Meat Loaf’s classic Bat Out Of Hell reissued on hybrid SACD


New label on the blog and Razor & Tie imprint Analog Spark will reissue Meat Loaf‘s classic Bat Out Of Hell as a Super Audio CD (SACD) next month…

The 1977 album has already sold a reported 43 million copies worldwide, but hey, why stop there!? This SACD features a new mastering by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and since it’s a hybrid disc, even if you don’t have the right hardware get access the hi-res stereo layer, you’ll still be able to enjoy this audiophile remaster on standard CD players. This does not contain a 5.1 mix.

Although this is an optical disc and not a vinyl record, Analog Spark are packaging it in a Stoughton old style ‘tip-on’ gatefold jacket, which sounds rather smart.

The album has of course been reissued many times including 1994’s ‘Mastersound’ release, the ‘Milennium Edition’ from 1999, the single layer multi-channel SACD of 2001 and the 2002 25th CD+DVD deluxe edition (to name but a few).

Incidentally, early last year Analog Spark promised to reissue Kate Bush‘s The Red Shoes on vinyl in “April 2015” and we are still waiting. Last time SDE enquired we were told they were still working on it, but to be honest we’ve given up. Not a hope in (a bat out of) hell that we’ll see that anytime soon, in our opinion.

However, if all goes according to plan this Meat Loaf SACD will be released on 22 July 2016.

Update 15 August: All  hasn’t gone according to plan, and this is now scheduled for release on 14 October 2016


  • 1. Bat Out Of Hell
  • 2. You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
  • 3. Heaven Can Wait
  • 4. All Revved Up With No Place to Go
  • 5. Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad
  • 6. Paradise By The Dashboard Light
  • 7. For Crying Out Loud

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Matthew Collier

Still confused about whether to buy this or not, the reception seems:

a) mixed
b) most people seem to think it’s the best sounding version, but not by much




I don’t really want it on an SACD either (BluRay ideally) and it’s not clear that Qobuz or HDTracks have this version either (probably not :( ).

What to do… :(

Peter MacCabe

Just acquired it by complete fluke on Amazon.

A brilliant album but a DOG sound quality wise-until now.

For the very first time ever I can hear things like bass strings being plucked, foot pedals being moved and things which no other version has ever revealed. I’ve got a Sony Mastersound CD and also used to own a UK Vinyl version back in the day. Whilst there is still some artefacts remaining this is easily the very best sounding version out there.

Boaz Halachmi

Loaf’s new album with Jim Steinman is now available as a SIGNED LP on Amazon USA: https://www.amazon.com/Braver-Than-Amazon-Exclusive-Autographed/dp/B01H4G1HRC/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1468172546&sr=1-1


Interesting! Though the review for that release is less than enthusiastic …


According to Acoustic Sounds, they lost the masters and then found them again and this has apparently been produced from those:


Who knows if it’s true!? I know that the CD of this has always sounded rubbish, and perhaps, this *might* finally be the answer to that? Fingers crossed!

Charles Hodgson

I classic that maybe even outdoes ‘Born To Run’ for over the top rock’n’roll high drama.
After crashing a hired car near Sligo in the early ’90’s me and a friend hitched a lift back to Belfast with a nutcase who played said album at top volume whilst driving like the proverbial Bat. The perfect way to hear it. Fingernails embedded in the dashboard. Think we made it back before Side 2 had finished!

don cooper

Very much reminded me of the Walken driving Allen scene from Annie Hall.

don cooper

Todd’s pension stays inflation proof…


I thought Todd sold his rights as the producer of Bat Out of Hell to buy his house in Hawaii. He might still get other royalties I suppose because he played on the album as well.

Fat Old Bloke

Meat Loaf hold the record for me as the 3 worst ever live performances all surprisingly in Melbourne Australia

CJ Feeney

Meat Loaf live was one of my best live experiences. Bat Out of Hell 10th anniversary tour at Hammersmith Odeon in 1988. He performed most of the Jim Steinman “Bad for Good” album in addition to Bat Out of Hell, which really took the long term fans by surprise. Of course he recorded a good chunk of the Bad for Good material for Bat Out of Hell II in 1993.


As soon as I purchase or receive an order for a release in a digipack/box set/any sort of packaging that can potentially scratch the disc with repeated removal, I take the disc out and put inside one of those static free inner sleeves. Like the ones Japanese mini LP CD packages use. They are fairly inexpensive, and guarantee no further scratches after first removal of CD.


I don’t know what a “a Stoughton old style ‘tip-on’ gatefold jacket” is.

But I disagree with those here saying they dislike digipacs. I like them. Not that I have anything against Jewel Cases, mind.

The best sleeves I’ve seen are Japanese Mini-LPs, and they’re card. Back in the day you didn’t worry if your copy of something looked as good as the day it was bought – in fact, it was rather sad when you saw one, because it looked neglected.


Wasn’t this one of the early digital recordings (44khz 16bit) ? Or does an analogue master exist?


I believe legend has it the master was destroyed in a fire at Todd’s place in NY. Another one of many Rundgren dramas.


So if the master was destroyed, what did they use to remaster the album? The sound of the old SACD and the vinyl from that period is very harsh and and some tracks sound like somebody has pushed the treble to the limit on a cheap system that lacks base to begin with. Somebody might blame the digital recording for this but I am pretty sure that it is exactly the way Steinman wanted it to sound. I attended the musical of Dance Of The Vampires which uses his music and the live sound ws exactly the same. After some discussion with some people I learned that Steinman was present when the sound was checked and was only satisfied when it arrived at that level. Anyhow, it will be interesting to hear what they did, even though I doubt that it will benefit greatly from higher resolution, since, as far as I know, was recorded in 44.1/16. Still a remaster could do something for the album. Peter Gabriels Album 4 (Security) sounds great on SACD dispite the fact he uses 8bit Fairlight and 44.1./16 digital recording.


I HATE digi-packaging. Guaranteed no matter how careful one is it will be destroyed after a few uses. Pisses me off.


Agreed. We can replace any style of jewel case fairly cheaply but cardboard sleeves damage the disc and get scuffed, dinged, creased or whatever and look poor.

The same issues abound with the digipack style ones. All mine delivered by Amazon in their tight envelopes arrive with creased spines and look rubbish on the shelf, plus but if the spindle breaks they are totally unusable.


I’m with Alex and Billy on this – I dread buying digipaks on-line/mail-order because I know dispatch/shipping will knock them around a bit. Even if I’m lucky enough to find them in-store, more often than not the staff have carelessly shoved them into over-stuffed racks where they get squashed and damaged.

In the good old days of CD singles, the Australian pressings were mostly in flimsy card-sleeves rather than the slim-line jewel cases the UK/Europe pressings had – the scuffing and wear on them now makes them look AWFUL, instead of the treasured possessions they should be.


“after a few uses”? God! What do you do to them? I’ve got digi-packs that are years old and they’re all fine.

Auntie Sabrina

First LP me and my friend bought, we used to go halves on LPs so we had quite a collection. I have a “gold” CD somewhere, I must look it out…

Steven Roberts

They are missing a trick not including the 5.1 mix…

Peter MacCabe

Disagree. There is already a 5.1 version around albeit now OOP. Sadly it’s not exactly very good good either. Analog Spark would have assessed the viability of an improvement vs demand and the whole thing was probably not deemed viable. We are taking about a recording around 40 yrs old and whilst there was an earlier attempt via ‘Quadrophonic’ for surround sound, the format didn’t exactly take off and the initial recording wasn’t done with surround sound in mind. This version has concentrated on using the SACD format to its biggest advantage ie audiophile sound quality and in this respect has performed brilliantly


I hate Mini-LP packaging. Why can’t all SACDs come in Super Jewel Boxes?


I think they stopped using Super Jewel Boxes. Steven Wilson’s releases [solo and with PT] and Blackfield had a few released in those cases but stopped. Haven’t seen any since.

CJ Feeney

The analogue spark Sound of Music releases were delivered as promised, so there may be hope for this. I’m pretty interested. Not sure why I don’t have this album in my collection.

Meat Loaf confessed once that the original Bat Out of Hell recording was sped up on the LP to ensure they got a loud record. Has it ever been released at the correct speed?

elliott buckingham

tempted but still waiting on a dead ringer remaster