Marvin Gaye / Volume Three 1971-1981 vinyl set to be issued on CD


A month on from its late May vinyl release, Universal Music will issue the seven-album Marvin Gaye Volume Three 1971-1981 collection as a CD box set.

Volume Three contains the albums What’s Going On; Trouble Man; Let’s Get It On; Diana & Marvin; I Want You; Here, My Dear and In Our Lifetime. Although Here, My Dear is a double on vinyl, it will comfortably all fit on one CD, meaning this will be a seven-CD box set.

Update: Thanks to SDE readers for pointing out that there has only been a Volume One CD box thus far. Further investigation reveals that the 8CD Volume Two 1966-1970 box will be issued on the same day as Volume Three!

Volume Three 1971-1981 is released on vinyl in May and this CD box is due on 24 June 2016.

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Marvin Gaye

volume three 1971-1981 7CD box

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Amazon jp   8014.00

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Marvin Gaye

volume two 1966-1970 8CD box


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Marvin Gaye

volume three 1971-1981 8LP Vinyl box



Above: Back of the volume two vinyl box shows albums included

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Ben Williams

Does anyone have the CD tracklistings for Volume Three? Want to know if the CDs will carry the bonus tracks from the previous remasters?

Paul H

Undeniably fabulous music at a great price for anyone interested BUT the albums in Volume 3 have already been served even better by individual two disc deluxe editions. At a greater cost I know but also worth mentioning and considering…


Nice one – have vol 1 on cd which is a great set

Chris G

Yes, it’s a great price, but if you do not have the deluxe versions of What’s Going On, and Let’s Get It On, then get those first. IMHO the deluxe version of What’s Going On, is staggerimg. Possibly the best “deluxe” item I own, and I have quite a few. But then, I love that album, and it can still reduce me to tears.

Paul English

@ Chris G

Which is the better version of What’s Going On? The 2001 deluxe or the 2011 Super Deluxe? I just have a vinyl reissue from the 1980s. Thanks.

David Hayes

The one with the Detroit and LA versions plus the Washington DC Kennedy Center live version and a few out takes, double CD.

Chris G

I only have the deluxe version, and don’t collect vinyl anymore ( for my sins) but the super deluxe looks very expensive for what it is. All I would say is that the deluxe CD version is one of the best I own.


I had a moment where I was convinced the price had to be a typo. Is it just me, or this a spectacularly reasonable price for the size of the set/caliber of artist?

Simon F

This is excellent news. Would of loved to have had the vinyl version, but lack of storage space meant that was a no-no. So will go for the CD version. Shame that Here, My Dear is all on one disc however.

Dave H

Only volume 1 so far has been released on CD.
It looks like volume 2 will also be released on CD on 24th June 2016.

Steve boyd

When is vol 2 being released on cd?

Manuel Guillen

This title will be released on June 24, 2016.

Ivo Peeters

Was Volume Two ever released on cd? I have never seen it.

Manuel Guillen

What happened with Volume 2? Was it released on CD? Never saw it