Mike and the Mechanics / The Singles 1986-2013


Although fans might have preferred a 25th Anniversary Edition of The Living Years, Genesis ‘spin-off’ Mike & The Mechanics have announced a new greatest hits set due out on 21 October.

As well as singles like All I Need Is A Miracle, Over My Shoulder, and The Living Years, The Singles 1986-2013 will include B-sides, rarities and unreleased recordings and a brand new track When My Feed Down’t Touch The Ground.

Universal appear to have given retailers the impression that this two-CD set is a CD+DVD combo, but there is no confirmation of this anywhere and it appears to be a simple error. The two versions listed online are likely to be a one-CD edition and the 2CD version with the rarities/new track/unreleased song on the second disc. The Mike and the Mechanics website, only confirms a two-CD set.

Full track listing:

The Singles 1986-2013 2CD Edition


  1. Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)
  2. All I Need Is A Miracle
  3. The Living Years
  4. Word Of Mouth
  5. Over My Shoulder
  6. A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold
  7. Another Cup Of Coffee
  8. Now That You’ve Gone
  9. Taken In
  10. Nobody’s Perfect
  11. Everybody Gets A Second Chance
  12. Nobody Knows
  13. Seeing Is Believing
  14. A Time And Place
  15. Whenever I Stop
  16. Perfect Child
  17. Reach Out (Touch The Sun)
  18. Try To Save Me

CD 2:

  1. When My Feet Don’t Touch The Ground (new track)
  2. One By One (Previously unreleased featuring Paul Young & Paul Carrack)
  3. Nobody Told Me
  4. I Think I’ve Got The Message
  5. Too Many Friends
  6. You Never Change
  7. Always The Last To Know
  8. You Don’t Know What Love Is
  9. Boys At The Front
  10. My Crime Of Passion (Acoustic Version)
  11. Little Boy
  12. Help Me
  13. Revolution
  14. I Get The Feeling (Live)
  15. Taken In (Live)
  16. Word Of Mouth (East West Mix)
  17. Too Far Gone

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Hiram Johnson

What is the latest “Greatest Hits CD” and how can I order in U.S.

alan hansen

RUINED AGAIN – BUYER BEWARE! the liner notes do NOT list “All I Need Is A Miracle” as the ’96 remake. i’m effing pissed as hell. this kind of false advertising with misleading liner track-listing/liner notes is nothing shy of thievery and is certainly unethical! SHAME ON YOU… BOOOO!

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Release date changed to the 20th January 2014.

Steven Roberts

Nice to see the M&M back catalogue getting some love, but what happened to the Living Years 25th anniversary set that Rutherford has talked about? Did it get pulled?

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The original extended version of All I Need Is A Miracle has been on CD before it’s on this http://www.discogs.com/Various-Lost-Mixes-Rare-Rock-Mixes/release/812644 It’s a pity the extended version of Nobody’s Perfect isn’t on this either.


This looks excellent on paper….if the original 7″ of All I Need Is A Miracle is included, that along with the B-sides makes for a very tempting collection.

Todd R.

Very happy to see this, as previous compilations (a few, depending on the number of territories you include). Most of the b-sides come from WORD OF MOUTH onward, as that’s when Young/Carrack really started taking part in the songwriting as well. I’m excited for both new tracks, as it shows the band going on (new line up – still need to pick up THE ROAD …) and what was precious about the original (still need to pick up the solo CHRONICLES anthology on Paul Young…) Beatles fans take note of the cover of “Revolution” on disc 2 -a soundtrack cut, and the first time that’s been on any compilation by the band . Not sure where the live recordings are from, but there are many sources over the years. King Biscuit recorded the big hits by the band on it’s first tour, and several live recordings (radio, DVD) came after that. I would have loved the cover of “Ain’t That Peculiar” Paul Carrack and Mike Rutherford did sitting in with David Letterman’s band (included on the ROMANIAN ANGEL APPEAL benefit disc) . While the East-West Mix of “Word Of Mouth” is interesting, I think it suffered from the style of remixes at the time. Would have loved to have included the original 12″ mix of “All I Need Is A Miracle” (not the ’96 retake, the original 12″ from ’85…) so hard to find now, maybe never on CD. Still – I’m in on this for the few rarities and old favorites (including some of the b-sides – they are that good they ARE favorites…)