Mick Fleetwood & Friends celebrate Peter Green & Fleetwood Mac box set

Tonight Mick Fleetwood will take to the stage in central London with an all-star cast to honour the early years of Fleetwood Mac and its founder, Peter Green. This one-of-a-kind concert will be recorded and film and issued as a special super deluxe edition box set later in the year.

Fleetwood will be joined this evening at the London Palladium by Billy Gibbons, David Gilmour, Jonny Lang, Andy Fairweather Low, John Mayall, Christine McVie, Zak Starkey, Steven Tyler, Bill Wyman, Noel Gallagher, Pete Townshend, Neil Finn, Kirk Hammett and many more.

Mick said: “The concert is a celebration of those early blues days where we all began, and it’s important to recognise the profound impact Peter and the early Fleetwood Mac had on the world of music. Peter was my greatest mentor and it gives me such joy to pay tribute to his incredible talent. I am honoured to be sharing the stage with some of the many artists Peter has inspired over the years and who share my great respect for this remarkable musician.”

The box set will be a 4LP+2CD+blu-ray deluxe book set. The audio will be offered via the vinyl and CDs while the blu-ray will concert/documentary type content. Everything is being filmed tonight.

Early pre-orders get to see their names in the credits of the concert/documentary and also this package exclusively comes with tonight’s setlist with printed signatures of the artists involved, and an exclusive A1-sized silk screen printed event poster (which comes in a tube, not folded).

The Mick Fleetwood & Friends Celebrate The Music Of Peter Green And The Early Years Of Fleetwood Mac box set will be released on 30 April 2021 (was 20 March and prior to that was 19 October 2020).


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The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Release put back to Marsh 2021, production delays due to C-19. Understandable, safety before what really is providing for collectors of which I’m one. I can wait.

William Hill

This also affects the film which is now in Cinemas on February 23 https://mickfleetwoodandfriends.com/

[…] blues/rock guitarist was remembered back in February by friends and bandmates with a special one-off concert and it was only in the last a few days that […]


So all agreed the tribute concert package is a ripper…shame Peter wasn’t there as he is still playing live? Anyhoo, glad to hear Then Play On is being issued…however…is this not just the same as the extended 2013 reissue? Was hoping for some different versions, studio outages etc on the extra disc? Seems a bit of a wasted opportunity for such a brilliant album? Good that it’s a half speed master but I think I’ll stick to my minty first UK press….(£50!?!!)


Think the mentioned “Extended 2013 Reissue” of Then Play On is just the “Fleetwood Mac – Then Play On (Celebration Edition)” without the “MediaBook” ……….
….. But – I can’t believe it – “Oh Well” in form of ….(Pt. 1) + (Pt. 2) with a gap in between
( and eventually in mono ) ????
I want my “long version” with 8:56 in stereo back !!!


Why do I have to ‘pre-order’, can’t I just ‘order’ it? What’s the difference? Buzzwords and general illiteracy are killing the beauty of language just as surely as auto-tune, programmed drums, and MP3s kill the beauty of music. Oh, and this box set is a real rip off.

Chris S

Preorder = GoFundMe?

Nick Love

Language is a living thing and the purpose of the dictionary was always to reflect the spoken word, not the other way around. That being said “pre-order” has been in use long but enough that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

bruce kelso

hi ,most of the show is up on youtube. its not awful as the ginger baker tribute at all. the band sounds well rehearsed and the show is nice to see and hear, high lights include jeremy spencer looking in great shape and playing the sun is shining.dave gilmours excellent rendition of albatross with him on a pedal steel. liam gallagher does world keeps turning is amazing. but why does townsend do station man for ? so if you want to see a real tribute show with peters songs being played by other musicans in a nice setting then this is a winner . the price is TO HIGH tho. it would be better is there was no vinyl to keep the price lower.


It´s insane price! and the costs of shipping are totally crazy!! :/

Mark G

So how was the show, you lot that were “on the way there”?

Bernhard Noll

Hi Mark,
I was there. Rode in from Germany by bumpy flight, tickets purchased at a price you would not want to believe. It could have been a mess, or a rather arbitrary mix of titles and artists. But it wasn’t. As far as I am concerned it was an absolute joy and I loved every thing about it. Everybody was on top form, even Noel Gallagher and Kirk Hammett never looked out of place.
The only noticable musical slips was David G on the pedal steel (very occasionally), but then, show me a god that is perfect and I will become a believer.
Yes, the price is outrageous and my younger self would shudder to think. As of where I stand now, I shrug it off. There are only so many summers in your life.
Peace! And stay healthy.

bruce kelso

i just saw the fiasco that was a tribute to ginger baker. it was a mess,. mediocre versions of cream and blind faith songs done by washed up musicans , what does nile rogers have to do with ginger. roger waters ? kenny jones ? paul carrack ? the only one besides eric who aleast was part of the ginger scope was steve winwood and gingers son kofi. even they could not elevate the situation. the group sons of cream which have a close connection to cream should of been their. this is all for mick fleetwoods ego not for peter greens legacy.

John McCann

Roger waters last album really proved he was washed up dident it.


All that money for printed signature? Are you joking me? :)))


I assume it’s hand-delivered, on a silver platter, by Mick Fleetwood himself.

Frank Sidebottom

when will someone make a stand against these stupid prices ?


Wow – I want it.
Goes to website–>starts the order–>registers–>gets to checkout–>sees postage costs to Oz–>Cancels


Postage costs of 65 quid for a 150 quid box? I don’t think so sonny.


er, no, since shipping to Italy would be € 63,oo, just about as much as to Australia, and there’s absolutely no reason for it as it DOESN’T reflect THE ACTUAL COSTS…

…so “fair” is not the word that comes to mind…


Postage cost to Australia is always going to be hit or miss and most of the time I will grudgingly bear it. But I’m annoyed by this behemoth, because I’ll bet that the high P&P cost is mostly caused by the bundled vinyl. There are a lot of people (myself included) who don’t want vinyl, who will have to pay high postage (plus 10% GST) for a oversized box that’s mostly filled with unnecessary plastic.

I agree that it reflects actual cost, but cheaper CD-only and vinyl-only options would have been nice.


Postage from the UK to abroad is always expensive. In this case they will ship two packages, one with the poster and one with the box set.


From the article I read in January’s Uncut I doubt that Peter Green would want to play at the concert and I believe he remains comfortably well off so has no need of a this to be a benefit concert. However I heard an intriguing Peter Green story a couple of weeks ago from Maggie Bell. Following the untimely death of guitarist Les Harvey, Peter Green was to play lead guitar with Stone The Crows at the Great Western Festival in Lincoln. At the last minute he changed his mind and Steve Howe spent all night learning the set to replace him for the gig. One of those what if moments I guess, but it might have been a good match.
The Stone The Crows catalogue is in need of some TLC and there are two complete Maggie Bell albums which have never been released. Surely there’s scope for a box set here?
Maggie at 75 remains in fine voice and I was thrilled to meet her


While I appreciate Lindsey Buckingham’s ability to play a guitar I hear he’s a notoriously difficult snooty-patootey.

Steven Campbell

Spaceboy5367 You’re quite right. Talented though he is, if he was any further up his own rear every time he farted it’d come out his nose! I saw an interview with him on Sky Arts as part of a series, the programme before his in the series featured Nile Rodgers who couldn’t be any more down to earth despite his fame but as for Buckingham he just came across as “I’m the consummate professional musician you know!” My thoughts were what a twat! This is coming from someone ie me who’s a massive fan of Fleetwood Mac but Buckingham is despite being an accomplished player a twat and that’s being very polite!


That’s a very nasty comment. Have you actually met the man? He’s a wonderful human being. I think maybe you’re harbouring some jealousy?


Looks amazing if expensive! Not as dear as the gig ticket would be I would imagine!
On a side note – would love to see a live release from the current Fleetwood Mac lineup. They missed a trick not putting ‘The Chain’ and ‘Gypsy’ which they played on The Ellen Show on the end of the’ 50 Years – Don’t Stop’ box set (seeing as it only covered 1967-2013 – not 50 years…)

Mark Porter

*Raffle off and the profit to charity.

Mark Porter

Paul why don’t you buy one and put Super Deluxe Edition.com as the name in the credits and raffle it off on here for a mental health charity?


Interesting, but a hard pass due to price.


Saddened that Gary Moore, a close friend and eternal student of Peter’s, is not alive to pay tribute with so many others…..


I actually considered purchasing this set, especially since one can put a name in the credits. My choice of name was not my name it was Lindsey Buckingham. The $195 was steep for 2 cd’s and a BR but I figured that the music would be great. When I saw a $53 shipping charge to the US, I decided that was a breaking point. I know it is expensive to ship a box and a poster tube but when you are already charging $195 for the product either ship it for free or subsidize the shipping. I’ll wait for the $20 BR. I hope one of you guys puts Lindsey’s name in the credits.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Just blown my `Let It Be` S.D.E. money on this box set which is a must have.

Are any of the profits going to Peter? That would be a great gesture.

Benjamin Roosen

I do own the original Box of Blue Horizon ,Original Fleetwood Mac Albums, including the 2 chigaco era recordings
Nothing else matters..

Chester Edwards

Really wish they’d stop rereleasing the Peter Green stuff and Rumours for the 70,000th time and give us at the very least remastered versions of Kiln House and the Bob Welch era albums. I don’t need the super-super superdeluxe edition of Rumours or a humongous Peter Green box. What I would like to have is a remastered (if not deluxe) editions of Future Games and Mystery to Me. Make it happen Mick and giving us the same stuff over and over and over again.

Mick Lynch

just like ‘Oh well’ they done the same by trying to join You and I, with You and I (Part II) together when in theory they were two completely different songs (one by Lindsey, and one by Christine) but just because Lindsey helped Christine (after he wrote You And I) with her ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ song and put in the line “for you you you you you and I” at the end and changed the song title name, the record company tried to imply it was the one song in 2 parts when they should have put the demo for ‘eyes wide shut’ onto the deluxe edition instead of joining those seperate songs. Glad to see Peter is being remembered. i’m sure he was invited but probably expressed no interest.

paul wren

For those who are wondering, Peter Green was invited to play but declined to do so.


It could be interesting but the price is not realistic.

Burkhard Winzer

Thanks for the information Paul.
Do you have details about the signatures?
Would they be including the guest stars like David Gilmour and Pete Townshend for example?
Greetings from Germany Burkhard


Printed signatures… I’m trying to figure out if they’re better than hand-written ones. Gimme a minute…


I find it unbelievable Mick has not upgraded the mid-period titles from Kiln House through Penguin. I know many, many fans consider Future Games, Bare Trees and Mystery To Me to be among their favorite Mac albums, with so many classic songs from Danny Kirwan, Bob Welch and Christine McVie. Yet every one of those still only exists in bare bones untouched original versions released literally decades ago. We definitely don’t need any more Buckingham/Nicks-era titles, and there have been a number of Peter Green releases, including finally Then Play On with some bonus tracks in 2013, although they still managed to screw that up by including a version of “Oh Well” that incorrectly connected parts 1 and 2 by repeating a part that had already played, and included no outtakes of the extended jams that were edited down on the album like “Searching For Madge.” Why he ignores this mid-period of the band, I can’t figure out.


Is Peter not invited then? A very odd occasion. Fleetwood is arguably only the megastar he now is because of the second incarnation of FM yet celebrates the first one without its most important member being present. Unless there’s gonna be a (not very) surprise guest appearance on the night…?

Noel Lackey

Peter will be there but does not want any publicity and will not be playing onstage

Jarmo Keranen

In a Rolling Stone magazine interview Mick Fleetwood mentioned that Peter is expected to attend the London tribute. Because of his mental health issues is not sure he will play!



According to Mick Fleetwood on Johnnie Walker sounds of the 70’s he said he was invited but stated knowing Peter he’ll probably just sit in the audience unannounced

gary oliver

it looks great ! (although i never see the point of printed signatures)


Peter Green should indeed be celebrated, but I will not support anything from Fleetwood Mac after the way they treated Lindsey Buckingham. It’s worth noting that Lindsey Buckingham should also be celebrated for rejuvenating Fleetwood Mac’s fortunes and creating some of the greatest music on the planet.

Jarmo Keranen

Lindsey Buckingham has nothing to do with this era and what happened “100 years” later is totally different thing!


Lindsey Buckingham played ‘Oh Well’ many times with Fleetwood Mac as a nod to Peter Green’s legacy. He has a more direct connection with Peter Green than the majority of guests featuring on the lineup of this release… He even played on ‘Brown Eyes’ with Peter Green on Tusk.

The question is: Was Lindsey Buckingham even invited to play at this performance? It would be wrong not to ask him to come and pay tribute to his predecessor.

I’d say Lindsey Buckingham has a place waiting for him on this record, if Fleetwood were willing…


I am a big fan of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac but this is very expensive. A few real signatures would make it worthwhile but its too much for me. Nice idea though.


I’ll wait untill I can buy without the vinyl could be interesting though

Mr I Hicks

I’m going tonight…this is a definite pre-order


That’s nice, but what I’d really like to see is a Bob Welch & Fleetwood Mac box set. That era of the Mac is far too often overlooked and only two of the band’s five albums from those years are in print on vinyl.

Steven Roberts

First time I’ve seen a product shot for an album that hasn’t even been RECORDED yet!

Is that the actual setlist for the gig in the photo, I wonder?

Mark G

Probably is the set-list, I’m sure it’s all sorted already. And if they’re gonna get them signed, what better time to than while the participants are all together!


Very nice l will buy the Blu-ray. Enjoy the show!!!

Doug Quinn

Thanks Paul. On my way to this show at present so this is a must!

Le Baron

I hope some they’ll re-release Then Play on as a Super Deluxe Edition !!

Mark G

They are releasing “Then Play On” there too – £50 for a deluxe book pack double vinyl, and £12 for a “Mediabook” CD version.

It’d be nice if they edit “Oh Well” together, properly, for the first time!


You’re right about “Oh Well”! Of course I’ve made my own edit, but still.