Mastering and source details on the forthcoming Verve vinyl reissues


Universal Music has confirmed with SDE the details around the mastering of the forthcoming vinyl reissues of The Verve‘s A Storm in Heaven and A Northern Soul.

The sources for the albums were digital files prepared from the original half-inch tapes. The record label are keen to stress that much care and attention has been taken during this whole process, and, for example, there has been no de-noising with only clicks and drop-outs, repaired where necessary. 

The remastering for the project was conducted by Chris Potter (at the band’s request), Tony Cousins at Metropolis and Sabian at Fullsound. The vinyl lacquers were cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy and the records were pressed by Optimal Media.

The vinyl editions will be issued on 9 September 2016 along with the super deluxe edition box sets, which come with a large amount of bonus material.

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The Verve

A Storm In Heaven [VINYL]


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The Verve

A Northern Soul [VINYL]


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The Verve

A Storm In Heaven box set


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The Verve

A Northern Soul box set




CD1: The Remastered Album

  1. Star Sail
  2. Slide Away
  3. Already There
  4. Beautiful Mind
  5. The Sun, The Sea
  6. Virtual World
  7. Make It ‘Til Monday
  8. Blue
  9. Butterfly
  10. See You In The Next One (Have A Good Time)

CD2: B-sides, E.P. Tracks

All In The Mind (9/3/1992)

  1. All In The Mind
  2. One Way To Go
  3. A Man Called Sun

She’s A Superstar (22/6/1992)

  1. She’s A Superstar
  2. Feel

Gravity Grave (5/10/1992)

  1. Gravity Grave (Extended Version)
  2. Endless Life
  3. A Man Called Sun (live)
  4. Gravity Grave (live encore)

Blue (10/5/1993)

  1. Twilight
  2. Where The Geese Go
  3. No Come Down
  4. Blue (USA Mix)

Slide Away (29/9/1992)

  1. 6 O’Clock

CD3: B-Side, Radio Sessions, Unreleased Studio Tracks

Slide Away cont. (20/9/1993)

  1. Make It Til Monday (acoustic)
  2. Virtual World (acoustic)

Originally issued on the compilation ‘No Come Down’ (B-sides and out-takes)

  1. Gravity Grave (live Glastonbury 1993)
  2. Butterfly (acoustic)


Radio 1 Session – 7/02/1992 (previously unreleased)

  1. Slide Away
  2. She’s A Superstar
  3. Already There
  4. Brake Lights

RADIO 1 (Mark Radcliffe) Session – 7/12/1993 (previously unreleased)

  1. Star Sail
  2. A Man Called Sun
  3. Six O’Clock
  4. Gravity Grave

Unreleased Sawmills Studio Sessions (previously unreleased)

  1. Shoeshine Girl
  2. South Pacific


Promo videos

  1. All In The Mind
  2. She’s A Superstar
  3. Gravity Grave
  4. Blue
  5. Slide Away

Live at Camden Town Hall – 23/10/92

  1. Slide Away
  2. All In The Mind
  3. She’s A Superstar
  4. Staring Stranger
  5. A Man Called Sun
  6. South Pacific
  7. Already There
  8. The Sun, The Sea
  9. Gravity Grave

Bonus content:

  1. A Man Called Sun (N.Y.C. Flatbed Truck – 1992
  2. South Pacific (Sawmills footage filmed by John Leckie)
  3. Blue (USA Mix (promo video)


CD1: The Remastered Album 

  1. A New Decade
  2. This Is Music
  3. On Your Own
  4. So It Goes
  5. A Northern Soul
  6. Brainstorm Interlude
  7. Drive You Home
  8. History
  9. No Knock On My Door
  10. Life’s An Ocean
  11. Stormy Clouds
  12. (Reprise)

CD2: B-Sides 

This Is Music

  1. Let The Damage Begin
  2. You And Me

On Your Own

  1. I See The Door
  2. Little Gem
  3. Dance On Your Bones


  1. History (radio edit)
  2. Back On My Feet Again
  3. On Your Own (Acoustic)
  4. Monkey Magic (Brainstorm Mix)
  5. Grey Skies
  6. Life’s Not A Rehearsal

CD3 – Unreleased Studio and BBC Sessions 

  1. Brake Lights
  2. Mover
  3. Funky Jam (aka he Rolling People)
  4. Echo Bass
  5. Muhammad Ali
  6. Come On
  7. King Riff (aka This Is Music)

BBC Radio 1 Session – 28/6/1995

  1. On Your Own
  2. So It Goes

BBC Radio 1 Session (19/6/1995)

  1. A New Decade
  2. This Is Music
  3. Life’s An Ocean
  4. Come On



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I can 101% confirm that Urban Hymns has been reissued (and remastered) too: pressed in germany by Optimal and cut at Alchemy by Matt Colton.
Source, copy in hand.


Looks like the advance tracklisting for the ANS DVD was edited before actual release: neither “Staring Stranger” from the live show nor the original promo videos made the final DVD apparently.
All In The Mind
She’s A Superstar
Gravity Grave
Slide Away


It’s not just me then, I was thinking the promos were in a hidden menu or something!
Two great boxes anyway, I’ve been fully digesting them the last couple of days. I’d forgotten how great the early EPs were. The flatbed truck vid was a nice bonus, I hadn’t seen that before.


Does anyone know if the UK release is any different then a US version or will they all be pressed optimal?


Can anyone clearify about ‘Urban Hymns’ being reissued too?

Ron I

@ Andrea

“If the source is digital, there’s no reason for preferring the vinyl over the cd (that is, unless you don’t own a cd-player). There’s absolutely no way the vinyl is going to sound better than the cd, as there’s zero sound loss in the digital to digital transfer.”

You realize that digital doesn’t mean it’s limited to 16 bit/44, right? And that digital gets converted to Analogue? I’d like to see you explain technically why the CD would be superior, not to mention that it’s not always a matter of what “sounds better,” because that is totally subjective.

These digital vs analogue debates are so tiresome and pointless.

Steve Burke

Oh and thanks Paul for securing this vital information…many times over you’ve helped us to make informed decisions and it’s much appreciated. \m/ \m/

Friso Pas

Not a Verve fan, Paul, but it’s very nice that you are researching details about the mastering for upcoming releases. Highly appreciated. Thx!


Totally agreed. Above and beyond the call of duty. You are doing a great job of providing information people crave. Thanks again!!

elliott buckingham

universal vinyl reissue are generally poor pressings and pressed at gzvinyl there is only 1 decent pressing plant in Europe and that is pallas in Germany


they’re pressed at Optimal in Germany, fact.


If the source is digital, there’s no reason for preferring the vinyl over the cd (that is, unless you don’t own a cd-player). There’s absolutely no way the vinyl is going to sound better than the cd, as there’s zero sound loss in the digital to digital transfer.


they’ve been clear about the original source, a bit less on the digital one: if files are 24 bit (either 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 are fine) i don’t see any real problem.

Steve Burke

Agree, very little reason to want the vinyl now and frustrating to know both albums have 1/2″ analogue stereo masters yet they went digital. Chris Potter had no troubles SLAMMING the Storm in Heaven and EP era cuts on “This Is Music” and I see no reason to expect the remastered Storm in Heaven won’t be turned up to a DR5~DR7 release.

I’m still keen on the DVD for the ’92 Camden stuff but with all the names involved here including Potter and Cousins and ADA vinyl…I’m not particularly excited anymore for these sets.

Universal really just don’t get it. Hopefully a year or so down the road once UMC have had their way with these albums, a label capable of treating analogue source material properly might be able to get a limited license window (Intervention Records, Audio Fidelity, Exhibit Records, ORG Music, MSFL, etc)


There are auctions on Ebay of a 2016 remastered 2LP edition of ‘Urban Hymns’, they claim it’s out on september 9th and the picture cover shows the same promo sticker on the bottom left where it says “remastered on 2x180gm vinyl”, just like the picture for ‘A Northern Soul’ vinyl up above. The promo also shows UMC and Virgin logos plus a cat# that is 4787013.

So are all three original Verve albums remastered and released on vinyl this september? And why no ‘Urban Hymns’ boxset?


Digital files. Any value in buying the vinyl editions?


Personally, i’m not against digital sources. But they must be good, of course. And they seem to be.
and btw, thanks for this clarification, Paul.