Mark Knopfler returns with a new album ‘Down The Road Wherever’

Mark Knopfler will release a ninth studio album, Down The Road Wherever, next month.

The former Dire Straits frontman tends to knock out solo albums every three years or so, and indeed, this follows 2015’s Tracker.

The 13-track album is available on CD and 2LP vinyl but is expanded to 16 tracks for the deluxe CD edition.

A box set edition brings together 2LP vinyl and deluxe CD and adds a print of the artwork and guitar tablature of a selected track. The box also includes a bonus 12-inch single and a download code for all audio. The four-track 12-inch includes one of the three bonus tracks on the deluxe CD (‘Drovers’ Road’) but the other three appear to be exclusive.

The album is described as staying “true to the folk and roots-inflected ambience of his solo material, but introduces new elements of jazz, funk and even a hint of the rockier leanings of earlier days.” Long-time collaborator Guy Fletcher, returns.

Down The Road Wherever is released on 16 November 2018.


  1. Trapper Man
  2. Back On The Dance Floor
  3. Nobody’s Child
  4. Just A Boy Away From Home
  5. When You Leave
  6. Good On You Son
  7. My Bacon Roll
  8. Nobody Does That
  9. One Song At A Time
  10. Floating Away
  11. Slow Learner
  12. Heavy Up
  13. Matchstick Man

Deluxe CD

1. Trapper Man
2. Back On the Dance Floor
3. Nobody’s Child
4. Just a Boy Away from Home
5. When You Leave
6. Good On You Son
7. My Bacon Roll
8. Nobody Does That
9. Drovers’ Road*
10. One Song at a Time
11. Floating Away
12. Slow Learner
13. Heavy Up
14. Every Heart in the Room*
15. Rear View Mirror*
16. Matchstick Man

*Bonus tracks

Down The Road Wherever 2LP vinyl

Side 1

  1. Trapper Man
  2. Back On The Dance Floor
  3. Nobody’s Child

Side 2

  1. Nobody Does That
  2. Good On You Son
  3. Floating Away

Side 3

  1. One Song At A Time
  2. Heavy Up
  3. Slow Learner

Side 4

  1. Just A Boy Away From Home
  2. My Bacon Roll
  3. When You Leave
  4. Matchstick Man

Bonus 12″ Vinyl in the box


  1. Drovers’ Road
  2. Don’t Suck Me In


  1. Sky And Water
  2. Pale Imitation

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Bought and played in its entirety no less than 40 times now. It’s his best solo album ever, in my opinion.

Julian H

I really like the first single. Mind, I liked “Beryl” too but found “Tracker” to be a huge disappointment overall. (Although several of the bonus tracks actually improve it to a degree I could collect a good LP-length album from them & the main album’s best cuts.) Hearing that this will bring back some of the livelier elements of DS-times makes me hope that this will be a less boring and sleepy album.

Stephen Leigh

I have to say I think Mark’s solo albums are superb. I still have Tracker on regular rotation. I think Good On You Son is a grower and the video is bril. Can’t wait for this.


Every time I play the first 2 Dire Straits albums I wish Mark Knopfler can make an album with a stripped back rock sound like these.


Really like his solo stuff. His last few records still get played regularly so am looking forward to this. That cover though…surely the most generic ‘Will this do?’ cover they could have come up with. It could grace any number of budget rock compilations which Asda like to fill the racks with.

Mike the Fish

The super expensive supet deluxe offers three tracks not on the deluxe CD and not a huge amount else? Universal again with price over content.


Either Mark Knopfler or one of his design team seem to have been watching The Middle for artwork inspiration!


Phil H.

It is the most obvious cover I have ever seen for a Mark Knopfler commission


Chris Rea’s marketing people must be kicking themselves…


Haha…was just going to say, it’s the most clichéd middle-aged white folk/rocker cover and album name you could imagine.
For that reason (and that it’s just not my thang), I’m out.


Have only heard the first “single” from the album, Good On You Son, I think it’s pretty bland and so it left me somewhat disappointed. Sounds so much the very same as his past albums. Maybe the album will be fine. Out of these old time guitarists, I think David Gilmour does still much better music..


Totally disagree with you Din…Mark Knopfler makes much better albums than Gilmour his albums are boring now he needs to lighten up a bit he’s too much the same and a miserable singing voice.
But Knopfler mixes it up brings in Scottish and Irish influences into his music and more over is a much more colorful guitarist and good story songs I will definitely be buying this new album.