Rolling Stones vinyl reissues

Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main St. and Some Girls half-speed mastered 

When The Rolling Stones announced standalone half-speed mastered vinyl reissues of some of their albums back in March, a few titles were notable by their absence, such as Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main St. and Some Girls. All three are now available to pre-order individually and will be released alongside the other ten album in June.

Sticky Fingers was issued in 1971 and features the singles ‘Brown Sugar’ and ‘Wild Horses’. It was the first record on the band’s new Rolling Stones Records label. Exile On Main St (the single was ‘Tumblin’ Dice’) was a double album and issued the following year in 1972. Some Girls is from 1978 and features ‘Miss You’ and ‘Beast of Burden’.

For some reason, 1973’s Goats Head Soup isn’t being reissued separately, so at the time of writing is the only album that you still have to buy the box set to acquire a half-speed mastered pressing. Rather strange.

Sticky Fingers, Exile On Main St. and Some Girls will all be reissued on half-speed mastered vinyl on 26 June, along with the ten other previously announced titles.


Sticky Fingers – half speed mastered vinyl

Side A
1 Brown Sugar
2 Sway
3 Wild Horses
4 Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
5 You Gotta Move

Side B
1 Bitch
2 I Got The Blues
3 Sister Morphine
4 Dead Flowers
5 Moonlight Mile

Exile On Main St – half-speed mastered vinyl

Side 1
1. Rocks Off
2. Rip This Joint
3. Shake Your Hips
4. Casino Boogie
5. Tumbling Dice

Side 2
1. Sweet Virginia
2. Torn and Frayed
3. Sweet Black Angel
4. Loving Cup

Side 3
1. Happy
2. Turd on the Run
3. Ventilator Blues
4. I Just Want to See His Face
5. Let It Loose

Side 4
1. All Down the Line
2. Stop Breaking Down
3. Shine a Light
4. Soul Survivor

Some Girls – half speed mastered vinyl

Side A
1 Miss You
2 When The Whip Comes Down
3 Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
4 Some Girls
5 Lies

Side B
1 Far Away Eyes
2 Respectable
3 Before They Make Me Run
4 Beast Of Burden
5 Shattered

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Just received Stick Fingers…no zipper


Brad, thanks for confirming “Sticky Fingers.” Also, closer viewing at the promo photo of the half-speed mastered “Some Girls,” I’ve noticed that the inner sleeve is white, not the “under construction” photo portrait collage. So it appears that the SG album cover may again be a photo image of the original die-cut cover, rather than the actual die-cuts (I hope someone can prove me wrong). Sadly, my conclusion is that if we want the original album packaging we have to buy the expensive box set. If someone doesn’t care about packaging, I’m sure the half-speed mastering of the vinyl LPs will be impressive, and so I’ve ordered some of the other new RS albums for that reason alone.


Just received half-speed remastered “Some Girls,” yesterday. No die-cuts. It is just a photo image on the cover. Likewise, I received “Undercover” and it doesn’t have actual stickers on the front cover like the original LP, but the insert included with this half-speed mastered release does have a full photo image of the “Undercover” album cover with the alternate stickers, which is a nice bonus.

Mark S

They never said it WOULD have the zipper did they?
I feel this is bashing the record company for the sake of it. Yeah you might want it. Yeah you might even “expect” it.
But the facts are they never said it was going to be there.
Nothing to see here. If it bothers people that much they should check up front. It’s fairly common for elaborate original packaging not to be repeated as standard.

Stevie B

Not Record Company bashing. These are going for between £22 and £30+ a pop. Sure they didn’t say the original packaging would be reproduced but they didn’t say it wouldn’t either. Easy enough to have put ‘Half Speed Remaster in Standard Card Sleeve’. Sticker on the front mentions it’s a 2018 release which would lead some to assume…

Stevie B

Got the Half Speed Remaster of ‘Some Girls’ today. It’s a normal printed sleeve (no cut-away sections). Disappointing that a superior remaster should come in bog standard packaging. Doubt those hoping that ‘Sticky Fingers’ will have a zipper will be satisfied, can’t see if this is the standard that that will happen.

Malcolm Bowie

Sticky Fingers arrived yesterday – no zipper! D’oh!

Stevie B

Thanks. Cancelled my Amazon order of it.

bruce kelso

reissue,reissue ,reissue. stop with the reissues.open the vaults for unreleased material.their sure is a nuff of it.

thomas doherty

Wish we could get “Sucking In The 70’s” reissued on vinyl again


Difficult to believe that this is about the music with all the fuss about a working zipper!
Just buy it if you want to hear it, sit back and listen.


How about re-issuing the original 1984 compilation REWIND on vinyl again?


It really annoys me that Amazon AU never has any pre order links available at the same time as all the other Amazon sites. I know this has nothing to do with SDE, it’s just a general comment. It would be nice to be able to pre order releases like these, from a major artist, without having to trawl the internet or having to resort to using the band’s official site which often charges exorbitant postage fees to get it down under.

Scott Mills

Does anyone know if these will include the Abby Road “OBI” similar to the 1/2 speed of Exile?


I suspect also something is planned for Goats head soup. Seen a couple of articles recently saying it was under appreciated/overlooked. Could this be early part of the marketing campaign or am I being cynical?

Bruce Kelso

if the powers that be reissue goats head soup as a deluxe edtion and remix,overdub etc the tracks the way they did on the exile this would be damaging to the whole idea of a deluxe edition reissue.i would be amazed if they left it in the raw form of real time alertnate mixes ,backing tracks, unreleased material. but I know its not going to be that way.


This is the Rolling Stones’ official store description for the upcoming “Sticky Fingers” reissue.

“Originally released in 1971, now remastered & cut at revelatory Half-Speed at Abbey Road Studios from vinyl specific original tape transfers designed to get the very best possible sound from the format.

Pressed on heavyweight 180g black vinyl and including a lyric sheet insert, this album features the singles ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Bitch’, ‘Wild Horses’ and ‘Sway’.”

I definitely feel they underestimate the importance of their albums’ original presentation. They should make clear from the beginning if this new version of SF comes with a working zipper or not.

David Bly

A bit late getting to this…

The album does NOT feature the single version of “Sway” which is significantly different than the album version. It has different vocals and guitar parts in it that are pretty obvious.
Also, it was the B-side of “Wild Horses”, which is the album version, and both sides were in mono. As far as I know, this version was not released in stereo anywhere.

Also, at least in the US, there were TWO promo singles of “Wild Horses”, with the album version on one side, and a short version (3:25) on the other – one with both in mono, and one with both in stereo. “Sway” is nowhere to be found.

It’s a huge annoyance that when Universal released the “Sticky Fingers” deluxe version, they included…
Brown Sugar (Alternate Version with Eric Clapton)
Wild Horses (Acoustic Version)
Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (Alternate Version)
Bitch (Extended Version)
Dead Flowers (Alternate Version)

and some live tracks.

But NOT the great B-side version of “Sway”, which is one of the BEST songs on the album and a very underrated Stones song. And NOT the short version of “Wild Horses” (which admittedly is less important).

David Fisher

Too bad they haven’t restored the original SOME GIRLS sleeve design – the blank spaces are still there where they had legal trouble using the images. After all this time you’d think they could get the rights to use those portraits. I had to buy a late 70’s copy from eBay to get the proper inner sleeve artwork. The added incentive to satisfy my Record Stockpiling Disorder (known to the psychiatric community in the recent DSM-5 book as RSD) is that it was on bright orange wax… from Holland I believe.

I won’t need these individual reissues having already got the 2010 and 2018 vinyl boxes (the 1971-2005 box from 2010 is currently retailing at £2,001.21 on amazon so I’m pleased I only paid £199.99 when that came out!). However, my instincts tell me that there will be another vinyl box set purchase necessary when a 60th anniversary collection is released in 2022 to include the forthcoming Stones studio LP. Maybe that’s why they’re trying to offload the individual albums now to make way for another monster collection which muggings will happily buy in a couple of years?


Yes – rather will be waiting for the rolling stones half speed mastered splatter vinyl box set coming out in a couple of years

Pete B

Is this ‘Sticky Fingers’ the same as the Abbey Road half speed mastered version released in 2018 (according to Discogs)? If you have a look at the pic on the Stones’ site store page, you can see ‘2018’ on the label that’s sticking out of the cover.

If it is, the notes for the 2018 release on Discogs say ‘Top opening, No working zipper’.

Pete B

Answering my own question here…

The Discogs 2018 listing is for the box set version of ‘SF’ (not a stand alone release) but although it says ‘no working zipper’, a different listing for the entire box set says there is a working zipper (as Michael pointed out).


What a shame they can’t do this half speed individual LPs thing for the likes of Aftermath, Between The Buttons, Satanic Majesties and the like.

That would be going into the Stones and ABKCO minefield….

Celtic Bob

Is EXILE the same as a few years ago or is this a newly mixed version?

Celtic Bob

Thanks Paul.
I do not have the box, I just bought the stand alone 2LP Half Speed Master. May have to look into a double dip? Similar with Sticky Fingers. My copy is from a few years ago but not an Abbey Rd Half Speed.


Is it possible to know for sure if the half-speed mastered “Sticky Fingers” comes with the die-cut zipper cover? As Michael said, the artwork is as iconic as the music itself.


Although it’s splendid news to have these individual titles available as half-speed pressings, the Sticky Fingers cover appears to be a photographic image rather than a die-cut with actual zipper. Further, I’m wondering if Emotional Rescue will include the original giant fold-out poster, or will just a portion of the poster be printed on the inner sleeve only? Some of the original artwork and package design for these Rolling Stones albums were just as iconic as the music itself, and true fans pay attention to these little details.

I also read on-line that Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were working on the finishing touches for a deluxe edition of GHS. But, I don’t know how reliable this information is since no major music news outlet has repeated such a statement. But, being that GHS is the only title missing from the large lineup of RS re-releases this June, it does suggest something special is being planned.


In the box set it has a zipper so I would presume this would.


And emotional rescue has the giant poster also in the box version.
I got the box for 330€ just before self isolation began, I have a misprint on black and blue, the center label is for side A on both sides. This said sound quality is amazing, each cover is beautiful and the box itself is a work of art in its own.
If you can afford it, I highly recommend it instead of the individual releases

Jack Kelleher

They’re saving Goats Head Soup for the super deluxe package later this year.