Matt Berry / Phantom Birds

Signed CD of new album

Actor and musician Matt Berry‘s eighth studio album is called Phantom Birds, and a signed copy of the CD edition is available to pre-order in the UK right now.

‘Phantom Birds’ was apparently inspired by a fascination with Bob Dylan’s John Wesley Harding, in terms of the way it was recorded with the minimum of musicians to draw attention to the songs. You can see if he has been successful by checking out ‘Something in My Eye’ from the album, below.

Multi-instrumentalist Berry was joined for the recording of the album by just two other musicians: drummer Craig Blundell and pedal steel player B J Cole.

Matt Berry’s last studio album was the brilliantly addictive Television Themes – his reinterpretation of classic British TV theme tunes.

Phantom Birds is released on 18 September 2020.

1. Something In My Eye
2. You Danced All Night
3. Phantom Birds
4. Moonlight Flit
5. Man Of Doom
6. Where’s My Love?
7. Take A Bow
8. Intermission
9. Hail To The King
10. In My Mind
11. That Yellow Bird
12. Waving Goodbye
13. Covered In Clowns

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Chris Squires

I was lucky enough to get an early signed orange copy of the TV themes album which I played only last week. It is strangely beguiling in it’s simplicity and beauty. Although my wife did have a WTF moment as I was extolling the virtues of the Blankety Blank theme tune.
Mildly annoyed to have missed out on the signed version of this, my fault as I shouldn’t wait for Paul and I need to keep my own fingers in the pie.
Witchazel is also excellent and as Peter says below I got that on the Yellow re-issue in 2018 having only been truly converted by the TV themes album.


Would love it signed by Clem Fandango.

Andy Haines

Ah. Money Supermaaaaaaaaarket!

Alan M

Only just watching The IT Crowd today. God i loved that series. But i had absolutely no idea the guy was a musician. I had to double check i was looking at the right person. Please tell me there’s a song titled Electric Sex Pants ;)

Peter Muscutt

Unfortunately not, but his first album proper, ‘Opium’ perhaps has more comedic touches than any other. Personally I was hoping for one called “Look! A dead flyyyy!” He is a funny chap, and very nice to boot when I met him after a gig in Manchester.

Peter Muscutt

Would it annoy people to point out that a ‘bone’ coloured, signed vinyl edition HAD been available from the Acid Jazz website – until it sold out! Most of the limited, signed Matt Berry vinyl tends to sell out quite quickly though…if it’s any consolation, there have been coloured re-pressings of a number of his past LPs released later down the line, so there is a possibility this one might get a re-press in a year or so.

Paul Mac

It wouldn’t annoy me, as I have one ordered already. :-) I also managed to get the orange signed Television Themes vinyl when it came out, too, it’s brilliant! I love the track Take My Hand (the theme from Toast Of London), the video is great. Looking forward to the new one….