McCartney promises Flowers in the Dirt demos for forthcoming reissue


Reissue coming; Pure McCartney omission deliberate

Paul McCartney has acknowledged that Flowers in the Dirt will be his next ‘Archive Collection’ release and has revealed that his co-writer for four of the tracks on the record, a certain Mr Elvis Costello, is ‘tickled pink’ with some of the bonus material included…

In an interview with The Washington Post, the ex-Beatle also reveals that, Nancy Jefferies, an MPL staff member in his New York office “came up with the first playlist” for the recent Pure McCartney compilation before he got involved. The interviewer jokingly chastises Nancy for not including any tracks from 1989’s Flowers in the Dirt on the compilation and McCartney responds by saying “You know why, because it’s about to be reissued. It’s our next big box set. We’re working on that at the moment. So she would avoid that”. Fairly much exactly what SDE and many other commentators thought!

Paul is then asked by the interviewer, “Will it be released in its entirety? There are all those songs you wrote and recorded with Elvis Costello, many of them not officially released,” to which he responds: “That’s one of the real exciting things. Those demos. We’re releasing them as part of this package. I’m not sure I’m supposed to be telling you this. . . . It’s great that you’re a fan of Flowers in the Dirt. Cause you’ve got a real nice release coming out. We showed it all to Elvis, and he was just tickled pink.”

You can read the interview in full here. The Flowers in the Dirt reissue is expected in October this year. Pure McCartney is out now.

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Glad we have a release date for FITD at last.
Please let it be Red Rose & London Town next


I was kinda hoping we’d get OFF THE GROUND released with FLOWERS, given that, as with the other 2-at-a-time releases, the albums are somewhat interrelated; both were recorded with the same backing band (albeit with a different drummer on GROUND) and both had songs co-written with Elvis Costello.


Has there been ANY explanation given as to why these releases have been so glacially paced??? It’s frankly getting ridiculous. I’ll probably be living in an old folks’ home by the time all albums have been reissued. : P

Chuck Robinett

I’m extremely disappointed that FITD did not make the original release date of October, 2016. With only one ArchiveCollection set to be scheduled for 2016, you’d think that Paul and his people could actually produce this release and get it out to the public in a timely fashion. Granted FITD is probably not my favorite of Paul’s post Beatles albums, but I was still looking forward to purchasing it anyway, as I have all of his Archive albums to date. If there were two to three albums scheduled for release this year, like last years Tug of War and Pipes of Peace, I could understand maybe a delay of some sort with putting it out, but only one album? Seems like he’s letting his loyal fans down by not getting it out as promised or scheduled…

dr. simple

Paul – Do you have any new information on the FITD reissue?

dr. simple



I had (have maybe still?) a laserdisc of that documentary. There were a lot of “live in the studio” cuts that I recorded onto cassettes.


Rough Ride sounded like Frankie?? Hmm… the album version is so Slave To The Rhythm drums-ish.
But after hearing this “demo” from Paul… I think I could see that happening :)


Henry van Iersel

As a huge Trevor Horn & co. fan I am very looking forward to this release!

It is mainly because this little comment by Paul in the press release accompanying that lucious UK 10”press kit from Flowers In The Dirt :
Paul said he rejected one song produced by Trevor and Steve Lipson because it sounded too much like a Frankie Goes To Hollywood song….. Whoohaah! But serious, what else would you expect from them in those days??

I truly hope Paul’s second thoughts are more positive and this track will be included on the boxset. 27 years of wondering what this song is like is long enough I would say… And if Paul should insist not to include this gem on the boxset, maybe ZTT can release it on the forthcoming The Art Of The 12” -volume 4 (are you listening Ian Peel?).

There are also rumours that some of the Elvis Costello produced tracks, including My Brave Face, were in first instance produced by Trevor and Steve but later rejected by Paul. Can anyone confirm this info?

Somehow the Paul’s collaboration with Trevor and Steve wasn’t his best choice: For example when The Figure Of Eight was released as a single, the song was re-recorded and all credits from Trevor and Steve were removed. This rarely happened to Trevor in the eighties, only other example I can think of are the Foreigner recordings in 1983.


[…] Macca‘s Pure McCartney goes back up the physical albums chart this week and sits pretty at number 18. Paul admitted this week that they deliberately left off Flowers In The Dirt tracks from this ‘mixtape’ compilation because that 1989 album will be the next deluxe reissue. I’m sure internally MPL think this makes sense, although no one else does. You can read the Paul interview here. […]


I just want an album’s worth of Frog Song remixes, demos, acetates, foreign language versions etc.


Demos great, remixes have to be included!


I have the original 1990 FITD special edition and comes with a single cd of ” party party”. I wonder if this comes in the Archive.


What I don’t get about Off The Ground is why it is a current Concord music reissue (ordinary CD) along with other more recent albums if they were being SDE’d? I assumed the policy would be to starve the market of the albums that are ‘On the Way’, no pun intended, which is the case for the older stuff like BTTE, RRS, FITD, London Town etc, otherwise why not reissue them all as a kind of sticking plaster until the SDEs come out. It struck me how for years he has played Here Today live and for a lot of that time TOW was out of print. Very strange,

Le Baron

Good news that FITD is coming.
I hope it will not be the only ‘most’ recent McCartney which will get the Deluxe treatment as I’d love Off the ground to be rereleased as a Super Deluxe Box Set as well.

Maxime Comeau

I agree about OFF THE GROUND getting the Super Deluxe Box Set treatment. That would be sweet. I bet the Costello demos that made it onto OFF THE GROUND will only be included on that specific reissue (The Lovers that Never Were, Mistress and Maid … am I forgetting one?). The one re-issue I am most dying for though is the coulda/shoulda-been a double album: RED ROSE SPEEDWAY. Oh man … THAT I am dying for!


These always come in two’s. Not always chronological order either. Any clues on the other reissue?


Ah right. Was hoping for a double header!


October, didn’t the card say coming soon? Great to hear it’s on its way and it sounds like the McCartney Costello demos will be included. I’m getting excited already.


Put it there is the best song he wrote since coming up, then maybe im amazed and before that yesterday!


It’s just publicity to say a track or tracks plural were not included on “Pure McCartney” from “Flowers In The Dirt” because a big Archive box set was coming out. The reason the archive sets do not come out faster is because most of the general public are not able to blow their money on all of these releases and they do not want to flood the market. It seems like Led Zeppelin were the only ones to do extended l.p. archives and release them as quick as they did over a couple of years. Though I must say there is not much product in comparison to those with the McCartney archive series. Wouldn’t McCartney experts say that the archive series is not complete anyways? I would imagine a bunch of stuff would be left over for re-releases in a future format that would have more storage capabilities like Blu-Ray or what have you.


I don’t quite understand all the praise for ‘Flowers’. Sure, at the time it was considered a return to form after the ‘Broad Street’ and ‘Press’ debacles, and while it does have its moments loooking back I really don’t consider it to be one of Macca’s better solo efforts. I adore ‘Ram’, love ‘Band on the Run’, ‘Back to the Egg’ and ‘Flaming Pie’, and to me, even ‘Wild Life’, ‘London Town’, ‘Off the Ground’ or ‘Pipes of Peace’ are far better than ‘Flowers’. (Will still be buying the box of course!)


In response to BobG, here’s the entire Concord McCartney catalog – the archive ones should be easy enough to spot there:


So it’s safe to assume “Press” isn’t going to get the deluxe treatment…

Stan Butler

A 2CD issue of Press To P[lay with all the 12″ material on Disc 2 would suit me fine.


I would love a Driving Rain deluxe treatment. One of my all time Macca releases.


The vinyl Pure McCartney set is much better (sound quality-wise & packaging-wise) than I would have assumed (not sure why I would have thought that little of it in hind-sight). Some of the track omissions others have mentioned before are hardly noticed as there’s so much that is good to great from his solo output. Although I’m sure this “Flowers in the Dirt” archive set will be really nice and worth purchasing, I really love “Wild Life” and hoping that archive set comes out sometime in 2017. Anyone know where to find the complete list of Archive releases past, present and future ? I could have sworn I’ve seen one before somewhere.

Mike the Fish

I’ve only seen lists from someone who *claimed* to be in the know, but they got the track listing for every release that I saw compared to the actual significantly wrong, IIRC.

Ben Williams

There was a list of Archive releases on one McCartney fan website but I didn’t take too much notice as it said that most of them would be out by now. However it did get the pairing and disc quantities correct. No one knows for sure what’s coming up in the reissue series, though I bet next year it’ll be either Wild Life/Red Rose Speedway or London Town/Back To The Egg. Or both!


Looking forward to this reissue, although I’m afraid ‘Ou est Le Soleil’ is not going to make the final cut. At least it appears to have been ditched from all digital releases of Flowers In The Dirt, nowhere to be found in the iTunes store or on Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal..

dr. simple

Why do you think “Ou est Le Soleil” won’t make the cut? I would expect it to, since it was included twice on the Japanese “Special Package”. Regardless, I think Flowers in the Dirt is an underrated album, and I can’t wait. As much as I love almost ALL McCartney, this will be the only deluxe reissue that I’ll buy (having already every CD).


I’m sure Ou Est Le Soleil will be included. I think sometimes these things are left off iTunes/Spotify so that recent digital purchasers will have more reason to buy the Archive set. You’ll also notice in iTunes/Spotify that Bip Bop Link and Mumbo Link don’t appear when you buy/stream Wild Life, again I think it’s to ensure more sales of the eventual Archive set.


As someone who has owned many of the demos from this time period for many years, all I can say is that fans will not be disappointed. The polish of the period has been rubbed off, and the duo often sang together like the Everly Brothers once did.

G Yapp

Certainly is good news,something personally I’ve been waiting for.


me too


Still stupid to leave the tracks off of Pure McCartney. “Here’s a grand multi-disc career overview, except for the songs on my next reissue.” If the next reissue would have been Band On The Run, would he have left those tracks off?

Like anyone in the market for the Flowers reissue is going to say, “Well, I got the two hits on the compilation that just came out, I’m good.” Likewise, no one buying Pure McCartney is going to be spurred to buy the Flowers reissue because they didn’t get those two hits – they’ll download the two digital songs and be done with it.



Adam, agree, two different markets (apart from completists like me). To reverse the thinking , if a couple of tracks off FITD had been included maybe some Pure punters would have been tempted to dabble in the forthcoming reissue.


“the ex-Beatle”

You’re kidding?! ;-)


You’d prefer “former Wings-man,” then? :-)

Craig Hedges

Ms Jefferies, Your P45’s in the post!

elliott buckingham

there should be a purely singles collection set that includes the flowers in the dirt tracks love the singles from this album but don’t rate the album if the tracks of this would have bee on pure id of brought it but not buying that and this reissue to get 3 tracks that should have been on pure


What I wouldn’t give for some interviewer to ask Paul why there’s such a long period of time between these reissues, and the thought process behind what order they’re released in.

Oh well… at least we get Paul’s thoughts about Brexit. I’ll sleep better tonight with that little nugget of info. ;-)


Well, this is good news, methinks. I’m in although the McCartney/Costello songs weren’t really that good. I just saw Paul last night in Philadelphia. Is it wrong to say that i love him at least as much as family?

Mark Kriss

Not Wrong Jake. I was there in Philly as well, I am convinced he is from another planet, so much talent and make it look effortless.

William Rohane

The Costello/Macca demos were THE best part of their work on “Flowers”. I have a Japanese version with Flowers, 25 demos from Paul/Elvis and a 3 hour concert in Japan. Elvis brought out the Beatle in Paul and his vocals were rough, raw yet perfect. Elvis said at one point “He’s using his “I’m Down” voice!” The lyric on the demos are mostly superior to the final “Flowers” release and Paul said “I had to just STOP at one point, it began to feel TOO much like having John alongside of me.” Make no mistake, Elvis C. Is a MAJOR talent. In fact, I credit his working wih E.C. and then doing the Anthology with George and Ringo for kick-starting his mid-late life run of fantastic albums. “New” continued that roll, but I fear his voice is too far gone now for any more new materiaa. Therefore, “Pure McCartney” and then the remixed box set “Flowers in the Dirt.”


Elvis Costello was a Great influence on McCartney at this time , Taking him back to The two acoustic guitars opposite each other writings songs , As he did with John L. The unreleased collaborations are brilliant . Elvis is doing a great version of Johns Polythene Pam , As he did Live in Liverpool just last week also !


Was the Put it There DVD or Blu Ray mentioned for Flowers in the Dirt Archive Collection