Massive Attack / 100th Window 3LP


Amazon France have a vinyl reissue of Massive Attack‘s fourth studio album 100th Window up for pre-order.

The 2003 album is being reissued as a triple vinyl set which is consistent with how it was released the first time around. The original vinyl pressings command very high prices these days, so fans should welcome this being back in print and £24 for a triple vinyl set isn’t bad at all.

100th Window should be released on 7 April 2017, although dates may vary depending on territories (Canada is showing 24 March).


Side A
1. Future Proof
2. What Your Soul Sings

Side B
1. Everywhen
2. Special Cases

Side C
1. Butterfly Caught
2. A Prayer for England

Side D
1. Small Time Shot Away
2. Name Taken

Side E
1. Antistar

Side F
1. Untitled/Hidden track

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So i eventually ordered this through Amazon USA and got Heligoland last week. It is beautiful. A failthfull reproduction of the original black glittered edition. 100th Window however is still delayed with the June 8 shipping date since removed from their site. I’m praying that it ships before Amazon cut off Australians from their site on july 1.

Seweryn Góral

New release date 8 of June, Virgin/universal


not anymore. It’s been removed from amazon. Again.

Michel Kempes

My order is now definately removed by Amazon FR… I


Same here…pre-ordered them 4 Months ago with a German shop.
Release Date is always pushed 3 Weeks ahead when deadline is reached.
Took my money – nothing in return til now.


I pre-ordered the two reissues. I got this translated message from Amazon France for both:

“Not shipped yet
Expected Delivery: We need a little more time to give you a good forecast. We will notify you by e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.”

Makes me doubt it’s happening at all. I’m a bit disappointed because i really wanted both of these to complete my Massive Attack vinyl collection.


Aamzon France says it will be shipped today, Mat6th. Delivery should be next week for Both Heligoland and 100th Window. I agree: seeing is believing, because no other company is selling them . From JPC to Amazon UK or Dodax.


Amazon France now says the release date is 5 May.


Does anyone know if the and Heligoland are still up for release on 7th April, I sold my used 100th Window vinyl when it had the December release date?


Sorry Adam, you may want to give this one another listen. 100th Window was easily the most creative and sublime album Massive Attack ever made. It’s a shame Heligoland was such a drop in quality but there’s realistically no way they could top 100th Window so I suppose a change was in order.


It doesn’t matter HOW many ‘formats’ this album comes out on.
Sinead O’Connor Sings Massive Attack was their WORST effort yet !


This posting made me look back and chuckle over the government (or was it the BBC?) ban on the name ‘Massive Attack’ during the 1st Gulf War, which became hust ‘Massive’ IIRC.


Perhaps they should have taken the opportunity to change their name permanently to “Regular-sized Handshake” to avoid offending anyone.

Thom Lieb

I was so thrilled about this new series of issues that I ordered Protection as soon as it was available. Unfortunately, the vinyl is very compressed and lackluster and has lots of surface noise. I tried two copies and then happily went back to my CD. So I can’t say I hold much hope for this one.


Where we can check official release date ? Who is publisher ? Amazon change date twice actually since my order (december 2016)


As I read several bad reviews on the Mezzanine double vinyl I haven’t bought this sofar although it’s one of my alltime favourites. I’ll therefor wait for the reviews on 100th window.


I work at a record shop in the US and just today I was sent an email that stated that, as far as the US goes, both Heligoland and 100th Window are still TBD for a release date. They were originally slated for release in Dec (along with Mezzanine, which is still in print in the EU.) the week after Blue Lines, Protection and No Protection. The latter came out a week or two late but the others were bumped. Then bumped again. Then bumped again. Mezzanine now has a tentative date of 4/7 iicr but 100th and Heligoland have no date right now. Which is a bummer as those are the 2 I don’t the LPs of and am looking forward to. Now this is just for the US and you UK/EU folks may have other info but I think these pressings are all done in the EU and then sent out to EU and US territories as opposed to being pressed in both locations. They’ll be out eventually but knowing this is the 10th anniversary of RSD I wouldn’t hold my breath for a release before May due to the amount of stuff being pressed right now. What I really can’t wait for is the new album. Those new 12″s are ringing all my bells. So good.

simon taylor

Your post has got me listening to the album on youtube. I own all their others on cd and the 2cd best of but for some reason I bypassed 100th Window. I’m 3 tracks in and really enjoying this. Now on my to-get list. Now pondering whether to get on vinyl or cd, I have had my eye on the Mezzanine double vinyl. Does anyone have preferences over the best versions to go for vinyl-wise with Massive Attack?

Jim Edwards

No mention of either release on Amazon UK yet. Fingers still crossed


Heligoland is also been reissue as a 2lp

Jim Edwards

Fingers crossed they’ll also release Heligoland on vinyl. That would be something special.


Heligoland has already been issued as 2xLP in 2010. The set also included a 12″ with remixes and the album on CD.


and Heligoland 2LP on the same day, apparently…

These 2 titles have been on/off the amazon sites for months, with various release dates, so it’s a case of believe it, when you see it…In saying that, the first 2 albums did get vinyl releases in December, so they should eventually appear!