Marvin Gaye remixed for special What’s Going On 10-inch single


The third vinyl box set of Marvin Gaye‘s studio albums is due soon, but it seems that Universal have decided to issue a special 10-inch single of What’s Going On at the same time…

The vinyl single will feature the original seven-inch single versions of What’s Going On and God Is Love and perhaps rather more dubiously, a ’21st Century duet’ featuring Marvin Gaye and American singer-songwriter BJ The Chicago Kid (aka Bryan James Sledge).


As you can see by the sticker (above) also included is a new unplugged “coffeehouse mix” – presumably of What’s Going On.

In the UK this and the vinyl box are slated for a late May release, while US fans look like they’ll have to wait until June.


This seven-inch version of God Is Love is included on the new 10-inch single


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I’m considering paying them double to make sure that I didn’t end up with a copy of this in my house.


Remember the 25th anniversary re-release of Thriller with all those bonus tracks with (then) modern day artists like Will.i.am, Fergie and Akon? That was one of worse things ever to happen in music. I wish record companies would stop doing this kind of thing!


“Coffeehouse Remix”? Why would they bother? The multitracks of WGO are out there anyway for people to mix themselves…

Mike the Fish

I’ll have to check both versions out now to see what you mean.


These “beyond the grave” duets are so disrespectful and I can’t imagine too manys fans (if any) getting excited about this one. You shouldn’t mess with history. I always preferred the album version of God is Love – the single version sounds flat in comparison.


Sorry Paul, I feel a rant coming on….really it’s provoked by your valid use of the phrase “rather more dubiously” in reference to the concept of the ’21st Century duet’. I agree with your implicit assessment – why muck about with something which is already considered one of the cornerstones of popular music, and do we need another gimmicky vinyl release. Is it really going to stimulate interest in the forthcoming box set? I’m really disappointed by Universal’s recent stewardship of the Motown catalogue. When I see on your site multiple releases of complete singles packages on CD by the likes of Bananarama and Showaddywaddy (no disrespect), I wonder why it seems impossible to present Motown music on a decently remastered CD series. Surely there is a market? I know all the attempts have seemed to have stuttered to a halt – Motown Select releases have stopped, there’s no CD release (so far) of the second volume of complete Marvin Gaye albums, etc, but some deeper material has been licensed to other labels. Presumably this is viable for them. I can’t understand why there is no decently mastered CD of Sky’s the Limit by the Temptations or Where I’m Coming From by Stevie Wonder, for example, readily available. Put them in a jewel box to keep costs down, but with a nice booklet with decent notes – surely there are still enough of us standing who would buy them. If Universal can’t do it, what about one of the many excellent reissue specialists? The demographic which would buy them is shrinking by the day – come on someone!


Hi Paul, how often are the prices updated in the app?

Andrew Mogford

I think it’s an Amazon uk mess up. The link goes to a vinyl that says it’s an album (rather than a 10″ single). The picture shows what you show above, but the track listing is totally different …..


The definition of press-clogging.

Mike the Fish

Record companies still biting the hands that feed them *sigh*

Andrew Mogford

Hi Paul. Would love to order this but price widget above goes to the album. Is it available to preorder yet do you know? I can’t find it.