Mick Jagger’s solo albums to be reissued on half-speed mastered vinyl

Mick Jagger's solo albums to be reissued on half-speed mastered vinyl

Universal Music are to reissue all four of Mick Jagger‘s solo albums on vinyl, in December.

She’s The Boss (1985), Primitive Cool (1987), Wandering Spirit (1993) and Goddess in the Doorway are the four albums in question, with the last two being 2LP sets (Wandering Spirit was previously a single vinyl LP).

While there’s nothing new audio-wise, these are at least half-speed mastered by Miles Showell and we are promised “beautifully presented replicas of the original LP packaging” with printed inner sleeves. These also all come with download cards.

The four albums will be issued on 6 December 2019.

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Mick Jagger

She's The Boss vinyl LP


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Mick Jagger

Primitive Cool vinyl LP


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Mick Jagger

wandering spirit vinyl LP


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Mick Jagger

Goddess In The Doorway [VINYL]


She’s The Boss

Side A

Lonely At The Top
1/2 A Loaf
Running Out Of Luck
Turn The Girl Loose
Hard Woman

Side B
Just Another Night
Lucky In Love
She’s The Boss

Primitive Cool 

Side A

Let’s Work
Radio Control
Say You Will
Primitive Cool

Side B

Kow Tow
Shoot Off Your Mouth
Peace For The Wicked
Party Doll
War Baby

Wandering Spirit  [2LP]                                                         

Side A

Wired All Night
Sweet Thing
Out Of Focus

Side B

Don’t Tear Me Up
Put Me In The Trash
Use Me
Evening Gown

Side C

Mother Of A Man
Wandering Spirit

Side D

Hang On To Me Tonight
I’ve Been Lonely For So Long
Angel In My Heart
Handsome Molly

Goddess In The Doorway  [2LP]

Side A

Visions Of Paradise
Dancing In The Starlight

Side B

God Gave Me Everything
Hide Away
Don’t Call Me Up

Side C

Goddess In The Doorway
Lucky Day
Everybody Getting High

Side D

Too Far Gone
Brand New Set Of Rules
Goddess in the Doorway (Cocktail Version)


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Got all four as a bundle from Sound of Vinyl who (still on their listing) say each album comes with a DLC card.
When they showed up with no DLC cards I queried their absence with SoV who (17 days later) replied
Dear Clive,

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that the items you ordered do not come with download cards I am afraid.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Needless to say I did so – especially as the albums are available on Amazon with Autorip.

Vinyl is nice to have but it sounds crap in the car. British roads just have too many potholes for satisfactory playback

Richard Rodriguez Barradas

you might think of editing the album she’s the boss by mick jagger but with Bonus Track: 12 inch remix version, Dub, run over the hits Just Another Night and Lucky In Love


Looking forward to these on CD….at least She’s The Boss and Wandering Spirit. The latter is an excellent album that has more Stones-sounding material then the other solo efforts.

Alan Connor

I’d actually quite like “She’s The Boss”, which was a fantastic album and was on heavy turntable rotation on my record player at the time. I would love to see that album expanded, particularly with vault material and any alternative mixes of the title track, and perhaps throw in ‘Ruthless People’ too.


Bored of vinyl only releases – it’s a cash cow for the labels! What about deluxe CD reissues for the rest of us non-hipsters?!

Brian Smith

Didn’t his last solo album only sell in the hundreds in the UK?


80,000 or so. Still not that good.

Friso Pas

Wandering Spirit is the best Stones album never made since the 90’s. Have the original vinyl, but will certainly double dip for this 2LP version.


To me, his solo output got worse over the years. Loved She’s the boss [and the cover].


His best solo effort is Wandering Spirit. Hands down.

bruce kelso

mick should be ashamed , awful covers, mediocre material, over produced. the only reason cbs signed the stones was to get him to be a solo performer. trying to be trendy. it didn’t work.


Haha, don’t hold back mate.


Is Mick holding a copy of “A Moon Shaped Pool” on the cover of She’s The Boss?

Kevin Wollenweber

I continue to not understand why the music of the Rolling Stones, together or solo, aren’t treated like the Beatles’ back catalogs, where all formats are acknowledged. Okay, the Beatles camp refuses to issue the Christmas messages on CD; ditto for the singles box which wiill soon be released, but it would be so nice to hear those early albums in both mono and stereo in their own respective box sets, along with the solo albums which are now mostly hard to getJ! Hey, have fun, all you vinyl collectors, but I sure wish I could take advantage and buy the stuff on the format of my choice.

James John Smythe

I loved “God gave me everything” from “ Dogshit in the doorway” – Keef’s words not mine & I may have the CD single somewhere. Never actually heard the album though.


Anyone know if the single mix of “Hard Woman” has ever appeared on CD? Can’t find it anywhere.


Yes, the Single Remix (3:47) was released on a german V.A. compilation in 1987 called “Music Is My Life – Vol. 2” (CBS ‎– 450517 2).


Thanks Lennart. Tracked down a copy. This SDE website is the best!

Wayne Olsen

Paul, what’s your opinion about this year’s fourth quarter releases. Abbey Road, 1999, and a couple of other things are really nice, but it seems lackluster overall. The American companies have all but gone, and the UK labels seem to be concentrating on 90s pop, which I suppose has been underserved. It’s not like I haven’t spent enough money, but I passed on the Beatles 45s, the Floyd, Let it Bleed, etc because they just don’t seem to offer anything compelling.
What do you think?


We need some expanded CD reissues here. Been waiting ages for all the single mixes from ‘She’s The Boss’. Ages….


Not a huge fan but lucky those who are.
Why cant we get similar treatment for ABC, Simply Red, Duran etc?


‘Wandering Spirit’ is well worth a spin.

‘She’s The Boss’ and ‘Primitive Cool’… aren’t.

Jarmo Keranen

Is “Goddess In The Doorway” worth a spin or not? Is there any person in the world who could listen “Let’s Work”?


‘Primitive Cool’ is great in my opinion. In fact far more worthy than the Stones’ output from the 80s on.


Well, each to their own. I think every Stones album from ‘Steel Wheels’ onwards, while patchy, is fairly decent overall. ‘Primitive Cool’ just sounds like Jagger trying to be fashionable, and comes across as a bit desperate.

‘Wandering Spirit’ works better for me because he mostly played to his strengths. (OK, ‘Handsome Molly’ is pretty awful but at least it’s right at the end.)

I never got around to ‘Goddess In The Doorway’ but reading some of the comments here, maybe I’ll scoop it up at some point…


Interesting, She’s the Boss is the only one I like. Not that these are coming on CD…..


Will definitely get Wandering and Goddess. Agree the should have put Blue on the latter.

Les Oldfield

Goddess in the doorway got slated on release (probably because of the low sales) but I listened to it the other day and its a very decent album, will definitely be picking this up on vinyl!


There are some awesome tracks in these albums. They never really got the recognition they deserve, which is a shame. There was a b-side from the Goddess In The Doorway era called Blue, which was particularly good. That of course begs the question though – why no extra tracks?
I’m sure they’ll sound good though. I still have both the CDs and the original vinyls for all these though, so I’ll probably keep the dust on my wallet for now.