only thing I do not understand is why the original mix is not included anywhere (on the Blu-ray would have fit the need). We had it on the blu ray in previous releases and even on CD with some (Brave anyone)? A lack of consistency if there is any.

Colonel Parker

Once again my Amazon.de order has been delayed until 21st April.

Chester Edwards

Is anyone else here extremely disappointed in the use of the “battle priest” 7″ version of Market Square Heroes instead of the EP “Antichrist” version of the song? I find this to be a major and downright inexcusable flaw on this deluxe edition. Why would they do that? If it was to sanitize it, I hate that. I immediately checked the song Garden Party on the album proper to make sure its middle was still intact. Fortunately, at least they didn’t sanitize that song too.


I’ve just got my copy. Could anyone check on your amplifier a multichannel DTS-HD MASTER AUDIO mode, that any distortion (breaking of playback), appear? I have other Marillion’s editions with DTS-HD Master Audion and nothing happens like with this one. So my amp works fine. Please let me know.

Robert Morgenstern

Hello Jacek, i have listen to both 5.1 (DTS & LPCM) versions and haven’t heard any distortion or breaks. Use a Yamaha RX-V 2067. On Steve Hoffmann site some say the blu-ray was loud, which i couldn”t say. But i haven’t heard the stereo track and the CD’s.
Nice bonus on the blu-ray is the complete recitel of the script DVD concert in good picture quality and the promo Videos. Both not mentioned before release. So you have the 1983 concert in picture and the 1982 concert in Audio both on the blu-ray.


Mine sounds spot on, almost Floydesque. No distortion. Weird? Maybe you have a faulty disc?

Sounds SO different tho, especially the vocals.?

Michael McG

Just got an email that they shipped 2 weeks early! Outstanding.

Paul G

Just received mine from Fish’s store. Nice surprise to get it early and much appreciated at this time.

Phil Morris

Oh, and the promo videos.

Phil Morris

I see the blu-ray additionally includes the Recital of the Script video from Hammersmith on 18 April 1983. A welcome unexpected bonus.


Fish is not recognized as it should


£23.99 now on Amazon. Fantastic price!


I have purchased, but as others have already stated, it is missing a lot. I feel these Deluxe / Ultimate editions are for fans of the artists, so why not empty the vaults?

Tull has done an excellent job with their sets, and another honorable mention (and possibly the best) is King Crimson (almost overkill – if there is such a thing).


I know it’s listed as 24/96 audio but if you zoom in on the artwork above, the bluray states the audio is 24/48.

Eric Weinraub

Ordered. Fantastic release. I do hope B-Sides themselves gets a proper revisit. Fugazi is next!

Antonio Colombino

Hi, another good box but incomplete. Where Is Margaret live b side of Garden party? 1997/98 remastered serie was complete not this…in this edition Is lost demos session…


When they put out the Fugazi set they should include Cinderella Search in 5.1 – like Market Square Heroes and Grendel this is a significant track for the band, not some unknown B side. I would like to know the thinking behind which tracks don’t get included on the Blu-Ray – is it the cost of mixing a track for surround that is the issue, or is there just not a will to do it?

CJ Feeney

Its not clear to me how the choices were made. With the Tull reissues they tend to mix all “associated recordings” in 5.1 so long as the multitracks are available.

Steven Wilson mixed Lady Nina but not Freaks on the Misplaced Childhood set into 5.1 as the Freaks multi tracks weren’t available.

I agree that Cinderella Search should get the surround treatment. But I think it depends on who does the mixing.


I’m very pleased to hear about the reissue of one of my favourite Marillion albums. For me the inclusion of the surround sound mix and the interview with the band, makes this an especially worthwhile purchase. I shall look forward to adding this to my collection in April.


So here I am once more buying Marillion SDE’s.

Script fitted almost to the last second on a TDK tape.

I have this signed by Fish on a previous re-release of the lp, and have now ordered the CD set from his store.

It was great getting to follow them when this album came out. In 1983 Marillion filled the void in prog rock, that in the same year, Genesis (Genesis) and Yes (90125) were doing their best, with great commercial success, to move away from.

Thanks for the news that Fugazi is next. I was expecting to wait another year for my favourite Marillion album. Fugazi was never as immediate as Script, but it stood the test of time well. Like other good albums, many repeated listens later it clicked into place, and that’s it logged in for life. Cinderella Search was a great b side.

That’s a good spot by KevinK on the labelling of the cd’s and back cover with the listing of two separate live shows. If it isn’t that, it’s strange to release that image.


As unhappy with the McIntosh remixes (stereo and surround) of Clutching at Straws that I am, I will get this. I might even fall for the whole she-bam as one side of Vinyl dedicated to Grendel is a real fantasy come true.
I am a Marillion fan and I am too curious to know if they have learnt from the past to pass on this one. Or any one of next ones .


As a casual fan, I find the box excellent. Just like the Tull box sets – great value and well packaged and all the same size ! The fact you can order them signed at no extra cost is great bonus and enough to get me over the line. Also postage is entirely reasonable – GBP4 for postage to Germany.


Strange. Ordered this from Fish’s store last night, and have received an email this morning saying my order is complete! They can’t have stock this early surely?

David Regan

They have it in stock but you won’t get until the release date..IV ordered it from Fish website too and had the same message order complete


Ah right thanks. Quite a confusing message to put out to people though.


I haven’t been listening to Marillion for a long time, but this seems to be very interesting and worth to check.

CJ Feeney

My only quibble is the lack of Margaret and Charting the Single (live) from the Garden Party 12″. But I have them on the 3CD Singles Box, which continues to remain essential for completists.
I’m not sure if the 2CD deluxe us still available, but the others have been withdrawn after each new Deluxe came out. The 2 CD of Brave is quite expensive now.

CJ Feeney

Forgot to add I’m pleased there is only one mix of the album on the CDs, and the Vinyl mirrors the whole CD content of the set. (Not that I’m likely to buy the vinyl).


These are the times when sometimes enough is enough. I guess this release is an cluster of rubbish. I am really satisfied with the previous remastered editions when Fish was around. There is no need to release this one. I am really disappointed with this frenzy of box releases with bundle of Demo stuff.
Frankly it is a good time to take a break – think first – and if it really sound like a completely stupid idea, to get rid of it right away. And this one fits the “bad idea” bit, a whole lot.
I love Marillion and there is a great 2CD live concert that is highly recommended to take a listen to. Cheers

Shawn C.

Totally agree with Paul. These boxes are remarkably priced. There is absolutely no price gouging going on and I’ve enjoyed every single one. They are thorough and include multiple extras and options, including surround sound, interviews, etc. Not to mention you can get a bonus autographed print by ordering from the band that costs even less than Amazon! I agree there are some releases, not by Marillion, that seem like they are totally milking the fan of every penny. But when was the last time this was re-released? 1997? I don’t see how you can call it rubbish, but to each his own I guess.


Er… *what* bundle of demo stuff??


Using my right to express my opinion. Surely it’s ok by me if people want to have 3 or more edition of different package. It could might be a better idea if they could make different packages like Simple Minds have done.
I bet you who likes this package might listen to all the box maybe once or twice. But eventually it will become a dust collector on the shelf.
People start using more and more streaming services. I bet it has mostly to do with space issues.
I think that if one thinks really hard about this, eventually the conclusion might be that it became an impulsive buy.
I have had those a long time ago.
I learn from those mistakes.
Thats how I see thinks.
OH sorry my mistake no demos just album with a bonus EP and live and a Blu-ray. Still don’t really see the point in getting this one anyway.
Just wait and see that it will come something better in time.
Patience is a virtue. And I got plenty of it.

Steven Roberts

Which makes it doubly disappointing that this release is not definitive**.

What is there is good (assuming the new stereo and 5.1 mixes are up to snuff), but why omit previously released demo and b-side material? Is it just to force people to hang on to the previous deluxe edition (or to seek it out if they don’t already have it)?

And why not do 5.1 mixes of the b-sides and non-album tracks while you’re at it?

Close, but no cigar.

** The closest any band has got to definitive re-releases for their album is, to my mind, XTC. Jethro Tull also deserve an honorable mention, but lose brownie points because the 5.1 mixes are featured on a lossy DVD rather than a lossless blu-ray. Both campaigns however wipe the floor with the Marillion re-releases……


To each their own but your complaints are a bit off. The last time this was reissued was 23 years ago. You now get it remastered, an additional 2 CD’s of live material, a new stereo remix and -best of all- a 5.1 mix. All for a ridiculously low price. There is much to complain about what record labels and some bands do with their reissues but Marillion mostly gets it right, certainly with this reissue. If you want to wait another 20 years for sth better, great, do it.


… demo stuff – ???


Ordered via the Marillion site. Clear mention of the signed A4 print swung it for me, sorry Fish.

graeme ewan

…and the fact that Steve Rothery and Co are instrumental Lords!!!


The CD set photo shows a full set list for both CD3 and CD4 labelled as (I think) Night One and Night Two – is this an inaccurate “mock-up” or does this mean the CDs actually contains both 29th and 30th December Marquee sets (with only the former unreleased)?

I’m guessing inaccurate “mock-up” as in the photo there’s no mention of Charting the Single on CD2 plus the pack shot – but not the CD – has the EP tracks also appended to CD1.


I think there aren’t any demos of the music played before Script because they aren’t property of EMI.
I bought all these deluxe editions but I think they are very confusedly planned.
I keep listening to my 1997 remasters.


Yeah, because there are demos available. They are on several Early Demos 79-81 bootlegs.
It would have been nice to hear them cleaned up.

Wolfgang Mintrop

I do really love this album. I was absolutely surprised when I heard MARILLION the first time (on BFBS). But: the bonus stuff here is absolutely disappointing!!


Marillion is by far my favourite band in the world. Have seen them live 48 times since my first gig in 1987. Both era’s of the band are amazing. Ordered!

Eric Thiessen

This is $10 cheaper to the US ordered from Marillion’s website than it is thru Amazon US (USD 39.97 vs USD 49.98)

Shawn C.

Yeah, I noticed that too. I love Marillion – I’m constantly impressed by these boxsets and the price – they definitely don’t fleece their fans. I nearly always buy directly from the band.

Florentino Stabile

I am a massive Marillion fan. However, may need to pass on this one. There is not an overabundance of material…. knowing full well that yes, those were the early days. Eventhough the price is great.

Phil Cohen

The “Script For a Jester’s Tear” album gets remixed for both surround and stereo, but the (nearly album length) “Market Square Heroes” E.P. gets remixed only for stereo. I wonder why.
As for the less than positive reception which greeted the surround mix of “Afraid of Sunlight”, some alternate multitrack sources had to be used. The group admits that on one song(“Out of This World”), the remix is not musically identical to the original mix.


An instant buy from the Fish store for me, along with ‘Misplaced Childhood’ my absolute favourite Marillion albums. Sure there’s bits missing, but can’t wait to hear this in 5.1.


For me their finest ! And a debut album . Grendel wow!!! A welcome realease . Nice price. looks same as tulls recent format. ? Ok not got 5.1 blu ray equipment envy !!!! but still an essential buy!!! Nice one. Thanks paul


The original albums over 45 minutes, the EP 26, plus another 5 for charting the single. 76+ minutes is pushing it for a single CD. Sure, the second CD could have been more generous for those who don’t already have the 90s reissue, but splitting the album and the EP makes sense.

Shawn C.

Another great Marillion release. Just wish they’d all agree to sign – can’t justify ordering from Fish and Marillion, went with Marillion.

Brennan B.

I totally justified it… bought the cd from Marillion and the vinyl box from Fish.

Shawn C.

Haha. Good idea! I didn’t’ go for the vinyl. Hoping they will release just the remaster on vinyl eventually.


I am curious how the stereo remix will sound this time. I was disappointed with Afraid of Sunlight – it sounded 99% identical to the original.


Fantastic. I still lusten to this album regularly some 35 years later.


Despite what it says in the article, there’s no mention on either the Fish or Marillion websites that these will be signed.


Hi – when I ordered from the Marillion site it said first 4000 would have a signed print ( if I remember rightly)……I did check the Fish site first and there was no mention there……hope this helps.


looks lovely and will be getting it regardless but i don’t understand why they couldn’t have added the demos that were on the second disc of the 1997 reissue, there is clearly plenty of room on the second disc!


Hmmm yes, Market Square Heroes and Grendel in 5.1 would have been good. Will still get it though.


Excellent that they are consistent in their presentation: the same size box, always a 5.1 included and at least one release a year; love it! I’m not even a huge Marillion fan but these boxes are such great value, how can you not buy them? I wish other artists would do the same. The Simple Minds were on that track but they miserably failed with their Street Fighting Years box. Kudos to Marillion. Have already pre-ordered it.

Ian Pollock

No Grendel in 5.1? No Deal!!!

Who am I kidding. ORDERED :-)


Hello Paul,

nothing seems to be written of Fish shop that the Deluxe Edition pre-order is signed by him ?
Is it sure !?


Is the one on the fish store signed as it’s not stated

Jim Kerr

Whoever came up with this set is delusional and should be made aware that fans won’t pay 28.99 for a 5 disc set including a 5.1 mix when they can pay 37.24 for 4 discs and a poster.

Charles Burchill

@Jim Kerr:

Oi mate, forgot to take your medicine again? ;-)


Not sure how I feel about this. CDs 1 & 2 can fit onto one disc, and there are 5 tracks (alternate mixes and demos) from the 1997 re-release missing from this. It could have been a bit more comprehensive. As much as I appreciate the blu-ray with the 5.1 mix I must admit I just don’t like live albums so, content-wise, there’s less here to tempt me than on the previous 4 deluxe releases.


I guess hang onto you 1997 2CD remaster as most of CD 2 will not be on this release [or at least not remixed].
But it is the same for the all but the MC release.
Poor Mick Pointer will need to sign his name 4000 times!


I’m really happy with this release and good to see the re-issues continuing in the same format at a good price point.

Plus points for me are;

The blu-ray looks great and full of unreleased content.
The show is an unreleased one (unlike the recent AoS SDE).
They are continuing with 5.1, which I thought they may have dropped after the ‘Steven Wilson’ mixes.
Minimal duplication of the 1998 2CD remaster.

Only one minor quibble is that there’s no pre-lp demos included.

Already ordered and looking forward to this one

Derek Langsford

This will take me back to my college days in Edinburgh when they started to become known and I bought everything they released on vinyl.

The CD+Blu-ray set plus separate 4LP vinyl is an example to all the other labels of how to do a deluxe edition for an album. All material remastered, a new live set, a blu-ray with a 5.1 mix and everything else in hi-res stereo, and a compact presentation with vinyl separate, no heavy 12 x 12 book to boost the price, weight, and shipping costs, no faux concert tickets or marbles, and packaging consistent with the other deluxe editions. Excellent.


should have included the Friday Rock Show session – first time I heard them and IMO the best version of Forgotten Sons

CJ Feeney

I think BBC sessions are difficult and expensive to license. I think its snesible to keep a decent price for this release.

Mark H.

Looks like they kept the CD length to the same as the vinyl – in other words, the CD content could probably have fit on 2 discs. But the price is OK – similar to the Tull sets.