Michael Jackson / Scream

Ghoulish compilation • CD & 2LP coloured vinyl

Epic/Legacy recordings will issue a new Michael Jackson compilation, Scream, at the end of this month.

The ghoulish compilation includes hits like Thriller, Dirty Diana, Leave Me Alone and interestingly, Somebody’s Watching Me, the 1985 Rockwell single that featured MJ on the chorus. Torture and This Place Hotel from The Jackson’s albums also feature along with an exclusive remix by The White Panda –  Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous which is a ‘mash up’ of Blood on the Dance Floor, Dangerous, This Place Hotel, Leave Me Alone and Is It Scary.

There will be two physical formats available: CD and a special glow-in-the-dark vinyl edition. Each come with a unique poster.

Click image to enlarge

Scream is released on CD on 29 September 2017. The special glow-in-the-dark vinyl comes later on 27 October 2017. You can pre-order the 2LP vinyl for a great price at the SDE shop.

  1. This Place Hotel
  2. Thriller
  3. Blood On The Dance Floor
  4. Somebody’s Watching Me
  5. Dirty Diana
  6. Torture
  7. Leave Me Alone
  8. Scream
  9. Dangerous
  10. Unbreakable
  11. Xscape
  12. Threatened
  13. Ghosts

Bonus Track:  Blood On The Dance Floor X Dangerous (The White Panda Mash-Up)

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elliott buckingham

don’t rate the vinyl packaging on this at all. very cheap 2 slabs of vinyl separated by a piece of printed card. at the very least it should have been a diecut gatefold typical sony minimum outlay for max return


I bought this as a completist, but now I noticed that there’s a Steve Aoki remix of “Thriller” up on Spotify (the Steve Aoki Midnight Hour Remix). It runs 5:01, and would have fit (current CD is 70 minutes), so why not include that on this CD as well?! So frustrating.


Why are the UK continuing to be ripped off by the prices of CDs compared to the USA? It’s crazy.

Rick (gimpyforever)

yes I will buy this being a completest as well, but where are the Scream remixes and edits? it is called Scream after all!! LOL I do loooooove the cover though, but I do fell a little cheated…


The MJ estate does have unreleased material in their archives but it seems they’re holding off on that for the near future. This is a basically a tie in to the animated Halloween special that’s airing here in the states next month.


I’ve got a Foo Fighters record that glows in the dark. It cost me a pound. That takes care of my glow-in-the-dark record needs (and my Foo Fighters record needs, if I’m beisng honest).


Well I’ll agree that it’s a fair comparison, at least! :)

Paul Murphy

The thing about Elvis and MJ is, they both sang about ‘Heartbreak Hotels’, and for all their fame and money, both ended up living in one, albeit mansion-sized.


I’ll get this as a completist…but I’d still like SDE’s of each album proper. Remastered ORIGINAL album (take note, Bad), B sides and 12″s. It’s not difficult.


No disrespect to anyone, but I think most people would consider Jacko’s total output to be equally as important as Bowie’s, if not more-so (albeit in different areas).

Michael Khalsa

MMM Paul it’s subjective but Off The Wall, Thriller & Bad are all masterpieces. Plus he was electrifying on stage watch him with James Brown & Prince where they are all together he is even better than them. This is not a good release at all. I would love a duets cd. He did a lot of them. I’m not so sure if Sony owns them though. Plus there is unreleased stuff with Queen etc which would tie in.

Michel Banen

As a “Halloween release” I think the glow in the dark vinyl and artwork is fantastic. I have several glow in the dark vinyl albums and they all sound great. However, with MJ’s catalogue, such a release should at least include Thriller, Is it scary, Ghosts, Escape, Scream, Blood on the dancefloor…. there are plenty of “Halloween themed” MJ songs. Somebody’s watching me is nice but should qualify as a bonus track. Thinkning like that, “Eaten alive” with diana Ross would suit this compilation too.

But anyway, a nice compilation although nothing new but packaging wise very attracktive. I’ll get the vinyl.


They will probably use cencored version of “Scream” just like on Janet’s The Best/Number Ones compilation.
“Is It Scary” really should have been included on this.

Gunnar Radisewitz

Shouldn’t they also put in the “Parental Advisory” sticker on the album cover? (Since the album version of the song “Scream” drops an F-Bomb during its 2nd chorus)

Antony May

It’s at times like this I feel most sorry for Michael Jackson. As an amateur (but no less passionate) recording artist myself I know how important it was to Michael to ‘craft’ his albums and to only put into the public domain what he was 100% happy with. Sure, he was probably a bit too obsessed with the finer details (and so some perfectly decent material failed to get heard) but you really can’t argue when you listen to records like ‘Thriller’, ‘Bad’, ‘History’ and ‘Off The Wall’…

Its ironic then that this compilation is called ‘Scream’ because that’s exactly what Michael would do if he knew this was coming out. At least with the ‘Michael’ and ‘Xscape’ records they had something new to offer us fans all this has is the gimmick of ‘glow in the dark vinyl’ and a completely pointless ‘mash up’ remix (or whatever the hell you call it)…

There is a lot more to making an album than just recording enough tracks to take up an allotted time and Michael Jackson knew that, which in part is why we are all having this conversation today.


The difference in price is staggering and can only be explained with labels having found the audience to charge just about anything for collector’s items. I guess that’s how they manage to stay alive.


The LP set looks really beautiful and I love the vinyl colours, but that’s about it. Not enough a MJ fan to spend money on what is basically a pretty random Spotify playlist (as someone earlier commented) in a pretty package.


I think this is an interesting compilation. I ordered one.

tom m hans

SONY records is not known for doing an awesome job in emptying the vaults (piece of chalk anyone) – all their mega sellers from the 70s and 80s are suffering from that neglect. Springsteen may be the exception. I would not hold my breath for any MJ related SDE’s – and, btw, who needs that? Over compressed, brickwalled, remastered for itunes? I’d rather get an original release copy on CD and be done with it.
All those horrible Judas Priest remasters for example… Toto, Sade, Journey, Earth, Wind and Fire, Santana, Kansas, ELO, Ozzy…. it seems SONY does simply not care.
maybe they are working on a “complete” box set for Barbra Streisand… Cash and Dylan like.


@ Kauwgompie

I agree ! I also would like to see propper SDE box of Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad too. I don’t like this modern remixes of old stuff either.

Stevie B

It glows in the dark, what’s not to like, who cares what it sounds like…IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! And how many Beatles/Bowie/Stones/Queen albums do that eh?

Wish they’d issued it as a glow in the dark cassette version though.


but does it have marbles or coasters?

Alan Jones

No complaints glow in the dark vinyl ordered! That will go well with the red vinyl 12″ single of Thriller I’ve got on order too. Thanks and Happy Halloween Paul!


Red vinyl Thriller?

Mike Melody

What a shame. Package it with blu-ray of Ghosts short film at least and I’d be interested.

Rough cut

This makes me sad. I’m a big fan of MJ and would like his legacy to be treated with a respect. This? This seems very random and unfocused.

It seems they wanted to do a Halloween themed compilation but didn’t have the balls (material?) to go the distance. By the way, if they had gone down that route I might’ve been even more disappointed – I think Michael Jackson deserves better than being marketed as a novelty to kiddies and then be considered as a niche artist only to be played one holiday a year as a laugh.

What we ended up with could’ve at least been made interesting for the fans by sneaking in a few surprises, but we only get the album cuts? Why not include an extended version of ‘Leave Me Alone’? Or a “no rap” version of ‘Unbreakable’? Or the Dangerous-era demo of ‘Blood On The Dancefloor’?

As it is now, I’d say it’s a disgrace in the discography of one of the greatest artists ever.


The HD / 3D transfer of Thriller is apparently to be released this year following the Venice premier on Monday – including a restored ‘making of’ documentary. No mention of a 5.1, only enhanced sound.

andrew r

Ref MJ he is arguably as important an artist as Bowie .Why don’t they do something similar covering his career in three box sets with books outakes etc?


So is MJ now being marketed as the king of Halloween? Probably the most random track list I’ve ever seen, and I’m not even a fan.


Ironic considering the disclaimer statement at the beginning of the Thriller video, isn’t it, that we’re now going to try to link him to a Holiday that many people with his convictions would consider occult?

Auntie Sabrina

Kevin, that’s the U.S. title I think.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

boring compilation ( but a beautiful cover design ).
i’m only interested in real ( ! ) 3CD Deluxe Editions of all his albums.
no new remixes – only original remixes from that era. they were enough remixes !
only one for example: as far as i know the extended mix and dub mix of “leave me alone” were never released officially. beside much other rare treasures.
keep on digging in the archives guys and bring us unreleased and rare material for our money !


A mash-up of 5 songs in 3.38 minutes. What a horrible idea. Come up with a propper SDE box of Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad and stop issueing modern remixes of old stuff. Its absolutely horrendous.

Marcel F G Rijs

What, no glow in the datk CD?

Jeremy Orbell

A bit awkward as a compilation and I don’t go a bundle on the cover if I’m honest. It all feels bargain bin but if you’re having a halloween party and looking to ‘terrorise your neighbourhood’ then it’s something to pull out once a year I guess

Tyler Williams

Kevin … the song’s title was changed because of the 1956 Elvis Presley hit, “Heartbreak Hotel.” Michael claimed to be unaware of the Presley song but had the title changed nonetheless.


I don’t know which is worse, this or the lousy T.Rex box set in the post below.


Wow, now I understand why there wasn’t a Dangerous 25th Anniversary Edition. This is a wayyyyyy beter idea! (/turns cynical mode off)


This does sound like a bit of a barrel-scraper to me. “Let’s release a compilation loosely based around spooky stuff for the Halloween market”, yet they missed off ‘Is It Scary?’ (an excellent song, by the way IMHO).

I don’t understand why they don’t just continue to release more archive stuff rather than more compilations. I mean, I understand that it’s disrespectful to his memory to release material that he felt was unfinished, but they’ve already released two albums-worth now, so they may as well carry on – those who want it will buy, and those who don’t, won’t.

I am surprised that the estate haven’t yet released a ‘Complete Jackson Legacy’ box set yet or something along those lines – The complete works of Michael, Janet, Jermaine, The Jacksons, Jackson 5, LaToya, 3T et al, all packaged together in a £1000 set or some such. I bet they do at some point. You heard it here first.

I think I’ll give this one a miss despite being a big MJ fan. Might pick it up in a bargain bin or 2-for-£10 somewhere down the line though, purely for the rarer cuts.

Maybe I’ll get it for Christmas.


As much as it would be nice to get such a thing, I don’t think we’ll ever get a “Jackson Family Complete Set.” Too many different labels involved, and from a record company’s standpoint, MJ and Janet are the only “real” draws for such a set. The rest would be considered filler. (Even though I like a great deal of work by the other Jackson Family members and am still hoping for someone to snap up LaToya’s My Special Love so it finally gets a CD release.)

I think the closest we could hope to get would be a 2-or-3 disc compilation that would probably be pretty heavy on MJ, Janet, and J5/Jacksons, with some of the notable singles from LaToya, Randy, Rebbie, etc. That would be easier to navigate from a licensing standpoint, and whatever company picked it up would probably see more potential return in going through the licensing process.

Then again, Sony (MJ) and A&M/Virgin (Janet) don’t really have a huge incentive to license the material out to such a project.


Pointless – particularly as there is so much unreleased material.

As CJ pointed out, there is loads of unreleased music from the Dangerous era. This has been widely bootlegs but it would still be great to have a proper copy as then the estate would make money.

After all, Dangerous was a mega massive album for MJ.


I’m still wondering how it came to be called “This Place Hotel”—because it was called “Heartbreak Hotel” when it was originally released in 1980…

Mike the Fish

It would seem that they found a new place to dwell.


Elvis’s legal team saw to that….
because of course it’s so similar to Elvis’s song!


If I remember correctly, the Elvis Presley estate sued the jackson estate to force them changing the title of the song.

Martyn Alner

Does that mean New Order should be worried about “Lonesome Tonight”? :)


Allegedly, it had to do with copyright concerns around the Elvis tune of the same name, but I’m not sure I buy that considering there are literally hundreds of “same title/different song” hits out there.


Apparently, Epic didn’t want the public to confuse theirs with the Elvis Presley version, and it has gotten changed over the years

Ben Williams

What the hell is this? The barrel is scraped again…

This is a novelty Spotify playlist at best.

Ben Williams

I agree they have to keep the brand alive, just they could at least do something a bit more adventurous or satisfying for people buying MJ releases.

I’ve always thought an SDE of Thriller would be great – quite a few outtakes and demos that have been issued on Japanese and European compilations and B-sides that would be cool to be put together in a box set. Maybe a Thriller documentary like the Bad 25 Spike Lee doc. That would have tied in better with the upcoming 3D release of the Thriller video as well. And would erase the memory of that Thriller 25 CD…

Bad 25 was actually pretty good, even if it did miss out the 12″ mixes and a couple of other outtakes from the Ultimate Collection box.

I just think with a lot of really great MJ compilations out there, this set as a CD is pointless. It makes more sense as a nice bit of vinyl, especially with that artwork. I will give Sony that, its actually some pretty cool artwork for Scream. I think it’s compilations like this that give labels a bad name for deceased artists’ and their use of the catalog.

Steven Roberts

Not quite. The sensible thing to do would be for them to launch a campaign to release a carefully curated set of deluxe editions over a deliberate timeframe (say one a year?) including hi-res 5.1 versions of all the studio tracks/remixes etc :)

And keep the vinyl separate, of course:)

Paul Mac

If you’re buying this for the audio, I would skip the vinyl. Glow-in-the-dark vinyl is notorious for sounding terrible.


BTW – that tracklist… No “Is It Scary?”…? No “Monster”…?


A disappointing release


I bet that’s a die cut sleeve with the glow in the dark vinyl showing through.


They want me to pay £10 for a playlist I can easily recreate myself in 2 minutes? What next? Shame, I’ll buy it when it’s cheaper, just for the cover and to add to my collection. What a waste.

adam shaw

This might seem dumb but there’s 2 records in the picture . I would think the glow one is the whiter one in the picture ?


This seems like such a bad idea. I don’t know what kind of a market there is at this point for another compilation with little-to-no real “new” stuff on it. If the Rockwell CD hadn’t just been reissued a year or two ago, I would say that track would at least be a big draw, since it was pretty hard to find for quite awhile (though I think that reissue isn’t readily available either, so maybe I’m underestimating the potential appeal for this comp).

My only concern is that low sales for this, if there ISN’T really a demand, will send the message to Sony that there isn’t a demand for the archival/vault material they are still sitting on. If they were going to go the reissue route, I wish they would have gone with the deluxe edition of Dangerous that they skipped over (especially since it’s reported that there’s close to a full disc worth of unreleased material that should accompany that), or another straight-up vault release. This comp seems too close to those cash-in bargain bin compilations you used to see come out all the time when there was a huge market for physical media.

Like the cover, though. And I’ll probably buy it just because I’m a completist, but I have all the regular tracks, and the “remix” is of no interest to me. It’s not really clear what the “theme” is for the compilation.

Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised and there will be some alternate versions on here? Perhaps a solo version of “Scream”?


If even half the songs on this list (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unreleased_songs_recorded_by_Michael_Jackson) actually exist on some sort of recorded form (not even necessarily polished), there is a TON of material they could be releasing instead of a rehashed compilation album.

Sony went in for HUNDREDS of millions of dollars for the posthumous distribution rights, which were supposed to include TEN albums of unreleased material. Their deal expires this year, unless they manage a second extension (the original end of the deal was 2015). In that deal, what they ACTUALLY put out:

–2 albums of new, previously unreleased material (Michael and Xscape)
–the 25th anniversary edition of Bad
–The Immortal album, which I don’t even know what you’d classify it as–soundtrack? remix album?
–and now this weird “themed compilation”
–oh, and that rather middling chalkboard edition of Off the Wall

So, essentially, Sony went in for a reported $250 million dollars up front PLUS royalties to the estate, and they’ve put out TWO of the TEN albums that were the center of the deal. Is this Sony being a bunch of idiots with no sense of direction or plan? Or is this the estate messing around with masters?

I know people have mixed reviews about the posthumous material. I actually like the approach Xscape took–give me the “modern production” versions if you think you need to be able to get the songs on the radio, but give me the originals too, because that’s what I really want.

What could make for an interesting project, if someone got organized and put it together, would be to get a bunch of the songs that were written but not recorded or finished to a degree that they can be released, bring in some of MJ’s major producers from throughout his career, and have people who cite him as a direct influence on their careers record the songs so his legacy continues on with him held as the central focus of it.

But, for Christ’s sake, for $250 million dollars, shouldn’t we at least be getting some of the stuff that’s just sitting on a shelf needing to be mastered?

Mick lynch

Wasnt the ‘This is it’ cd also released. Does that count as another release under the Sony umbrella?


You nailed it. The ball was dropped in a huge way by Sony, they’ve re-released Thriller something like four times and STILL couldn’t manage to put together a complete deluxe set with both previously unreleased tracks AND the few remixes that were actually available, Thriller should have gotten the following:

Disc 1: Original Album
Disc 2: B-sides, unreleased tracks from the era
Disc 3: Remixes, alternate versions (more than enough to fill a disc, especially if you include the lackluster re-takes with Fergie and the rest)

This should have been repeated with Bad and Dangerous which both had even MORE remixes and extra material, and I can practically guarantee you it would have sold better than pretty much anything they’ve put out.

It’s beyond baffling how clueless they really seem to be about what the fans want to see.

The only real gem that we’ve gotten with MJ is the UK 3-CD edition of King of Pop which at least gave us most of the official remixes on Disc 3.

Auntie Sabrina

There’s a 3D version of the John Landis Thriller promo due around Halloween too…


Is it Scary, Morphine, Who is it, Smooth Crimi al should have replaced a few songs…And it should have been a Club Remix Album. Sony is Stupid, like really really stupid.