Matthew Sweet / Girlfriend vinyl


Matthew Sweet‘s ‘breakthrough’ album Girlfriend is to be reissued on vinyl next month.

The 1991 long-player is being put out by Music On Vinyl, although across the California’s Plain Recordings issued their own vinyl edition of this album in May of last year.

The new MOV version comes with a six-page insert with lyrics and pictures and is pressed on 180g vinyl. The Plain Recordings release features a “new back cover and a four colour double sided insert never previously available”.

I’ve heard good things about the Plain Recordings version, but since the MOV one isn’t even out yet, it’s impossible to make any kind of judgement or comparison.

What we do know is that both versions contain the superb 12-track album. If you’re not familiar with this minor classic of the pop-rock genre, then it’s highly recommended.

Music On Vinyl’s edition of Girlfriend is released on 10 February 2017. The Plain Recordings version is available now.


1. Divine Intervention
2. I’ve Been Waiting
3. Girlfriend
4. Looking At The Sun
5. Winona
6. Evangeline
7. Day For Night
8. Thought I Knew You
9. You Don’t Love Me
10. I Wanted To Tell You
11. Don’t Go
12. Your Sweet Voice


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I completely agree with Wes.

Wes Headley

A word about Plain Recordings vinyl. It usually sucks! That has always been my experience as a collector. A trip over to discogs and and a look at their releases and the comments left over the last few years will make that extremely uh, “plain”. Have a look at the comments on all of the Mazzy Star Plain reissues for example. They may have some good quality releases but their vinyl quality is known among collectors to be very poor. Bad pressings with excessive surface noise and non-fill issues are common– in fact, the norm. Worse, if you try and contact Plain to get redress for a failed pressing they simply ignore you– at least that has been my experience– consistently.

Donal O'Connell

Thanks Luke for the link to article – brilliant to get fresh detail on one of my favourite ever albums.

I have the Plain recordings version that was issued in US in 2014 – good sound and just the 12 tracks and a two sided insert – another photo of Tuesday Weld one side and Matthew on the other.

Absolutely essential album and one I got back when I was in college when it came out on the strength of the word of the late Irish music journalist George Byrne.
I also managed to pick up a bootleg copy of Goodfriend at the time – the promo cd of outtakes and live versions – that now makes up second disk of the Legacy Edition – and was released on pink vinyl for RSD last year itself.
Would recommend everyone get themselves a copy of the deluxe edition if they don’t have it.
And agree that ideally this should have been reissued as a double vinyl to capture the extra tracks.

BTW – altered beast imho is even better. I remember walking into Freebird records and seeing it there on the rack when I was not even expecting a new Matthew Sweet record (the pre internet concept of surprise). Managed to snag a vinyl copy of this when it was reissued about a decade ago – not sure who reissued it as only mentions zoo entertainment and 1993 in trademark – sleeve has a HQ180 Vinyl sticker on it.

Paul English

@ Donal O’Connell

Co-sign on that.
I remember Jon Dee playing the whole record in Freebird back around late ’91 / early ’92 or so. I bought it then.
The Eden Quay era; great days.

Martin Stockdale

In my humble opinion I agree with your humble opinion. Altered Beast – fantastic album, his best!


The Music On Vinyl version will be :
180 gram audiophile vinyl / 6-page insert with lyrics and pictures
All tracks are very good and this album deserved better sales !

Luke Jackson

You’re quite right A. Vogt, those three last tracks were considered non-album additions to the CD. I verified this last year with Bud Scoppa who worked A&R on the album. Like most people I consider Holy War and Nothing Lasts to be indispensable. Less so Does She Talk?. I’ve long wanted someone to do a proper vinyl edition of what WE know is the “full album”. By the by there’s a terrific article on the making of Girlfriend here: http://www.magnetmagazine.com/2016/05/23/magnet-classics-the-making-of-matthew-sweets-girlfriend/


Nice…one of the best albums of the 90’s imho. Love this album. Got the Legacy Edition on 2cd.

A. Vogt

The actual album (CD and cassette) was 15 songs, though the last 3 I guess were intended to be bonus tracks, though never listed as such on the credits. This is of course a great album which I’ve enjoyed for many years, along with the rest of his 80’s and 90’s albums, though if they want to do it right on vinyl then make it a double and get all 15 songs on there.


Think I`ll go for the Plain Recordings version. This is a great album by a great and underappreciated artist.

elliott buckingham

the plain recordings version was mastered for vinyl where mov are a bit hit and miss on how they master stuff