Michael Jackson / vinyl picture discs

All studio albums 1979-2001 issued as vinyl picture discs

Michael Jackson / vinyl picture discs

Sony are issuing a series of special Michael Jackson vinyl picture discs, later this month.

All six of Jackson’s studio albums from 1979 onwards – Off The Wall (1979), Thriller (1982), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991), HIStory (1995) and Invincible (2001) – are included in this series,  with the last three all double LPs.

There have been various Michael Jackson vinyl picture discs before, but this is the first time a set has been issued.

The current UK prices are rather ludicrous – particularly the 2LP sets – although I’d expect them to drop to the price points in France/Germany before release. Don’t expect these to sound amazing, vinyl picture discs are notoriously poor in terms of audio fidelity – but you probably knew that!

These vinyl picture discs are all issued on 24 August 2018.



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I just got one from the MJ store $250 America including shipping to Canada.

Scott Laing

Having finally had the time to give the whole set a play, the sound is remarkably good. Certainly miles away from what I remember picture discs from the 80s sounding like. A lot of rich sound coming from them. They don’t rival the MOV reissues or the original History set, but I can’t see anyone legitimately complaining about poor quality.

The records look fantastic – Dangerous especially. I’ve always loved that cover. The other sides of it are close ups of the original cover painting and really let you see the details. History is a new 4-sided pressing compared with the 3 sides for the (then) new stuff originally put out. It has the censored They Don’t Care About Us and the alternate intro to History. Bad and Off The Wall are also the later CD versions with the extra vocals on The Way You Make Me Feel and the single mix of Rock With You etc. Invincible either has had some slight changes to it or the vinyl master is significantly better than the CD. The MOV black vinyl is incredible but even on picture disc it sounds better than the original release ever did.

I picked mine up for £138 from the U.K. MJ store, so it works out around £15 a disc. Definitely don’t pay £70 for the double discs on Amazon, that’s just crazy. But it’s a lovely box for those of us who love these albums and I’m glad I took the punt on them.


Received the Invincible picture disc. Only pops and clicks. Not 1 cent worth! Good work done Mr. GZ :-(! Ordered the black vinyl from MOV and Bad, Thriller and Off the wall on black MPO vinyl as I’ve sold my originals long time ago. I bought 2008 these LPs on unofficial pucture discs (thriller was pressed in Japan) and they are much better than the GZ ones!

Carlos Alfonzo Gaskin

I ordered the set yesterday through the USA Michael Jackson web page, but I have to say that international prices for shipping are really expensive. I hope this collection worth it!


I would like to know if the BOX SET with all Picture disc is only possible to purchase in Michael Jackson Official Site????????????????
THANKS!!!!! Shipping cost are expensive!!! ;)


Apparently yes. I ordered it yesterday. € 32 shipping costs. Expensive indeed but double lp’s are cheaper than on most sites. Box set seems to be limited and numbered, so it might go up in value once depleted.


The complete picture Disc box set has dropped to £138.00 on the official Michael Jackson site which I think is a much better price.


The “HIStory” one looks like only covers the second disc (“HIStory Continues”) from the original double CD.

Carlos Alfonzo Gaskin

Yes you’re right!


Wasnt Bad issued ok pd before? I like the look of Dangerous and History. I might get them but only if reasonsbly cheap as im an occasional fan only


I bought a picture disk of “Sgt. Pepper” for the fun of it. It sounds surprisingly, as good as my regular copy.

Andreas Lauritsch

I’m baffled by the decisions the estate has taken when it has come to preserving Michael Jackson’s legacy.

It seems to me that the image they are trying to create around MJ won’t do anything in reagards to portraying him as the musical force that he was. They should focus on his music, his attention to detail, his live performances, his strive to invent new sounds, his incredible vocal performances and the time and energy he invested in creating the perfect song (7 years for Earth Song).

They should focus on his musical legacy and each release should help build the narrative that there was a reason he was called the King of Pop.

Instead, they make questionable decisions regarding releases from the vault (the Cascio tracks from 2010 which many believe isn’t even Michael singing), they failed to credit Paul Anka as a song writer in the song that was a tie in to the This Is It-documentary creating bad press and controversy. They put an MJ impersonator “hologram” at an MTV awards show that was more awkward than groundbreaking, and the latest whim seems to be to cater to kids and portray him as a Halloween spectacle with the help of the Scream album and an accompanying animated feature.

This is part of the latest statement from the estate: “The Scream album and the animated Halloween special were inspired by /—/ the public interest every October in Thriller. Michael Jackson’s Halloween and the Scream album are intended to serve as the first part of a slate of Halloween releases to take place in future years – we love the idea of Michael Jackson dominating Halloween!”


The decisions seem to be taken by lawyers without consistency and without the will/knowledge on how to treat MJ’s legacy with respect. It seems short term, based on “How can we make a profit?” rather than polishing his title as King of Pop. It seems to me they are looking to make current hits, and trying to get him on the best selling/most viewed charts. But is that what what builds future sales? Is that what builds a legacy? Is an animated movie from 2017 going to get people interested 100 years from now?

I’d rather see them investing in curating an image around Michael Jackson as a master of pop art and entertainment. Done properly it could benefit the estate monetarily – both today and in the future – while still exploring MJ’s creative process in an interesting way. Give the fans proper vault releases that focus on MJ’s ambition and skill. Build the legacy around the music.

There have been many good examples for other artists through the years. There are countless of Elvis Presley alternate vocal takes for his songs throughout his career. The Beach Boys “Smile” box set is massively exhaustive. We got a three disc edition of Prince’s “Purple Rain”. The Rolling Stones are issuing live album after live album. Somebody dug up the first Bowie demo ever recorded. Guns & Roses recently got a 4 CD “Appetite For Destruction” and Metallica are doing 10 CD box sets.

What do Michael Jackson fans get? Remixes and animated movies. Great way to treat the greatest performer who ever lived, guys. Truly great.


Why are people happy to support this ‘artist’ in light of his ‘History’. We can not separate the artist from the art. MJ was a bad man, not a Cbrist like figure….

Derek Langsford

Makes me sad and mad that with the advances in digital music media that instead of CD at 44.1/16 being replaced by BD at 96/24, the labels are feeding the vinyl frenzy and sticking people with these ridiculous prices.

Notwithstanding the likelihood that most new vinyl is actually being mastered from 96/24 DSD archive files made from the original tapes, it seems silly to me to be issuing such vinyl without a blu-ray companion release. I know that some vinyl comes with codes for FLAC or mp3 download, but for those of us who don’t want vinyl, or can’t process the hi-res downloads, the labels are failing us.

I would happily pay £15 or $20 for a stereo BD with a 96/24 recording.

Michel Banen

Remixed in 5.1 would make me buy these albums again…..

Michel Banen

Well picture discs audio quality…. I’m amazed by how extremely good the Madonna 2018 RSD 1st album picture disc sounds !!!! It’s by far my best sounding picture disc [yes – I actually play these].

Andrew M

History ordered from France and Thriller from UK.

If fheee’s one born every minute then I’m that one!

Seriously, some people (I’m looking at you U2) charge these prices for standard reissues. You can pick up Thriller and Off the Wall reissues on standard black vinyl should you want.

As always you may not be interested – doesn’t mean everyone isn’t.


HMV want £71.99 for the doubles! Truly shocking. I’ve ordered History from Amazon (France). Still too high at 37 euros but better than the ridiculous UK price. Re picture discs and quality – pleasing to the eye, not so the ear but these releases are aimed really as collectors items (most of his earlier albums have been released numerous times on vinyl) and i’m just happy to finally have History on some kind of vinyl. I will point out that the first ‘newer’ picture disc album I recently bought was Taylor Swifts ‘reputation’ and I must admit the sound quality was far better than the picture discs I used to listen to in the 80s/90s.

Paul Taylor

The 40th anniversary picture disc if Boston’s first album is excellent in the sound quality department

Paul Taylor

I can’t understand the MJ picture disc reissues and can only concur with others that it’s an excuse to fleece fans. It’s the poorest quality format but the prices are excessive.
I can only assume that, unlike Bowie, there is very little or nothing in the vaults that hasn’t already been released and they have to resort to fairly desperate tactics to earn money for the estate.

Paul Wren

Rip-off Britain once again re the prices asked.

Mark Phillips

That pricing is bad, it’s bad it’s bad you know it’s bad. Maybe it’s the evil of the thriller. Mwah hahahahaha.


When are record companies going to wake up to the fact that a lot of vinyl buyers buy vinyl because IT SOUNDS BETTER and picture discs for this audience are just a horrible gimmick. Please can we have black virgin vinyl records in 180 or 200gms, quiet pressings with low pressing numbers per stamper, in the original artwork with the vinyl in a non scratch inner sleeve. That is worth paying £30 for!


Or please can we have properly mastered CDs and put this vinyl nonsense to bed once and for all


People have grown tired of highly digitally compressed audio. People want a recording with lows and highs, not just one consistent loud mess of music. Larger Album Jackets, and liner notes are a huge plus.

Leonardo Lotti

Perhaps the most interesting reissue out of all 6 is the “History” one. From 1995, like Pulse by Pink Floyd, it was released at a time when people couldn’t care less about vinyl anymore. Nevertheless, it came out on a beautiful 3LP box set in some territories with a bootleg. It demands high amounts of money both on Ebay and Discogs. I don’t know if this particular version will try to emulate that. Anyway, here is an unboxing vídeo of the original 1995 3LP Box Set Edition of History:


This is not the box. This is the double gatefold version.

Michael Chapman

Can I ask a silly question?
Why do these companies continually bring out this picture disc vinyl stuff when all and sundry know it’s sound quality is inferior?
To lure the unsuspecting kids (Michael Jackson”s..??? LAST noteworthy release) or what ffs?
It’s 2018 people!!!
The $ of course….silly me.


Thank you. Jesus.


I would like to see an Instrumental/Dub collection, like this one
but more comprehensive.


Where’s the Dangerous 25 reissue? I had expected that in 2017.


I read somewhere that it had been planned but then cancelled due to the reception some of the other catalogue items received. This is the problem with SONY trying to exploit the catalog as much as possible. Since Michael died, for every legit item released that seemed aimed at serving the fans and furthering the legacy, there’s been a cheap cash-in compilation like Scream orvthe Cirque du Soleil release, which barely even serviced as a remix album. Then SONY says there’s no reason to give us the proper vault release of Dangerous because not enough people picked up their cheap crap.

Alan B

The difference in prices between the Michael Jackson US store versus the UK store is shocking.

The box set US $175 UK £190

Single Disc US $25 UK £30

Double Disc US $35 UK £55

Stephen D C

I have the original Bad picture disc and it’s probably worth less than these prices….


Outrageous prices. Should only be £20 for the single and £30 for the doubles – TOPS! How many times do they expect fans to buy the same album? Especially when some of these (Thriller, Bad) have been officially released on PD before. Others (Dangerous and BOTDF – not listed here) have been unofficially released before. Fans of another music fan being ripped off after the death of the artist (Prince and Bowie [especially] also in the category). Might buy ones I haven’t got but not at those prices!




Oh that tag line on Thriller doesn’t absolutely ruin the look of the thing at all….

Is that actually going to be on there?


It’s awesome!!! I LOVE it!


If people think the UK prices are high check out http://www.jbhifi.com.au for the Australian prices. $73 for single lps and $99 for the doubles.

Paul W

I from geelong check out Amazon au not bad price

Alan Fenwick

I came across these a few days ago, I was staggered that HMV were offering the single disc versions at £36 and the double disc versions at £72 and this is a retailer that very rarely lists it’s prices wrong, so you would assume they will stick with those crazy prices.

On the flip side (that’s a bad pun, sorry), luckily it’s very easy to shop around the different Amazon regions and knock down the prices to something a bit more sensible.

I did also notice on my travels around the sites that you can get all these picture discs together in a box from the official MJ store, but you do pay the premium price for going with that option. (there’s regional variances for the stores, USA region seems to get the slightly better deal)