Massive Attack / Mezzanine 20th anniversary deluxe on 2CD and 3LP

3LP coloured vinyl • 2CD deluxe • remastered • unheard dub mixes

Massive Attack / Mezzanine 20th anniversary

Universal Music will issue a 20th anniversary reissue of Massive Attack‘s third studio album Mezzanine.

The 1998 album has been remastered (by Tim Young at Metropolis) and comes with an album of previously unreleased dub mixes by the Mad Professor. These remixes were originally intended to be released on a Mad Professor Mezzanine remix album – yet in the end, only a few of his remixes were issued as single b-sides.

All eight of the Mad Professor remixes included on the anniversary reissue are previously unreleased and include his dub mixes of two tracks not originally featured on Mezzanine but from the same period – Metal Banshee – a dub version of ‘Superpredators’ which was a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees’ ‘Metal Postcard’ – and ‘Wire’, a track they recorded for the soundtrack of the film Welcome to Sarajevo.

The reissue is on two physical formats: a two-CD deluxe and a three-LP super deluxe which features three colour vinyl albums and comes with a 48-page hardcover book featuring photos from Nick Knight that show the development of the cover imagery. An additional 32-page booklet is a new edition of the art-book ‘Fitting In’ which Del Naja originally issued in 2000 (only 50 of which were ever available to buy).

The 2CD version of this 20th anniversary release is issued on 16 November. The triple vinyl super deluxe is out on 7 December 2018. You can pre-order the former from the SDE shop using this link, or the button below.


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Massive Attack

mezzanine 3LP coloured vinyl super deluxe

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JPC de   89.99

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Massive Attack

mezzanine 2CD deluxe


3LP Super Deluxe/ 2CD

  1. Angel (2018 remaster)
  2. Risingson (2018 remaster)
  3. Teardrop (2018 remaster)
  4. Inertia Creeps (2018 remaster)
  5. Exchange (2018 remaster)
  6. Dissolved Girl (2018 remaster)
  7. Man Next Door (2018 remaster)
  8. Black Milk (2018 remaster)
  9. Mezzanine (2018 remaster)
  10. Group Four (2018 remaster)
  11. (Exchange) (2018 remaster)
  12. Metal Banshee (Mad Professor Mix 1)
  13. Angel (Angel Dust)
  14. Risingson (Setting Sun Dub 2)
  15. Teardrop (Mazaruni Dub 1)
  16. Inertia Creeps (Floating On Dubwise)
  17. Exchange (Mountain Steppers Dub)
  18. Wire (Leaping Dub)
  19. Group Four (Security Forces Dub)

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Tim Barton

Thoroughly disappointed that the coloured vinyl was scrapped. Mind you, it would have been pricey, so I suppose I will content myself with the double CD-even though I think Universal could have done better with the packaging; I have never cared much for digipacks myself. I would go for a straight black vinyl, however.


Finally, today I’ve got 2CD-edition with the mail.

David McCallum

I got mine today (finally!) from major-online-retailer-named-after-diminishing-Brazilian-rainforest and saw Massive Attack earlier this month in San Francisco. They were an hour late onstage but to catch Liz Frasier and Horace Andy onstage was a treat. Only at a Massive Attack concert could a cover of “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” make the audience smile. Peter Seeger, Avicii, Bauhaus, The Cure, The Velvet Underground and Ultravox make for a great mix of covers.

Good sounds from Mad Professor on Disc Two. I hope they do something super deluxe with Protection someday – their second best album after Blue Lines IMHO.

Gavin S

Massive Attack email, received today, confirming Paul’s update:

We’ve decided to withdraw the Mezzanine special edition package as the design materials were no longer available.

After many months of extra work and research we felt that the alternative packaging ideas were not relevant to the original album project. Any orders will be fully refunded and we apologise for any disappointment.

We’re pleased to share with you that the Mad Professor dub remixes will still be released on coloured vinyl, with brand new artwork on September 20th.

Mezzanine (2018 remaster) will still be released on 2CD, download and streaming on August 23rd.


The 2Cd set has been put back yet again, currently showing as 06/09/19 on the band’s website shop (the single pink vinyl Mad Professor dubs on 20/09/19). Both of these dates are based on what we can now take as ‘estimates’ are on the band’s own website as of writing!
Amazon UK are showing as temporarily out of stock today, but have not yet listed or emailed a revised release date in line with the band’s shop, so who knows?!
Ridiculous – if it wasn’t part of a 2 item promotion when I ordered I would be cancelling for sure, but for now it’s fingers crossed (again).


Thanks for the update Paul, that’s great news, although why the band’s own web-shop shows this will not be released until 06/09/19 is anyone’s guess (just checked again)! Hopefully Amazon will get theirs in soon too.


@paul: will this ever be released? it gets postponed and postponed…

Jason Phillips

I got an email today saying it won’t be released – so no. Will get a refund but incredibly frustrating. Oh well.


for real?! from who?

Robert Morgenstern

Frustating. So the CD hopefully will be officially released this month.

Jay Phillips

On the plus side they are releasing the Mad Professor remixes as a stand-alone pink vinyl with new artwork on the sleeve – can be ordered through the Massive Attack store – due out September 20th (hopefully)

Jason Phillips

From the Massive Attack website.
On the plus side the Mad Professor remixes are being released as a stand-alone pink vinyl on Sep. 20th (hopefully!) and can be pre-ordered. I just got my refund confirmation from Sandbag for the boxset so worth checking you get it back.


Amazon CA shows the 2CD set in stock so presumably it’s finally out. Would Amazon UK’s advertised release date of 23 Aug also apply to the SDE shop?

Kevin F

How many times will this be delayed??? its been pushed back about 5 times now, what every date they say don’t believe them lol I will wait till after its out before getting it now.

Joel says on June 26, 2019 at 15:11
“January 2020 according to Amazon.de!”

This can’t be confirmed.

Several sellers tell us:

Release date will be either it will be 19.7 or 23.8


Once again delayd. What is wrong with that?????


January 2020 according to Amazon.de!

Brian Hickey

Unfortunately Del Naja is infamous for delaying releases like these. The 100th Window on a 3LP album was originally scheduled for a March release 2019, then delayed a month, then another, until now with no release in sight. No doubt he is a genius, but when it comes to special edition reissues, his obsession with perfection becomes a slippery slope. Not to mention the constant instability within the group’s members (especially Daddy G). Mezzanine is easily their holy grail and this isnt fair to the fans as we make up a large part of their success. Fingers crossed this doesn’t get axed like 100th Window.

Robert Morgenstern

What’s wrong with this release. Now again a new scheduled release date for december 2019. The CD still hold for release in july 2019. First planned for release in late 2018. There must be big probems with manufacturing.


I bought this from Amazon Germany, will it be the exact same product as from the UK?


Update: I contacted Amazon.de and they assured me it is the EXACT same product, so no German translations or anything.


where the hell is this thing??
Now I’m reading on Google a June 2019 date!!!
that’s 11 months since the first announcement.
Not Happy.

Wolf Rüdiger von Falkenstein

Yeah Robert. I really don’t know what’s the problem with that release.

Wolf Rüdiger von Falkenstein

I am really upset.

Also amazon is telling now:

Release date: 2019/06/21

What the *uck ???


Presumably delayed because….. it’s Massive Attack and everything they ever do is Forever Delayed…. which is deliberately ironic given that the Manics released their last 20th Anniversary package with about 3 minutes prior warning! Maybe it’s a tribute to the original Mezzanine was delayed by over 4 months.

Robert Morgenstern

Hi Paul, did you know why the release of this beautiful box set was postponed again? New release date is again scheduled to 19.04.2019.

Wolf Rüdiger von Falkenstein

amazon and other sites are telling now:

“This title will be released on January 25, 2019. ”

Thought is was 16/11/2018…..so more weeks to wait :-(

Michael Chapman

Has the SDE store released and posted orders for the cd yet??

Steve Morgan

Any news on the release date yet ?


Is it confirmed whether this contains Black Melt or Black Milk – has Manfred Mann relented on the use of the sample?


oh, forgot in my list:

[1998] Teardrop [1998, Singles 90-98_Disc 11] [MASBOX 1]

06 – Back/She Comes

is also a Mad Professor Remix due to the site:


Well, I am not a big Mad Professor fan, but what he did with the “Protection”album the so called “No Protection” album is divine art!

After that I collected also his Mixes of the “Mezzanine ” era, this is what I have:

[1997] Risingson [1998, Singles 90-98_Disc 08] [MASBOX 1]

02 – Superpredators [Remixed By Mad Professor]

[1998] Angel [1998, Singles 90-98_Disc 10] [MASBOX 1]

04 – Angel (Mad Professor Remix)
05 – Group Four (Mad Professor Remix) [Full Version]

[1998] Teardrop [1998, Singles 90-98_Disc 09] [MASBOX 1]
03 – Teardrop (Mad Professor Mazaruni Vocal Mix)
04 – Teardrop (Mad Professor Mazaruni Instrumental)

[2002] Nocturne Sessions Disk 3 [Compilation CD – Limited Edition by Robert (3D) Del Naja]

08 – Risingson (Mad Professor Remix)

So we have 5 Mixes of the Mad Professor, not counting the Instrumental Mix of “Angel”
–Group Four
–Teardrop (2x)

I can not imagine that none of the Remixes is included on the the “Mezzanine 2CD” set, but let’s see !


Looking forward to this one but I still would like a Protection remaster!! Anyone know if that’s ever gonna happen? That did come out before Mezzanine too.


Hmm…. so are ALL of the Mad Professor remixes unreleased versions?

Because Mad Professor dubs of Angel, Teardrop, Inertia Creeps, Superpredators, and Group Four were released back in the 90’s…

It’d be insanely lame if there really were actually only three “new” mixes: Risingson, Exchange, and Wire; on this release.


Blake, there is no Mad Professor Remix of: Inertia Creeps


There is a remix by Mad Professor, it’s called “Back/shecomes”.

And it seems to be the same as “Floating On Dubwise” on the rerelease. Or did somebody hear a difference except for the louder mastering?


I’ve never been a fan of the Mad Professor remixes. If this included a third disc collecting the B-sides/remixes/period tracks I’d be all over this. But this album already sounds good enough to me, so this is a pass.

Ron de Joode

Instead of this too expensive re-release, a reissue of 100th Window on vinyl would be more welcome than this reissue. It was announced two years ago but there was never a follow-up.


100th Window was re-released on triple vinyl on 1st September

Scott G

I would love the vinyl but it is very expensive for what you get. If they had thrown in a blu-ray/dvd audio with high res stereo and MC 5.1 I would have jumped at it.


Agree. It’s odd that they had a DVD-Audio with hi-res tracks (albeit, no 5.1) for the “Blue Lines” deluxe, yet haven’t thought to update that offer in this set, i.e. choice of blu-ray or DVD.
They are big on the visual and graphic elements, too – hence the two books. But it wouldn’t have hurt to throw in a multi-channel mix on disc.
Still, pre-ordered through Amazon in the hope that it drops to around £62. Which is still a bit excessive.


Hope that at this price it will be pressed by Pallas, that masterpiece deserve it.


UMG generally don’t work with Pallas (except for the Deutsche Grammophon pressings; which may be down to an earlier contract). They have worked with Optimal in Berlin, though.


Have never owned the original only burns or cassette copies.
Can’t wait for this. My fave group.
Wish they’d release that last ep on cd…plus a new album.

Rustin Zomorodi

It’s too bad the vinyl version is quite pricey, as it looks nice, but I can’t justify it. Glad it’s getting a 2CD issue – I’m looking forward to the content.

I was happy with the Blue Lines remaster but agree that it could have included a lot of bonus material (and actual surround)…

Simon Thornhil

No inclusion of Silent Silent or Black Melt both featuring Elizabeth Fraser so I’ll pass thanks


Will definitely get this. Just realised I only own the original album on Minidisc. Agree with other posters about Blue Lines and Protection being ripe for deluxe reissues. There are some fantastic remixes on the singles from these albums, including iirc some vinyl only. Similarly this reissue could be expanded with one if not two discs of the relevant remixes.


Their masterpiece!

It was mastered by Tim Young in 1998 and It sound great even though the dynamic range was a bit high… Would be interesting to see what he does with it 20 years later.


While I do think this is their best, most fully realized and cohesive record, the later we get into the 90’s the less any of these bad boys really ‘needs’ remastering. I’m a bit on the fence. Were this a Protection deluxe, I’d be all over it. That is in need of such refurbishing.


I’m a massive vinyl fan but some of these prices are taking the proverbial. £100 for 3 albums and a book? Much as I love this album I’ll just go for the CD and wait and see if it comes down (a lot)…


Absolutely adore this album. Pricey for the vinyl but I wish that besides getting a new record together, they would issue some live sets because MA live are beyond anything they issued on wax. The Mezzanine tour was phenomenal. It was LOUD.


Completely agree. Massive Atfack live is on a whole other level completely… they’re one of those bands.

Their tunes truly become monsters to behold in a live setting, and as far as I’m aware their live show is under (or completely un-) represented on any official record or filmed release. They work with U2’s genius cohort Willie Williams on some of the most incredible, high-concept live shows ever conceived – and have also aired several elusive tracks over the years that more than deserve release.

They truly are still a magical little secret in that way, but should release far more.


Totally agree. They stuff they played with Stephanie Dosen on vocals deserves to be available, and the reworked/rearranged versions of their cuts for live band are incredible. The reworked version of Teardrop they played on the Heligoland tour was amazing.

Robert Morgenstern

Thanks ordered. But for how long futher must we wait for a proper new album?


Still a bit miffed that “Blue Lines” never got a real deluxe reissue except for a whimpy cd/dvd version with the album on dvd not even in surround sound but stereo. Huge miss. One of my favorite 90’s albums still in need of a decent reissue.
Mezzanine is a great album as well. Too bad no 5.1 mix but looking forward to the dub mixes!!


Can you imagine Mad Professor dub mixes in 5.1??!! Deeeeep

David Cattell

Protection remaster?
Mezzanine was a step down.

Brian Hickey

Mezzanine was a step down from Protection?! Please say I misunderstood your comment..


Two further thoughts…
1) This, plus the anticipated Beatles “White Album” super deluxe – both in proximity of Black Friday – means a hefty pre-XMas spending surge.
2) Anyone from Universal that is a decision maker: please do the intelligent thing and *not* use GZ Vinyl to press the vinyl.
Cheers !


Pricey (£100 @SoundOfVinyl) but excited – remains one of my touchstone albums for the late 90s. And, Mad Professor did superb reworks on the No Protection album so am keen to hear how he treats these songs. Let’s see some keener pricing first, please

Robert Smith

Wunderbar. That’s my Christmas sorted.


I’m enjoying this period of CD releases. Thanks to all you vinyl buyers for providing the incentive to re-release stuff. 10 quid for this is excellent.
Can’t imagine what they can do to the remaster to make it sound much better, but I’m tempted.

Iain McCarthy

Agree about the remaster as the original CD sounds brilliant (for example, it sounds much better than the ‘Mezzanine’ tracks that were released on the Best Of years later).


Can you imagine being a re-master engineer confronted by that sort of quality? You have to make it sound ‘different’ so that an exec can justify the studio time.
If there’s ever a remaster of Heligoland, I’ll be very suspicious. It sounds good everywhere, on every format, on all audio kit.


Agree, a great sounding cd!