Menswear / The Menswear Collection

Four-CD box with demos, rarities & ‘lost’ album • SIGNED

The output of Britpop fly-by-nights Menswear comes under close scrutiny with The Menswear Collection, a new four-CD box set that includes surely everything the band every released or recorded!

Menswear were singer Johnny Dean, guitarists Chris Gentry and Simon White, bassist Stuart Black and drummer Matt Everitt (who would go on to find actual fame at BBC Radio 6 Music). They enjoyed a string of top 30 singles from their 1995 debut Nuisance including Daydreamer.

Ultimately, that would be their only UK album and they called it a day in 1998 and became a Britpop footnote. But no! A second album, ¡Hay Tiempo!, was issued in Japan and that is included in this box set alongside Nuisance – both remastered.

Other content includes demos, singles, b-sides, remixes, rarities and live tracks. This clamshell box set is a limited edition, with 1000-only coming with a signed photograph. It also includes five badges and a booklet with interviews.

The Menswear Collection will be released on 23 October 2020, via Edsel. ¡Hay Tiempo! is also being issued as a special standalone clear vinyl LP on the same date.

CD 1 – Nuisance remastered
1. 125 West 3rd Street
2. I’ll Manage Somehow
3. Sleeping In
4. Little Miss Pinpoint Eyes
5. Daydreamer
6. Hollywood Girl
7. Being Brave
8. Around You Again
9. The One
10. Stardust
11. Piece Of Me
12. Stardust (Reprise)
13. Bones And Red Meat

CD 2
1. I’ll Manage Somehow (7″ Version)
2. Second Hand
3. Gentlemen Jim
4. Around You Again (Live Session)
5. Back in the Bar
6. Satellite
7. Dubdreamer
8. Sleeping In (Radio Edit)
9. Sunday Driver
10. Now Is The Hour
11. 26 Years
12. Sunlight on the Moon
13. This Will Be Our Year
14. Public Image
15. We Love You
16. Crash
17. Phat Kid Music
18. Hanging in the Blue Sky
19. The One (Live at Shepherds Bush Empire)
20. Sleeping In (Live at Shepherds Bush Empire)
21. Little Miss Pinpoint Eyes (Live at Shepherds Bush Empire)

CD 3 – ¡Hay Tiempo! remastered
1. Every Sounds A Melody
2. Wait For The Sun
3. Silver Tongue
4. Lower Loveday
5. Shine
6. Coming Home
7. I’ll Sing For You
8. Insider The Dream
9. Holding Tight
10. Tomorrow

CD 4 ¡Hay Tiempo! Sessions
1. I’ll Manage Somehow (EMI demo)
2. Daydreamer (EMI demo)
3. Stardust (EMI demo)
4. Can’t Smile Without You (Childline album)
5. Daydreamer [student union remix] (White Label)
6. People I’m Hooch (Japanese advert)
7. You’re Never Alone In Tokyo (Demo)
8. We Love You (Demo)
9. While He Slept (Demo)
10. Start A Fire (¡Hay Tiempo! Sessions)
11. Why I Love Her
12. Coming Back For More
13. Is This The Way?
14. Something For Nothing
15. You’re Not Alone
16. She Makes Him
17. Weekday People
18. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
19. Valium

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There was too much good music made in UK in the 90s, otherwise I can not explain all that ridicule towards Menswear. I mean 10 years later Kaiser Chiefs who were just “bad bad Blur” were hyped as a new big thing. Can not comprehend that with my mental capabilities

Ash Smart

Well someone must believe there is a market for this but I’m quite surprised that a ‘small’ indie band that were not exactly one of the prime movers of the period have had the SD treat. What next, Northern Uproar and Dawn of the Replicants?


Strictly speaking, Menswear were never an “indie” band. The “Laurel” label that issued their records was a subsidiary of Polygram/London (now Universal). There were many of these “fake indie” imprints created in the 1990s as the major labels tried to cash in on the “alternative” gold rush.

I always suspected Menswear’s career suffered as a result of this transparent chicanery, which fed into the predictable charges of superficiality, trend-hopping and inauthenticity that the UK press showered on them, and they were basically shunned in America. The music itself was pretty good, though.

Tim Abbott

I’ve still got all four 7″ singles from the first album (complete with branded polythene sleeves) but enjoyed those B-sides from the CDs back in the 90s. That’s not enough to get me to part with £25+ though I am interested in finally hearing Hay Tiempo and the supposed change in direction.

Ironically, I seem to remember former Menswear drummer (and current 6Music presenter) Matt Everitt making more interesting music with The Montrose Avenue around the same time.


When can we expect a Babylon Zoo special edition, would seriously love a remaster of the first album on vinyl!

Brian Roberts

I’d give anything for the Envy of Angels by The Mutton Birds to come out on vinyl. Like all the best albums it reveals its charms slowly but the songwriting is excellent throughout and actual proper lyrics on each song. It deserves a vinyl release though I’m glad to hear their fellow countrymen, Neil and Tim Finn will be having their first Finn Brothers album coming out on vinyl some time soon.


As long as we’re putting wish lists together… a Dodgy box or reissue campaign would be really welcome. A My Vitriol Finelines deluxe edition would make my year. I think I can wait a bit longer for anything similar from the likes of Rialto or King Adora. No idea why I singled out those two… ;)

Agree 1000% that a JJ72 anthology would be outstanding!!

One requirement though, these things need to be made available globally. It’s unbelievably frustrating to know these exist and then have no opportunity to get them. It’s the worst form of torture!


Some tracks are missing from this boxset:

I’ll Manage Somehow (Live at Shepherds Bush Empire)
Daydreamer (Live at Shepherds Bush Empire)
Stardust (Live at Shepherds Bush Empire)
Inside The Dream (Version)
People I’m Hooch (Instrumental)
Crash (2014 Version)

… plus a bunch of tracks from NME/MM free supplement tapes, like demos & radio sessions.

I’d love to see the same treatment for JJ72 and finally to get their 3rd still unreleased album, also ‘+ 1’ on Dream City Film Club & Strangelove )
Strangelove’s b-sides were literally astonishing.


When Paul wrote:

“… a new four-CD box set that includes surely everything the band every released or recorded!”

I knew the SDE readership would rise to the challenge.

It is a bit of a missed opportunity, since there’s plenty of empty space on CDs 1 and 2, and little likelihood of another physical reissue any time soon.


Loved Menswe@r and still have all their CD Singles, a great forgotten band. Disappointed that the box set and clear vinyl of the lost album are not available to ship to Australia… I ordered their first album on vinyl from a Barnes and Nobel in America, apparently available end of June which is 2 months before the record store day drop.

Do you we know if all this will be available on streaming platforms?


Talking of british band that didn’t go big in the ’90s I’d love to see some comprehensive reissues for Strangelove and Dream City Film Club. Two very charming but totally underrated bands, in my opinion.

Alex Jensen

Aww man! I looked up a few tracks on YouTube and they sound pretty interesting but for whatever reason this set won’t ship to Canada!

Martyn Alner

First Kingmaker, now Menswe@r. there’s hope for Kinky Machine yet!


Kinky Machine box-set yes please… Louis Eliot is another underrated genius..


Combine it with the Rialto stuff and you’re onto a winner!


Kingmaker box long overdue three great albums & quality EP’s / b-sides…. little unfair to put them in same bracket as Menswear. Can remember first seeing them on “The Word” (Amazing) for those of you old enough or brave enough to admit to watching # L7controversy

Alan B

I remember the hype around their debut single with Jo Whiley saying on radio if you managed to get a copy “you would have a major artefact for the future”. The 7 inch and CD versions were both limited to 10,000 copies (low numbers in those days). I struggled to get a copy of each but eventually managed to secure them after trying several record shops. Their first few singles vinyl releases came in a gatefold sleeve inside a polythene cover.

Jorje Chica

Global Pandemic, police brutality, rioting and looting, and now a Menswe@r reissue? We are surely doomed.

Jorje Chica

Ouch, nice ribbing mate! Fair play. But in all honesty, except for Gene, who I adore, I hated all the second, third, etc. wave of Britpop.

dave Butterfield

Can we press for a Joe Lean album, of course ot was heavily leaked and was really good but be nice to curated by Joe and inclusive of B sides, sessions and live etc…they were a really good live band

Stan Butler

It wasn’t half bad at all, that Joe Lean album. It rocked.
Still have an low mp3 copy of it.
Never understood why the release was pulled at the last minute. Shame.
Seems that indie music has been the preserve of wet lettuce wimps ever since.


A DVD with all promo videos, TV appearances and live material would’ve been also nice…


If Menswear can have one, when can I expect a Kenickie boxset. Would LOVE that.


This looks really tempting!
+ count me in for a Kenickie boxset as well…


IIRC, Lauren Laverne has ruled it out.




Kenix box set has been muted many times by cherry red , hopefully one day !


The three live tracks from the second cd-single of ‘Being brave’ seem to be missing, but it looks like everything else is there.

Paul Taylor

This has similar artwork to one of the Marion albums. Must’ve been a popular template at the time!


Crikey, the point at which Britpop super deluxes eat themselves…I wonder if Matt Everitt will interview himself for 6 Music Music-News.


Amazon UK is saying they won’t ship this to the States. That stinks.

Timm Davison

Yeah it does. Been that way since Covid happened. Shame, I used to get better deals from the UK site with flat 3.26 pound shipping. I expect (hope) when they ease Covid restrictions, they’ll ease up on the non-shipment policies again.


Yeah…won’t ship to Canada either, which is new (and disappointing) for Amazon.


Preordered! Absolutely loved them at the time, and they played at my university just after I’d started there, so fond memories. Very of its time, but “Being Brave” holds up as a terrific Britpop ballad.

Stephen Towler

‘Being Brave’ should have been a huge hit. I remember seeing them play it on TFI Friday


Will there be an LP version?

Gareth Jones

Thanks for this, I’ve pre-ordered. Looks great and a bargain price. However, the original Nuisance CD is readily available in Poundland stores everywhere, should anyone wish to only buy that!


A great package, again CD wins for track quantity and detailed packaging. Nice to get all the B-sides, etc plus the second album !Hay tiempo! (only released in Japan) was a much more mature sound and considerably overlooked follow up, a lot of people slated them but they will see a different side to them when they hear the second album.


I have pretty much everything they released including the Japanese Hay Tiempo bought at Tower Records in 98 but I’ll definitely get this! Also to mention Hay Tiempo will be released in 180g clear vinyl in September as well


This looks interesting – I have all the singles from the first albums – gatefold 7”s but never got around to buying the album. I can’t decide whether I want this or if I’m best to leave Menswear as is.

John McCann'.

Hope not mate,!,, only band from that era that I liked where pulp,, pink glove from the q really free cd from 94, total boomtown rats rip off, but nothing wrong with that!,the rest did nothing for me but maybe I was too old,26 in 94 ,how many other readers got the really free cd from q? Some great songs on that one, my fave afternoon and coffee spoons, wots yours


Possibly the most maligned band of the Britpop era but I thought Daydreamer was an absolutely brilliant single when I first bought it. Sleeping In and Being Brave pretty decent singles too. Definitely an example of the build em up knock em down tendency.


Good to see includes the 10″ promo of Daydreamer.. the student union mix. I played that out a lot.


Welcome release, decent price and relevant content even if you already own Nuisance. Being brave and Stardust are songs that, to me, stood the test of time. So much energy in that music. Soon after, music became a little too sad, artists slowing it down over pianos and accoustic guitars.


Hi Paul, small typo for cd1 – Nusiance

Hope all is well your side.

Rare Glam

Pre-ordered this several days ago before any images were available on the Amazon listing page. It looks very good, can’t wait, I love their debut album. I assume this is a CD sized clamshell box similar to Edsel’s Space athology set from alst year. I have to say I am intrigued to hear and to know how and why their second album was country rock!


I’m in for this…nice to see a box set done right, fully comprehensive & at a not ridiculous price range…


I wouldn’t say they were a ‘footnote’ in Britpop. They were majorly hyped at the time with 5 hits and a hit album plus regular TV appearances and magazine covers. Alas, the music was pretty thin at the time so hard to imagine it holds up very well now, though they were quite fun. Still, good comprehensive collection for interested parties. Anyone sensing the nineties revival coming?


Their album peaked at No. 11 and spent two weeks in the Top 40. Barely even a footnote.

Steven Roberts

I wouldn’t say they were even a footnote. I had literally never heard of them until today!


Three top twenty singles though which is pretty impressive for a guitar/indie band. Usually when that’s the case, the album fares very well. Maybe those that bought the singles saw them as a disposable outfit.