Midge Ure / Orchestrated: Limited edition SIGNED clear 2LP vinyl pressing

Midge Ure‘s Orchestrated album features ‘reimagined’ orchestrated versions of Ultravox hits and solo classics. It was issued on CD late last year to a warm reception and is now available on vinyl for the first time, initially exclusively through the official Midge Ure shop as a limited SIGNED clear vinyl pressing!

This is actually a double LP in a gatefold sleeve. Highlights include Dancing With Tears In My Eyes, If I Was and of course the famous number two hit Vienna.

It’s not clear at this stage whether the vinyl will feature a download code or not, but a signed double vinyl + standard CD bundle is available for a fairly reasonable £30.

The release date for this signed clear vinyl pressing is 8 June 2018. It is exclusive to the Official Midge Ure Shop, where you can make your production selection, or simply click on the relevant links below.

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Midge Ure

Orchestrated (2-LP, Includes Download Card) [VINYL]


Orchestrated 2LP vinyl 

Side A

1. Hymn
2. Dancing with Tears in My Eyes
3. Breathe

Side B

4. Man of Two Worlds
5. If I Was
6. Vienna

Side C

7. The Voice
8. Ordinary Man
9. Death in the Afternoon

Side D

10. Lament
11. Reap the Wild Wind
12. Fragile

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Can I hear autotune on a couple of those notes?


Similar to the Genesis – Peter Gabriel split, I thought Ultravox were done for when the amazing (and still is) John Foxx said goodbye. Post Foxx – Ultravox were not for everyone, but you have to hand it to them the Ure period worked out quite well.
I was wary of the earlier cd release of Orchestrated, but confess I’m a convert. Over the last 4 months this is probably the most played cd at home and on the road for me. It’s rich. It’s majestic. It has even caused me to like the songs Breathe and Fragile, which I didn’t care for before.


Have resisted buying the CD for AGES so that I could get on vinyl. AT LAST!!


i’m happy with the cd, maybe will get this later on if i’m in the mood.

it’s an average release for him. some of the orchestral versions work well,
others don’t work at all.


Cosmo Castanza

A very reasonable price …..unlike many other established artists. Ordered.

Dave Pattison

Thanks for update, this is spooky as I’ve been listening to Album this morning, ‘‘tis fabulous. I now have CD with signed track list and now vinyl, happy days

Todd R.

Very tempting, as Mr. Ure AND Paul Young are touring here in the USA a few months. I would much rather purhase it in person and have it signed……

Larry Davis

Coheadlining the ParamountNY in Huntington, Long Island on June 7th!! My hometown too!! I would go but I found it difficult in the past to meet acts after shows there, which would be a bummer… Great venue and amazing sound there tho…world class…

Les E.

I saw Midge tonight at our local theatre, I asked at the merch stand for Orchestrated, they said they had had it last year, but not this year, and Midge was signing items if they were handed to the Crew. He wasn’t out front afterwards.


Phenomenal album! Midge’s truly terrific vocals now sound much wiser and stronger than ever – with lots more detail – than they did back in the day. Great to see this pressed on vinyl. Given Midge’s ear for detail I expect the songs were carefully remastered sepecifically for this pressing to be their best (rather than just using the CD mastering). Can’t wait for this….yes!!


I understand that Midge tends not to be involved in the mastering of his releases: his interest is primarily in the music.

However, I would expect the mastering to be different from the CD release which, on a couple of tracks (Hymn & DWTIME) is somewhat compressed and would not work particularly well on vinyl.

Larry Davis

Speaking of remastering, has the Ultravox, Rich Kids and Midge solo catalogue been remastered yet…aside from a So80s comp??


Isn’t it a shame that great artists who once filled large venues nowadays hardly find 500 fans (fans!) who are interested enough in buying something Special? Everything nowadays is about buying stuff as cheap as possible and then still complaining how absurd today’s Prices are?
I remember a time here in Germany when you had to spend several hundred Mark to buy a movie on Video, and today People rather wait six months until the Price for a DVD Drops from 13 Euro to 9.99 Euro. I think this is ridiculous.

Larry Davis

Yes it is… Some people wait to find promos even!! But now people either pay for legal downloads or streaming subscriptions… Me, I prefer physical releases, and all I ask is reasonable prices…they used to be out of control in the late 90s/early 00s…$17.99 US for new titles not on sale…now, $9.99-11.99 US is the norm…much better…so things are more settled…

Stefan Blizniuk

How many number of pieces does exist of the signed 2LP vinyl edition?

Chris Squires

It doesn’t say but if the Signed variant is ONLY available through Midge’s shop, rather like Misplaced Childhood on Fish / Marillion website, he will possibly sign every copy that is sold, which, in these impoverished times for physical media, will not be that many, don’t forget it relies on you being a Midge Ure fan and checking his website or being in a place like SDE to find out about it. Even with the might of Amazon behind their exclusives they can struggle to shift 500 signed copies of some decent artists. So my guess with Midge, no set upper limit, but probably a couple of hundred (maybe 200?) sold directly through the website for those of us that still care about a) Midge and b) Vinyl..

I would be surprised if this motored past 500. Unless, of course, anyone knows any different. Anyone here ever signed 500 of something? It’s hard work I would guess. Paul, how many copies of PY’s Tomb of Memories or Sam Brown did you get them to sign?

Chris Squires

If proof were needed…The Power of SDE (Blank & Jones remix).

Maybe Midge ought to get in touch….

Larry Davis

There is also touring…and funny enough, beginning of June, PY is playing the NYC area…AND in my town of Huntington on Long Island, there is the now widely renowned ParamountNY Theatre…and on June 7th, Paul Young AND Midge Ure are doing a co-headlining gig!! I would go, but I found it difficult to meet the acts afterwards to get stuff signed…I know PY is playing the Highline in NYC on June 8th solo without Midge, but it’s easier to meet artists there, at the merch table…and I want my “Tomb” box signed…I do want the new Midge record too…def the CD, maybe the clear vinyl…we’ll see…


Great album. Tempted by the vinyl but will stick with the CD that I bought on release