Mark Hollis / solo album vinyl reissue

Mark Hollis / vinyl reissue

Universal Music will reissue the only solo album by the late Mark Hollis next month.

It’s not the first time the self-titled Mark Hollis has been on vinyl, following a US reissue from Ba Da Bing Records in 2011, and has been outsourced from Universal for previous editions released across Europe over the years to varying degrees of success (seriously, the copy I have sounds like it was pressed on a Tupperware lid). This new edition comes via Polydor and has been remastered at Abbey Road and is naturally on heavyweight vinyl with all the original artwork.

Originally released in 1998, Mark Hollis was ostensibly made as a Talk Talk album called Mountains of the Moon, as part of a two-album deal made with Polydor that had included the 1991 album Laughing Stock. Hollis at the time claimed that there’d be no gigs and that ‘the material wasn’t suited to being played live’, and fair play he was right with that as it’s less an album of music, more a variety of silences broken by subtle moods inspired by 20th century classical music and jazz.

It originally shot to No.53 and stayed in the album chart for all of seven days, but has become something of a classic over the last two decades, and in light of Mark Hollis’ death earlier this year, has gained further significance.

Mark Hollis is released via Polydor/UMC on 8 November 2019 (was 18 October).

Side One:

The Colour of Spring
Inside Looking Out
The Gift

Side Two:

A Life (1895 – 1915)
Westward Bound
The Daily Planet
A New Jerusalem

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I ordered it from Amazon France and received my copy this morning. Some noise indeed there and here, some pops and clicks but not that disturbing, I really enjoyed my listening. I bought the cd back in 1998 but I wanted it on vinyl because I am a completist (and sometimes I hate being one) but I’m glad to have it. For those who want to know, there is a voucher that allows you to download the album in WAV quality.

izdo peter izdinsky

Yves, just one question: wav download is in 16 or 24bit hires quality and is it from new Abbey Road (remasterd) version?
thanks for the answer.


Hi Peter,
There is no such information on Thesoundofvinyl.com so don’t know if it is from new Abbey Road remastered version or not.
Analysed with Spek, wav files are 16-bit, 1 411 kbps, 44 100 Hz.
Hope this will help!

izdo peter izdinsky

thanks a LOT, Yves!

Peter Anderson

Hi Paul – any word on plans for any expanded edition/superdeluxe versions of Talk Talk albums? Cheers Peter


I ordered mine straight from udiscover music and the order date has been put back a fortnight to 1st November: might have had some kind of knock-on effect to the Amazon pre-orders? Got mine on with the upcoming also-post-Talk-Talk reissue of the Rustin Man and Beth Gibbons album, which I’d heard nothing about until I was pre-ordering the Hollis and got spotted the ‘if you like this you may also like’ type section

Nuno Bento

My order was just cancelled! WTF?

SDE Hall of Fame



Yep, Amazon cancelled my order too… :-/

Tim Abbott

Same here. Email said they’d run out of stock:
“From time to time, items sold and dispatched by Amazon become unavailable and we’re unable to source them.”

stephen doyle

Amazon just cancelled pre-order


Ordered this from Amazon as soon as I saw it on The Sound of Vinyl site! I’m hoping the quality will be top spec otherwise it’ll be going back! I’m waiting for the Talk Talk catalogue to be re issued on quality vinyl. I have the original copy of Spirit of Eden, but the cover as suffered from foxing unfortunately, but the vinyl is still spot on and I bought the reissue of Laughing Stock with the DVD which is ok, but the mix is a bit harsh. Half speed would be good. I have Tori Amos Little Earthquakes on a half speed remaster and it’s a wonderful listen!

Mike the Fish

Laughing Stock wasn’t reissued with a DVD.


I’ve done it again, mixed up the fact I’ve got the original Laughing Stock and the reissue of Spirit of Eden! I nearly bought a second copy of SoE because of that! Doh!

Mike the Fish

I liked the reissue of Spirit of Eden, but I didn’t have an original copy of the vinyl to compare it to. I thought The Party’s Over was a poor reissue on the recent vinyl, it lost so much with the change of sound.


he probably meant ‘spirit of eden’!


UPDATE I received this on Sunday from Amazon. Was excited to pop it on the turntable, but excitement turned to disappointment as there was an unforgivable defect which looked like something had been dropped on the record and had put two small gouges on one side which had pushed the vinyl to distort the second side!! Not Amazon’s fault as their packaging is always OTT and there was no damage to cover or inner sleeve. This should not be happening at the factory! I’m awaiting a replacement. Fingers crossed it’s ok! (My Beth Gibbons was also damaged by plastic swarf left in the inner bag scratching it beyond playable!). I’m not expecting anything over and above what you get with vinyl. I’ve lived with it’s foibles for 40+ years so I know what to expect!


There is a vinyl version from Universal on Polydor Ltd. (UK) made in the EU and released in 2003. It was part of a series of Vinyl Re-Release (The Who, Elton John, Sting, Nirvana, among others) mastered from original tapes and cut at the Hanover, Germany facility, possibly by a veteran LP mastering engineer Mr. Willem Makkee. It sound so incredible and so wider compared to the CD (and Oh! So Quiet) that I hope the new release will be as excellent as this treasure so sought after, so more people will appreciate this « lost Talk Talk LP » for sure.


Surely a half speed remaster by Abbey Road points to care and quality? Has anyone had issues with any Abbey Road half speed releases in the past?


Abbey Road half speed releases can be hit and miss. The recent Scott 4 reissue has had a lot bad comments online about warped copies and playing issues from that. My copy is flat as a board, and has no surface noise whatsoever.

Only issue i have is a digital artifact during The Old Man’s Back Again that is also present on the included Hi-Res download (a nice perk the Abbey Road half cuts come with!), so that’s not really a pressing issue, but further up the chain in the mastering.


Where does it say half speed mastering?


Good point Simon. I don’t see any mention of half speed anywhere. Looks like I jumped the gun there :-)


Speaking of Japan, so gutted Abbey Road didn’t continue the mastering/pressing of the recent Sylvian vinyl releases. They are really disappointing, filled with crackling and certainly not showcasing the greatness of the material using the early 2000’s remastering. ‘Gone to Earth’ is my favourite album of all time. Hopefully one day it will be showcased in all it’s glory.

Mike the Fish

Side 2 is about 26 and a half minutes long, with around two minutes of that just ambience at the end. There’s so many quiet parts to the side that it wouldn’t require as much wiggle space to cut, The Daily Planet being a notable exception.


Really pleased this has been given a vinyl release.
I’ve been scanning Discogs but the prices are close to 100 UKP.
I have the CD and originally had the vinyl but got rid of it much tome subsequent regret.

I too have reservations about the quality of the vinyl as it will need to be a stellar pressing to do the work justice but we’ll see…

Thanks for the info Paul – I doubt whether I would ever have got to hear about the release if not for this site.


Never heard it so sparked my interest I buy it see 4 myself love talk talk hopefully be good


Wow. You are in for a great surprise. It is classic Talk Talk. Less esoteric and more structured than Laughing Stock and more like Spirit of Eden.

DJ Salinger

Beyond beautiful, this one. Sadly it really was his last transmission after all, and utterly out of step with the times it was released in. Which just made it even more special and timeless.

I think Mark achieved the end point of the journey here, successfully eradicating any lingering notion of his former identity as unwilling ‘pop star’ – instead, the voice as just another instrument, reaching for a purity of sound and expression, live in the room with the creak of wood and strings. Bloody lovely.


Not strictly true. Some Hollis music originally destined for a film called Peacock ended up being aired on a programme called Boss starring Keksey Grammer.

andrew balls

was just about to say this myself. a mere 52 secs of music tho.

Peter Ollerenshaw

Beautifully said


Hopefully the rest will see the light of day in the future sometime…

Duncan Day

I’ve got the original CD. That will do for me.

Had the vinyl that Paul mentioned. Didn’t have it for long.

Mark McKeown

I have two copies of this on CD and they both sound lousy. My expectation is very low for the vinyl – but fingers crossed.


@Mark McKeown What’s up with your CDs of it Mark? The original CD always sounded fine to me (I’ve never heard the reissues).


It’s quite well documented about how it was recorded, so it’s probably always going to be a little lo-fi.

A little disappointed that it’s being remastered and that remaster won’t end up on an optical disc.


I love this album, I hope it will be released with surround sound…


just listening to this on spotify. yes, it’s amazing! wondering what’s on the cover? is 47 mins on vinyl really too much? i have albums by cast and charlatans which are much longer.

Dr Volume

Yes. In theory you can cut 40 mins on one side of vinyl but it won’t sound too good. The more music, the narrower the grooves and the quieter the recording will have to be cut in order to fit….anything over 18 mins on one side will have to be cut quieter with less fidelity and means you’ll have to turn the volume up on your HiFi and then you might find more surface noise and static will be heard, particularly for a delicate and more ambient record like this one.
If you’re not convinced, try playing a favourite song on a cheap compilation LP with loads of songs crammed on it and you’ll really hear the difference if you compare a CD, a 12 single or shorter LP version of the same song.

Mark Francis

seikotsi, the cover photo is of a display of (lamb-shaped) Sardinian Easter bread.

Ross Baker

Yes, good luck to everyone buying this. If there was ever an album that would suffer from even the slightest bit of surface noise, it’s this. That Ba Da Bing pressing was notoriously bad, which just seems ridiculous when you think about it.

A wonderful album that’s overdue wider praise. I, too, am amazed it charted!


I wish they would do a 5.1 master of this and all the TalkTalk albums.

Mike Ostrich

Bram – Steven Wilson offered to do 5.1 mixes of this and the TalkTalk albums; Mark declined the request. He wanted to leave them as is.


This is one of my ten favourite albums of all time, an outright masterpiece and I’m pleased people are catching on to it.

But these multiple vinyl pressings represent a part of the general problem the music industry has. The album is quiet with deliberate ambient noise. What I mean by that is that the recording technique included the room as well as the instrument; every instrument was recorded on the same 2 microphones that were set up in the studio. It’s about 47 minutes long. As such, it’s not really suited to vinyl. But vinyl is all anyone wants so they keep trying and trying. You’re only real chance of getting a good LP of this would be on 2 45rpm discs but that seems to be outwith budget.

I’d love a good pressing of this buy dare I try again?


It’s a unique piece of music for sure. For this to actually work on vinyl it would need to be a stellar pressing, let’s hope this is going to be the case. Otherwise the good old CD would do just fine.

Steve W

I don’t have this one but would be very interested to hear it. I don’t suppose we know if there is a download code yet do we?

Valentin Zharkevich

Did not know it charted at all.

russell finch

A hi-res download would be fantastic !!

David Mcintyre

Glad to see a reissue. I have this on cd and it’s utterly gorgeous

Mike the Fish

Any word on who cut it?

Jean Christophe DERRIEN

I really love the album but I see no point in having in vinyl.
Like you wrote : “it’s less an album of music, more a variety of silences broken by subtle moods…”


maybe because most things sound better on vinyl. where have you been the last 30 years?…lol.


One of my favourite albums.
Great to finally see it on vinyl.