Mike McGear / McGear deluxe reissue

Mike McGear / McGear deluxe reissue

2CD+DVD set • Produced and co-written with Paul McCartney

McGear, the second album by Mike McGear, is being reissued as a three-disc expanded deluxe edition in June.

Originally finding fame as part of ‘Lily the Pink’ hitmakers The Scaffold, Mike McGear’s (nee Peter Michael McCartney) solo material was slightly less frivolous than that or even his work with Roger McGough on the McGough & McGear album.

Recorded at Strawberry studios in Stockport, the album was produced by his slightly famous older brother Paul McCartney, who also played on it and co-wrote much of the material with Mike, and featured Linda McCartney and members of Wings as well as guests such as Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains. The album was last reissued by Edsel in the early nineties, but has been unavailable ever since.

Originally released by Warners in 1974, the album contains some of McGear’s best work, with numbers such as ‘Rainbow Lady’, ‘Simply Love You’, ‘Givin’ Grease a Ride’ and ‘The Man Who Found God on the Moon’, as well as a cover of Roxy Music’s ‘Sea Breezes’, and the hit ‘Leave It’. These album sessions also yielded a non-album single; ‘Dance the Do’ which featured Vivian Stanshall.

The newly remastered at Abbey Road from the original tapes package comes as a two-CD+DVD package, with a 21-track second disc of all the outtakes, singles and extras (such as ‘Dance the Do’). The DVD (NTSC and region-free) features McGear interviewed at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and The Everyman Theatre, alongside a short promotional film he made about the album back in 1974.

It’s also reissued as a gatefold vinyl LP which comes with an illustrated booklet and a new poster.

McGear is reissued on 28 June 2019 via Esoteric Recordings.

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Michael McGear

McGear - 2CD+DVD set


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Michael McGear

McGear - vinyl LP remaster


McGear / 2CD+DVD deluxe 



  1. Sea Breezes
  2. What Do We Really Know?
  3. Norton
  4. Leave It
  5. Have You Got Problems
  6. The Casket
  7. Rainbow Lady
  8. Simply Love You
  9. Givin’ Grease A Ride
  10. The Man Who Found God On The Moon

Bonus Tracks

  1. Sweet Baby
  2. Dance The Do



  1. Sea Breezes (Without Orchestra)
  2. Leave It (Extended Version)
  3. Dance The Do (Rough 1st Mix)
  4. What Do We Really Know? (Monitor Mix)
  5. Paddy Pipes 1
  6. Do Nothing All Day
  7. A To Z
  8. Girls On The Avenue
  9. Paddy Pipes 2
  10. All The Whales In The Ocean
  11. Blowin’ In The Bay
  12. Keep Cool (Version 1)
  13. Keep Cool (Version 2)
  14. I Just Want What You Got – Money!
  15. Paddy Pipes 3
  16. Viv Stanshall Sings
  17. Let’s Turn The Radio On
  18. Dance The Do Radio Ad 1
  19. Dance The Do Radio Ad 2



  1. Mike (Mcgear) McCartney Reminisces At The Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts
  2. Mike (Mcgear) McCartney Interview At The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool
  3. Leave It Promotional Film 1974



  1. Sea Breezes
  2. What Do We Really Know?
  3. Norton
  4. Leave It
  5. Have You Got Problems



  1. The Casket
  2. Rainbow Lady
  3. Simply Love You
  4. Givin’ Grease A Ride
  5. The Man Who Found God on The Moon


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barry bradbrook

Great set. Love the second disc. Surprised to hear a version of richard Claptons ‘girls on the avenue ‘.
Interesting DVD. Great stories.
Good value. Great package. Very well done.

Geoff K.

Thanks Paul for the confirmation! It is one of my all time favourite albums. Any idea why he signed it in such an unusual fashion?

P.S. Got the CD/DVD version too – great value!

Geoff K.

Received my copy of the vinyl lp from Cherry Red yesterday. It arrived safe and sound. I was one of the 100 who managed to get a signed postcard. A bit strange since the “signature” (Maca??) is unlike anything of his that I have ever seen but the folks at the company insist that it was signed by Mike McCartney. Still the actual album looks great feels quite heavy.

SDE Hall of Fame

I can confirm it definitely was him, because I saw the pile of postcards in his flat in London when I went round to interview him!!

Greg H.

This is an exciting re- release for me. Had the pleasure with my wife and I sitting with Mike for a couple of hours outside a pub in London in 1976 after a Scaffold performance. Roger McGough and John Gorman (Scaffold) sat at the next table. His stories and comments of his album (McGear/which he a copy of with him) and Beatle stories was one of the highlights of my life. Absolute gentlemen as others have noted. The album is outstanding and holds up all these years later.

Bill Hammell

I had spent quite a bit on an early 90s CD just a couple years ago, but this is a certainly welcome remaster!


I picked up the Ryko re-release of this LP back in the early 90s. It was like a hot potato in my hands ad I couldn’t wait for the burn to stop and to dump it off as a used CD as quickly as possible. I don’t think I’ll be burned again :)

Stan C

Michael, with all due respect, if the memory of purchasing a disc nearly 30 years ago –a disc whose profound crime was that you decided you didn’t care for it– compels you to sit down in 2019 and type out a remembrance of it in which you describe it as if it were a trauma you endured? We have so little time in this life, my friend. Why not spend these precious seconds typing out something positive? I mean, have you ever read a smug, self-satisfied comment in some internet thread and thought “THIS IS SOMEONE I ABSOLUTELY WANT TO EMULATE?!?!?” I think not.


Saw Mike many years ago reading poetry and speaking to us of the good old days in Liverpool. Sat chatting with him afterwards for a good 15 minutes. A charming and very friendly fellow. I was surprised when he indicated that unlike his multi-instrumental older brother, he plays no musical instruments. I have always considered McGear to be an under-rated and overlooked gem.

Geoffrey Kavanagh

I never thought that I would see this album re-issued. Perhaps the best album that Paul McCartney did not release under his own name. It can be considered the “missing link” between “Band On The Run” and “Venus and Mars”. Mike McCartney’s records deserve more attention than they have received over the years.
A great record!


Agreed. Gotta get a copy.


This is also available from Cherry Red with a signed postcard from Mike McCartney , I think it’s 100 copies for both CD and LP (200 total) , I believe the signed CD is now sold out but maybe a few left for the LP.

I got only the LP and then thought better of it a few hours later and bought the CD as well.


adam shaw

Great album . Hope they give the same treatment to his album Woman , another lost treasure.


Adam, Woman was reissued by Esoteric in 2017 although there were no extra tracks included.

I saw Mike in 2014 on his spoken word Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll…As If Tour and he was great entertainment.

Brian McNeill

The last reissue was on See For Miles in 1992

Bill Darlington

It was also issued on CD by Rykodisc in 1990.

Mark Hanlon

This album was last reissued in 1992 by “See For Miles Records Ltd” rather than Edsel.


1. Sea Breezes
2. What Do We Really Know?
3. Norton
4. Leave It
5. Have You Got Problems
6. Dance The Do
7. The Casket
8. Sweet Baby
9. Rainbow Lady
10. Simply Love You
11. Givin’ Grease A Ride
12. The Man Who Found God On The Moon

The album reissued by Edsel was “Woman” by Mike McGear in 1997.


Good very good news to me!!!!

Gpt this on tape years ago thanks to a friend, never heard of him and liked it a lot but sadly while playing it a day broke up and the try fro make it work didn’t worked so had to put it on trash withiut take note of the artist and just the cover on my mind.

And that was since years later one day on a récords stand in an differnts shops from around planet Marketplace saw the lp and that was the key to keep it back again to my life via digital so will to get this when arrives at June.

Now if can do same with Mother, his first album, that could be terrific…


How is he McCartney’s brother?

SDE Hall of Fame

The usual way… by having the same mother and father.

David M


Chris Brown

The Family Way!

SDE Hall of Fame

Haha indeed :)

Wayne Olsen

Ordered. Thanks, Paul! and Paul! and Mike!


Come to this site for news on the upcoming Madonna album and the formats.
However, nothing!

I found the info elsewhere but not doing a feature on one of the biggest releases of the year, which is being released on multiple physical formats is very strange. Makes me think what else you chose not to feature on this site.

SDE Hall of Fame

I choose not to feature lots of things. Thought that was obvious.



Nick Love

It’s still cold enough in Ohio to see the steam coming off that turd of a new single she released. That might have something to do with it.


Almost seems like a better set of outtakes than on most of brother Paul’s deluxe editions!


Edsel were alive in the early 90’s?! Woah…

SDE Hall of Fame

Yes… started by Elvis Costello

Colin Harper

I was involved in some early 90s Edsel reissues. I remember meeting Val Jennings, the current MD, there at the time and him saying – of a new-fangled term coming into vogue – ‘This ‘remastering’ thing – what a load of nonsense!’ or something like that. I feel sure he’s changed his view by now :-)

Charles Christopher

Does the DVD in this packages seem…….. less than essential…… for anyone else?

Robert Laversuch

Feels like a nice addition to a good cause to me – it is Info which cannot be bad imho


Brilliant album – basically Wings with Mike singing!!

Got the original vinyl but there’s not much bottom end – hoping for a big improvement